North Korean Film Madness (Documentary | Part 1/3)

“WARM LEATHERETTE”] We just got back from North
Korea, and all I can say is holy fuck. [PUNK MUSIC] Before I went North Korea, I
didn’t know that much about it, except for that was the
last real deal cult of personality socialist utopian
state left on earth. I mean, I knew Kim Jong Il was
the permed dude with the big glasses who drank more
Hennessy than anybody else on earth. But when we did more research,
we found out that, oh, Kim Jong Il is a huge film buff. He has over 20,000 titles. He built seven personal, private
theaters, and he loves slasher films, Godzilla movies,
and Elizabeth Taylor. In fact, he loves film so much
that he built a huge studio right in the middle of the
nation’s capital, Pyongyang. So Kim Jong Il, freakiest
guy in the world. North Korea, freakiest
country in the world. Kidnapping people to make the
freakiest films in the world. This all equals freakiest
film story ever. [MILITARY MARCH] Kim Jong Il came to power
in 1993 after the death of his father. His father, Kim Il Song was
the first ruler, slash Generalissimo of North Korea. Kim Jong Il made a film about
his dad, which helped sort of smooth and solidify his move
into power to become the next God, slash father, slash
ultimate ruler, slash Playboy of North Korea. Kim Jong Il is known to his
people as the great general. But he’s also great
at everything. He’s a perfect architect, a
perfect clothing designer. He’s the best that
animal husbandry. He’s also the best
at making cheese. He’s perfect at all arts,
especially film. In fact, he wrote
a book about it. So Kim Jong Il builds this huge
film studio in the middle of Pyongyang, but
he doesn’t have anyone to make the movies. So he goes out and
kidnaps them. [SPEAKING KOREAN] So as most people are trying to
get out of North Korea, we were trying to get in, which
is no easy task. And it took us about a year
and a half of continual nagging and calling before we
got a tentative OK to come to Northern China in Shenyang and
apply in person at the North Korean consulate for a visa
to get into North Korea. They pick you up. They put you in a car. They take your passport. They take your money. And they drop you off in
a North Korean bar. You’re in this North Korean bar,
and they’re singing these propaganda songs right away. And if wasn’t for my buddy Mark
from the LA Times– thank you Mark– who twigged me to the
fact that everybody in the bar is secret police, and if
you don’t show the proper enthusiasm for the propaganda
songs, you’re not going to get in. So I drank blueberry wine, got
pissed, got up, started singing the songs as
best as I could. And because of that I got my
visa the next day, and I got into North Korea. So you arrive in Pyongyang. And your guards come and
get you right away. And they put you in a car, and
they take you into the city. The first thing you notice on
the drive in is that there’s no traffic. There’s no cars. People walk everywhere. Then you drive up to your
hotel, which is this 45-story hotel. But there’s only one
line of lights through the whole hotel. And you realize, oh, there’s
only one floor being used. You go into the lobby, and
it’s totally empty. All there is is a sort of tragic
sea turtle floating by himself in this tank. We’ve come to a 1950s communist
time capsule. Industrial wasteland. Flooding, dirt, dirt. I can’t go anywhere. The hotel’s on an island, and
you can’t leave without your guard, your guide, and
secret police. The only way I knew he was
secret police is that he was never on camera. But when they do take you,
they take you where they want you to go. It’s a government-approved
itinerary. And the first place they
take you is to the DMZ. The DMZ, or the demilitarized
zone– which is actually kind of a
funny name because it’s the most militarized zone
in the world– is the last vestige
of the Cold War. This is the last place on earth
where East meets West. This is the historical spot
where the Korean People’s Army made the Americans kneel down
like dogs, and they should remember that. Alright. I’ll tell them. So this kind of tour goes
on for about three days. They take you to
this monument. They take you to
that monument. You don’t know where it is. You don’t know what it is. But you have to do it. You have to go to the House of
the People, the Library of the People, the Soccer Player of the
People, the Juche Ideals of the People. The People of this, the
People of that. Stultifyingly boring monument
after boring monument. And the whole time we’re saying,
hey, can we go to the film studios? Please can we go see
the film studios? And they’re just
like, nothing. They won’t show anything. They won’t say anything. But they did take us to one
place that really blew our minds, and that was Arirang,
the mass gymnastics. You sit here in the biggest
stadium in the world with 150,000 kids out there, just
getting ready to do a show. We’re sitting on a dais
generally reserved for the great General Kim Jong Il,
and we’re sitting here– [CHEERING CROWD] –all these people are waiting
to perform for us. It’s the most insane feeling
you’ve ever had in your life. [NORTH KOREAN PROPAGANDIST
MUSIC] The Arirang games are like a
live version of a Hollywood action film. There’s 120,000 kids that have
trained for two years to do all these card changing
and back flips. But nobody’s there. The whole show is put on for
a handful of people. Because they’re so paranoid that
they won’t let anybody in to actually watch it. And on one side, you’re
kind of blown away. But on the other side
you’re saying, why? You have no gas. You have no electricity. Your people are starving. Yet all your money is going to
the best and brightest you have in the country to put on
a spectacle for 10 people. I realized, this is what North
Korea is all about. It’s about putting on a show. At this point, we’re five days
in, we’ve asked them 50 times to see the film studios. We’re running out of time. And I start bad tripping. We’re not going to go see
the film studios. And if we don’t, this whole
trip has been a bust.

