Obama Busted: Obama Admits He Shares Values With Communist Congressman

riva need one of the best congressman country he cares our values excuse me who are you with I'm just a citizen okay all right does it matter what are you aware that this is the home of the Communist Party USA in Chicago congressman how do you feel that F the african-american community feels about you accepting and why are you touching me don't touch me you're just go do not touch me r disgusting you know what the Unity Center is rooted lozano and I work closely together to try and build a relationship between Latino and african-american activists and union types we called ourselves progressive Congressman mana kiya just sick Oh what what was the award for today more or lifetime event firing leadership Chris honey and Rudy move on peaceful here and what do you know what the Unity Center is yeah I'll describe it excuse me who are you for it huh who are you in I'm just a citizen okay all right does it matter what I'm trying to ask the congressman a question nah all right wait are you aware that this is the home of the Communist Party USA in Chicago congressman I thought you were just a citizen why would you be worrying about the covers you don't think I should be worried about the Communist Party nope are you worried about are you proud to accept an award from people's world well I'll tell you what I don't think I'll be answering any more questions about it thank you very much do you support the Communist Party congressmen I thank you very much see I got a president obama jacket and you're taking pictures of me a concerned citizen what's your name sir why are you putting your hand in my face so congressman you do or you don't support the Communist Party USA how do you feel that F the african-american community feels about you accepting why are you touching me don't touch me you're just going to not touch me r disgusting why am I a disgusting human why am I a disgusting human get out of my space congressman how do you think the african-american community feels about the Communist Party any comment you work for him like you two figures couldn't be here but there's a friend of Mines we wanted to stop and get stopped and he's on his way to another rally thank you all to meet him and you already know but he came by to say hello como Thank You Jose you just heard for one of the best car has been in the country and the reason he's one of the best galleries where the country he cares our values you

  1. Every time I watch this vid, it is funnier and funnier , at the same time its also pretty " Fing" scary also !

  2. Good joke, does Obama also share values with unicorns and Vulcans or any other mythological creatures?
    A communinst congressman, haha good joke.

  3. For those who are interested, this BETA character is doing damage control. He's angry at a video I posted at watch?v=DwivzW5PgT4 He made a comment about a topic & when I queried him on it, he got angry. He didn't know what he was talking about so I decided it was a waste of time.

  4. Why are these Communists afraid of Danny admitting he's one of them? Shouldn't they be shouting that from the rooftops? They must not be proud of their Communist leanings.

  5. That's funny.
    miscomo has either lost his channel, or taken it down, & the comment no longer exists.

  6. How do you figure about the death of hani? He's been dead for years.
    You're just another lying snake, like your leader.
    How dare you make such transparent statements?
    Christians with guns. No, if you see a Christian with a gun in his hands, it's either hunting season, for target practice, or for sale. The Bible is the Christian sword & weapon against evil.
    However, if you give a Democrat guns, well then we have massacre.
    It's because liberalism is a mental disorder, & they think they are god.lol

  7. Why doesn't the congressman want to answer anymore questions from a citizen/voter?
    He has nothing to hide, right?

  8. You should be trying to improve your future, so that when you become a parent & husband, you can raise little Coops, who will be proud of you, & make your wife proud. Material things are much better than what you think. Why do you think foreign royalty always want to own the best luxury car, or a beautiful sportscar? The peasant chicks dig it. Wouldn't you flaunt your wealth if you were heir to the throne? The same can happen for you, if you pull your head out of the sand, & don't burnout.

  9. If you had a child, or a younger sibling, & you had to put a needle in their vein 3 times a week, to save their life, for the rest of their life. . .?
    If you were dead, & that younger sibling had no one else to take care of them, & would then become ward of the state…?
    If you worked a small job, became someone responsible for hundreds of other jobs?
    If lives were now at stake if you lost everything, your dependents would all become homeless children?I guess you can't even imagine it.That'sLife

  10. LOL, sorry, I hate to break the news to you, but, what do you think happened to all those hippies at Woodstock? They 'shroomed, & had a great time, while trashing the great outdoors, getting the worst hangovers, & growing up to become sheep, or they got wise to it all, what it was all REALLY about, & got out of the movement. The movement is nothing more than a train ride, on your brain, meant to make you stupid so you can believe everything they tell you, & it makes you a sheep.

