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Nicaragua is in the midst of its deadliest
unrest since the country’s civil war – which ended after decades of violence and instability
in 1990. Hundreds have died amid government crackdowns
on protests calling for President Daniel Ortega to step down. Citizens, activists, and journalists alike
are calling attention to the crisis, which they say has been vastly underreported by
western media. One of those people is Dánae Vílchez, a
Nicaraguan journalist who has been covering the unrest in the streets since May. We spoke to her from the capital city of Managua
where much of the violence is taking place. She helped put in context just how bad things
have gotten. I’m Alex, this is NowThis World, and in
light of the crisis in Nicaragua, we’re asking: how did the country get here? “I’ve never seen something like this,
so I think this is the most important thing that’s happened in the country in the last
30 years.” The recent conflict started in mid-April 2018,
when protesters descended on the capital, protesting the government’s failure to address
forest fires that burned through a protected region in the country. A couple days later, Ortega’s government
approved a plan that would slash pension payments and overhaul the social security system. New protests erupted over this plan, quickly
evolved to reflect long-seated frustrations with the government. That’s when pro-government groups started
violently cracking down on protesters, leaving at least 25 people dead. Ortega rolled back the reforms just days after
announcing them. “It was too late…people were really mad,
at that time they didn’t care about the reform anymore, they wanted Ortega to leave.” For many, the issue was bigger and more deeply
rooted – it was about years of corruption, authoritarianism, and censorship. Ortega is in the midst of his third consecutive
term as president, and fourth term ever, – something that wasn’t allowed before 2014, when the
National Assembly, comprised mostly of Ortega’s party members, scrapped term limits. In fact, the ruling Sandinista National Liberation
Front controls all branches of government, the army and police, and through threats of
censorship and intimidation – pockets of the media. He even further consolidated power by instating
his wife, Rosario Murillo, as vice president in 2016. Over the last 4 years, experts say Ortega’s
rule has transformed Nicaragua’s democracy. And protesters agree. “They call him dictator all the time, but
now they mostly call him a murderer, that’s the word that they use.” Ortega, who spent seven years in prison for
bank robbery, became president less than a decade after his release, and spent the following
years consolidating power amid charges of electoral fraud and creeping authoritarianism. And recently, a drop in in tourism and Ortega’s
overhaul of the Social Security system took Nicaragua from one of the fastest-growing
economies in Central America to suffering hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. People were ready for a change. Over the last two months, those calling for
Ortega to resign have been met resistance from pro-government paramilitary forces. “You see the people with the mortars and
the rocks trying to run from the bullets and you see the paramilitaries with AK-47s, and
Dragunovs, war guns.” Amnesty International recently reported that
Ortega’s government is colluding with these armed groups, and accusing the police of intentionally
allowing perpetrators of violence to flee the scene. The order from the government, the report
claims, is to “shoot to kill.” The government has denied any connection or
responsibility to the killings. Regional human rights group, the Inter-American
Commission on Human Rights, has been tracking the violence, and reports that more than 200
people have been killed and upwards of one thousand people injured. They have denounced the government’s excessive
use of force, illegal detentions, censorship of the press “and other forms of intimidation,”
including the deaths of hundreds of demonstrators as well as several police officers. A journalist was also killed while filming a
Facebook live. “I’m not gonna deny we feel fear. I’ve been running from bullets during this
month that I’ve been here like twice, and yeah you do feel the fear that when you’re
in the streets something might happen. “ So, what does the future look like for this
country embroiled in crisis? There is reason for hope. Within the country, the Catholic Church has
attempted several times to act as a peace broker between the two sides – getting as
far in mid-June as a commitment to a ceasefire. “People don’t believe in Nicaraguan justice
right now, but they do believe in international justice.” Although the ceasefire quickly dissolved,
the church has stayed committed to calling for early elections to help put an end to
the violence. A similar call has been repeated by some of
the country’s’ most powerful businessmen and the U.S. State Department. The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
was granted access to investigate the violence and even the UN has called for access. But Ortega has indicated he does not plan
to step down. Still, people hope that Ortega could face
international persecution, even if he can’t be brought to justice in his home country.

  1. In Bangladesh, Government is indiscriminately using its power through its police and own party cadres on the protesters who are protesting for quota reformation in public service recruitment. Inhuman attach by police and goons is indescribable.

  2. Ortega is killing everyday at least five people or more … just for marching peacefully on the street …. kidnapping torturing burning churches he has sent his gangs to destroy private property and business of people who do not belong to his ring of mafia …

  3. if the United States President gives the order the president in Nicaragua and its militants will be dead in 48 hours is wise you remember that the next time you go shooting on your citizens Stern warning!!!!!👈👈👈

  4. The world has ignored the crisis of the rohingiya in Myanmar. They have given a blind eye to their suffering and how the are forced to flee the country they were born

  5. This is so similar to what have happened in Venezuela. I hope Nicaraguans can free themselves before it is too late.

  6. The pro-government thugs are the people who are the equivalent of ANTIFA and BLM. The U.S. will look like this someday if people like Obama and Sanders have their way.

