1. Still useful A classic When the Rulers understand that the Ruled hate their guts..
    And what happens next.
    The next being a noose around every Communist's neck. For the Millions.

  2. Ceusescu vorbea intelep si vorbeau si faptele avea succes in toate ce mai e bun in romania e facut de ceausescu

  3. When his previous speech was booed by common people , notably youngsters this bastard staged this speech with only his party workers. But as we see, even many of them booed. Such a loser! Was executed in a week I guess.

  4. هسة كون واحد يترجم للعربي من المشاهدين لهذا المقطع

  5. This man was a despicable totalitarian with the most repressive police state in Eastern Europe and grand scale corruption and nepotism for personal gain. In 1977, in a rare act of defiance when coal minors had a strike, he had his secret police give lethal doses of xray radiation to strike leaders. They all quickly died of cancer. Just one example. This revolution was a long time coming.

  6. Ceausescu a fost un taran comunist inteligent si un mare patriot .Orice s ar spune si a iubit tara si dc ,capitalistii de dupa 89 au avut ce vinde si instraina ,este pt ca el cu comunistii au pastrat Ac .RO mai are ceva ,mai are suveranitate ?Nu!

  7. Ceaucescu and Elena turned Romania into North Korea. A twisted, paranoid, totalitarian nightmare where people literally starved and froze while they lived in splendor and ruined the country. They bulldozed half of Bucharest to build a monstrous palace which remains half empty to this day. The man behind the myth was a small, arrogant, spiteful little man who obviously had a stutter. The moment when a police state fell apart on live television. They got what they deserved.

  8. A program on the SCI network about a valley filled, by Ceausescu regime, with copper mine waste brought me here. Dorien de Lusignan

  9. Signs saying "Socialism! Peace! Progress!"
    …when will people learn they can't have all three, and should consider themselves lucky if they never have any of them, especially if the existence of said socialism, peace, and/or progress is only ensured by an dictator.
    Compare Romania's response to that of Venezuela.
    …Romanins hadn't given away the right of an individual to own a firearm. Indeed, most adults had been supplied AK-47 riffles as part of their mandatory conscripted military service. Romania had a relatively peaceful revolution… but were fooled by more empty promises. Maybe Venezuela will fare better.

  10. He was a hero fighting Nazis and racists. He didn't not have bank account abroad neither he murder as many as rumour spreader back then. He might have been a but corrupted but just like american. Moreover, let a hero get some good food n clothes n diamond. What was the problem? Why did they kill him? Now they should feel deeply sorry for their stupidity. The Romanian people should pay their respect to this communist leader who at the last time of his life still thought of the people's living.

  11. Interesant , in Romania nu mai exista romani sa vizioneze acest document istoric . Lovitura de Stat initiata de nemti si americani in complicitate cu lacomii ţigani deveniţi apoi politicieni tradatori .

  12. One good thing about him was that he married the wife of his youth and by all accounts was actually in love with Elena and never cheated on her. This considering that Elena was honestly an ugly ass woman. Nicholai wasn’t no prize in the looks department either.

    In the 1980’s Chaucheacu wanted to pay off the foreign debt of his country which caused him to do a lot of exports and selling off which left his people under the ridiculous system of socialism that much poorer and repressed. Chauchescu also tore down whole neighborhoods of Bucharest for building projects and people’s homes were demolished. This also pissed the people off.

  13. Romania 1989 The coup disguised as a revolution
    The events of 1989 in Romania were a striking example of a significant leap in the capacity of the secret services and of the imperialist ideological and information systems not only to manipulate and direct events but to create them to achieve their goals.
    The impression of a decisive qualitative leap is probably due to the convergence in the Romanian case of the Western intervention. In the following years there were numerous further replies, from Yugoslavia to 11 September, linked to the unoppolarized US domination, while the current context is already quite different, as evidenced by the Ukrainian and Syrian scenario where the "revolutions" piloted by imperialists have met a serious resistance.
    The events of December 1989 were part of a vast program of action by the United States and the West (primarily England) to destabilize the USSR and other socialist countries and to attract them into the sphere of influence of capitalism; the main purpose was that the United States had to remain the world's only superpower, which would decide at will. a) the transformation of Romania into a military outpost, on a military base in Eastern Europe, on the border with the USSR; b) the transformation of Romania into a state of economic semi-colony subjected to the stimuli and demands of international financial capital "

  14. I have a friend from Romania. He was like 6 when this happened. He was scared. But now he's happy he grew up when it was about ending.

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