Noam Chomsky on Communism

it's the example because we can see the example of Cuba is being followed by Venezuela and today with Bolivia possible the Venezuela will be the next Cuba Hugo Chavez is instilling new land reforms and nationalizing oil do you think this is a step towards communism what is gone no it's Chile a communist country I mean its economy is based on a nationalized oil the copper covers their main aims were there happens to be a very efficient nationalized company Cadell code which is the core of the Chilean economy we call Chile the model of free market yeah its main export industries nationalisms land reform is supposed to be a favor that's progress and so on we just don't like it when somebody else is doing it in a way which leads to a successful defiance and taking matters into your own hands I'm good to have a land reform in Russia it's just curse words don't mean anything to uh doesn't mean to be the next Q this in terms that one night when they're when they say you know as the United States we call it communism you don't like it it's communism and we do like it it's democracy could be the same thing yeah it's our assistant differences about what's the United States does the United States never mark any kind of I mean do you use a computer do you use the Internet they use telecommunications do you buy things at Walmart which come and contain well that comes out of the state sector yeah that's what MIT jebel well that's that's the belt right here public funding public thanks the costs and risks develop from the state sector often in the state sector different decades computers the internet were in the states basically probably funded this is like MIT and other research for almost three decades before they were handed over to private corporations what's that is it coming take whatever you want

  1. Outright Communist denier; hence, Chomsky is an unreliable source for truth, but great source for Communist propaganda. Just deny Communism existed, deny totalitarianism, and deny the 100 million dead by Communism. Oh, and how well is the Socialist/Communism government working out for Cuba and Venezuela?

  2. Hilarious. Elections in Cuba and Venezuela. Yep, they definitely aren't communist. Keep repeating a lie and people start to believe it.

  3. People need to recognize that most developed countries,including the U.S,are mixed economies and not pure capitalist or pure socialist. All of these countries have some degree of capitalism combined with some degree of socialism/public services.

  4. The main problem I see with communism and the reason so many communist countries have been dictatorships is that communism seems to be the type of system that in order for it to "work" it and the communist party has to be the only game in town. Communist policies need to be the dominate policies in a country. But if you allow for a multi-party democracy too many voters may vote against these communist policies. This complicates things for communist.

    This explains why the Chinese gov't will only allow the communist party to be the only party because they know too many voters will vote them out if they are given the option. If Cuba had allowed for a multi-party system Castro knows that him and his party would have been voted out years ago in Cuba. So again,democracy or multi-party democracy will complicate things for communism and this explains why so many communist countries have ended up being authoritarian.

  5. If you don't like it, it's communism.

    If you disagree with someone, they're a marxist.

    it is propaganda logic.

  6. When then does the US have a higher GDP per capita even before taxation (which of course is WAY higher in europe) than Belgium and most of these "social democracies"

  7. What Chomsky is saying is that Communism doesn't mean anything. USA and communist countries have deprived the word of any meaning, just like "Socialism".

    He is a socialist anarchist.

  8. Sweden has no state religion, therefore it doesn't acknowledge any "God" above its government, it's not totalitarian. Your reasoning is destroyed.

  9. Have you tried asking your boss for a raise? Maybe try to persuade him/her peacefully, prove yourself or find a better job? Make your own job? Is all it takes to make a productive person a "capitalist" merely time? Can a worker be a capitalist? That's my real question.

  10. I'm pretty sure you've never lived in a communist country, just because your government says it's communist, it doesn't mean it is.

  11. Besides which, Chomsky is not a Marxist, he is a Libertarian Socialist. Also, there are plenty of governments that are Theocracies (very religious) which also are Totalitarian.

  12. Socialism regarsd doing whats right for those who who did not get a fair shake regarding parents do not know how to raise kids properly to prepare them for the material culture'

  13. You're right, most people are lingustically challenged and become scripted, its all free trade capitalism regarding the transfers of our natures' no matter what anyone thinks nothing carries forward there is no social congruency, there is no true world view unless one can be defined, regarding what quantum theory is suggests being any conscious observation in the literal sense' commonn senses get us in the kraal'

  14. I think you got caught up in propaganda and still believe that Soviet Union was communist or socialist.

  15. it means nothing ???? ahahhaahha, now that communism it's clearly a FAIL there's nothing such as communism ??? is that a joke, right ?? or maybe Orwell was right about the doublethinking method.

  16. @MrFilipcee socialist theory and it's aims are very different from the what has been implenented in it's name on behalf of those countries you are talking about.

  17. @GhibliFan1 well we can point out how getting government mixed up in business inevitably gets business mixed up in government. we can talk about how central control is ultimately destructive and immoral in basis.
    we can find ways alternative to force since force can and has always been diverted to evil.

  18. We need to stop demonising everything slightly 'left' in politics. Outright, unabashed capitalism and the "I'm alright, Jack" way of society has failed spectacularly… for the umpteenth time. Surely there is a middle ground of capitalism interspersed with policies with a strong social conscience? People need to stop pointing to failed communist states and insane men like Stalin as reasons why true socialism can't work. They're worlds apart.

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