Noam Chomsky - The Soviet Union vs. Socialism

We should recognize, what I think is true,
I've written about it plenty myself, that the so called Bolshevik "revolution",
really a coup, was really a counter revolution which placed state power in the hands of a
highly authoritarian, anti-socialist group, which within a couple of months had destroyed
the factory councils, had destroyed the soviets, had dismissed the constituent assembly
because they knew they were going to lose and had eliminated every popular movement
and had done exactly what Trotsky said, turn the the country into a labor army
under the control of the maximal leader. That was mid 1918. Since then there hasn't been a shred
of socialism in the Soviet Union. Now, of course they called it socialism,
but they also called it democracy. They were the peoples democracy, the purest form
of democracy and socialism. The west, the big propaganda system in the world
of course laughed at the democracy part, but it loved the socialism part,
because that's a way to defame socialism. So if you think that the fall of Soviet Union
is a blow to socialism, you ought to also think on the same grounds
that it's a blow to democracy. After all, they called themselves democracies too
so why isn't it a blow to democracy? Makes as much sense. It's only when it gets filtered through
the western propaganda system that it's not a blow to democracy
but it is a blow to socialism. But there is absolute no reason to
play that game, whether you play it in dissent or in the nation
or on the right or anywhere else. Expose it for the fraud that it is. What ideology? The ideology of totalitarianism?
Yeah it's deeply flawed. I mean they were the initial modern totalitarians. It has nothing to do with socialism.
They destroyed socialism within weeks. They didn't wait.
By 1918 it was finished. And they knew it. It was not a secret.
They knew it. In fact Lenin, as soon as got grips of things,
he moved to what he called state capitalism. Which is what it was.
Had nothing to do with socialism. Socialism… I mean you can argue but
there is no point arguing what the word means but what it always meant at the core was that
producers take control over the production. Working people take control of production which
sometimes is called industrial democracy. That was the absolute core of it. Well there was more socialism in Germany,
in western Europe, than there was in Russia. Russia is about the most anti-socialist
place you can imagine since 1918. Had wage labor, had super exploitation, had no elements of workers control
or involvement or participation. What has that got to do with socialism?
It's the exact opposite on every point. As I say, the west liked to call that socialism while laughing at fact that
they called themselves democrats but that's for purely propaganda reasons. I mean, unless you are committed to being part of
the western propaganda system there's nothing to say about that
issue of dissent except to laugh.

  1. WTF!! it just another stupid wasn't real socialism argument. Before this I just saw a video where he defends the Soviet Union and how it was growing economically. This man contradicts himself. Don't listem to him just listen to his linguistic lectures.

  2. Outstanding… All those people in the western media the demon eyes socialism have no understanding of what it even is.

  3. What he does there is killing everything which could make him a socialist. The worker had the control over production by the rule of the workers elected Soviets. The communist party is (as Lenin said) the avantguard of the proletariat because without any leader there is no revolution. He makes the capitalists mock about the left. Through people like him the bourgeoisie hasn't to do something against the left because they already fight each other. By not accepting Lenin as the first leader of a socialist democracy (not looking at what came after him), he denies the progress the great socialist October revolution has achieved.

  4. Attempting socialism leads to totalitarianism on a national scale. It doesn't matter much how you get to authoritarianism, the goal is to avoid it by avoiding support for socialism.

  5. I think most systems of rule over the people, executed by a minority of the people, has more often than not claimed to be in the best interest of the masses while merely securing wealth and power to the few. Doesn't really matter what "-ism" is being claimed to be the system of the ruling power in the end it's what's happening on the ground not what is perceived n the mind.


    (as the death toll skyrockets).

    Do you have no shame, sir?

  7. Choamsky says 'they' killed socialism within weeks. He said that so he wouldn't have to say the truth which is that socialism died within weeks.
    It's like nuclear fusion. A theory that in reality 'works' for an immeasurably short amount time.

  8. The German labor front starting Volkswagen is the closest thing to workers owning the means of production. But that was still state owned. Unions could start and run their own companies in capitalism but they don’t. They couldn’t, they aren’t lean which you need to be when starting a company.

  9. Where can I find this clip without Greek subs? I need English subs, so I can translate it into Russian subs latter? Please help.

  10. I’ll start listening when socialists present a means of protecting against the abuses of power that occur whenever “the workers” take over. Saying you’ll run things fairly, hold back on killing “the oppressors” and prevent all those mean authoritarians that totally weren’t you from taking over like they did all those other times isn’t good enough.

    “Industrial democracy” is not a stable political system. Stable political systems require means of accounting for petty ambition and countering corruption. “Industrial democracy” is a hypothetical end state. Attempting to force that end state into being without any sort of stabilizing political system is genocidally stupid.

  11. The Soviet Union wasn't Socialist not because they "abandoned" it, but because Socialism is just a mirage to con people into empowering a new ruling elite. There is no Socialism, there never will be. All economies are and have always been necessarily capitalist, from Ancient Mesopotamia to North Korea, only that the Marxist con allows an entire country to be privatized to a single monstrous capitalist corporation called the Communist Party.

  12. Russians did evil, Stalin tried good – under house arrest 1947, killed in 1953…

  13. Not clash of classes but clash of races.

    Iberian-Caucasian Civilization versus invading

    organized by bogs-snakes type macaques that learned mark
    clay tablets for movement of goods…

    Macaques steal and plagiarize the best people and justify it
    by capitalism…

    Russia since 1947 is Antichrist that corrupt Western elite
    even more…

    Trump is KGB-burglar – they rob my inventions, including

  14. pretty well explained. Chomsky is versed in these matters. Most important, he really sees through the propaganda

  15. All that matters right now is that a region have its population under control, and continue to erase and consolidate cultures and nations.

  16. Seriously how can people not be able to differentiate Leninism and Stalinism
    Lenin was a Marxist, while Stalin (who for the records, was a nobody in the first part of the revolution) was just a dictator who claimed to be communist
    He was put in power by bureaucrats who were in the Communist Party and didn't want to give power to the people

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