NIH Community College Day

[ Music ]>>I came to NIH Community
College Day because I want to explore science
based careers. I just started this biology
course, and I want to see if I want to continue
with the courses. And I think coming here,
seeing all the speakers, seeing how engaged
and passionate that they are about
what they do. I feel like now I
want to continue. Like I’m on the right track. I finally found something
that I care about.>>So everybody up. No one can stay in their
seat unless they have a good valid, personal reason for staying. And if you choose to sit, you
can do this in your seat. Okay. And I want
everyone to be proud. It should be powerful>>I was invited by my
professor to come to NIH. And I didn’t really what
it was or what it does. All I know is just like
go and do my research. And once I do like my
paperwork, that’s it. But there was more to NIH
where it linked people to your career job,
and I get to talk to the professionals
who are in the field. I know like I have to
actually contact the person and then call them and network and all those things
and work together. And after knowing this,
I know exactly what to do and how to get to networking. And that’s one of the
interesting things. I love it. And I really want to come by. [ Music and applause ]>>I’m now going back to
school to develop a career in the health sciences. I’m really interested in seeing
what opportunities are out there for me since I don’t really know
what direction I want to go. And I learned that it’s
important to make those contacts with the principal
investigators in order to develop your networking
and get a good job. [ Music ]>>What they had today was
like a little networking lunch.>>Yeah.>>And it is actually
okay because like you get to talk face-to-face
with these people. You can ask them any
questions you want. If you wonder what to do
when you’re transferring to a four year college like four
your college, like, you know, you could ask them
any questions.>>Yeah, and with
the large variety of panels you also had a large
different variety of people with different kinds of
experiences like people who started out in one field
and were undecided maybe. And then they found out that
there was something related to their field that they
could also like enjoy and do.>>They kind of workshop. They give you the opportunity. They give the window
to, you know, to discover your potential. And I came today. And they gave me
all the resources. For example, they give us– they gave us, how to discover
what you really want to do with your career. I really appreciate it
and I wanted to say great thank you. It was an amazing time for me. It was a memory I’m
going to live forever. And I’m going to live with forever every time
I think about this today. And I really have to
say thank you, Ben.>>Thank you. [ Music ]

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