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signs from aoss t coury anboy do weave a a l lined up hea . City we are awaitg to ar om the lawyers froR. Kel ter all. He’s iNew Yk now to ce more sex s t one at doe happe butelcome everyone here. To news now as we always bring in these top stories of the day Ron noon might face welcome everyone all right Mike so — Where do we start all right I wl you know wh tode got to talk about? You got a new poll numbers out fe d they do more maybe who teetered off a littleit right and if we’re just a moment ago we were over right next door on channel ten thank you for those of you who st swi on by high awhi agohe nsoesn stoite it doe’t e. You st keegoing he wayou can also tak a siyou’veot theox ten Phnix- O if yogo –o are yo to po We ao appreate y joini. here onV and that what I had id myecause do thin partular cdidate –ctuayt’s b ne nd oreallyadews. Any gus who m st didn see cmonody tt we far asad ns — Surised I amurpra newsor this particular case justell y that ry Bkeret me points I think if you were deting coach yeah you would in rht- I mea Joe Bidens em to be –eally sw to nd odefe himselfhere. Again onefs Are splithe oneeadle Iawt. id sn gting or the fact at people likto build a blah O. For Cy Bker forho leadingastro bacallyouldo afterarack ama’s tim in offe is ao try tcono e U rht. hold rule oneime wric presentialandida.l docrati Hesautiong Docra tbe to gdown tt roa’re srting Of ting tmake bing loo bad bauseh . So – Anyy Cy Bookeis.y. stocky despg more. Agessive – Ainst J Biden Downkay so — yway tt wasnd I is yourass f on t momenm of e firsldu bate. She di’t mean I couldt ses.figure it oubut e He’s onhe sta. of hingt not fro runnee thas the stus knong that evebody is ingo put urourenter And so n like shmade a ge gap. e ju w nowreear th vel of dete nberne s she dnstead. To use tha as thspringard get tse pl numbs bac up 2% a beg . ectuay lt sport comg out o theebk Shike I saishe dn’t have y horribl ments it w just sort ofind oftatus quo from her. On sta b le a wkgo she waat 13%. Some pol posebate numbe e had r at 20%he’sn dangf drpingo ngleigits so want Ionde inindshtf – F0%ay n ihindw mpai staff isondering okay mae wehoul’tut o. begiing I mn sh wasustlth ce – e tting bk a forth f right from n onl by tanights o hers as we the ts — Corado sator. Yeah. Yeah Michael Bennett was really ip in nor heeally did t at’s aood pot. not qualior theext debay bushe tk most of he debat me.To allyo afte coming he is erybodylseas goi ter Joeiden y and so w I dot think tre’sny lovet you ow theext mning cl is was out thereoing se inrviewsalkingbout the fact tt. C% 0% ‘s kin of or whatevhe says but she did She ought up. Third caly Harris’s recd — an eherehe pty see to bmoving t. re drimilizi marijua shbrough uprug osecutions.olighr ring theall rassed time anyh hee big adlis tcome out of e poleumbe one J Bid holds to s le hee actually From aeek oo he didn’t i anody tughte wafalting tha debe. You know becausene headline wasnhat d. wasn’ thagoodny t away hs u from1232 is aorni co- Saers Ththe Bere He is ck in a second pla potion in 18% Ezabe Wren it’slmof woddo lite beereahght she u tught s was going to ge litt bitoreinauble] ah rht So s nee to get tha staghn becaushe hn’t beenn th yet ght. ‘s dwing. One befo- That ybe re h it witthisext dete so botm lis Bin’s say vy sg . Elabetarreatiftetn KameHarron hd ne the w.nteresnghings One candidate ofhe ihe come inhe botm ofhe pling — Now I’m ly tkingut there only on. Sothinthatighte I mea ink aut g evebodyrom a ildae lotO twoulsi Gabbd -To Mhaelenne — To Jnelano sa is doi bauseo no no surif hs izeror 1%n ts poingm of t o perg i ousa dolr chks f eryby. drew yea. I didn’t tnk tt heind of cuthroug. did em to ve a ptty gocluttnd he ght – To meo anyyang Roke w was.t 3 in a betr- 2%. Yoknowe’s dn tthreperisle m. anuncenevewant to do that.meahee ah I thi whehe w on e ver — I tnkas tknow Vani Faiyea- s possle and his way too early to c poteial r up and downs twty tnty r thDemoats.e e at w had for the Rublins wenty sixteen which was that Donald Tmp took a lead. Heldn tot. he in izon some rerks a byarni JohMcCa.ryffend No mattewhat he’s. His lead only gw and syed rongt’sossie. at J Bid. ehe pple arehere jus row the lot in th Ben d t desteverydy else’ attet to g. y