Ah, how I miss Russia. What a country is Russia! The place where Napoleon sank. The place where the nazis fell. The place where Neymar rolled. I wish I could go back to Russia. The Russia that you saw in 360° here in the Buenas Ideias Channel. And by the way it had less views and likes than usual. Maybe cause of that confusing 360° thing? So now let’s make it in 180° only, Russia. I promised that I would talk about the effects of the Kremlin’s influence and communism in Brazil. And this is what we will do from now on. Come with me Little children, little children. Come eat little children with the Communist Party. The Kremlin is from the year 1,000. 1,000! A thousand years or so. When you, Brazilians, were still in Taba. And we already had that fort. In fact, Kremlin means fort. It was a wooden fort, that later became a stone fort. And today it is there, all walled. Those red, red walls like the blood that was spilled there. It was the place that was the center of the Russians’ decisions until the capital was tranferred during the Romanov Empire, by the Czars, to St Petersburg. But when we made the October 1917 revoltuion. That started there in the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, which was renamed Leningrad. After a while, how wonderful. We brought the capital back to the Kremelin, and the decision center of the communist empire happened to be the horrifying Kremlin. Of course it had a great influence in Brazil, and that’s what we’ll talk. Cause this channel is about Brazil, not Russia! That evil empire. Got it? When does this influence become more tangible in Brazil? The revolution is October 1917, and on July 9, 1917 of the same year, and already under the influence of the movement that would overthrow Tsar Nicholas II and the Romanov family of power. It broke out in São Paulo, an unbelievable general strike. It was the first successful general strike in history. It was like that last strike that you saw there. Sao Paulo really stopped and this strike had ramifications in the rest of Brazil, especially in Porto Alegre. But really incredible was the São Paulo strike. Where 80,000 people folded their arms and were harshly repressed by the police. The police, led by Washington Luiz, who was secretary of security, mayor of São Paulo. Who said that famous phrase that went down in history, right? “The social issue for me is a police matter” The strike was severely repressed, created a great concern in the Brazilian ruling class, but the truth is that the strike that had every reason to happen. Cause from 1914 to 1917, the cost of living increased 400% in Brazil. Wages increased 71%, but the cost of living were way bigger. So a worker earning 100 réis, and the monthly support for a family of 3 was 300. So it was really impossible to survive. “The proletariat in revolt asserts its right to life” There was a strike that started in the textile sector of São Paulo, especially in the Cotton Mill Crespi, of Count Rodolfo Crespi, the guy who had São Paulo’s first private pool. And later revealed Mussolini’s fan. A scoundrel, Rodolfo Crespi. It started there. And it was this fermentation. But it was harshly repressed by the police and the story is over. The story we really want to tell started with the foundation of the Brazilian Communist Party Already in direct connection with the Kremlin. Cause since 1917 Lenin was in power he stablishes the so called 3rd International. There had been 3 international communist meetings. The 1st International, in 1864, in London.
With Marx and Engels present. In 1889 there was the 2nd International.
That was in Paris, under Engel’s command. And that international communist also called Comintern. That comes from the german Kommunistische Internationale. I don’t know how to say that in german. But it’s the international union of communism it causes the bubbling of communist parties in several countries, Brazil incluiding. This International happened in March 1919.
And on March 25, 1922, it’s created in Niterói the Brazilian Communist Party. The issue came with the name already,
cause it was called: Communist Party Brazilian Section
of the International Communist This name issue of the communist party will follow it till the end, cause it was called either Brazilian Communist Party
or Communist Party of Brazil. Then there were several internal splits, and they stil exist, the PCB and the PCdoB So it was a party directly connected to the Kremlin. Directly connected to the Soviet Union. What made it legal for only 3 months.
Cause it was founded on March 1922 and made illegal on July 1922,
by the president Epitácio Pessoa. It stays illegal till 1927. It returns to legality in 1927. It runs for the 1930 elections,
with its own candidate for presidency The fabulous “Minervino de Oliveira”
I gotta read the dude’s name cause Minervino… Obviously it gets very few votes. Getúlio Vargas himself loses, with his Liberal Alliance. The elections are in the beggining of 1930,
