Obama’s Dijon Burger: The Worst Scandal in Presidential History | The Daily Show

– As you all know, President Obama is a
real man of the people, and yesterday, he dropped by
a popular Virginia restaurant to grab a burger with his pal, Joe. Now take a look at him ordering his burger with a very special condiment. (echoing voice)- Condiment – Just your basic cheddar cheeseburger, medium-well, I just want mustard. No ketchup. If you got
like a spicy mustard, or something like that or a Dijon mustard, something like that. Dijon mustard something like that. (Dramatic voice) Dijon
mustard something like that. (dramatic music) – [Interviewer] Do you ask if
they had any Dijon mustard? – Who eats a cheeseburger
with Dijon mustard? What’s that? (camera shutters) – He doesn’t like ketchup? – Alright, I hope you
enjoyed that ‘fancy burger,’ Mr. President. (patriotic music) (upbeat music)

  1. This is a sad example of trying to find a reason not to be a racist publicly even though you are

    I am literally poor and unfortunate but I like to figure out a way to make the crap burgers served at fast food restaurants taste good. Except checkers. Big Buford with bacon is the shit. If you don't like beef then "Deep sea double"

  2. Trump orders fast food for the troops when they visit the white house because he is cheap, and wants them all to have high cholesterol like him.

  3. OMG! I like honey mustard minus the cheese. Am I going to Hell?!? Will I still get to eat hamburgers? ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  4. Wonderful memories…what a decent human being Obama is. And nowadays: I wonder how parents explain to their children why the President, who should be a role model, lies about everything. Friends of mine had to explain to their 9 years old daughter, what a โ€œpussy grabberโ€ is, because she heard it on television. Trump is toxic! Stop this mentally ill idiot now!!

  5. What man of Trumps โ€œwealthโ€ and โ€œstatusโ€ eats a well done steak with ketchup? Why is it so appalling that someone would eat a burger with only mustard and no ketchup?

  6. America with obama you had all the respect from your allies!!!!!!!!! What do you have now?????????? Nothing only more hate and disgust with this horrific racist inhumane greedy traitors coverment!!!!!!!! Great job you are now the mockery of the whole world.!!!!!!!!

  7. You forgot a laundry list of Obozos scandals. Fast and furious, Benghazi, IRS, Solyndra, Tarmac meeting, spy gate, etc…

  8. I eat burgers with mustard or chilly paste without cheese with fried unions or garlic. I'am not an American fagot. So America keep your shit and corruption to yourself and stop telling others how to live their lives.

  9. @0:52 and ALREADY you queerly evil brood of a people start , JUST BE glad to know its not forensically insane caucasian to like gourmet mustard . And I know for a fact some of you been inside of LOS ANGELES FAMED RESTAURANT "PHILLIPES' cause you pack it all the way out the door back up its steps to the street greedy trying to front like you don't know anything about who getting that gourmet hot mustard THEY are so famous for.? just a lie and the truth aint in you.


  11. Eh… I tried it his way and it was actually pretty good. Trump eats pizza with a fork. Oo and when you do go to the White House he'll sure feed you Wendy's, and McDonald's

  12. i thought white peepel likes dijon mustard. 3rd spicy rate after mayonnaise & ketchup. smh Fox News is a traitor to the Ku Klug Klituris.

  13. Obama the lefts Jackie Robinson ' supporter of climate change buys a house on the WATER ?????? This is why they call him ZERO ??????

  14. The Mustardgate scandal was a true stain on America, why it made us a laughingstock of the world! But the Tansuitgate affair was terrifying, and put America at risk of nuclear destruction. The
    Tansuit Panthers would use this chance to instigate WWIII if the UN hadn't stepped in behind the scenes and negotiated a end to the hostile environment it created.

  15. I use spicy brown mustard on hamburgers and hot dogs. Ketchup is reserved for fries, and even then I actually prefer gravy or vinegar. Obama has taste.

  16. Hahaha… CHeeseburger is not kosher either and fast food places are gross. Never mind, this story is just a distraction while they killed thousands and Fox News played along with CNN and the rest.

  17. LOL, this makes me pity america … when they had obama that was the type of problems they had … NOW they have to worry about the world ending due to nuclear war

  18. Maybe he should have ;
    Grabbed pussy without asking or
    Had multiple members of his administration indicted or
    Cheated on all of his wives, or
    Paid off porn and plaboy mistresses for 130,000.00 , or
    Or cheated while his son Barron was being born,or
    Colluded with Russia, or
    Maybe just asked for ketchup ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿคฎ

  19. When you make fun of a person for eating a hamburger with a condiment while your support is also eating a pizza with a fork lol ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ so many things to report on yet this is it? Fox on some good cush

  20. Everybody has their own style, why follow bunch of fools make your own recipe if you don't like it thats not a crime.

