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yes here we go today we are going to learn about the oceans of the world so what is an ocean well an ocean is a huge body of salt water it's bigger than rivers bigger than Lakes really huge in its salt water it's not freshwater if you've ever gotten ocean water in your mouth you can taste the salt okay the ocean have you ever been to an ocean before cool well we're going to learn about the world's oceans in this video the world has five oceans how many oceans are in the world the same amount of fingers you have on one hand five so here are the world's oceans the Arctic Ocean the Atlantic Ocean the Pacific Ocean the Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean let's learn the oceans one by one the Arctic Ocean the Arctic Ocean is way up north in fact it is by the North Pole the Arctic Ocean is the smallest ocean and the most shallow ocean there's lots of ice in the Arctic Ocean but much of it has been melting so where can you find the Arctic Ocean well the Arctic Ocean is way up north you can see here the arrows point half its way at the top of the world map now let's talk about the Atlantic Ocean the Atlantic Ocean is right in the middle of the globe and is south of the Arctic Ocean the Atlantic Ocean is the second biggest ocean is home to many species of whales sharks dolphins and other creatures so where can you find Atlanta koushin well the Atlantic Ocean is in between the Americas Europe and Africa now let's learn about the Pacific Ocean the Pacific Ocean is in between the Americas and Asia and Australia in the Pacific Ocean is the biggest ocean in the world with something close it's the biggest ocean of all the Pacific Ocean is huge now this is interesting the Pacific Ocean appears in two places on most world maps you might be wondering why is that well the earth is a sphere that's the shape of the earth the earth is a sphere it's a 3d shape but on maps it's just two dimension so it is flat so the Pacific Ocean is by the Americas but it's also by Asia and Australia so it appears in two places on many maps and you can see where they are with the arrows next up the Indian Ocean the Indian Ocean is further south in between Africa Asia and Australia the Indian Ocean is an important place for species like the humpback whale the Indian Ocean is also important for transporting goods for example each day millions of barrels of oil are shipped across the Indian Ocean in big oil tankers just like the one in this picture the Indian Ocean is here between Africa Asia and Australia our fifth and final ocean is the southern ocean the southern ocean is way down south in fact it is by the South Pole which is actually part of Antarctica the southern ocean is home to many amazing creatures like emperor penguins for example the southern ocean is at the bottom of the map by Antarctica great well now we're gonna fly and glide into a game that's gonna see how much you learn about the oceans we're about to play a game called mean the ocean we're going to show you some pictures and you let us know which ocean you think it matches as a quick reminder these are the five oceans of the world the Arctic Ocean the Atlantic Ocean the Pacific Ocean the Indian Ocean and the southern ocean let's begin alright let's get started with this first one look at the dark blue sections of this map which ocean is this think very carefully this is the ocean here's a hint that we said can be sometimes at two different places on a map to remember which one yeah the Pacific Ocean alright here's the next one which ocean is this in the dark blue it's way up top isn't it way up north which ocean is it yeah it's the Arctic Ocean you here's another one look at the dark blue section of the map which ocean is this you can see it's in between Africa Asia and Australia do you remember what the name of this ocean is gray it's the Indian Ocean let's try this one now look at the dark blue section of this map what ocean is that it's way down below everything else in your Antarctica in the South Pole which ocean is this yeah it's the southern ocean here's our last one look at the dark blue section of this map what cho ssin is this it's right down the middle and it's in between the Americas and Africa and Europe which ocean is this yeah it's the Atlantic Ocean we're so glad you could spend time with us today next time somebody asks you if you know the oceans the world you could say yep I do I saw the video well I have a question to ask you a really interesting question I hope you don't mind me asking this but would you like to be on one of our videos will now you can ask a parent or an adult to help you leave a comment right here under our YouTube video and what's fun is you share a quick little story and quick joke you can say hello to friends or family you can say whatever you want and you may be featured on our next homeschool come video ok we'll share your name and if you'll give your first name and you're from so we can give you credit and you'll be on one of our videos forever which is really cool so be sure and comment below and also like our video because coming well unless if you didn't like it which that's awkward you did it you did it you did it from all of us here at homeschool pop thank you so much for hanging out we had a great time we hope that you did too be sure and subscribe for more videos and fun with us here a homeschool table you can also see other videos on the side and you know how to find things on YouTube it's cool but we look forward to seeing you again soon I wanna watch enough on

  1. Hello, I'm Yusra from London in year 2. Homeschool pop video's are really helpful for me to understand. I really like your video's I love your video's.

  2. I really like your videos but your music is WAY to loud in some of them, my kids and I can barely hear what your saying half the time….

  3. I'm moya-rae and I'm from Jamaica and i would like to share a joke what is a witch's favourite food a sandwich

  4. Thank you so much for the video! Great video. The Kansas scholars enjoyed here at our school in D.C.

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  7. HELLO!!, My name is DANTE and am from st.Lucia and am new to you videos.and i like them a lot hope to learn more with you.

  8. Hi, this is Mr. John's class in Virginia. We have an ocean's joke for you. What does a dolphin say when he’s confused?

    Answer: Can you please be more Pacific?

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  10. The music is very disturbing I would use more if was without music at all or classical music that helps the brain to memorize. Thank you

  11. Hi, my name is Silas and I'm from Michigan and in the second grade. I wanted to share a fact: All the oceans are really just one big body of water but in different sections of the world! And I have a joke: What is the strongest creature in the ocean?… A mussel!

  12. Hi I love your videos. I would love to be on a video. My name is Adaline I don't really have a class or a school, I am homeschooled. I watch a lot of your videos and i love them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.This video really helped me learn my Oceans. My Dad has me do reports on your videos. This is my Dad and I's favorite channel. – A. 6yo

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