but the inauguration of the elected president Julio Prestes would be only in november of 1930. So the revolutionarie putschists had the whole year to plot the 1930’s revolution. And the communists refuse to participate in this reunion Even Oswaldo Aranha himself brings money and guns to Luís Carlos Prestes who would come to be the great name in the Communist Party, and was in exile in Argentina. Prestes get the guns, gets the money and doesn’t join the revolution. He said: “That’s a bourgeois revolution, Brazil will change to stay the same it’s a revolution being done to take power from the masses who have to revolt to abolish the classes and install a communist regime in Brazil. So he doesn’t participate in the revolution of 1930 made by Getúlio. The party is again thrown in the illegality. Getúlio Vargas gives the coup, or the revolution of 1930, then it starts (you’ve seen it all here, with that characteristic brilliance) (and this extraordinary fluency, that only I can narrate.) And so it starts the 1933 constituent movement, and in this constituent in 1933 the communist party does not have its registration approved by the the Electoral Court. Precisely because it is considered an internationalist party. It wasn’t a brazilian party, it was an international party and all these articulations came, as a fact, from the Kremlin The Kremlin where already in power was the man of steel, Stalin. Cause in 1922 Lenin had died. Also our objective here on the channel was to visit Lenin’s Mausoleum and to show you the mausoleum where he is embalmed as a fake pharaoh. He looks like a Dracula.
I entered there, but you can’t film there. So I couldn’t record, but I saw him. He looks like a Darth Vader, Lenin. My old teenage idol. Marcelo Madureira’s idol. Idol of many people whatching this channel. And he reminded me of Getúlio Vargas’s mentor Who was the political mentor of Getúlio Vargas? You know it was Júlio de Castilhos. Who was a positivist. He followed a doctrine created by french philosopher Auguste Comte. Comte was a great creator of mottos,
he made one called: “order as a basis…”
hum, no “Love as a principle, order as a basis and progress as a goal” That flutters till this day, amputated, in the Brazilian flag. No place for love, remais the order and progress It’s a positivist motto, by Auguste Comte, cause the Republic was a positivist movement in 1889. The republic has a lot to do with Júlio de Castilho, the great gaucho caudillo It’s the guy that inspired Getúlio Vargas. And why am I saying all that?
Cause that’s not a “random n*gger tale” Also you can’t say “random n*gger tale” nowadays anymore!!! I’m saying that cause when Júlio de Castilhos died he demanded on his grave to be written, it’s still there, another of Comte’s mottos: “THE LIVING ARE ALWAYS AND EVER MORE RULED BY THE DEAD.” That’s what Lenin would like to see printed in bronze like on Júlio Castilho’s grave, this phrase. Cause he keeps haunting, haunting the world from his mausoleum But the truth is that this whole story changed cause Stalin wasn’t as interested in sponsoring the international revolution. While Lenin was in power yes, communist parties bubbled around the world. But the fact is that Stalin himself ended up calling to Russia Luís Carlos Prestes, after the 1930 revolution. And there Prestes is authorized, with Moscow’s gold, to plan here in Brazil the Communist uprising of 1935,
that you also saw being told with that extraordinary fluency, here on the channel. So in 1935 they set off this quixotic, pathetic attempt at coup. Which is decimated very quickly by Getúlio Vargas, and that gives the stimulus to Vargas to establish, in 1937, the dictatorship of the “Estado Novo”. The Estado Novo ends in 1945 and what happens? The Brazilian Communist Party comes back to legality again, right at the beginning of 1945. Then in 1945 with the soft coup, that topples Vargas and puts Dutra in power there are elections in 1945. Dutra was “elected”. And the Communist Party goes back to legality, with 200,000 subscribers! 200,000 the same number as the Buenas Ideias Channel! See if it’s not a shame my channel has a meager 200,000 followers! By the way, it has 189,895 96, 97, 98… That is, it has less followers than the Communist Party had in active members in 1945. And the Communist Party elects a senator. Who? Luís Carlos Prestes, elected senator by popular vote. And it elects 17 Deputies, among them Jorge Amado, the writer. But in 1946, with the Cold War, Dutra articulates with the Electoral Court using a loophole on the constitution makes the Communist Party go back to illegality. Why? Because the constitution said that only parties that support democracy could participate in the democratic game. And we get to the point that interests us. Cause today we have again in Brazil the Communist Party. And it will run in the elections. And we ask: Why does the Communist Party wants to participate in the elections if the Communist Party has always been against elections? has always been against democracy, right? But then it’s the thing, those who are against the Communist Party Including some idiots who participate here, who want comment in the Buenas Ideias Channel Who are in favor of militar intervention.
Who are right-wing. Keep pissing me off. Like the leftists, who also piss me off Why the guys from the right don’t want the Communist Party to participate and lose? On the ballots Would them like it not to run? They’d like it to be illegal? Let it be illegal and don’t get elected. And the Communist Party wants to participate why? Since the Communist Party has always been against elections So I want to say the following:
I’m against who is against the Communist Party! And I’m against who is in favor of the Communist Party! I’m only in favor of the Eduardo Bueno Party.
Which is almost monarchist As long as Eduardo Bueno is the King. And I’m sure that you, one of my 200,000 followers is with me and thinks that I should be there in Lenin’s mausoleum completelly embalmed commanding the world, even dead. So, that’s a pathetic ending, but you deserve this ending anyway. So goodbye. What you just saw is full of generalizations and simplifications. But the big picture was right there. Now if you want to know how things really were,
ah then you’ll have to read…

