Ocasio-Cortez: Let’s Raise Taxes To Pay For Socialist Policies

so news a couple of other items on your policy agenda that you made very clear throughout Medicare for all Federal jobs guarantee and tuition free public universities and trade schools those look to a lot of people like promises of gifts under the tree but they wonder how they'll be paid for now you're in a position to carry these out how at a time when the CBO says our debts and deficits are exploding or gonna cripple us how do you pay for things like that it's it's an excellent question first of all I think we need to kind of look at at the damaging history legislative history of what we've done with our taxes not only had did we have a four hundred billion dollar GOP tax clip that could have actually forgiven every single federal student loan in America we spent that money in December and we spent it on tax cuts for the corporations and the very rich but it means reviewing the Bush tax cuts it means making sure that all so that we understand the power of the purse that Congress has that you know when the United States was in the Great Depression that is when we pursued the New Deal it was when people precisely said we have the least amount of ability to do this that we actually committed to an economically ambitious agenda that transformed the future in the course of this nation and I think that it is absolutely possible but what it takes that the political courage to do it to raise taxes to roll back the tax cuts I'm not only and not only that but also understand that that the federal government does have the ability in the similar way that we had in the New Deal to to spearhead some of the this agenda and some of that financing as well

  1. What the Fuc& is she talking about blah blah blah, raise taxes and take away tax breaks. Seriously folks. You all voted for this nut job

  2. Yes, corporations could take their profits and pay off debts of irresponsible students who wasted their money and had one big frat house party. But what is the moral argument for this kind of sacrifice?

  3. Another socialist that does not understand economics. Raise taxes on corporations. They pass it on to consumers. So WE are taxed when corporations are taxed. If these types come into power I'm cashing out and moving to Costa Rica. Phuck tis!

  4. …or…we could just cut welfare spending and allow the citizens to keep their money.
    …and we could go back to limiting the government to as little power as possible, and guarantee that no laws will ever be written to support socialism, including no laws supporting social justice. Justice is the only things that need to exist. Nothing American needs to attach the term "social" unto it.

  5. The darling of the left wants to steal from the rich to give to the poor… Aw, why don't you throw on leggings like Errol Flynn and do a modern day robin hood. "It could pay the debt of EVERY college student." What a fool. Reminds me of the people who say, "Let's put a penny tax on every bottle of water…" as if that's going to create a utopian winfall with no unintended consequences. Sorry, socialists just don't understand economics.

  6. Someone below said “all Puerto Ricans are (“A country full of feckless lazy low I.Q. garbage. Puto Rico is no friend to the American people and is worthless as a country overall.”) ??? Goes to show how some people talk to hear their head rattle..!! 🙂
    I am a PUERTO (not ‘Puto’) RICAN, never been on welfare even after I married at a young age, divorced the American airman, for his violence, I worked two jobs to support my young son to keep from getting on it. My dad fought in the Korean war, and when old Glory (our beautiful flag) that he displayed proudly in front of his yard-year round got tattered from the wind he would ask me to get him another but a larger one he was going to put it on a bigger pole. A brother, several cousins reached high ranks as they served in the military some are still active…
    My mother brought me to the states (USA) when I was 5 years old, she was determined we learn the English language right away whenever we spoke she would answer us in her broken English; I learned it so well I communicate better in English than Spanish. I love AMERICA and proud that Puerto Rico is a sovereign of this is a great country. I am praying it becomes a State my families there are praying for it as well not ALL Boricuas (Puerto Ricans) will identify with your sentiments. Though I fear the majority of millennial, especially the ones that went to college here have been influenced by liberal, socialist, and communist professors; Ocasio-Cortez, is an example. She’s basking in her 15 minutes of fame appearing on all the FAKE NEWS but more and more people are waking up from their Rip Van Winkle slumber, our eyes are wide open… she won’t get far.
    I voted for POTUS, he’s the best President and from what I can see, will be the best one America will ever have. Instead of saying things we’ll be sorry for let’s unite if you’re a believer pray for Trump, our wonderful President for God to protect him. Satan runs this world, even Jesus said so but He gave us power over him and he knows it. Therefore he has doubled up on his attacks; his minions are working for him in the Fake News, Congress, Restaurants, workplace etc. However, our strength will be in Unity through prayer, the use of weapons; inciting riots, using ugly language is exactly the reaction the Devil is hoping for. I am not saying turn the other cheek, but for every nasty word and unfounded comments make your point in an intelligent, reasonable, peaceable way, if you can’t say it nicely… it's best not to say anything at all. They will get tired and will start looking like the ignorant gullible fools that they are… Oops, I think I messed up at the closing… hahaha!! God bless everyone…

  7. Wow for not being a seasoned politician, this fucking cunt speaks just like Obama did.
    Lots of bullshit and non-answers and at the end you simply think. "this bitch didn't say anything" Exactly like everyone felt after Ovomit "answered" a question.
    "this empty suit spent 5 minutes talking and he said nothing"

  8. So I ask all this simple question- does it sit better with you to run up the deficit to give money to the 1% rich and corporations or is it better to forgive student debt, provide better for our vets and ensure that all get better healthcare?

  9. She looks like a cross between Huma Abedin and Megyn Kelly…..what a hell of a mess.
    The ENEMEDIA is desperate to have anyone on the left become a front runner…..anyone.
    The socialist communist college kids will love this POS.

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