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the woman you see on the screen now is Alexandria occasio Cortez a politician who wants to turn America into a sort of New Sweden I am running to fight for improved and expanded Medicare for all a federal jobs guarantee she is the youngest congresswoman in American history and one of the most well known faces of the Democratic Party she openly defines herself as a Democratic Socialist she has millions of Twitter followers and well millions of critics too both inside and outside of her own party thing about in a country like the United States the word socialist brings up images of Soviet dictatorship nevertheless in a moment when the Democrats are having an identity crisis her narrative seems to be a winning formula of the next election but what does Akzo Cortes really stand for what is democratic socialism all about well in this video we're going to tell you a few months ago we published a visual politic video about the ideological shift in the Republican Party after Trump's victory in 2016 something similar is happening in the Democratic Party – at the end of the day when a political party loses an election its members wonder why and this is when the ideological brainstorming starts in this case we're talking about a brand new generation of Democratic politicians mainly young women that have broken all kinds of records for example Ilhan Omar and Rashida to leave the first Muslim women in Congress and in the case of villain Omar the first congresswoman who wears a headscarf too but we aren't just talking about gender and age this new wave of politicians is extremely social media savvy ins that making breakthroughs inside of the traditional Democratic platform then again the most famous of all of them is Alexandria Acacio Cortez the poster child of democratic socialism as you can imagine okay zo Cortez soon became the target of every critic from the conservative side but make no mistake even the old democratic guard is not a big fan of hers for example one of her biggest political projects is the so-called green new deal this is a package of social and ecological policies but not even the Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi agrees with it in some interviews she despises it and this is surprising you in the Takei Co Cortes and Pelosi belong to the same political party and I know what you're thinking democratic socialism it's nothing new in America right at the end of the days what Bernie Sanders stood for back in 2016 and yeah you're right the difference is that now though we aren't just talking about one candidate but a whole movement seems to be getting bigger and bigger Sanders as leftist as he was on economic issues tended to be much more conservative on social ones for example he was not big on anti gun laws immigration or even racial issues nevertheless both occasion Cortes and her colleagues mark a turning point in democratic history and maybe they even represent a turning point in American political history too so now the question becomes is it possible that one of the most capitalist countries in the world can turn into a socialist one and what kind of socialism does occasio Cortes propose is it really that similar to the Nordic model that she claims to defend well today we're going to answer all of these questions but before we do let's take a look back at the history new faces old ideas and an or many of you might be thinking you probably think come on Simon they can't be socialists in the Democratic Party this is America and all American politicians pretty much agree on the basics right but is the thing the Democratic Party is one of the oldest parties in political history they've been around for almost 200 years this is more than enough time for them to develop some ideological twists for example during most of the 19th century pro-slavery politicians were Democrats even several decades after Abraham Lincoln who by the way was the first Republican president abolished slavery many Democratic politicians kept saying things like this if you organize a Democratic Party with one plank and only one plank namely this is a white man's country the white man must govern it Benjamin Tillman senator South Carolina Democrat 1895 to 1918 of course all of this has changed radically nowadays the Democratic Party is seen as the party of racial diversity but this example it helps to illustrate how parties can evolve ideologically something similar happens with economics during the 1930s Franklin Roosevelt introduced radical changes to the American system tax raises the welfare state and lots of regulations for companies all came into effect as the Clinton and even the Obama administration were much more moderate I'm a strong believer in the free market and a strong believer in capitalism but I'm also strong believer that there are certain common goods that require and have some regulation Barack Obama in other words the Democratic Party holds a huge range of ideologies that stretch from the center to the left for example Abigail Spann Berg is one of the politicians who belongs to the so-called Blue Dog Coalition this is the moderate group but we also have the more radical members and among those is our protagonist today Alexandria occasio Cortes during an interview with PBS she was asked about the ends of capitalism and this was her answer I think that we're gonna see an evolution in our economic system of an unprecedented degree and it's hard to say what direction that takes Alexandria Ocasio Cortez but as we said before she is not the only one for example Ilhan Omar is the first Somali woman to be elected to Congress and she identifies as a Democratic Socialist – nevertheless her proposals are so extreme that not even the Socialists want to put her in their group why basically because of her position against the Israeli settlements and the military occupation of Palestine in America this kind of position is extremely controversial so yes we can say that this new wave of Democratic politicians is groundbreaking indeed while we were making this video House Democrats started investigating Deutsche Bank for some loans that they made to Donald Trump and they even claimed that the bank was one of the world's biggest money launderers and all of this is at a time when primary elections are getting closer and closer many of these Congress women might actually run as candidates this means that the next American president might be a self-proclaimed socialist but what does democratic socialism really mean well let's have a look shall we European imports if you're watching this video from Europe I'm pretty sure you're gonna be familiar with the words social democracy in fact one of Europe's biggest political parties is the social democrat party but where does social democracy come from well to find out about that we need to travel back in time to the beginning of the 20th century in the end 1917 the Bolshevik Revolution started in Russia all of a sudden the biggest country in Europe made a radical shift in their political system and decided to go for a Marxist Leninist approach what are the principles of Marxism in this video we published years ago we tell you what Marxism is all about the thing is from the very beginning those Bolsheviks had an international aim that's why in 1990 they created the Comintern an organization to manage all the communist parties worldwide their goal was to help both with training and funding of all the political parties that wanted to follow in Russia's footsteps