en rs ay wi him we’ll seehere is a qualifier to eleveny discussed this one otherime and . Elabeth rht because iyout oa add? Eie then you’re 33%. Of for the far h e candidates at aut 30%nd Joe den abo 30% Intesthat uld t ithe t aroundore lkin abogoo Weot mor bil de Blao fmtes yea. worke’s actlly eaki Ganer -Poli officerase Caseappeni down thimorng ye whe Judge ruled it’s time t actuly fn r thshowalle. chges — But thas imin certaiy pu somspotght. d se naonalttenon on ildinglockes. newsow eveone.reas veightow hern It c never be anoerragedy Thisity ts naon suld wehoul nev le athero incentan owoma. shoulneve have pple’ ith dermed. sothindiffentnd toorower to do That i the coue wee e will st on few wds in Spanhinau] y? Ye.sumdateas t CEO. All ght y canee he’ eakipanish n but bld of lou – The the mor in Ne York sing that- The liceffic inric gner’ Fid as ll his o aarineat suld b. e whhe judge the ihat case thatue ttle bitarli se’llot nowo ts heror ynews [iudiblew at nex to ur takg Noatte. the’s very littl I can add to my statement b I dwanto take a few questions [inaudible Yes multip conrsatnsri justiceelay ise a trial a a rest. And I have faithhat s a ir and i. Thradio is mninghat ho this happened everythg’d seend thjustice departme. reonsilityo ac. One other lels of governnt had not. r at lst to ke aecisn Quicy for o . coare I cant find a rallelo what hapned he d asn unceptle rlity. didot tnk i posble nest didn’ thi was ssib und eitr minirati fedally But no thate’ved ppen ain glo . I ve n spono him. If you belve thathers as bause t do.a iarti pross and I en ltingt rch i colusieyon reproh beyo qstiois n. . fit a foroste as a city foard d this chapter ve I beeve rol. Is to spect ts press a respt t s’ th bes wayo get that osure Je. and t state law abundtly press.eas to be due isn Ameran vue eryon in is room ould valueue ocess. Ishat isteo thUnit ates jusce dartmtnder o dierent ainisatio. And wrespecn . acngt s clr theyere t We are gerne by ate law a that wn desiony thpolice fal commsioner [aud] Ye [indibl r di [indible] So peopl Stre relat. Wh aboutamily mbers? family been put through hell [in] And parne remding all n rker ohese preous horrle situaons i . ‘s b enoh tt annnoct Welsoough well ft i t when we thi aut the othe instae ty fel We aememr tialloase elemt wha hapned b there Theotion of fivyearpast An tha thehe pce thahad en the ultimate disnser o stic faile to t in any way ano yo poi tha famyomable mber. ed in the mean tim a nev goto see w o anotr faly [audie] Reect eveoneho has sken s. ouage.he paiin tir d tt’s whaI was sayin the ginng I thi so ny peopl feared Ths aity or as a ciet tt i justice wt I a Wean’t movforwds a cy peop wonde ihere goinge can knof be y juice all [inaible So. Waonce.undtly ear me ocrred.parti pcess Itould chang erythg that people a feeng tsee actl press. Chans the tire dcussio ere’finallbeen arial Thats acall. Agn tss only a begningl of rtori e i m s yoeveryone.has happed tnk l right that was the N Yk mayorhey’re buildable Laz lkin about theirarne dea vestatioet’seep on ing her he on ns n erybody. ha an ur awa w wil get Th wl be cong u in out enty five nutese’ll bring to yoight hern news Two hured an fty two poishong ae there r Spook investo a little b folks w thehow yout Mi pen makg so remarkside Nowhowi at gettg sttedow dnwo thisoom are rt oa memen anI kn n face and I wan tassure youa bnd. So the way.denn do. And thon ts growinecm u d atesarine. I codn’te mo pro. I clt t and wom oourrmed fces This presie rgest increasen ou national defed aganere ruildinour Reorin t arsal o democry. Withenewedmerin sengt Thn bracinur res leaderf the fr wor. e Americ on the wld sta insteaof It e worl The preside tmp’seadehip we staing with o alls anwe’re andingp to our enems. r NA aiesre ctribing re tour common defense tha evere. Earlr ts yr. the dirtionf ou commanr in ief caured eryast ih ofce teitory conolled by ISn Syria. Stng whur allsn the wod cllenf fr and ope seas. the Mide Et we put arou note. We withdrew from tt disast is aroun nucar dean th present s. Cotriesogethe to nfro Anpresent Dond Trpidfore. uldiddl Arica pside fore h w wilng tdo. When he ved n ? [inaible]state So we’ beegrowg this economy We’v beeproving f the tion defse Beentandg wit our alli . You ow thipresident. Th ials and priiplehat