Oil Trader & Lawyer On Capitalism, Climate Change, USSR, Venezuela, Slavery With Ex-Soviet Citizen

so there are three of you right yes I see got it okay I'll be I'll be I'll be around maybe you only some production I'll actually have some production so that's good you're safe see ya ha ha you too [Applause] feel free sing what'll be nice to have global warming [Applause] ruined Christmas for that seven-year-old girl talk believe in Santa Claus I guess it's sort of marginal so it's a cartoon of Trump saying to the girl at 7:00 you still believe in Santa Claus and she says at 72 you still don't believe in climate change but there's a difference between the climate changing global warming by the way because climate change everybody really some climate change I mean it's no-brainer 700 million years ago or actually I'll give you another example just what 10 million years ago no 10th out I'm sorry 10,000 years ago same exact spot way like Mile High glacier they lie about somewhat because all this carbon tax bull is just a way to paper money is melting because of underwater volcanoes spewing methane we driving cars right taking that oil and gas and we pack renewables but I also know only that he will the warming is strictly anthropogenic because there's global reason though so much system nobody's driving SUVs of Jupiter the Sun yellow now it's white Thank You Marcia pleasure for were you will Empire well they Bosco like the heart of for the evil empire oh my god what a disgusting place well of course we go to the red square when you take the subway built by a slave labor built by slave labor I say what I live know was there I just couldn't help myself and obviously takes out way every day I'm from Moscow and yes it's beautiful but I just wouldn't help ourselves thinking from McRae my father is from Miller my father was he left the dealer stuck being a Jew and being in those articles to bid the crooks gee that's what what I heard in my family with my grandfather's brother in the basement on Sunday mornings me told to be very quick now when it brought up all this you know Ariel built by the slaves the reason say I admire the pyramids obviously you know and I don't have food that feeling that well it was built by the slaves monuments can we say I'm fine Colosseum or whatever built by the slaves so I don't have that feeling for very simple reason slavery was a norm at the time for better for worse I mean it took humankind some time to get to the point where were finally realized the slavery is not good it was other still slavery in Africa you know but it's a predation by the getting back to Moscow one in nineteen thirties when the system subway system Metro that as they call it was built slavery ceased to exist in most part of the world by their time so that's when we look at the subway built at the time when slavery was outlaws I would not actually even by the Soviet predecessors by Czar Nicholas right so his predecessor no his predecessor this one slavery slavery was abolished subway system was built by the Soviet slave labor you know but what do you say your slavery in America in this country supporting Madore or I'm just confused oh just chilling you should know better okay now we're having some sort of a disagreement well I mean justjust fuck that Chevy is most started with a bhikkhu yes or no Chevy small Chevy's for the chaves chaves chaves the college hobbies Moshe be small but it started with with with a miracle okay so that's how now I lived on you so sorry guess what we're the coal uses are a kind of free democratic country no of course not this country is a free and democratic well guess what we wish we had elections in the USSR and guess what the party leaders would always get ninety nine point well 99 98 percent of the votes I mean the left off like so many countries that are too close to call in favor of four left the right door have you ever been to okay but have you ever been to a polling station in your life I mean every the politics I know voting of being in the voting station being a wonderful poll watcher so you can do it right so you can go to a polling station it's so easy I did it myself count the votes get get the tally is there any country in the world where actually doing it this is that kind of free and fair election well anyone essentially let's see the here that reason they won't have so many electronic voting machines so that they could steal the votes will change what everything should be a paper ballot so you don't believe the I mean everything all the transactions that we're doing today are done electronically and the most important of those being mining it so if you don't believe electronic transactions especially billions of dollars where it's Poirier of all the places yes so you don't believe that that we are constitutional republic that is fair elections they don't deliver that is there any country in the world where there so you would rather believe in fair elections Venezuela you said that Chavez was freely elected rather than the free and fair elections in America functionally in Israel than the United States dissidents in America come on the difference between dissidents in America and the dissidents in in USSR which out birria I'm like no doubt well that's that's that's the point number one so when I say dissonant know expressing your free speech if it goes against the you know anti-government activist or whatever let's assume that you were monitored but nothing ever happened to you whenever discriminated against the Russians they used money talk to kill live in New York is a ballad professional journalism I'll just cure certain two people or go to places where people congregate and belief in socialism and I like talking to people who try to convince me that socialism is a good thing when this is the system I escaped from that's what I hear