in other words all of the parties that wanted a communist revolution but as it always happens in life the devil is in the details and there is a very important detail that we need to cover when we talk about the Communist revolution communists disdain to conceal their views and aims they openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions Communist Manifesto chapter 4 yep you heard that right communists wanted to end capitalism through violence and this is where the big break inside of Marxism inspired movement started on one hand we have the pure communist soup wanted a revolution on the other hands we have these so-called Social Democrats with famous intellectuals and politicians like rose from Luxembourg basically Social Democrats wanted to end capitalism using the tool set of a liberal democracy this means they wanted to run for election little by little change the laws until they achieved a socialist system to the Russian communists Social Democrats were betraying the working-class if you sleep with the enemy you will end up joining the truth is Social Democrats worked pretty well all over Europe at least election wise and the region where they were most successful was in the Scandinavian countries Sweden Norway and Denmark had social democratic governments for decades this is why these countries have very generous welfare states with the universal health care lots of public services and of course high taxes and this is why many of these democratic socialist politicians say they're inspired by the Nordic model chief among them is Alexandria Ocasio Cortes of course it makes sense at the end of the day Denmark and Sweden a very rich countries with wonderful standards of living I mean who would want to live in Copenhagen with a salary of $3,000 a month free higher education and free hospitals but the question we should ask now is can we really say that the Nordic countries a socialist well let's find out the Nordic model communists got one thing right if you play by the rules of the bourgeoisie you'll end up becoming one of them and this is exactly what happened to all of those Social Democratic parties little by little they ended up abandoning Marxism and anti capitalism you see the basic foundation of Marxism is the social ownership of the means of production despite what a lot of people might say Marx wouldn't have any problem with you owning an iPhone or a house these are consumption goods which you use for yourself the problem comes when you want to own things to produce other things that you can sell in the market these are the so-called means of production naught means of capital communists are against the private ownership of those means so as I said before we've got a video where we explain what Marxism is all about you can find it link to in the description below and by the way remember if you're interested in these kinds of topics do you remember that we published brand new videos every week so be sure to subscribe to visual politic and hit that Bell button so you won't miss any posts but going back to today's story how do you socialize the means of production well you can achieve this in a lot of different ways from nationalizing companies to having cooperatives where the workers are also shareholders why now you might be wondering well bother many state-owned companies in Sweden are the many cooperatives the answer is not really in fact it's kind of the opposite Sweden tops global privatization ranking no country is privatized and deregulated public services as fast as Sweden according to a new report from the conservative think-tank the Heritage Foundation you see every year the Heritage Foundation publishes a World Economic Freedom ranking according to this America is the 12th freest economy on the planet Denmark ranks in 14th and Sweden comes in at 19th in the last two decades these countries have made a lot of radical free-market reforms in many respect you might even argue that Sweden is even more capitalist than America once an example we'll take a look at the educational system the United States was of the first countries to provide universal access to education this education is provided through public schools which are funded and managed by the federal government or the states Sweden is a different animal they have more and more private schools in competition with the state-owned ones of course the government guarantees universal access but instead of micromanaging education what they do is give the money to the citizens so that they can choose which school they want their children to attend this is called the school voucher system and it seems like the country is turning to a similar model when it comes to health gap Denmark is following suits and of course when it comes to the minimum wage these countries don't have one of course Denmark has a great unemployment insurance program but there is no minimum wage so while occasio cortes wants to have a $15 an hour minimum wage mysore it might not be a good idea but it's definitely got nothing to do with the nordic model where the labour market is pretty deregulated and this is why the danish prime minister said this during an official visit to america that some people in the u.s. associate the nordic model with some sort of socialism therefore i would like to make one thing clear Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy Denmark is a market economy of course Denmark has higher income taxes in America for example the top marginal tax rate is 56 percent but this also means less central government debt has been required to support government spending for example America's central government debt surpassed 105 percent of GDP this means that the US government owes more than the total size of the American economy each year in Denmark this number is as low as 35 percent and the same goes for the public deficit while the White House spends more than what they collect in taxes Denmark is much more responsible and in the long run this means much fewer problems and much more stability this explains why the Scandinavian economies are so business friendly and so attractive to foreign investors in fact big firms like H&M the fashion retailer Spotify the music streaming platform and many others were born in Sweden which is a country with a population as small as the state of Georgia's of course any of occasion cortezes or even Bernie Sanders as stances on issues really do match the nordic model for example everything regarding Medigap but many others have nothing to do with the Scandinavian countries so now the question passes to you do you think this brand new wave of Democratic politicians can capture the soul of their party well we see a new ideological shift in the Democrats just like what we witnessed in the Republican Party well please leave your answer in the comment section below also please don't forget to visit our friends at reconsider media the podcast that provided the vocals in this episode that were not mine also remember that we publish brand new videos every week so do subscribe and hit that Bell button so you won't miss out on any posts and if you like this video do give it a thumbs up and as always I'll see you next time and if you want to learn more about politics and hear more of my lovely voices don't forget to check out the reconsider podcast at 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  1. USA must become a socialist nation where people share their wealth and live happily ever after. They should start to pray 5 times a day.

