Nunes compares Trump impeachment inquiry to ‘chaotic circus’

  1. So many people around the president have gone down, and still, you hear from Fox the word hoax, fake. Trump may not go to jail since he has so many supporters, but in time, people would look back to this time as the time that America's leadership was lacking.

  2. The White House is letting whoever want to testify as well as more importantly protecting the right of those who don't want participate in the Democratic nonsense

  3. How are the Democrats not in blatant violation of FRAUD, WASTE, and ABUSE? Pelosi holds the record for the longest address to Congress, right? How much did that cost the taxpayers? They all should be sued and the DNC should have to pay back every cent that all this has cost the law abiding, tax paying citizens.

  4. this thing is part of the people destroying america just look at it…wow.. how much do you think she cost Hillary…how much do you think Hillary paid for its soul …

  5. Ukraine has been a hub for child trafficking. I would imagine this whistleblower is hip-deep in the corruption. Why else would she be so hostile toward Trump? Like Blaise-Ford this is all another smokescreen to try and hide the real corruption with all the criminals in Washington DC, Senior Executive Service, the Pilgrim Society and the rest of the international crew that has been trafficking not only children but, adults as well for nefarious activities.

  6. I can tell how worried about whistle blowers you are by your outrage at Julian assange, Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning’s persecution. You guys have poisoned half of the nation and should be shamed. God sees all. That goes for the other side as well. Shame shame shame.

  7. We are gradually becoming the old Soviet Union ! We need the military to come in and arrest a bunch of corrupt politicians for treason !

  8. VERY SCARY how utterly UN-DEMOCRATIC the Democrats are putting in their own new RULES! Democratic eletists!!!!!!!

  9. Man please people have been put in jail and serving time in prison and this is the best you guys could do is pretend that nothing happened with Russia, you shouldn't have been born you are waste of time

  10. How many American Tax Dollars (which could have been spent on helping less fortunate, real American Citizens) have been wasted on this witch hunt that has been made up of empty, manufactured, unsubstantiated accusations, that hasn't turned up anything since President Trump has been in office? Im sure it can go to a more worthwhile cause like Finally Draining the Swamp once and for all !

  11. they , the dems, are speeding to an impeachment because this is how pelosi inflicts her will. Think back on the 2008-2009 BIG bank bailout, she and her cohorts rammed that 450 page bail out package through congress without every one necessary having a chance to read it…$750$ Billion of American tax payers dollars.

  12. Democrats aren’t fooling anyone we the people know exactly what going on. Shameful democrats😡

  13. FOX NEWS POLL!!!

    55% want Trump impeached!

    51% want the MF out of the White House and
    out of our lives!!!

    A new high of 51 percent wants Trump
    impeached and removed from office, another 4 percent want him impeached

  14. I wonder how much money these "so called witnesses" are being paid for their acting jobs during this Kangaroo court inquiry circus act that the dems are pulling …..

  15. In my opinion Trump got records of all the republicans sh**s . Don't go to his parties, or else you go'na ended on the records of him. He said that recorder conversations very years ago…

  16. so new administration she worked against, but what Biden and associates were ok. need facts, loads of nothing, but no fact or function….

  17. What a joke how crooked the treasonous Democrats are! Go die you swamp creatures!

    MAGA easily in 2020!
    And I’ll be laughing the whole way!

  18. Why are there witnesses? Why are we still talking about a Whistle Blower? Trump released the transcript, NOTHING was said that requires witnesses or anything. This is indeed a DEM Circus.

  19. Hilarious.
    The DEMS scheming to bring the President down, lets impeach him with a phony complaint from the Whistle Blower. YES, great idea!!…..Then the unthinkable happens….Trump releases the transcript proving its all a hoax.
    Problem is, they're to far down the track to turn back so are continuing with the charade. I would love to have been a fly on the wall that night when Schiffty and Pillow talk Pelosi found out the transcript has been released…OMG, NOOOOOOO. Now what? Just keep going, blow it waaaaay out of proportion, everyone will get tired of it after a few weeks and we can sneak out the back door.

  20. That's the same fired up ambassador who cancelled the passports off the Ukrainians wanting to come to the US and see the Justice Dept to report corruption between the DEMS and the Ukrainian GOV. SHE IS ROTTEN TO THE CORE.

  21. I'm not a legal mind, but I would guess a soft subpoena would mean that the witness doesn't have to answer questions not according to their liking.

  22. Nunes YOU were in charge with the original Russia investigation/ Bengazi / Hillary e-mails etc. Because of YOU and your fellow Republicans letting it ALL SLIDE, we are now in this COUP against our President!!! You and the rest of the spineless Republicans in Congress are holding the blame for this CIRCUS coming about, because of YOUR inaction! Jackass

  23. How is this Hunter Biden, black mailing the American Public, if they vote his father in as President then he will resign from the Chinese Company.

  24. Love you Nunes but do you have something more important to do out ok n the "West coast"???!!!
    We have such a small minority in the house ALL reps should be REPRESENTING US in this hoax.
    The jokers on the left have a full crew with all kinds of "support staff" (who have EAR pieces on for MORE "support" help) and only the few die hards will be there.