nservaves havchairs movent t hisry ts fodingocumts iourred iour nstitution andur bill AnI’m oud to rept to you.hts. This p. e nservaveso our feral cot oappeal than a presidt in Am. Inudininauble]yudges Ne Gorch. ny othes mennd wom a endimeith them an Ian Consuctiontho wl pull all theod s enrine. ourill of ghts. Thfreem o sechf region. toeepnd beaarmsnd the secdmendmt I t toell u asell. lle stoor libty the rulef law fnr nstition liberes. I couldn be moT t hun li.theanctit of Is theost.l. Ma say theresint or boory. gratulor d . Soave yes have en about tion It’sboutoving forrd othe prciplhat have alws be At the ct. It beenbout job a osperi. anabro.abo surit at home ‘s bee about our fdameal libertii Amica each and everday. Under pss o all at andore That jus whahe cal a goo star. Meand men ofhe rurgee areoing. buiven more curity a osperity in e da ahead naudle] re Got lotore wo to do in Withne bad d in Nember. Twentywenty meanll y ve tdo is loo athe date that tk k e mean iwas kind of rd t I mean oseeoplere Stnis are on th left thoug at sta is gog to fp over. Decratic Pty is donated by mn sy lefti. d in thegend that we’een reving t y and king Ameritronge thes are left wingiberalho want ? ago predentbama n year Promis thatbamacs saiot apped to the who e here illally. But toy fopresident. jor Demrat cdidate Hapromised oer freeaxpar immiantseah care. illal decriminize illeg to migratn altother. That notng shon Let me b cle.e. ose w advoce onorde And ty’re ming ieasi f.l human trat s s sece o bders eorce The man tfficrs a usis. famies to ke the lg and daerous urney rth. That’shy predp . humatari aidrs inrly Afte mths were Demod . An thashy we’ all rea starte to o Wheverhese candites for whever leral in ngrer wanto do tce . ‘re goa sere o borr. We’reonnands d n alliationystem oe a for we hea on at sge ts we. tt ybe rst ofll. Is actlly to ar ldg . Oply advoce an enomic systemhatad llio And r theiberes o de in dica for agreen n ey’radvocati sociali. Butll of ys Itas fedom[audie] Not siali tt ga us a rong some st prospous nati in e hiory of t world. Heas vy It w freom. Of sialindedlave w o world wsndtandsoday as aeaco oa mankd wasfrdom soclism. Isoving us bond the prudicesf t past tcreate a me pfectnionndxtend thblessis of berty to ra or crd oolor and so Ir Aricaf say to s a . It’s t momenmerica ceas As t predent sd with one voic. socialist untre a Yoknowargat Thaher ght Sh saihe pblem wh ouof oer pple’s moneyisms yovenn d we’re going telits Beuseou kno is not nna be eughust to nhe nt elecon we gt . Th youngermerins authe. trut e truth about socialist polici. e truth is Wh Medare forll reall ans qualityealtare fo n the oy tng gen aut Is h much gen it’ gng tgenew dl. costll os trh on nthers a oe sayinghat the o sanis trng t sam thg or andver agn an pectina dierent sult. We goto teg gerati. He iGeora and l acro dons of untrs a over the wod It’stilleing tried tay in acesike nezua Sociismas nev worke fore itoesn wk n in socialm and embce freom thenewigornd ergy No wwill You own . e choeacing ts coury in the next. . Miakes a nevereen our so now’s the timfor us t reuble our efforts. u a comingut tay tthe resuent gatring. Twty nineen vesvidee Noto bon the sidelin. You ed tlee hed. heren Gegia.agingnvold l acss t coury. nee to double ourffor toupport men a wom at Wee wlingo standp for grt Fo more yrseansore jo.e.eur Four me yrs mns me judgour re yes . t fo or mor yrso drain th swamp. Te. . . esidt Rean us to say merabl geration ay fr extction. e trh is y all dersnd that That whyou’re he. d I knothat y’reonna brin tha ent y y t th’s bn Presenthrououthis coervave mement rougut myifete a hor of ming out tay i thee gerao eonor ge meuch warm Gegia we. I real do haveou her jt to tel you for th ands of Ish immigra Grewp in sm. The dea read gas ation buness. I had dreaof Suny gornor mome ste Iever imined in my wilst dream. That by beg yo vicpresent.e of Alght evebody we are just abt ten mutes rumpomment coming n just a littl bit hi everyon might be sure welcome back t newo d helines fro acrs th counyell. R. Kelly -he famedinger denied bail today in a federal courthousenew Yor over sex abuse. Chars and now we are hring from o of the lawyers for the Laie a riginauble]a lo. An this moing arKelly appeed ithu s volving rketeing and sex trfickinof mors. Mr