  11. I'm not going to judge you for it. Trip well,
    I will tell you though, them 'shrooms taste like shit, & they'll kill your liver, very quickly.
    I've abused a lot more substances than you, so tripping on whatever you're on, & thinking,"Gee, I think I'll try to debate this guy while I'm out of my freaking mind, & THEN, maybe I'll get some points on him", that doesn't fly with me. It does change you, by the way. It makes you just like everyone else!!!!!! Congratulations, you've joined the sheeple.

  12. No. I had to type it in to see what it was, & if you're talking about trippin' on something that will incapacitate my senses & twist my ideals while making me believe I've somehow helped enlighten my mind, well my experiences are a long time ago. Responsibilities changed my priorities & I had to grow up. It happens.
    You have kids? No? Someday you will, if not. They are a blessing. They change your entire outlook on life.
    A new substance, like DMT can have unknown side-effects, w/o a trackrecord.

  13. I did once stand on the fence, concerning Capitalism vs. Communism.
    Before the end of the last century, I was watching a lot of TV. I hated FOX News, even though I'd never watched it, because there was so many shows spoofing the channel. I never once thought that all those channels were steering the public, but then I began to notice they were embracing , socialism & questioning the publics perception of it. I didn't like the feeling that we were all being steered into abolishing our great USA.

  14. "I guess I have too much hope for humanity to actually think we could change our ways." What does that even mean?
    I don't waste time on brainwashing vids, I'm a free thinker, I don't believe everything I'm told by my mainstream media, nor foreign media.
    That is why we are commenting on a video which shows a conspiracy, a cover-up. That's not from any news outlet & it's not being reported.
    Why would you visit a commie country, anyway, unless you're connected to the party? & You vote Democrat?

  15. Yes, your original comment, was that of a sheep.
    a classless society would be so baaaaaaaad <==== lol, sheep
    You think you are so different, but you're falling in line with the rest of them.
    You don't believe in classes, but the elites do.
    You aren't attached to material possessions, but the elites are.
    In communist counties, it's illegal to own certain books, & some of them the crime is punishable by death, especially if it's a book of religion.

  16. LOL. Yes.You want to be a peasant in a communist country don't you?
    That's basically livestock for the elites, who take the earnings of your farms & buy themselves a private jet, jewels, private military guards, you know, for protection.
    Unless, you are somehow linked into the elite status.

  17. If you say so, but from my point of view, I'm ready & prepared for the worst, & so are my family. You however, go around like a dumbass sheep, pretending to know what you're talking about, while you back up the godless pinko commies, trying to topple Capitalist society so you can either become the cattle/worker, or become the elite. You should be living in fear, but the 1st amendment gives you the right.
    You should be ashamed of your ignorance & treachery, but what do you care?
    Stressed, yet?

  18. Well, I'm not apologizing for growing up in a city. I've used books, TV & PC to learn survival, farming, hunting, fishing, mechanical, medical, building techniques, gardening, canning, brewing, I can go on & on, about the things I've taught myself using old means of survival, so that although I live in a city, my family will always know what they need to survive w/o power, & w/o civilization. It's to insure that, life doesn't degenerate into the horrors of commie holocaust. My line will survive.

  19. LOL, no I was using that show as an example for you, because they are
    "100% self-sufficient", as you supposedly aspire to be. Don't try to twist my words.
    I also grow my own for me & my family. It's not large in area so it doesn't take much time…..except for when it's being planted, transplanted, harvested, prepared, preserved. Then there's weather prep, tilling, mixing the soils, mulching. & that's just my little family garden. Every year it's expanded, & it takes money, too, by the way.

  20. Well, try watching the TV show, Mountain Men.
    Those folks are truly self-sufficient, & see if you think you can handle that lifestyle. I don't think that they visit You Tube much though.
    & there's a big issue with farming that city folks don't understand, often times. If you're farming an area larger than an average home's yard, you'll need either hired help, livestock or tractors & heavy equipment to plant, grow & harvest it.
    Stress? Life is stressful! So what? Everyone has stress. Get over it.