  7. The next question to ask is when the next election is. The video says that the international community has asked to hold them early, but when are they supposed to be held? He was reelected in 2016, and their constitution says every 5 years, so does that mean they're supposed to be held in 2021? They're only halfway through this cycle! I'd like to know more about what he's been changing that got everybody so riled up.

  8. In terms of what is being overlooked- internationally-one thing I notice when I talk to people in the UK or Europe is that they really don't appreciate how bad US prisons and detention centers are. They are used to a more humane and solution-focused prison system and they assume that the US must be similar when in fact they are quite different and they would likely be shocked to understand how punitive, cruel, corrupt, and destructive it is.

  9. Yeah. I live in the Philippines and Duterte's war on drugs isn't working that much. Instead of solving it, the war has escalated. Can u do a video about it?

  10. It's funny. When the Catholic church controlled Europe it was a mess, but the church seems like really chill and moderate in Latin America

  11. I mean, we like someone to be mad at, but a lot more people have dies on places like Africa just from things like lack of food and medicine and sometimes I think we would do better to fight just a condition that kills millions than a person who kills hundreds. And not saying Ortega is a good guy and should be taken down if possible, but despite the hate, the total happiness and wellbeing for more people may not be as well achieved if the world focuses on this and ignores other issues.

  12. Hi NowThis World, thanks for your effort.

    I'm from South India. I request you to speak about Partiality and Imperialism of North India over South India. We are facing more problems by them, they want our land, Our Taxes, our knowledge, Our work, our effort, our vote and all the above our money. In 2008 Global economical crises our south Indian's bank savings saved whole Indian economy. But they wont give enough resources for our States, they will spend our taxes on North India to gain political and economical power. Even they want us speak only Hindi not our regional languages. Tamil Nadu (one of Indian states) was the first one to protest against this situation and Tamilians are the most effected people by this scenario.

    if you research on this you will dig More Information about this.

  13. well at least they are fighting against the government and not running away like those idiots of El Salvador, Guatemala,Honduras and Mexico.

  14. Few things: "unrest" is a stupid political euphemism non-word… try "rebellion"…. The video is OK as a quick and dirty summary, but when you describe Ortega as bank robber, you make it look like a partisan propaganda piece. Ortega participated in the 1970's Sandinista Revolution, which overthrew a USA installed dictator family dynasty, the Somoza's. Part of that struggle involved the robbery of banks, mostly owned by the Somoza family and it's cronies (because they owned most everything of value in Nicaragua), to finance the ongoing rebellion. It is disingenous to typify that as if it were the robbery of a bank for personal gain in a peacetime setting. Having said that, what IS worth noting is that Ortega has morphed into the same kind of dictator, only arguably much more cynical and self-deluded. (You will note that ALL dictators end up seriously self-deluded.)… Ortega's crossing over into terrorism against his own citizens is a burned bridge; there is no going back for Nicaragua, now. The only possible peaceful solution for the country is immediate transparent internationally observed elections, which is the proposal widely supported in and out of Nicaragua…

  15. When have I heard this story before? OH YEAH…Last November/December in Honduras. Exactly the same thing and the world turned silent because our lovely dictator is a puppet of the USA.

  16. This better not become a repeat where the U.S creates some brand new Contra group and use Honduras for bases again

  17. Why don't these people take up arms and defend themselves with the personal guns they must have? Oh yeah, unfortunately they can't because guns are illegal in their country. It's seriously unfortunate their government and the gangs have all the guns. They're going to need much bigger rocks then. I still can't believe there are groups of people in the US who are demanding that their government take one of their constitutional rights away. So stupid.

  18. The World Leaders are Criminals as well they don't care about anybody but their agenda worldwide to control the population. all we have left is the soldier that is inside of us to defend ourselves.
    More and more people are against each other
    Only a few will fight back when time is right.

  19. what a supriseee.. a socialist dictator….. hope it dosent turn into venezuela or any other failed socialist state.

  20. I hope you see this comment plz talk about the ever deteriorating economic situation in sudan statistically it's the third worst after south sudan and Venezuela yet no one seems to be paying attention people here are slowly losing their means of earning a living the country is literally dying

  21. Farmers cows slaughtered to feed soldiers. 350 restaurants closed. Down to 5 Restaurants I hear. Ortega has destroyed the tourism economy and starving his people!

  22. I teach at a middle school, and I just met a student yesterday during our orientation who came from Nicaragua 2 months ago to flee the violence. Thank you for making this report. I haven’t heard a word about the situation there from the news. All I hear about Latin America these days is from conservatives talking about how terrible Venezuela is doing in their efforts to bash Democratic Socialism.