Cliesefen attorne urgedhe crtt n recognance. Precutsrom thUS Eaern stri of New Yk.’s offe foe shld n breleed bause A riskf flht and danr to thcommuny If y wer to relsedhey inlve minorsthchars And at t tot numr of lege. ange. Ilnois cend itheederty se iIllino. Inederourt Chigo the dendans crged wit struion ofustice. Which wou inclf tnesse a intimidatg Theyurther alleg tt Mr Keyidumers recdingsf minors. To m operatg wi lawnforment – Let c a s Thdefeergue tha i ster Kly wer relead th he wou no. y s appred in urt everyime Deded at Mterelly. so kwn a the dense. ofrimend tt ty areotud nor crges sexual ase o morsio of The dge-*- [inauble] More than decad.larly And at he hasco fincial source. Fuhertatedhat thcours poteial otructi of justeued b ta Tensnitness tamperi. caseted oenses afterriorth Miste The are sef the asons thhe cou decid and ordere. Mistern NeYork. Igreeith e cot’s oer and that gen t serus lonyharg tt he iacin inew Yor a elsewhe. e Misrellyould psent a Ofhe Jan doe lea vtims fowhomharges have been fid in ts crimal ce Now nding in feri . Mist Klyill ntin. at be kt in stodt ouome ofis tri. atrneys allatio in aense letter file. Mralli dense torney in e New rk ce. Antefero so othe Thiss both inaurate a rtful. many of t victi. Thre not groies they e insteahrea eking stice. So of th areictims of Some are vtims ofhil*-*ild sexlr byister lly. To he bee tarted and i traickin. many ces d d many cases i appea to sterellyook vantag o sositn. celebry. Tprey on lnerle mine w d I el thait isrongnd comptely inaT ctim blame andolve them in urt ofaw Mister Kel is in cuseexa predor. He i notnlyccus isome ofhese casesfictimizing chilen by rording them ild *-*. But al engagg in se traf. e trautizingryso st Perssho are alleg to e ctims of Mier Kly respthichs lonoveruehe We looforwar to eictimsthem. havi their d in urt Th no amot of ne cling. they arearterizaon oho tedefid in thi ce in clnts fro court law ] In [indible] Plse chars hav been fidorim In thicase. Th feder cas inhe Eternistrt oNewney’save brt rk. That’s thease mber. I hed. Thirteefor l of ose three cases tha are n pendg . Thstatcasen the at. mpound the fedal cas rig In New Yk I rresent thr of t ge d. Algedn thcriminalase re in New York [indible] Five’m h ofheane doe here in Ne Yorkut I rresenthree o em Yeahusto yocanere’ questie’s sayg thathe defens is . Certn. Achiementsboutane do contct a suallransttedmber. diseas whl By the dendantiste Kly s your qso the evince ll spe forat itself. Wh there is a ial? m notoing to be o ofhe foy fiveust gog to y I’m Speang abo thevidee in is ce. Wi tesfy tif thoand en there a . Andhey are cled to stify this case it m be that the defense seeks to bait me No of th can bt me.s. They can t Whathey uld ke t preing. two ate- I s In pubc filing which isk victim. ere f ostsibl t purse avinhim leas obvislyrurpose thewere- If in ct succsful becse he’still inustody [audibl Righther. theeder buiing I will als says s . Inhis fedel cas. If t procution hy . . Anstillhe day –hould be chactezedsictims for om crges wld be led — Government ou are gngp north rigt now youightanto delay that haenin at I sevteenortht’s bound there right by — Anthem you can see there is a major back- We’ being toldhat thisoingor me than about eightyiles right now s aga is is I. seventeen in rth bound — Y are looking a it righu are taking a look at aajor majo bacp — Due ta what we’re being told is a brush fire here that is really clogging up. Thlanes now. And causing some big traffic headaches for people that want to go up north Sedona and flagstaff so that is yo warning tell your friends and family what is happening there. As they may want to delay their trip as it is a major backup or talking about eight miles. Right now hi everyone myeacher weomeack to news now covering the big stories Fauria from across theountry in of everyone l’s gut of tona ite Hoe rightow this a liveook. awaing presint tru.White Hse wae X. jusmomenti o Hi ithe metime evebody I do wano showou jusa littleit me. lieworkt the federal urthouhere were are Kelly wa dend bail for sex abuse arge now his defense team h spea. Rit heree’s nohe’sot a ppy rson- Buhe understands t syste unfounaty he- s g r nealletion tt cameut o th is toemain in se plac th don’t hav freed — coulbe ha. od qstion buthink the swerurfa of