Officer Pulls Gun on Student Picking Up Trash Outside of Dorm Building | NowThis

[Laughter] you have a dangerous I picked in your hand and you're failing to put it down put it down you're being detained but notice you're sitting on the patio behind this building yeah I mean there's the signs for no trespassing private property that kind of thing yeah I wasn't sure what you're doing if you live here you work here it looks like you're working doing something okay gotcha what's the actual address [Applause] okay what you read are you it [Applause] well I'm just checking to make sure that you have a right to beer that's I just and I'm working as well [Applause] well I gotta verify it just so I know that that you do in fact [Applause] if you have an ID with your address on it that'd be great well we've had some stuff going on in this area I'm just doing my job just make a journey you belong here and if you do that great and I'll be on my way okay do you have anything with your address on it I'm just asking you if you have something with your address on it then that that would help a lot of people have a it's on this path Justin can I get your date of birth please why I just need to verify who we are that you belong here they never like to be can you have a seat please mr. Atkins we nineteen cookbook mr. Atkinson right now you're obstructing a police officer which is a jailable events I'm asking you one more time to sit down last chance sir have a seat arrest right now entertaining you and investigating your own trespass sit down sit down have a seat please drop that put that down put that down dude you need to listen to what I'm telling you to do right now failing to set out now I now do it now why why I'm detaining you to investigate investigated trespass you haven't confirmed that sit out sit down and I'll confirm it sit down now sit down then you're probably gonna get tased in a sec why because you have a weapon put that down put it down and comply with my orders do it it's filming right now have a seat please I need to confirm it where I live there's a sign and you're not gonna taste me officer sit it down about that sit down how do you feel about that sir sit down feel about now sir and get your freaking lieutenant here they're on the way I'm good you have a dangerous object in your hand if you're failing to put it down put it down you're being detained you're gonna shoot me if you use that weapon against me yes that is consideration all you have to do is comply right now officer you gonna shoot just have a seat man all I want to do is figure this out with this guy sit down I don't have that swept in' no that's a weapon put it down I'm telling you I'm threatened by sit down sir drop it now drop it now just drop it we're not going anywhere you need to drop it we I haven't confirmed that yet I told you I'm investigating a trespass you didn't give me your address that's the first time I have a seat the first thing you need to drop that I go to school you drop it just drop it and shit you doing this to me sit down – are you a robot yeah I'm the director so I was just one of your properties right here absolutely okay so he is a contractor he goes to the reporters or if he's their student student and student work steady okay yeah so he has permission to be here yes we should be doing whatever he's doing you're absolutely s picking up trash okay boss nice clean okay if you wouldn't mind just talking to him real quick just to kind of try to come not if that's all it is we're in a one-way event okay we're just never hearing talk then no one is coming for a ballpark not officer okay just just doing a fairing because he's kind of a irritated right now as understandably and we don't want it to go or so just hang tight right there okay [Applause] you

  1. Brain dead pig needs back up…..I hope they send somebody with a brain to educate the stupid violence obsessed clown in uniform.

  2. The dude was trespassing and failing to comply to law enforcement and he also had a weapon and he was really aggressive so he deserved it comming

  3. That's their excuse to be racist "There's been some stuff happening in this area"
    Because he's black? That's the reason for suspicion? That's it?

  4. People like this needs to be taken off the force he obviously is power crazy and thinks because he has a badge he can harass anyone he wants without consequence

  5. I'm going to get a job as a police officer, You get a Car a Gun and a taser, You don't even need any BRAINS to do the job.

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