  2. A social democrat in sweden is barely a socialist anymore, Its just a left liberal centrist workersparty pretty much

  3. AOC is a lunatic. I hope she never wins.

    I'm not talking about her politics. They are fine. Abit controversial but nothing new there that havent been seen in other politicians.

    But AOC as a person is not quite right in the head.
    Very short tempered and once threatened to doxx the adress of several police officers and law enforcement agents in the south states.

    She was once running a site that withheld alot of documentation on various cases holding and collecting information of police officers and some govermental workers.

    Thankfully site got shut down before it had a chanse to cause major damage.

    But this tells something about what kind of person AOC is.

    And I'm no republican supporter either.
    Infact i was hoping for Sanders victory last election.

  4. This guy really doesn't have a clue…seen his Venezuela videos, thought it was an aberattion…but he seems to lack knowledge of politics outside the liberal bubble in USA

  5. Everyone wants to climb the soap box. Gosh so many saviors , we should be soooo thankful to them. The country is going to the crapper.
    American democracy at its finest.

  6. Am i the only one here to think that to an American a lot of Scandinavian Country's social friendly rules seems as socialist, while they are only good sense things for a better free market?
    I think that Scandinavian countries are the models to follow for every country, because they provide the best set up for a free country. But americans continue to see everything a little shifted on the left as evil socialism…

  7. Oh wait!! Ok so the contents you read are not yours!! So pretty much you outsourced the communist ideology for viewership? Are you trying to be the orange head in youtube? Lol🤓

  8. The Democrats do not range from the center to the left. They span from the solid right to the center left.. Complete ineptitude by Whistler and co. once again.

  9. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say Whistler and co. are out of their depth, again.

    This channel really needs to die.

  10. Sorry, but that was one of the worst videos I have ever seen on here.
    Especially with the bate and switch as you talk about "social democracy" in one moment and then switch to "democratic socialism".
    Those terms are used interchangeable, but you used them with different meanings and the same meaning and both in the same video.
    You can't do that.

    Social Democrats don't want a post capitalist economy, while democratic socialists do.
    AOC and Bernie both call themselves democratic socialists, while they are social Democrats, cause labels in the US are fucked.

    Most of their ideas are standard social Democratic (normal in europe) ideas (and a mixed economy), but you heavily tried to associate them with socialism (post capitalism), which hs disingenuous!

  11. From Sweden here, public healthcare here is bad with ridiculous waiting time (lucky people still have choice for private healthcare which can be more expensive absolutely). Some even dies or giving birth inside car because of this. this is really happen, it's in the news. Elderly have become neglected and poor as the government increase the budget for their climate policy and reduce the budget for elderly care and pension. If you side with the left that means your are the best moron and should receive trophies because there's nothing right about the left and they are truly a bunch of bloodsucking cockroaches.

  12. I think you got Social Democracy and Democratic Socialism mixed up. The latter is an anti-capitalist crypto communist ideology-albeit with less authoritarian aims while social democracy is more about mixing in some socialist ideas into a capitalist liberal democracy.

