1. obama is a lot of things. so many are bad for the people, our children, and America; as we know it. the momentum needs to be slowed, and people need to stop believing anything from the media, without doing homework. because who benefits, and is there an agenda?

  2. "Liberals always want stuff for free"….that's socialist, communist air you are breathing. Free air, the same air for everybody and all free of charge. That makes air communist. I know you'd rather die than do do something communist so why don't you do us all a favour and stop breathing.

  3. Ask any socialist in the world. Obama is, on an objective political scale, very far right. Any socialist, much less communist, would all say that his politics leans heavily to the right. Funny how you far extreme right-wing facists always calls everybody who isn't for a totalitarian system a socialist.

  4. your comment is saddening "liberals always want stuff for free"

    That is your argument for being asked to site your sources ??? a 3rd grader knows to site his sources and he doesnt tell the teacher she/he is freeloaded when he does it. Why do people like you choose to stereotype instead of holding an intelligent conversation

    also, your link took me to the home page, how about you just give me the title of the video and i search that.

  5. the problem with that argument is that he never said that about capitalism,his father was not communist. you are making up an argument, to be honest i think you just heard that argument from Rush Limbaugh, not a thing in it is true.

    maybe you should actually look up and watch videos (the whole video) of what Obama said instead of allowing someone to tell you the cliffnotes version.

  6. "your president "

    as much as you hate him, he was still elected by 69 million people, he is OUR president, not just mine.

    our argument is that Pres, Obama is a socialist and a communist, tell me how, thats all i ask, what has he proposed that makes him socialist ?

    you will not be able to answer this question because he has not done so. You are one of those republicans who uses the word socialist and communist when you really mean "i dont like" and "Liberal".

  7. It should be morally repugnant to exploit the poor and disadvantaged in order to personally profit, but this country is so infected with greed that they can't even recognize when the system is fundamentally unfair.

    And you're right about commerce not being zero sum. Two parties can benefit from trade, and you see the people in this country who own everything benefiting from almost any trade, while the vast majority of people who own almost nothing are left high and dry.

  8. Your argument is fundamentally flawed, because you cannot use the term "create" within the context of wealth. Our culture has sterilized the process of accumulating wealth by calling it "making money" which simply doesn't happen. Money always comes from somewhere. The only people who "make money" is the federal reserve bank, but that's another story.

  9. Welcome back to the 1950s, where everyone whose ideas we don't like gets called a "communist". Obama may be a liberal, but communism and liberalism aren't the same things. Is anyone trying to abolish private property or completely eliminate the accumulation of wealth? No, of course not. Liberalism is an attempt to make capitalism more fair, not to abolish it.

  10. I don´t see how you would expect me to continue a discussion I left a year ago.
    But I admit, I wrote it in anger, and it is exceptionally stupid.
    Please, do not respond to it anymore.

  11. Should ALL students get THE SAME "grade"?

    The VALUE of someone's labor is determined by the employment market—and the economy—not by whatever he "wants" his own labor to be worth. To increase the marketable value of YOUR "labor", invest your time in education, skills training, and good work habits.

    Labor unions artificially inflate the ACTUAL VALUE of their members' labor.

    "Equal distribution of wealth"? Do you think a ditch-digger should get the same "amount" as a neurosurgeon?

  12. Over the last several decades, this warped, entitlement "mentality" has slowly been indoctrinated into the minds of Americans. Once "progressives" took over the public school system, "they"—along with tenured marxist professors in our universities—began corrupting young Americans' minds. I am astounded by reading some of the comments on this video. Were these people never taught history? Have they no other ambition than to demand that THE GOVERNMENT give them what they haven't earned?

  13. So in other words he can't even get that (socialism) right either!!! Dang… what have you done for me lately?

  14. Of coure power is not transferred… why would they? That's why we are in dangerous ground… WE are GIVING our government TOO much POWER! In all our fears we are just giving it away. 1st it was the fear of terrorism and now its the fear of poverty, lack of healthcare and even environment fears. They just scare us into submission! What a bunch of chicken shit fools we are.

  15. Why is it so hard to understand that socialism is not sustainable? We should allow the private market to provide the services, encourage competition (if everyone wins, then nobody does!) and let failing business fail! It's ok, because when there is a need for a service the market will provide it. When one business fails, another one rises. But if the government is running the show, what happens when it fails? Greece, that's what happens. Is socialism also equal amount of work?

  16. I could swear I was reading comments by Marx. One thing I have never gotten a Marxist to do—to my satisfaction—was to define their use of the word "worker." The "value" system of Marxism, as it relates to labor and wages, is also specious. They equate the time value of a neurosurgeon with the time value of a ditch digger. Another problem with marxist revolutions is that the "vanguard Party" never transfers power back to "the People" after they get it.

  17. Deceptive video—unethical. Obama's quotes are great. Then you throw in others, not even him and try to connect. You guys are so dumb and misguided, but try not to be so unethical. Really. Deception in media and the public's willingness to suck it up and not look beneath the surface is why are country is in the mess it is in. Go Obama–continue your good work!

  18. Lmao. These quotes are so stupid. They prove nothing. They had one quote from some random lady who is not Obama. -.-. Please. Get a life. Most of those quotes I agree with. Obama 2012. Bitches.

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