  1. Quando começar a caça aos comunistas e PEÇONHENTOS vermelhos no Brasil, a fila para carrascos voluntários irá do Oiapoque ao Chuí.

  2. Gaúcho tu é porreta e sinceramente não te levo a sério, mas acredito, tenho fé no que tu fala. kkkkk

  3. Quem criou o PCB no Brasil foi Astrogildo Pereira, comprado pelo "cometa de Manchester" no lugar de Edgard Leuenroth líder Anarquista da greve geral no Brasil de 1917, que não aceitou se prostituir e então foram atrás de Astrogildo Pereira. E Astrogildo Pereira foi comprado por além dos ingleses, também pelos maçons e os tenentes do exército, e com a ajuda da burguesia erradicada nas principais cidades do Brasil. A falsa esquerda alienativa no Brasil foi criada pela direita escravagista com o intuito de dividir, orientar, doutrinar e alienar o povo à escravidão, foi uma dialética hegeliana de dominação em massa. E funciona até hoje, principalmente com as alienações do MEC.

  4. todo comunista nasce do coito anal.. este é o motivo de tanto mau cheiro quando eles estão reunidos….
    Definindo um COMUNISTA …
    Indivíduos preguiçosos e fracassados, que inconformados com os resultados de seus parcos esforços mas sem nenhuma iniciativa para superar suas limitações, prefere jogar sobre a SOCIEDADE, a culpa dos seus fracassos, e viver de uma ajuda financeira permanente em troca de apoio … " Veja o exemplo.. aquela ameba que foi candidata a vice do PT em 2019.. é o exemplo vivo do que foi dito acima.

  5. O socialismo na minha opinião parece muito o absolutismo,onde: o ditador é o rei, o partido comunista é a corte, os soldados são os cavalheiros e o servos q é a população, só o q muda são os personagens, o nome e o modo q é aplicado

  6. porra mermao o julio de castilhos é o Robert De Niro q voltou no tempo pra apertar a mente do getulio pra dar o golpe no brasil. culpa da cia ahahaahahahahah

  7. Bacana demais, a história brasileira é muito rica, pena que os alienados bolsonaristas não gostam de ler ou assistir vídeos interessantes assim!