over the or again just truncate the word socialist and eliminate the ist part social no problem with social programs of course not but socialist is a completely different thing it's always the same kind of not very smart argument buying their oil they'll be gladly selling oil they're selling today as we as we speak millions of barrels of oil flow into the US market what they cannot do it as the capitalist country Trump doesn't control the oil companies unlike by the way the government-owned psdb a whatever it's called in Venezuela right that's our in control back son yeah but you're switching subject accent is not controlled by by Trump Marvel is not controlled by Trump but it's a different story it's legal it's doesn't mean that he controls way so since anti Trump Microsoft you know he's not a big fan of Trump easy I'm sure if you wanted to get into old business never done the same thing and buy legally oil I mean its capital capital is do and by the way the finest thing about Venezuela they need us because they have this heavy oil if you I'm sure you read about it and then they buy gas from us right you're stealing oil I mean come on seriously but you just said the regime change started with hogo-sha is there was a core in the churn Alisha right why though well like democratically democratic elections to the use of sorry of course but then but then why don't what's your favorite Russian restaurant I don't like Russian food I hate Raja here the Russians laugh everything about it because I hate socialism I hate communism back at the time but you have to love it it was very dangerous to hate it I almost ended up in gulag actually Sam advance at Lubyanka they pressured me to work okay Jimmy it was this care stay in my life yes unlike like you said FBI who ever was you know talking to you know that repercussions are you know minimal but always they ever forget about if they get on the hook you're doomed would have been too if not for Reagan Thatcher pope john paul ii and Barbra Chavez a novel to me it was real horrible horrible my friends were actually in gulag one of them spent 15 years 15 you know Hawaii for trying to practice Judaism for trying to take care of the victims of Holocaust video Jewish so he wrote a book about it I'm broken spirit don't tell me that they couldn't go to Beverly long unless they were really really wealthy only the super wealthy Jews get to go to max it's Nigel there was a quarter I wanted to go to medical school I I mean I am one of those and he had connections and even my connections couldn't help me I eat my father still yes even my father's connections good connections couldn't help it's like there's there's no it's so difficult for you to get in the medical field the Constitution the job of the ammunition oh come on the OREA that you get is protect protecting its own citizen and it's different from enemies enemies foreign and domestic it's completely different taking care for you know people who are in need of you know health care or we need a photo and guess what charities before the government actually started getting into these kind of social not socialist social programs where charities they were working just fine there is no the not the Ministry Department of Education there were no so many departments until relatively recently told I know and I'm not american-born you know functioning people will find in the 50s well I met in person Larry Kudlow for instance you know I am involved in politics some way and I know what's going on and trust me the trunk press trump presidency will come in the histories being one of the best presidencies ever really what's what's wrong with drilling it's like as a few poodle you make a hole in the ground in Alaska there is the largest state in the United States of America so okay so things happen accidents do happen it doesn't mean any of stop civilization that civilizations on the pole there's Chernobyl well local picture noble there is really something in the last for hundreds of years if not thousands of years right so that's a real disaster I'd be a socialist country minded socialists this field well it's there but guess what also I'm sure you know that being an oil field that the oil is naturally seeping out of the from the bottom of the ocean Philip water or the number but probably billions of barrels of oil just simply sipping I mean that's that's what it is in nature and there's bacteria that loves oil that is oil so well accident happened by the game what's the solution I wish there was solution once it become a solution of course who would want oil but at this point at this juncture it is not a solution it becomes a solution of course we'll get up the oil needle or some point cars that run on nothing of water they've been killed because the oil company doesn't run this is capitalism what about waters what about the horse lobby what about the horse lobby horse lobby yeah I mean when the car was invented can you imagine how many horses were driving around my point is this I was thank God capitalism free market not actually capital is a bad word free market works that's how it works fair market free and fair market of course free and fair market say it's looks like we're more agree than disagree when they start thinking you know just just just change this flag please [Laughter] you know the thing that differentiates me from a lot of actually listen to the truth and reason I don't try to deny it that makes you so much different from let's say a young girl there is over there who when I tried you know who was criticizing a couple of people over there who says that social him sucks and I'm from the USSR dialectic is how we arrive at truth I believe it played oh what the hell are you doing here that was Lee's plaque that star star-spangled Kashia was a product my friend you're too good to be with these people

