No religion can lead us to God | Andy Bannister

Most religion has the tendency to make
everything about you. It becomes all about my prayer, my service, my effort, my giving, my hard work, my moralism, my keeping the commandments, the list goes on and on and no. In fact has been remarked by some people but you can divide the
major religions of the world into three groups. Religions based on thinking, religions based on feeling, religions based on
doing. In religions based on thinking like Buddhism you’ve got to think the
right thing to achieve salvation in religions based on feeling like many
Eastern religions you have to have the right mystical experience and in
religions based on doing like Islam you have to keep the commandments to earn
your way to paradise but in every case you see where the effort is located it’s
located here in me my effort my thoughts my feelings my actions and the problem
with those approaches to religion is they lead you inexorably to end up
looking down on others. People whose thinking is not as good as yours. People
who have not had the experience you have had. People who have not worked as hard
and are therefore not as moral as you but worse those approaches to religion
can actually never satisfy because you can never do enough you can always think
more thoughts and study harder you can always have some kind of greater
experience you can always keep more Commandments upwards and upwards and
upwards you climb up the endless stair of religiosity never knowing even if
there is a top let alone if you can get there. You see religion that is centered
on us and our efforts will firstly ultimately destroy others as you look
down at them from the top of your tower of self superiority and
self-righteousness whether you intend to or not and if it
doesn’t make you boast as Peter foolishly did it will nevertheless still
ultimately destroy you as you burn your self out trying to earn your way into
God’s love religion like that will crucify you.
By contrast Jesus was crucified for you. He was crucified for your pride and your
self-centeredness he was crucified for our arrogance and for our superiority he
was crucified for our easy going middle-class moral
self-righteousness, he was crucified for our suspicion and our cynicism, he was
crucified for all of our bad ideas not least the religious ones he, was
crucified for all of that messed up brokenness that is human life. Jesus, the
way, the truth, and the life, says to you says to me come to the cross, come to the cross, come on in yes there is only one way in but you know what the door to
God’s house is flung open and there is welcome for all who would come yes this
is exclusivity but it’s a wide exclusivity because there is room for
everybody who repents and believes no matter what their background no matter
what baggage they bring with them. Do all religions lead to God? No because quite
simply my friends no religion can lead us to God but God can lead us to God and
that is exactly what he has done in the person of Jesus Christ.

  1. You teach lies. Jesus was not crucified for any of those reasons. You might believe that, as do billions of other Christians, but the Truth is… ready for it? Ironically, Jesus was crucified for delivering the Truth about God. I wasn't even born when Jesus was alive so he didn't, couldn't, and wouldn't have been crucified for me. You live an invented lie. Your sins can only be absolved by you and with God's help (NOT JESUS), if you so choose. We should all learn the difference between Jesus and God. Jesus couldn't create a fly let alone all that we know. You make a superhero out of Jesus and by that you burden him with your lies. Now if you want to see it in that light as Jesus dying for your sins, it makes much more sense.

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