Notre Dame in China: The Communist Party Congress

The 19th National Party Congress is a
very, very important meeting in China. It occurs only every five years, just once
every five years, and it will determine the political leadership of China and
because it determines the political leadership of China, it also determines the
political direction of China for the next five years – or according to many
experts determines the political direction of the country for next
several generations. The political leadership will determine China’s
national strategies in many different areas. So of course economic strategy, international strategy, and also
strategies related to higher education. And the strategies related to higher
education are very well integrated with the national strategies related to
foreign affairs and also related to economic strategies. The leaders of
higher education in China and the universities in China are very
interested in developing especially undergraduate education, so advancing
undergraduate education. The focus in the past has been primarily on research ,it
continues to be research, but there is a large focus on research. In the recent
five years or so China has focused even more on developing undergraduate
education and they see U.S. higher education is one of the important models.
Notre Dame has been recognized by the leadership in higher education in China
for providing a holistic model for undergrad undergraduate
education. They’re very interested in this holistic model that involves of
course intellectual development but also emotional and physical development of the whole person, which of course is for Notre Dame central to our
educational mission.

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