1. A lot of the best countries like Holland, Finland, Switzerland, and many other Scandinavia countires are way better and happier than Obama and they are socialists. Also Obama is nowhere close to socialist, you guys dont even know what socialism probably is you just know its a connotation in American society

  2. Well, he should be, but we can't obtain everything ! 🙂 The world probably will be better if Obama were socialist (and if Sarah Pailin were living on Jupiter), but what he did is already a very good job… So, don't be afraid, Amercia isn't ready yet for socialism (which isn't communism, will stop to confound both ?).

  3. Well, I'm a french socialist (I'll vote in may, because we've got our own presidential election this year, for our french socialist candidate : François HOLLANDE) and I can tell you that someone who didn't abolish death penalty, who didn't make a public and an absolutely free health and education system isn't socialist ! Obama isn't socialist : he's what we call a "social-liberal". That's better than conservative or liberal (dirty beast), but it's not socialist…

  4. @Mrihearvoices

    Buddy, interacting with you has become much too tiresome. I have better things to do with my time than to go around in circles with you.

  5. @Mrihearvoices

    Look, you're still missing my main point, but I'm not going to repeat it.
    You make assumptions. Why would I be against charities? But it is the individual's decision whether or not to donate money to causes they support or don't. Feel free to go back and read a response I wrote to somebody called xboy or something like that. I think it's on the 4th or 5th page of these comments.

  6. @Mrihearvoices

    This whole exchange can be summed up very clearly: You think government should be up people's asses and have the power to take away the fruits of their labor. I don't. You don't know what a generalization is. I do. Goodbye.

  7. @Mrihearvoices

    Which is a generalization, you brain dead moron. Not only are you incapable of understanding what I've written, you don't even understand what you have written! For the last time, it's none of your fucking business what people do/ don't do with the money they have, no matter how much of it they do have. The government does not have a right to take what is yours and give it to someone else. Go live in Venezuela or China, and see how happy you are. But first, buy a dictionary.

  8. @Mrihearvoices

    Go have an adult explain to you what a generalization is. Be sure to have them also explain to you why the following IS a generalization: "A lot of them got rich because they inherited it or ripped people off." Your ignorance is astounding! Now go play.

  9. @Mrihearvoices

    What the hell are you talking about? I haven't made any generalizations. But I find it funny the generalizations YOU yourself have made in your accusation. And what exactly are you suggesting anyway, that we can't assume someone who has wealth deserves it so they should have to give it to someone else?

  10. @infancysguard Yeah, but we can tax you more because a couple hundred dollars more is still nothing to you and besides… It's just taxes for crying out loud.

  11. Wow, I came here looking for a coherent argument for why people think Obama is a socialist, and I've been watching videos for 2 hours and they're all just like this one.

    I'm starting to think there is no reasonable argument, and people believe it just because they hear Glenn Beck say it a lot. "A lie told often enough becomes truth" – Vladimir Lenin. Beck is more of a communist than Obama.

  12. @infancysguard ; The rich can do whatever the want with the "Money they've Stolen" from the Native Americans in these times or other Oppressed groups they have Exploited since Genesis by force or subliminal overtaken of a people, they can do whatever they want; it's their Stolen Money.
    I would bet that you're a God Fearing Christian.

    O'Bama Up'n Office, an Ya"ll Mad:

  13. @xxblodydovexx

    Of course white collar crime is very serious. Yes, big companies often take advantage of their employees and don't treat them the way they should. Yes, sometimes those with a lot of money think those without are theirs to take advantage of so that they can gain even more dough. But that is a completely different subject, and has very little to do with the point of the previous discussion.

  14. @rufflesworld You call me the idot and yet you put up a video depicting an ANARCHIST and then you turn around and call the person SOCIALIST……. You just owned yourself, all i had to do is point it out dumbass. Go talk to a REAL socialist and they will tell you that Obama has nothing to do with socialism. Also, look up the definition of the word. And once again, You're a fucking tool/ignorant douchebag.

  15. @rufflesworld Yeah.. The dumbass is still you, and the measly 35 people that have liked this video. Do you think 35 is a lot? Do you feel important and smart now? Ha. I'm sure people think you're one of this countries greatest minds because you can slap a bunch of dumbass pictures together with Bodies playing in the background. I hope you're just trolling for lols, because half this video made no sense, and repeated the same picture over and over.

  16. lolz. this makes no sense. I'm just going to laugh at your immeasurable stupidity and walk away. OBAMA IS A SOCIALIST, HERE'S HIM AS THE JOKER AND A PIC OF HILARY CLINTON LAUGHING. Anyway, have fun being a tool for the rest of your life.

  17. This made absolutely no sense at all-The song had no place in the relevance of this issue and also, why the Joker makeup? The Joker was an anarchist not a socialist. You guys are complete morons. It seems that anyone who has the slightest intelect would know this. Go on and support Palin's dumbass and see how far that idiot takes you.

  18. @Alternate47 and yet no one will reply to my great britain comment.. 😛 capitalism is like a casino. Every now and then you hear about the guy who won a million on the lucky draw and they advertise that the most..but in reality, most people who takr part in the gambling lose more than what they make.

  19. @Alternate47 so all of the millions of people unemployed today and without work had nothing to do with greed and cut backs but if what your saying is true, a majority of them were just lazy uneducated people who fell back in school?

  20. @mustangrex ..your not allowing yourself to look at the big picture..make your own money HOW? at what costs? with what morals? you are a total hypocrite..and obama is failing us?! really?! last time i checked 8 years of bush policies and his genius idea of destroying banking regulations fucked us over.. obama walked in the door with everything failing, and the way i c it, he can't do much worse..

  21. @mustangrex sometimes someone gets fired so a company can save money on fractions of a percent. so everyone in this economy fired did something bad right? if capitalism is so great, why do we even need socialistic programs? we're the only country who actually wants to protect capitalism ONLY because it allows you to get away with anything.. the same way communism crippled the eastern world is the same way the western world is falling today..

  22. @mustangrex ..take a look at Great Britian..a country older than us, and has stuck with capitalism as their staple.. you probably didnt see this in our media, but did you know they just capped the maximum amount of money anyone can make no matter what job is $200,000? here u have movie stars making millions from nothing.. even Great Britian, america's ancestors, have changed… whenwill we wake up?

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