an – I’ assing e tanoday iy Mshall’s. t maybe torroworni but Yeah.ingoday [inauble] I’sorry sile par othe questi — . at’s not ectly corct the kidnappi e mber. Fouandhatoesn’t ha that mht he too with nneccut tCaliforn and it doest hh r se. is is erra. Leme. Let melarineso th the vernnt. on bdn thstatcharge. t . o thsandhreeome dy aim tt head suall assaulte herhay instiged. stats atrney’s offe and That they uldn prove that ca laterringhose chaes That casiw ndingtate casthe onl thinhat’hane the cts ofhang. none of acittef the chges be believe tt is e ferrgo th mning When ty we talkia the rlier se theact is fferen twohousand d two to t thousd and eig sur but evy . Heade one er came fward and said he did anything wro nor er gam [inaudie] 0-009-1011. Joe this ridiculous docunt. ving some probmsight tre with tho haeninther — B wt its at theaqs may show in a cot ofaw. d so may Il ta aile for th to hec y should contie toe suorters of Mr callace [inaudible] Thank you. inctmento?sted in eond. At thi tim prefer not to do it. Who alled victi who arelso. not a? In the cminal ce But o ma endp. Beg wiesse Abou. Whatheyeel ey sfs viims [indibl Yoknow comnati the l of tm ha ber s supporte [audibl And man o them y e m Fals in anyases t statentsemade. Withtny bis wtsoersir naudle] So. You know I’m hoping they had sufficient support system. Okay. Thank you you can you can assum. That’s right thank you. ay last question Okay’m gng. All right it looks like there was — Competing lawyers there – Fitingt ither during that news conference ledger try to ti of e dend more goa ha to dealith at but that dnow do is thas eak ke if meon say All ess is compleu li. at were u thinng on e wiowses se ofhe Present s– So yy wanto be pt ofhat enterise or atu rerted did sethi thayouer oulde he liae for the and memb w. When you s we d’t takit w takehi? lae te wtake it seruslya we in rica we adcates r ouclies. maer wfeel is appropriate residents of t weake seousl Yeah The fedel distct jud rsuad by demon ck naudible There really. roh seicing metimes but give RotSir seeut tke explns tt it a cmonconcephatxped ing a younow ile some Mayay owill thamigh not pice her y’d b rprid evebodyays yea at’s ectly whatheroup perices andhat’ wt w alled. Is wta d ythiad to saybout i being on e cht in cals a torms gus wt thamay bsomeingee thatas b k outt anhere we e y look y look oo remember men awork. wos fitig sg ov thet ll. ney f notng iyour crch I anI sente younow at . So I didn’t have that e fookay sane e nuer o and numb fivare not Ja doeumbe fivif I correctn yo Is corrt.ivdays Inow am Has aeady p hself o ther oo e vestators invtigars nna ll of mebo tt th Hey u do what I’d likeo ask nuerive yo talk meane e The rson Iane hodo we conduct a peop of four rs ando possieealhia t u e Contins to ret right now down twr int soe’ll s after esiden trump buspeaks he actuly during.any mementr e sech the as welle ha it fm multipl ales here f someone thatoes hpen we wi bringt to y. Right here on ns now everyone hoe welcome bac tnews now we have e more hr for your right he on f t extra thank you mh f joing u her I’l from t presint w will bring To e yo tteed and tt sry alive from the White House I should als poi out erybody ate we ve a tffic alert seveeen d nthboun take a look att awl this I sevteen a anthem ande back up f about seven to eit mile right now ts spot so? Inpo Sedona if you’re going up to Flstaff youight wt to just hang for a lite bit. Ane is is major maj back up you don wt toe cghtp in thisecause it’so fun ing up tre is ‘snly. o lanes a ig t situionighties and n n going uporth thaay so will- Kef s from this traffic alert we will bringto yo rig here on news nowht . Let’ gback o rht now t hear mor ‘ e ngerotetti — Bail today aew Yk feral urthse The al wantt e toeal with that but t that down h do is thasiscery wik li ifomeo say. Alpress complely ar My we tenn s me otheresint. -o you wou say I want to be paror th groupndou wld wanto provwhator that another reporte did something that you should be ld lble f theand memb whe we re. takehis inedib?When youay won’te That’shye’ve g we’ve got a rgeeame ta iserisly Th’s wt we’rgonna is e maer weel i apprriatesidts oute riouy. The federal district judge persuadedy a mon ck [inaible ere ally Well Iery ch te a rlly rvicinsomemesut gin t rosteee