  1. I’m a shares trader on the financial market – all be it a new one who still has a job… maybe one day I will make the cut and earn enough money to work from home as a full time trader

    Meanwhile – rather than climb the ladder and get a better status in life they are standing in the road yelling at each other… complaining that they live a shit life

    Get off your ass and do something practical and self rewarding about it.

  2. There is something different about her , I know what it is , she smiles and laughs and listens to her friends who are Trump supporters, you could turn her away from the dark side Vladimir, with a little more work . She’s not the usual miserable sole looking to bring everyone else along their miserable journey.

  3. Aloha Vladimir. I enjoy your videos. But unfortunately electronic voting can be rigged. There's a lot of news about it. There's also a lot of voter fraud and gerrymandering. Do you think fake news or propaganda is actually taking place?

  4. Marcy was a breath of fresh, liberal-air…Open-minded, level-headed, and respectful. I can only the level of cooperation and growth America would experience if left-leaning individuals were as tolerant as Marcy.

  5. This women is silly she is pretending to understand your side by mentioning history and her family history what not but really she has the same outlook as the screamers in the background. Be careful Jaffe she is a poser riding on the coat tails of her parents and grandparents. She was kind I won't deny that but is a pretender and socialist indoctrinator. I know she has the Jewish side and you identify with that but I'm sorry to say Jews (Liberal Ashkenazi) here in America especially in NYC are different. You know. I say this because I ask: Why she there then? She knows what shes getting involved in.

  6. She's clueless. She's anti election, she blames Diebold for making hackable machines but blames elections for being hacked and making America rigged.. go after Diebold.. maybe? Oh no! Then electric cars.. she forgets to signal before she changes idea Lanes!

  7. America is SUCH an evil capitalist country that Venzualia is now crowding our borders DEMANDING amnesty from these socialists people who HATE us, more than ANY OTHER country.
    Makes perfect sense – for the globalists funding mass illegal migrations.

  8. Vladimir, you never heard of a hydrogen power car before? That is what Stanley Meyer did. Produced the hydrogen on demand. So basically the car ran on water. Check out that documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car". Our government is suppressing technology. That is why there are patents, and we should not have patents. Nobody should have an monopoly on an idea. That is what the free market is and we don't have that.

  9. Socialists want free shit. Let's give them free fentinal. As much as they want. Go wild!

    Give them 3 years they will have solved the over population problem for us and then we can all get back to normal.

  10. this is a horribly cynical, conspiracy theorist woman – she has nothing but contempt for the country that gave her freedom and affluence…she needs to see what the rest of the world actually looks like

  11. There was a point in time when the Venezuelan economy fell through the floor. It was exactly when Chavez fired his entire Oil Ministry and replaced them all with his friends. .. Chavez took over a functioning 'leftist/socialist'* government and economy, but then applied Marxism. Presto it failed. ["leftist/socialist" needs to be defined]*

  12. Libs have a pathological need to defend brutal dictators. It's pathetic. As for this woman, she's a delusional paranoid and doesn't even know what socialism is.

  13. A) She's crazy. B) She says the American left and right are the same, but then says they rig elections to be "too close to call"? It wouldn't matter who won if it was all an illusion. She's just one of those lefties who can't say anything negative about another culture without claiming America is guilty of the same thing in order to feel non-judgmental.

  14. Can't argue with socialists and communists.. Their brainwashing is quite complete. Free stuff…. free stuff.. free stuff…and someone to tell me what to think and do and believe….. thats all they hear.

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