  21. Sean hannity or what your name is you are a bluff. You think you can ridicule Obama. Pay attention to what your nasty and unstable trump is up to. He is the worst ever.

  22. When the current economy crashes because of the greed of the rich and powerful and the dollar is worth nothing (All right now is made to look like it's well in the economy) these same folks who had nothing better to do with their lives will wish they could find a jar of Dijon mustard….. just to eat!

  23. To be fair, they do it to each other nonstop. CNN, Fox, and quite a few of our politicians remind me of high school drama and how petty it was. They treat us like livestock then expect us to like our government, what a joke.

  24. That alone is enough reason to commit suicide cause this earth is not worth living on of there are dumb ass people like this

  25. Appoint a Muslim to the US Supreme Court? Joe Biden said, "Yes." Elect someone who will force Islam into our way of life? Look what Obama did after he left office? He had his father Dr. Barrack Hussein Obama assassinated in Kenya. His wife Michelle Obama had his Sunni Muslim brother and Sunni Muslim sister assassinated in the White House All three of them have been sentenced to be hanged by the neck until dead in Kenya. But as if that was not enough, he went to the Trump Tower and raped Melania Trump five times, the last time he gave her AIDS from which she may never recover. President Trump is so ambitious and wants to win a second term that he doesn't even bring President Obama before the US Supreme Court for trial. President Obama raped Princesses of Norway Astrid and Ragnhild the daughters of King Olav V; he got a Nobel Peace Prize. He then raped HM Queen Sonja of Norway, Norway did nothing about it. While still President he showed up in front of Starbucks on Oak an Pass Streets and prevented poor doctor John Gunnell from getting my signature so he could get some of my father Nimrod Alexander who had created the CIA in 1906 and had given Dr. John Gunnell (when he was known as General Harry Greb) to get his pension for WW II. Instead he forced me and Joyce Banks into a humiliating situation; she was my father's assistant in many diplomatic assignments to make sure that foreigners didn't come to America thinking that Black people were inferior to White people. I don't think former President Obama should be allowed to continue disrupting the American people and forcing Islam on the United States and the freedom loving American people — Vic Alexander

  26. …oh stop the press…breaking news…did you hear the scandal about Obama having Dijon mustard on his burger and he ate it wearing a tan suit, no less!!!

  27. I know this is an American show, but why don't you use your platform to talk about the xenophobic attacks in South Africa and the gender based violence against our women in South Africa???

  28. I agree. The news is pure propaganda. They somehow spent no time on Obama making indefinite detention legal. Nothing about him doubling the debt. No outrage over bombing 7 countries. No outrage over deporting more people than all previous presidents, combined. The media seems like it might be intentionally keeping people in the dark. Dijon mustard is the shit anyway.

  29. WTF? What's wrong with you amaericans? There's some politician not liking the same food as some news network person likes and it becomes, like, news? Really? What's wrong with your society?

  30. The biggest joke here is Hannity thinks he's an actual news reporter. If fox "news" hosts and their idiot viewers weren't the dumbest ignorant shit stains society has to offer they would be able to see them as joke they are.

  31. This is what you do when the President has no scandals….you focus on tan suits and Dijon mustard.

    Meanwhile Trump is saying Windmill Noise causes cancer, we should nuke hurricanes, and Sharpie-Gate.

    Oh the days when we had an intelligent and respected President.

  32. Never has anyone with a brain or heart or soul been more nostalgic watching this video as we are right now never has ever certain Stalgia and sadness in more important than it is right now considering the fucking nightmare that has ensued is our beloved president Obama and his tan suit as mustard burger with the most controversial were the most controversial shit thats ever happened in eight years. FFFUUUCCCKKKKKKK

  33. Not obamas fan, BUThaving mustard on burger was crime?same as dont ware tie and dont put on pineflag?Fox was really insane.ย  new meant to record fact only, save your rediculous brainwash stupility

  34. I like how y'all bitch about fox news fuckin around and joking about this when y'alls news outlets will throw fists when Trump or his family does ANYTHING. Y'all are truly blind if you don't think demacrat outlets don't flip harder thie this and non ironically

  35. Hamburgers is the only thing black will eat mayo on. Ketchup on a hamburger is very toddlerish. Itโ€™s not good at all. I rather have mine dry.

  36. Fox can't just speak the news
    The real news not the fake shit they be showing their viewers crazy thing is their viewers believe it nah that ain't crazy that's sad just shows you people can't even figure out things for herself anymore hear one thing and just believe it

  37. Was he obstructing justice with the mustard ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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