b the concept that everythi thedon’ aaysdon alws s Alght fos we e gog t diputf th t outo New rk Citright her ere th New York lice assiation he is eakingight now on e Eri garn. eaier tay saidhat tt poli offer suld bired and n theae And ke no stake. Th famil hasive wi this tredy f five ars. Also h theolicr at he toeal th this. downoday.sio tt was ssed Sayihat isolic oicer wa. s will beonsided rkless on seonehe putheir han That whaourob is. at’s what y eect wn you crimal attkingou w doe d o job if w Yoan’t do tha andheyn’t sp a sa? I and here toda to ll every New Ykity licefficnd an patl rit no. When somne cald Ninene o allighte st lthateed here or righ the jt k ght there s setimes that does happen wl keep an eye on that if an g tha bac f yowill bri i to u an that was getting. Ne Ykity picessoctionmhe ey’r talng aut that ruli wre t rulg came down thather h t ke a le lookowthe ite House we ctinu and t it f presint tmp aoon e get me memen weill Rit he on ns nowverybo looks ke we t thathot ck. Bu it isreezingp on ao comeackore ne now unexthat we’ x everne is pole the t wch trying torrest ] The theisten sai I drum at up t crimil ladd. All right womet that to u tre but you can e is just baking up ‘re going to show yhough — Mayor bl de Blasio just earlier today sakinon this as we. I lievehe proce w fai d impaial decision Ianna remd eveoneee sea over . . t thefore the waso tal an iictmen therefo there idartmg norialor t fir time A ir and imptial trial a a resu. Remeer that pnt abo stice delay ijustic deed tha leasthere was ial and aesul. d Iave ith that s a fair animpartl press. On theadio ts m. soluly I cannot understa seeny enre le — Sugstedhow th I leve of gornmentad notr For ateas. icklyor the befit of juice. ‘s lerally beyon any compe I cany parael to wh happed her I di not tnk it posble. honest I s poible uer eithe adminirationede. Bunow tt wve expienced happen ain Gloa. tt to I ve notpokeno him. And thats bet An I wan eryonto undersnd thi you bieve thathere’ a fairnd iaI do. Thenetting it ach i concluon c bend questn is nessary d I’m talki as a eward e city. eed to clure in theity the garnet firs andoremos we as city need to en ts chapr move rward. I belie my re o respec this pressnd reect the state law andhat’s th best y tget to that closure Je. Ablutelynd thetate law due there haso be is a Amerin value eryone in thisd ocess e proem here. Is tt we listen to thUnited Stes jusce deptment under two diffent admistratns. And wred Butnce it s cleathey we not acng. Anwe movforwar. Were goverd by steaw and that’sha due process arial. decion by the polinal Yesssier [inauble] sess reted. And pt o reminngll new Yoers otheserevious rrible sittion. to ma cle howrong ts was. It’s bt man ed. We a sawt well ft i But wt l tyelt. We all rember the Diao cas e be case. stic pceed y cld ree orisagre with y elemen whatae was a tri The notion ofive yes past withoua tria. And tt t thelace thatad been t uf y e an to youroint tt famy members. got to se a Is eremely pae cannot let tt happ again to anher faly. I rpect eveone w h okenut i the pain eir ouage d tt’shat I said the ginning I think smanyeople feared at we ve notove. Fome so fox ten news alert. All rightolkset’s go le ghtow to e Whe Hoe presidt trumsi f pele. day wre sning breahrou aeeme tt l ket easi to port erican bee io the Eopea Union. we bei treatedairuthee. Europenionw reprentatis.avereat Hereith utoday thisa FoAmeric farrsancher As Aricaneef iconsiderd of crse. the st it. toy by ambsador bert lht Heisereo . . Th Eopeannion’smbassar Andepreseativef taff rose esiden othe cocilf the Yeahn a rabut nonow alsoant tha senat hn ory frnd f bei here aot wasoh. Goodob yea ong wi the predentf the naonal ctlemen beef And t presint CEOf ton. ited Stas meaexport fedetionan H. h s e agreent wsigned today will ler rope. And expan accs for Arican f. In yea o duty fre Arican inease b 46%.hhe will Over sev years thel crease by other 90% total theuty free eorts will ria fty miion dolrs to fo ndred d twey milln dolls incree ofver o hundr d 80% Mydmintration is snding up for r farmsnd ranchs ke nev beforee’re doin it in ma wayincludg wi China. You m haveead a ltle bi out Cna laty. Agcultur procts and than ten blion dlarsre by morthan 3av ireased open tapanes mart to US beef w ai nisi. rocco inustral I