Obama Talks Socialism

when you go to other countries the political divisions are so much more stark and wider here in America the difference between Democrats and Republicans we're fighting inside the 40-yard line maybe you fooled most people in that in the last few months I'd say no no but but well no no no the the I would distinguish between the the rhetoric and the tactics versus the ideological differences I mean in most countries you've got you know people call me a socialist sometimes but no you got to meet real socialists you'll have a sense of what a what a socialist is you know the I mean I'm talking about lowering the corporate tax rate my health care reform is based on the the private marketplace stock market is looking pretty good last time I checked and you know it is true that I'm concerned about growing inequality in our system but nobody questions the efficacy of a market economies in terms of producing wealth and innovation and keeping us competitive on the flip side you know most Republicans even the Tea Party have one of my favorite signs during the campaign was folks hoisting a sign government's keep your hands off my Medicare think about that the you know ideologically they did not like the idea of the federal government and yet they felt very protective about the basic social safety net that had been structured so my simple point is this if we can get beyond the tactical advantages that parties perceive in painting folks as extreme and trying to keep an eye on the next election and for a while at least just focus on governing then the there is probably 70% overlap on a whole range of issues a lot of Republicans want to get infrastructure done just like I do a lot of them believe in basic research just like I do a lot of them want to reform entitlements to make sure that they're affordable for the next generation so do i a lot of them say they want to reform our tax system so do I there are going to be differences on the details and those details matter and I'll fight very hard for them but we shouldn't think that somehow the reason we've got these problems is because our policy differences are so great

  1. He calls himself a progressive, which is nothing more than socialism with better packaging. It is still a far left position. Why then would he seek the ENDORSEMENT of the Chicago New Party, which is still in existence and is a MARXIST party, if he didn't believe in the foundations of socialism? Why would he seek out Marxist professors in college. Frank Marshall Davis was his mentor growing up, this has been confirmed.

  2. his health care reform is a scam, they get your money whether you use it or not. Win for them not you.

  3. If Brock Obama loves socialism no problem but does this idiot understand if this country was socialist he wouldn’t have a chance of being elected to dogcatcher

  4. Well, it’s not just that most are dictatorships, all of them are. And they have to be.

    The very ideology of marxism is inherently hostile towards democracy. It seeks to overthrow the “bourgeoise” and their system, and that at any cost to establish their utopia, the communist society. After all, this system oppresses the workers and they have to revolt, inevitably.

    Socialism is the first step towards a communist society. And to create a perfect society, one has to make it orderly. For that one inevitably needs dictatorship one way or the othe

  5. OBAMA paid for great
    speechs,with Tax dollars
    yet he still stutters,lies
    denys& contradicts what
    he really has always,been
    a,Socialist, Marxist drug
    addict community organizer of chaos. Marshall Davis ruler💩😈👺💀

  6. He simply was an Anti American…., no politics, I just based it on his actions and practices.

  7. You can think he's a good politician or a bad politician, but if you think he's a socialist you're a moron.

  8. Nothing wrong with being a socialist, capitalism has lead to the genocide of entire indigenous populations.

  9. I don't think President Obama is any pure socialist but I am persuaded that he likes better the European vision of a socialist/democracy…vastly different than America and a proven failure for the countries who embrace it aka England, Greece and produce limited companies and jobs. I don't think he accepts their failure as an example of what "not" to do. Also I do find it strange of his claims against socialism that he openly campaigned for an open socialist Senator of Vermont running as an independent Bernie Sanders but then says he rejects their ideas. Strange and hard to divorce an ideology he verbally claims to reject but then campaigns for someone running as an Independent but openly a socialist.  I can't quite figure this man out. To me he has no core of much. He is just all over the place depending on what is needed to be said to get re-elected or keep the majority party in power with the Democrats.  Perhaps that just makes him another predictable politician.

  10. What Obama said here I agree with. However, the problem is whatever proposals he has, far from socialist or not, apparently they are far enough from the opposition that he fails at finding middle ground. Very polarizing figure.

  11. National news agencies reported today that the Big 0 health-care site is dangerous to personal computers and the private information there-in.

  12. He's no more of a socialist than he is a racist…… There will be no white victims during this administration. Let's ALL go play "knockout the game" in white face.

  13. This is the only honest truthfull statement I have ever seen him make. He must had a come Jesus moment for a moment.

  14. I found nothing wrong with what he said. I agreed with pretty much everything. He doesn't do much about this however.

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