  1. I feel bad for them and I am also fascinated with the lifestyle. They have a mandatory exercise time of day when speakers play music and all people exercise as a community. They call each other comrades, even the kids. Speaking of which, the kids are so damn respectful and efficient in school. No one litters. Everyone does their absolute best at work. Morals, faith, patriotism, respect, and traditions are the values that they do everything with. It's actually kinda cool in that aspect of their structure. The sad part is that the dictator is so bent on keeping the "we dont need the world" tradition.

  2. Yeah, uhh, i'll stick to South Korea. Despite not knowing how to save about 400 kids in a sinking ship, despite not knowing how to let an idol live a happy life to the point where one member from an iconic group of five commited suicide (#StayStrongShinee), despite not knowing how to make a student happy with their life to the point where the whole damn country has a high suicide rate, at least South knows a bit of basic humanity

  3. Dude these military officials behind him are covered from shoulder to waist in gold medals. Are they awards or just decoration…? And for what? They haven't been involved in any external conflicts (technically) since like the 50's.

  4. So much potential wasted on this bullshit… Koreans are so hard working and intelligent… and they are wasted for this shit.

  5. Hmm seems like some other place a very very cold place a russian place with a certain stalin In charge.

  6. Yes, exactly it is about putting a show; that is to say that North Korea is the quintessential and most magnificent & glaring example of the asian idea of "FACE". Appearance is everything, and there is nothing else.

  7. I liked it, very beautiful.
    The westren world has no idea about anything else but war stealing and hate.
    What should a country that has nothing do?
    I never see a country attacked by NK.
    So I say like every thing in the west.
    You bunch of bomb crazy arrogant turds
    No culture Left in USA.
    Just hate

  8. He had to sing a song ha ha ha ha ha ha LOL and he had to be beautiful or else he will be arrested lol OK Australia I will keep watching your video

  9. America has been putting up shows for a long time and blaming everyone else for their mistakes for years and making people feel ashamed for their existence for years

  10. So, just curious.. what are the conditions for an 18+ year old woman to leave NK and enter the USA to change citizenship?

  11. The show stressed me out. They don't know any better and they spend their lives working for people who don't give a damn about them. It takes three generations to "brainwash" a population.

  12. Yo fuck North Korea but look how cool 7.20 is. They know wassup wiff entertainment an shhitt aye good on the people. It’s almost like if they fail they die🤷🏽‍♂️😂🤣

  13. What is most craziest thing for is why would NK people keep having these so many children , it's More freaking ,there is literally no food why would they marry ,let alone have more than one kid? In other countries people nowadays are saying no to marriage because they can't afford to have family , Nk people crime is having kid to die in street from hunger

  14. Western countries like USA silently accept Kim"s regime so does Russia, China and many other countries. No negotiations but a mission to the best secret services in the world to eliminate Kim and his regime. It is possible if we want that happen. I do not believe that North Korean people are so brainwashed that they would start fighting in order to defend the rest of Kim's regime. Hard to watch that awfull despot alive, when his people are sturving to dead. Regards from Finland.

  15. Holy shit.
    That is some sad stuff when you something that big being geograph.
    So many human beieng using their human body as dancing tools for 1 man.

  16. Kim Jong Il's bland leisure suit always fascinated me. I mean, if I was a dictator worshipped like a deity I'd probably wear something similar. I'm the fucking boss, why shouldn't I be comfortable?

  17. I'm sorry, but the story Shane always tells about how they got into North Korea is total horseshit. He got into North Korea through a travel agency and was on the same state guided tour that everyone else goes to. VICE does some good things, but I don't see why he needs to tell this elaborate story.

  18. What a thoroughly obnoxious presentation. What was with all the noise and fast cuts? They add nothing but annoyance. You don't need to insert a crappy rock band after ever sentence.

  19. Thanks for letting me know about the dog thing.. I’ll keep that in mind when we go to war and I’ve got a North Korean city in my bomb site.

  20. I would appreciate this video more if you didn't be so opinionated about it. You could create something very good if you didn't talk so much. l don't mean anything bad, the shoots are very good, just less talking

  21. Ha ha north Korea’s gotta lie about the war cause they got their asses kicked, how sad are they!!! That country needs obliterated, although it would be nice to go places like that show and have the entire place to yourself, no traffic, no crowds!!! But the trade off is fucked!!!

  22. That kidnapped south korean director should write the script like this: "One upon a time there's a monster who thinks he is a god. He can shoot nuclear missiles out of his butt that is why people is afraid of him. And then one day a nuclear-proof bold eagle came and snatch him away then drop him to the sun. And then the humans lived happily ever after. The end."

  23. I tire of so called documentaries like this one where it's nothing more than a vehicle for the person narrating it to talk more and show more about him/herself.
    Throw in gutter language for something that should be a serious topic and the video is ruined.

  24. 2012… was this when Vice was still good &part-founder Gavin was there? This docu is interesting -not the stupid, SJW outrage, or cosmo inspired crap, that it is now.

  25. I like North Korea because they are very talented in Singing, Dancing, Acting and it looks like 1950. But i hate their law haha

  26. The best way to win is to bomb them when they're flexing their "military might." You'll do a good amount of damage before China decides to join in the fight.

  27. At one point you said theres 150000kids and then you said there's 120000. Are you crappy at maths or do you have shit memory 😂

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