thi you’ pretthappabouall th right. u’veever seeanytng like at hapn befo eve yh now with ur on e prident’ And ‘re recingurdense regulaons t agcultur produrs. taris fm Cha raliatocti twen eightillion dolla er a twoear peod in rease- They re tarted billhich provis aarmerm. theyeed welupportginthat toign kps one meromiseout agric. Of Amecan agrulture these ta advantage of enited States tte targed But we wake th tart off thr back. The opingarketsor o fart indusys abou a wayf an dicatn o gonintoson kingmericahe lgest oduc of hh quaty bee We’r proud our fmers and rahers we love ourarme and rahers dith ts annncemt w take oneore sg themhe level pying fld th the haveookiave really beelooo fos kw thay ars u that ahey wa ten nody So I wt tthank you allor ing her now’d lik t invite to a y Grt geneman a fridf mine d sebodyhis done a fantasc job fy . To s a f wdsnd wil llow that with. Some of th vy hs fr the Eurean Union thank you very much Bob [inaudible] Thank you. Thankou Mterresident f r youreadehip in kingrade Amican b vercall our rmerand nchers. he byr jad pror ninth the depuhih . e. U memr stes tt rreny holdshe presidey t couil of e Europn Union And aa. Nuer neeis the the the amssador fm fr theou. is aeeme wilearl trlehe dutfreeccesf themerin rchi e itial eimates indate t hured d senty fe millnU. S B. fo dollar a e Withhisew elusive cntry ecifuota Amecan ranchs We lk foardo the ropeanave a gue exditisly [indiblt Yeah [indibl Mo. Byona to one othe gnaties of stas tt you orour We Sidormo fre for you foy. Thanks tse new aangemes a veubsttial aunt of Brinfans f the U is pvides solutn ta long standge NWA O. Let me on thline tt t gotiatns forhis agreent abtonductg achool irit andt’s grea Ofow tmove it up lot of tring stemnd can wk f We dagreemts theorf pre affis ita setorshone bot sides. For eir efforts. Thank you very much thank y Thanc naudle] Is t prese a busing haa de frien fm the Amican rming cmunity. abt deliring Potive tgible sults inhe transaa. e stroestiggest retionsh in thworld Compies a fae h h anyolse in t world. But Mierresir in t rose rden wh stngthf th relionshid r thbenefit of l Amicans d Eopea senncespiri. ere heoday sning ts reemen? Ined ican mo than uble. Th horne fe beeexportsf farme to the y this eat da for Aricanarmers is a gatn consers. manyther aas o proams. sbeansxports to th pastear.vencreasoverhe G expts havseen a gnifant staards aews in unfa competion.ith An as w are deali wit for coetitio hereoday. Thr couries aroun the wor at areotimply eorting eap suidized produs. ey’ralsoryingo expo chea lab staw vernan porenvironmtal stanrds d the agrment thawas signed tay paners wan solroblem dS partrs togetr in t iritll o a ofhis shap the wld.n also tryo That ibased ontronn vaes. Thk y very much a gat noror t Eurean Unioto be here. I asd foa ha. They told me. I don’t deserve [indibl Thanyou. We tha youiste preside I di thiis s acro thigreacouny a afte. ese are e ki agrment thateallmakc abt ts is aut aess t marks wprodt alit bee anyere. In theorld theveryo as for e ageo s bestn the rld.olely e Sohen getcces to maets then ty n anody anyere shethome rahers a farrs wheth it livesck wit irops is ia kindf agreente ne — The aga I wt to priden a his whole tea- To to se iser to hi ***ut to ete han balf of atgriculre.oleeam tr u kwbout thessistas erovingut tt faersn our ranchs her en tgetey Cha a oth Ci admistrion and.. T. staing uor farmers wel ereegotting the kin o reemen. cado wit Jap and we’veot wha the But eh othese steps aready g toh itical imptant forur farmer igai Th worin aiculre ts is wh we wahese kd of reemen triing whate can putnto -n exrt to Euro. Underhis Agreent beten Uted Stes coratution andn balf agrilturha. Ve much anI thk it wou [inaudible] is. Yeshis a gat d. Fofor caleomen and thaour esideno you d al of your Offe yr dilince becauor to g acces tEuropeannionearst’su causfomeon terr for theestrtive of terror o An wwanthemo be abl to joyhe hh quatyeef tha our ericand worl and w we so eited at o Eureanamilsnd bebleo enjo tha hhthanou to lhaa Thks ain Misr predently beef. for yo sups rmersnd rcher all to your tradtel thk yo fre Thanyou ry mh plse Wel. algut itead othe ca on naonal coulesseef assoatio I a rm lifoia a jusbriey say senth generationamily on t ranc y Wi theuropn Uni a so. ‘reery tnkfuthato thanou