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  24. All these stupid comments saying that the Nicaraguan people elected Ortega is just misinformation. Ortega robbed the elections in 2007 and then changed the constitution for his own benefit. He elected his wife as Vice-president which is against the Nicaraguan Constitution. All his children has big government positions. Ortega proclaimed himself chief of the Army and the police, He controls the congress and all the laws of the country. His murderes the police, para militaries Ortegistas gangs oppress, arrest, torture and disappear anybody who protest against his corrupted dictatorship. So please instead of just making idiotic comments like people elected him and how they have to deal with it is a very ignorant comment. Only the Nicaraguan mothers know the pain when they find their dead children`s bodies in a morgue, hospital or an empty alley with signs of being tortured. Ortega, his wife and the the criminals killing the Nicarguan people for just protesting peacefully need to be arrested for all these crimenes committed by them.

  25. Term limits mean that both bad and great leaders can only be in charge for so long. It guarantees instability at the very top which can cause big problems within a government.. However, seeing what happens to countries that decide to abandon them makes it clear just how important it is to curb any one person from having power for too long. China just made the same mistake. They aren't going to run out of money any time soon, so it may take a long time before they self-destruct. But looking at the situations in Nicaragua and Venezuela makes me think that any county that doesn't have term limits is doomed.

  26. As a proud leftist, I have to say that Ortega is a disgrace, to the left and to himself, but seriously: how could you spend 6 minutes on Nicaragua and its history of turmoil and not mention the name "Reagan" not even once?

  27. Its a shame they elected a criminal, means the people are part of the problem. What will happen is if there turns out to be a civil war it will open the door for another dictator to come to power. They need to push for a division of power so its not just one group that has all the power, checks and balances

  28. America shouldn't invade Nicaragua. That will cost money and our country is already in debt. It's the fault of Nicaragua's people that they gave this guy power, it wasn't our fault. We have issues at home such as student loan debt and healthcare crisis facing our nation so we need to focus on that. We have no right to dictate which country is good or bad. Even if we do try to help, the world will be upset and try to claim this as an act of "American imperialism". Instead we should mind our own business from now on. If people of Nicaragua want to get rid of Ortega then it's up to them since it's their country so they should decide. But we as the United States should start minding our own business rather than interfering in the affairs of other countries. We don't get to dictate what is right or wrong in this world especially when we have made mistakes with Iraq, Syria, and Libya in the past.

  29. Ok!!! So I stop at 0:39 cause this their problem… why do they want it all over our media?!??!!? Last I check y’all hate Americans etc yet! World want us to fix y’all problems

  30. Look like the so called superpowers are busy on finding reasons to attack the middle east
    Who cares about nicarugia?


  32. Was in jail for 7 years, a decade later geys nominated president. Why tf did they vote fpr him in the first place.

  33. Anglophone Cameroon also known as the former British Southern is at war with French cameroon and hundred of lives have been lost on both side and the international community is giving a deaf ear. The English part wants to secede from the French dominated Cameroon.

  34. I have never been but I do have a friend here and she has said the situation is bad.
    It is wrong western media doesn’t report on this such situation.
    Such a shame because the country looks so beautiful

  35. these scum bag Nicas will rob and kill you without any reservations and they enter Costa Rica and teach the Ticos their violent ways. How can you have any sympathy for them? When you have been kidnapped, knifed, robbed and beaten over several hours, you won't have any sympathy either.
    And that all was from being a tourist for a day.

  36. Nicaragua doesn't have a port so it brings everything through Costa Rica's ports. I was on the loading docks and saw Big military vehicles,equipment and supplies coming into Costa Rica , which would then be trucked Northward into Nicaragua….and this was when Nicaragua was bullying Costa Rica during a border dispute along the river which separates the countries to the North.
    I couldn't understand it and there was a U.S. coast guard boat there as well. By the way Costa Rica makes a big stink about the U.S. ships in their waters. Just wait Costa Rica, when you will be begging the U.S. to come and protect you. Both countries as well as all Latin countries are shitholes.

  37. At 4:41 this female "reporter" says that right now she feels fear when out on the streets, well listen babe, we ALL feel fear when walking the streets of Nicaragua, and Costa Rica too! God Bless America!
    Trump Trump Trump! Shoot to kill… the invading Latinos at the border.

  38. This is what happens when neo liberal governments take control of previous socialist countries,neo liberalism sucks ,1980s Ortega was not bad at all,helped get rid of illiteracy and poverty,but with the crossing over to the more "American allotted" neo liberalism as most Latin countries chose,it's been a disaster…..if left alone back the Nicaragua coulda been okay for itself

  39. My family in Nicaragua tells me of what's going on I'm so surprised all of the American gain from that country why are they not getting in the way unless of course this is a part of their way


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  41. I’m Nicaraguan American and I can’t even begin to say that I know what Nicaraguans are going though but it saddens my heart knowing that the country was on it’s way up from a gruesome civil war. The civil war that caused my grandparents to bring us here fora better life. Prayers for Nicaragua 🇳🇮

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