NYC’s Socialist Mayor De Blasio Spits In The Face Of 9/11 Victims, Gov Cuomo Joins Him

NYC's socialist mayor de Blasio spits in the face of 9/11 victims gov Cuomo joins him opinion Democratic mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio blamed his staff on Friday after he missed a memorial event intended to honor the victims of the horrific 9/11 terror attacks the hill reports a spokesperson for the 2020 presidential candidate told the New York Post in a statement that the mayor missed the solemn ceremony because none of his staffers told him about it the mayor's team believed they could not make the event work with his schedule and declined without conferring with him de Blasio spokeswoman Freddy Goldstein explained in her statement about the matter had known about the invitation he would have attended the hill reported the outlet previously noted that de Blasio was seen getting coffee in Brooklyn and working out in Park Slope on Thursday morning the 9/11 memorial Glade designed by Michael rat and Peter Walker honors the thousands of 911 rescue and recovery workers who got sick or died of exposure to toxins in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks New York Governor Andrew Cuomo D was also not in attendance at the Thursday ceremony but told the outlet that the state provided funding former Mayor Mike Bloomberg and former Daily Show host Jon Stewart as well as several local members of Congress attending the somber service according to the post earlier in May de Blasio threw his name into the mass of Democratic contenders hoping to run in the 2020 presidential election according to the hill the new york mayor barely shows up in most polls and faces opposition in his home city to his presidential run a survey from Quinnipiac University poll released last month showed 76 percent of respondents living in the city think he should not run for president via the New York Post Governor Cuomo also was a no-show at the solemn event attended by family members of those who have died from 911s related illnesses Cuomo said on Friday that he could not attend the ceremony while pointing out that Albany provided funding for the glade I regret that I couldn't attend Cuomo said at an event in Manhattan you know we supported that memorial I think we gave them 500,000 is that right those who did attend included former Mayor Mike Bloomberg and former Daily Show host Jon Stewart in several local Congress members Maureen Fritz who attended the event in honor of her brother firefighter William Gormley thought the politicians should have made it their business to attend they should have been here and it's unacceptable that they're not said Fritz they ought to be ashamed of themselves they should not be reelected at all because that's not how you treat your citizens your first responders Kate Monahan Connolly spokeswoman for the 9/11 Memorial Museum said both de Blasio and Cuomo were invited another 9/11 Memorial Museum spokeswoman Olivia agar said that the governor was expected to attend but canceled at the last minute citing a scheduling conflict Cuomo was expected to deliver a speech at the dedication instead Cuomo sent the council to the governor Alfonso David while he stayed in Albany unbelievable

  1. They were too busy smoking weed and killing babies. Unfortunately I live in NY state. I do not have to deal with De Blasshole but I do have to deal with baby killing Cuomo. Either way both of them are not only a disgrace to NY, but they are a disgrace to the human race. This is just the latest example of their hatred toward first responders. Their have been far too many examples over the years. When you have fallen Police Officers families telling them to stay away from the hospital, church, and funeral then you know their is a problem.
    Had this been a protest against the wall, an abortion clinic opening, trans anything parade, a “save the illegal immigrants” parade then you could bet every dollar you would ever have in your life that these two ass clowns would have been there shaking hands, taking pictures, and making speeches. Both of them should have been the product of Cuomos “progressive” abortion views and been ripped from their mothers wombs one shredded body part at a time.


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