  25. Amazing Polly recently did a video on a program called Rusty going back to 1946 with Ukrainians brought to Canada – Now some of these people are "running the show" in the Ukraine. and while these "globalists" have been planted there by G. Soros and money and NGO's the average person in Ukraine lives at below poverty. oligarcs politicians and their kids who know so very little yet feel entitled. YUK. Go watch Amazing Polly unfortunately and many know some stuff is being taken down.

  26. Do they think we are stupid? Seriously, the Mueller report, debunked! Fake dossier, debunked,! Comey, Struck, Page, etc… All biased, supposed whistle-blower, debunked! Now they are trying to cheat our President by not giving him due process to stand in front of his accusers and have an attorney present? Come on, it's time to pull the rug out from under the lying and cheating Demonrats! Regardless Trump will be President in 2020!!!

  27. The bogus "whistleblower" is in reality an espionage agent. His, her or "its" code name should be "Julius or Ethel Rosenberg." The Pinocchio Jonestown style Dems who fashion their policies after the Soviet Union want to keep the identity of this person secret. Well that's simple, have this person come into Congress and testify in a Klan hood. As for disguising the the voice, just use a Deep Fake of Christine Blasé's voice.

  28. 12 And Jesus entered the temple and drove out all those who were buying and selling in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who were selling doves.
    13 And He said to them, “It is written, ‘MY HOUSE SHALL BE CALLED A HOUSE OF PRAYER’; but you are making it a ROBBERS’ DEN.”

  29. Mark Gitenstein and Hans Klemm are two other swamp creatures that have a lot of dirt on their hands. America, drain your swamp because it has spread all over the world.

  30. This is like the Reichstag Fire.
    No shortage of insane suspects.
    Fire Watch at the Capitol!
    What is "Next Weeks' Story"???

  31. Hey the farmer behind his tracker collection! The man thinks potatoes come from using Steven Miller as a q-tip to clean his ears. Mooo!

  32. What does Senator should be concerned about is one of our F-117 is sitting in the yard and China, us intelligence photograph the F-117 sitting in the backyard in China 2010

  33. Instead of attacking the president we have serious National Security issues and agencies that have to be overseen oh, this is the most critical time and US intelligence

  34. The justice department FBI on the arrested one person for espionage, when we know there's at least 10,000 people here participating in this type of activity

  35. No anyone could touch our President, President Trump is anointing by Jesus. Why don't congress put high crimes Clinton and Hr Clinton, Obama in the prisons that they should be? Dems are devils followers. Please Congress, please announcing to all American Citizens to stand up to fight the devils, Democrats.

  36. She's the Ambassador and she didn't know what Biden was doing and Obama and Hillary Clinton this is getting a bit ridiculous wasting our friggin money we need to impeach all the Democratic Party

  37. It's a request not a subpoena, till an impeachment vote , sad media doesn't define the difference , which shows msm get trump no matter what

  38. try this one out stupid,if this so called president would have arrested people then we would not be going through this now would we. impeach every single last one of them. INCOMING

  39. And what about Epstein???? Still waiting as more and more corruption is brought forth to push back Epstein and his depravities get busted

  40. This is somebody that’s going in there is already been replaced of course she’s going to go in and of course she’s probably going to perjure herself because if she doesn’t do it shift will he will help sit there and fill in all the dirty little spaces Adam shift is the one that should be on trial here

  41. trump could have done that last year…..but he is doing it only to winn the election like a cheating traitor……IF IT WAS A CRIME, THE HUNTER NEEDS TO PAY, BUT trump must also pay for his crimes!!! collusion and meddling in our elections

  42. Basically, what these “Democrats” are doing is committing multiple felonies, by fabricating a crime, and then trying to push this fabricated crime into a legal process, by abusing their power, abusing and violating a legal process, and committing more felonies along the way!

  43. What a long parade of empty mannequin political teasers… All, just noisy hunting dogs and toothless old sharks! How deep is the swamp… and sinister is the invisible monster living of its filthy mood; what strong tentacles and what long legs he has at both sides of his master head, at the left and at the right, hasn’t he all of them? Three years already… almost, and none of the good (?) hunting dogs, none of the mad (?) old sharks (being all of them either hired by or seated at The Elected side), none, have produced anything other than hopeful woofs and expectant plops… dry water and deaf noise! Meanwhile, the monster grows and its siege narrows around The Elected, around… we The People. The people have elected the best for such a dirty fishy hunt… But even this best, seems having stepped on some quicksand zones under the mood. So alarms sound, not because the hunt has slowed down but cuz it has been turned around! And will be The People, again and last, who will get caught.

  44. Devon Nunez, the partisan hack who was caught sneaking propaganda to the White House for a fake news announcement, is lying about a non-partisan career diplomat with a clear record, Saying she is Partisan and cannot be trusted? If you don’t get the irony of this, then you’re an idiot. But then again, that is what 99% of the Fox News audience is composed of!

    Whenever Devon Nunez speaks, he’s lying. Just like whenever Donald Trump speaks, he’s lying! So sad, that you people can be so Gullible that they give away your money to the richest 1% and take it away from you, and you call that progress…

    And they’re not even selling you a bridge!

  45. Dems are violating the core value of our country of due process. they are forgetting The people are congress. We demand Transparency on this obvious political power play.

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