  21. You "see them as equals"? Sounds like an elitist comment, so I guess you aren't a peasant, in your commie dream. Of course not. You'd enjoy having your own plantation of equally low-class peasants to take care of your every need & want.
    Unless, you'd rather work the plantation, all the while, never making a profit, & never having a chance at improving the lifestyle of yourself & family, unless you snitch on someone. $50 for a loaf of bread, & longer lines for groceries. Move to China.

  22. In Capitalist society, there's opportunity to go from the lowest class to the highest class, & of course from the highest class to the lowest.
    In communism, you are where you are, from birth, until you die, or a revolution happens.

  23. Yes, there's 2 classes in communist society. The workers & the elite. There's no middle class, You don't really think that the "noble leaders" are going to be in the same class as the peasants, do you?

  24. Yes, No class except foe peasants & elites, who constantly need more from the peasants, & always lower the peasant class "equally", to make things better for themselves. They destroy the currency & use horrible tactics such as starvation to eliminate the peasants so that their greed isn't so obvious. They rid the peasants of all identity & put lazy workers to work alongside everyone else & pay them equally, which brings down production & lowers the gov income & it's blamed on the peasants.

  25. CAPITALISM> > >communism.
    We ALL know what it is. Everyone knows how it works & why IT DOESN'T WORK!

  26. Props to the camera guy for not totally demolishing that guy that got in his face. A "concerened citizen" like myself might not have exercised such restraint.

  27. Not really sure myself, I have a few Canadian friends who're with the USA military and still Canadian Civilians who voted for Governor using their Army Passport thing for ID and Living quarters for an address.

    They've both been serving for over 8 years, not sure if that has anything to do with it.

    About the thing with Milardfilmore, unrelated to him, I just wanted to state this information.

  28. …& I suppose that if this were the case here with milardfilmore, that he would've surely said so 3 months ago when I first questioned him, don't you think so?
    Besides that, how do Canadien civilians get to vote in any other country's elections, or any other civilians, for that matter, unless they're fraudulently registered & submitted? Now if they become legal American civilians, is another story. That is a pledge of Allegiency to America, not their original homeland.

  29. I suppose an example would and could be, there's Canadian civilians who can work in the USA military for a living and can earn the right to live and vote in America. As well they can immigrate into the USA if they wish to as well.

  30. Values are the tenets and goals of our life, not how we go about them. We believe all life is sacred, that war is justified in some circumstances, that abortion is wrong or right, those are our values. Communism is a political and social agenda. Values are personal beliefs. Supporting communism is not necessarily a guaranteed compromise of the person's values. Try to take a less biased stance to looking at this, although I can understand it given your nation's history where communism = bad man

  31. "Values" are the core beliefs & common shared agenda. If you haven't studied communism, look it up, since you've got a computer, & you'll see that communism has nothing to do with capitalism.
    Yes, sharing the same values is a bad thing, since the leader of the free world is linked, here, to an elected official who's a communist sympathizer & community organizer.
    I hope Aussie's like you understand what we're dealing with, & watch your own media & leaders more closely than we have.

  32. Sharing the same values is not a bad thing. It's the methods and system that is used to go about it that makes the difference between "communism" and "capitalism"

  33. 0:16 ,Danny Davis sure looks like he's thinking "Oh dang! I'm guilty, & I'm caught "red-handed",by a citizen with a camera"& "I hope my communist infiltrator in chief will bail out my commie red azz!"

  34. Finally!!!!! This is called INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM!
    If this was a breaking news sports story there would be lots of "investigating".

  35. I voted for Danny Davis this morning in the Illinois primary. He voted against the war in Iraq. I am proud to be an American. I am proud to have voted for Danny Davis.

  36. Our country has been hijacked and people still dont even understand it to be possible, they say that Communism is dead, Really? Welcome to Obama's AmeriKa!

  37. Congressman, you work for the Citizens of this country, and yes sir we are concerned, and FYI the majority of VOTERS ( got your attention now sir?) are NOT communist, Did you sir take an oath to uphold & defend the Constitution? Sir, that document is anti- communist in nature, try reading it some time!

  38. Does anyone now doubt that this President is a Communist. This means that it is highly likely Communist sympathizers are being infiltrated into the Joint Chief of Staff Level of our US Military. With the NDAA passed we are now close to a take over by Marxist/ Communists. We are being defeated from within through asymmetrical warfare.

  39. Well, that would explain why Obama gave himself the power to kill or lock up citizens without charges or trial.

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