  9. Apesar de todas as críticas corretas ao comunismo e seus crimes – assim como os crimes do capitalismo -, o Brasil tem a maior desigualdade economica do planeta… favelas e miséria por todo lado, milhares de pobres nas ruas do Brasil , crianças depauperadas fazendo malabarismos nos sinais de trânsito, etc. , e está tudo bem …..

  10. Boa noite. Vocês já dispõem de um vídeo onde o professor diga coisas histórico-brasileiras sobre maconha?

  11. O Kremlin JAMAIS reduziu sua ambição sobre o Brasil, nem com Lênin, nem com Stalin! Inclusive, a atuação da KGB no Brasil foi implacável segundo documentos revelados recentemente, e através do PCB, Moscow causava uma forte ingerência externa no congresso brasileiro, sempre a fim de impor seus interesses, objetivando instaurar um Estado comunista a todo custo, mesmo que isso significasse desestabilizar o país por completo!

  12. Peninha, é "conveniente" não ser a favor ou contra alguma coisa, muito pelo contrário. Quando se quer seguidores, venham de onde vier…sacou tchê?

  13. "Sou quase monarquista desde que eu seja o rei"
    Kkkk. Vou usar como cantada!!
    Muito bom canal.!!!! Mais um inscrito.

  14. A ideologia furada que matou 10 vezes mais que o Nazismo, e que não se levanta nunca mais no Brasil, neh, professor…

  15. E em Contagem MG tivemos um prefeito do PCdoB , Carlinho Moura, até 2016 e durante um período a Secretaria da Educação foi a neta do Prestes: Ana Maria Prestes Rabelo (2013).

  16. Resumindo, o comunismo no Brasil é um "ovo de serpente", uma ideologia estrangeira assassina criada por xenófobos racistas e cultuada por um ditador sanguinário que executou friamente 7 000 000 (sete milhões) de ucranianos em apenas 1 ano. Comunismo deveria ser proibido aqui no Brasil.

  17. Comunismo é pra pessoas que querem seguir sonhos medíocres, que geralmente são um auto engodo, como esses artistas de artes plásticas contemporânea, kk capitalismo vc cria vínculos muito mais seguros e construtivos. E ninguém te engana dizendo que o mundo vai ser um sonho de uma noite de verão um dia.

  18. O que o Capitalismo Tem de Ruim?

    gente, no socialismo/comunismo você não tem outra opção a não ser fugir do país. no capitalismo, você pode até ficar rico, caso estude e trabalhe duro para isso. caso não concorde com algo, pode expressar isso, boicotar produtos e serviços, se isolar, etc…

    então, o que há de ruim no Capitalismo? imagino que tenha sim, mas, estou com dificuldades de encontrar pontos negativos nesse tipo de regime.

    um abraço.

  19. As escolas tinham por obrigação que ter a disciplina (ciências políticas), no lugar de ensino religioso. Para politizar o povo burro que não sabe votar!

  20. kkkkkkk Eduardo, vc é o cara, passo horas vendo seus videos, continue assim, pelo bem da história, pelo bem daqueles que valorizam a importância do saber..

  21. Acho engraçado o fato de "adaptacoes historicas e fantasiosas tornam viloes em herois" muitos historiadores limpam o c… com esse script de quem a Russia e os Eua foram os herois da 2 guerra …Mau sabem as pessoas os horrores q Lenin submeteu a sua propria raça em sacrificio pra elaborar planos taticos de governo.

  22. então, vcs são contra a democracia não podem fazer partido no Brasil, sumam pra nós poder fazer uma ditadura militar

  23. 8:44 – "porque em 1922 tinha morrido o Lenin".
    Houve um equívoco aí.
    Lenin morreu em 1924.
    Em 1921, foi afastado de suas funções por problemas de saúde.

  24. Concordo com o professor, qualquer vertente pode e deve participar do processo eleitoral, porém o parlamento tem que ser forte a atuante para evitar as tentativas antidemocráticas de virada de mesa. Sou advogado frustrado, deveria ter feito história kkkk, é uma ciência maravilhosa. Conheci hoje o canal, muito bom, parabéns!

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