  13. The problem is youre using social democracy and democratic socialists interchangeably. They're completely different

  14. We are heading towards or quite possibly in the beginning stages of another civil war in this country- this time it will be left/right. We, the rational ones that stay out of this retarded, ongoing partisan miasma will be here when the thing blows up, and more important-when it ends. We will clean up your ugly little stupid mess, and then we will make sure it never happens again. Modern electronics, software and code have now made it possible to make one-time non-partisan voting on a global, if not, nationwide scale.
    In effect, you ignorant fucks will finally be negated and ignored.
    So pretty please, with a cherry on top- do it already, pull the trigger, get this horseshit over so that we can make more meaningful pursuits like build better infrastructure, clean up the planet reasonably (don't ask, you don't have the brain power), and begin continuing what virus like beings do-expand into the universe.
    We won't become a class one planet continuing to act like spoiled children freaking for not getting their petty little way.

  15. I would have prefered if you explained why the nordoc countries aren't socialist a bit earlier. I feel like not everyone will finish watching the video and therefore get a flawed perspective on the nordic system. Otherwise good video

  16. Many socialist policies work in Scandinavian countries (well, for now) partly because of their small population and homogeneous cultures (I kinda had a huge debate with my professors about this term). For a country as diverse (and complicated) as the US, I doubt we ll see those policies get realized any time soon.

  17. You don't need a minimum wage if workers have a robust safety net that empowers them to say no. When your job if survival, you don't have the power to say no, so you need a minimum wage.

  18. It all comes down to how America butchered its unions. We would be so much better off and living in a much more capitalist economy.

  19. I'm sure this comment section will be very rational and full of understanding and well structured debate

  20. It’s very hard to leave a reasonable comment, considering the size of the US economy VS the Nordic states’ economies, regarding contemporary’s public convincing scale and effective tools relevant to what the US’s standing point in the supposedly long standing Bretton Woods agreement. Such a turning point in the global history cannot be taken off such a serious discussion..

    The fact is, it’s much more complicated than the average consumer of this channel’s content can comprehend.


  21. Why americans interchange social democracy with socialism? It is quite a huge difference. On one hand – clearly US need some social safety net, but why instead of adopting Canadian model, they try venezuela-like full blown socialism? Or even nordic countries like social democracy? You are not scandinavian, you are completely different society, why dont you take canadian route (which makes much more sense in this environment) is a mystery to me.

  22. The social democratic movement is a reaction to the fact that the lower 80% of society now owns less than 12% of the country's wealth which is a steady decline from 1980 when trickle down economics was introduced into the american system. It is a way to counter the bleeding of the hard worked dollar handed over to the rich class since they destroyed any support the workers had before. the increase minimum wage to $15 is a reaction to the disparity of effort vs money! One example of the direct problem at hand is the "billionaire" … who never earned that money and never will admit it that they took it from the work effort of the working class. Money is predominately made by LABOR to PRODUCTS not investment on Wall Street, yet a billionaire believes they earned by their own efforts enough money to spend 1 million dollars every year from birth to death living 100 years and then take 9 more life times to try to finish spending it THEY EARNED THAT? right! There should be a law that billionaire level of wealth is illegal and for so many reasons including manipulation of society through the power of money to shape laws. An aggressive tax structure would do very well to end the billionaire status once and for all. END THE BILLIONAIRE STATUS. This has nothing to do with communism, it is sane and fair free market enterprise that every one can share in! We teach are children there are limits and they can't just do any damn thing they want. Its time to teach ourselves that very lesson!

  23. I am always impressed at how mature your channels comment section is even when discussing such hot topics

  24. So happy you did a video relating to my country and my Neighbours. I live in Denmark and I have always been very liberal but I love my country and so I have always thought that we must do something right since we have such a high standard of living. Great video, and besides not elaborating minimum wages, I found it to be very accurate

  25. The democratic socialist wing must seize control of the party. I am American, and things are horrible for working people here, and worse for the sick and for young mothers. Without significant reform we are certain to break out in violence and chaos. Riots, mass shootings, an outbreak of fentanyl addiction leading to overdoses and rapidly escalating suicides are just the shadow of a mounting wave of discontent among America's poor.

  26. I live in Denmark and there may not be an official minimum wage from the government but we have unions that set them instead. When I worked at a gas station when I was 15-16 I got the minimum wage as almost everyone with a teen job does. The union that set the standards for that company set it to around 68 DKK per hour or 10.25 USD. It would probably be impossible to find a union that allowed a minimum wage of less than 8 USD per hour. Great video though. Just wanted to say that I think it is impossible to find a workplace without a minimum wage and if it would be possible I am sure that the government would react

  27. I have never seen such a 15 minute video brush over so many different important good topics it could easily get you into, tease you – but never ask a single relevant question. Let alone try and get an answer for an important one. Literally the only point worthwhile here was at the end, that said Scandinavia is not socialist as some fools believe and use to propagate 'how awesome socialism is' – but even that has caveats here.

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