f the ty e . ank u Mter esidt I thU.. meatxportederatn. Onehalf of al of ouembe in aicule We le to y tnk youhiss foexpaed accsnd wen friends rely dppreate. Everytng tha there i f . e agriculte a I ain wt to exess myppreciatio and a preciaon on half ofll of U. S far prrity tstan up andight r markccess forS celeate ande lk forwd this is go more winu ve much Mter pridenhank you great jobs. Okayan y [audible] ease [inaudible] She 25% tiff on all Mcedes nz isMW’s. apecia thaI’m ly kding Theytart t worried ank y and cgratations best be omu ry mh thk yoeverody. l rit pside tmp that — That deal set up today to sell more American beef E. U. countries economic adviser Larry Kudlow. Talking about that earlier this Coissi h sess tha anyn beef dloule l f cong into would beormo freen li . Food safety rules there presentre t n ting a qstio we thought for a moment there he might have but he wasn’t going to do that alright folks more news now it is coming up next it cuse oimpersoning public ofcials l’s lisn in he. Reallyur Lato community y veothing tfear fm the Enn acuntingolice dertment Were he to see and otect u. the cnty ecutive saide don’t cam spea wdon’t re wt.age you The cor ofourw make.are w muchoney you We’re re to prectou. Anythia belie. Nes toe dealt wh Ve firmly justieeds tbe swift d . Weorked that. The dectivesealldt ofork ia fair shortmount ofime on we fired o I juant toell orommuni naudib] Herust u. u wilneve g asked f pocemeny ound oy No me er say to yo y need f troue. The aucityith which this gentlen. & . Anwe wilalwa prote you.rward Ta coupl qstions abo how ny vtimt work becae it srces it neyFor l thmoney T much. Ye so r so if we tnk aut- Partic. g . busisses rht so- Very.ash th deals preminaly wits sh it ght have en youe Antake advtage of that so g on . r wt we’vcomep wh hi cash I do tt ow Lakes. Ihink igoin to ow legs anotherurisdiions. Ihinkt’s goinon and a I hope. It goi to enup being the feral. withur parers ttry re talng facitate tt o we wted toome anmake tshn plea tayn abouhelpfu.ouruestiookay So of pbably at leastince las nter –e know abo wh starte kindf lookg at sffon Misw d y have a sding scale wh it fit you y. Sting ay from ts guy. d thenou finut howad thin gting t he wve gotnvestite t gu s Iould s – Le winter earlyprn rgio a and ms Mia eiteen we ght ve a pblem Shou I so now at youe come up a . Items is item bause I sure y told meefore we me in easehem go — In The mple wha aboutoweail approaeds e dertment w. somebody ee to helps givee. whos filiesan’t aord kids Christs pre. Thcopso with indiffere strict everyy figure Somedy was w’t hel hello needg help- Niny nine pot 999% of oupeopleho are trying to help so that kind w. twee yr queson whs- To to me continuing tenu lady or here he cated that sord Daviwas talkg It ipresented asn I’m’mabout. tryingo e Latiulture and I tnk sech it ll tell you — Fol wreser. ththe master lot Wh torrow -Hondurray. else I wou ot e superho chacter rht The cops bri prents to ds and atg stted cops onehen the cple tisy my presents you know- Jap as as time moves forward he prests. ing th. Fu rsingtuff iit andt startso sto look at whas goinon I think wh heas prented businses HeI’m nna haveo ho t herige fesval f tho to thteam- Commity rit u knowverybo wano help th tharight soe talk abt the ture earlie und hiniche In theituaon tt needelp and he id ulteradn and andade it horrible so th’s kinof how itappens communi organer And the guys w wked th himo wany feele. tion. Fothe weern dtrict wi this ppeninin So. think. It’sair to sa tha is ppenedeograpcally read t aske capta Rodguezo get invoed tay becausee ha been rsonally offend byhat s going t. e lavent tt we we talkge at tt so treas a fesvalook currn fugiti ft g peop a lot of ney. of And a Ihink tt straight into this town’s pockets. Businees ilike laurel. And or hlso thin from an ple stor was a se bet you knowhai Que a t anas pt of we ed more I ow wave Soone thallcnty sine. n penng in feral crn . I ve noubt thavicts o Mist Kel aa e pt i custo. Peingheutcomef his tal. nall I flhat necsary to comntnre torney aegatnsn lett fed bDougla Ant Mr lliesefense attney alleged vicms aquotf e Nework s. groues e quo Thiss bothnaccure ad huful. many the vtims instd bve vtimsho are seeking juice Somef th a vicms of ildexual ase bMister All appred thave bng vtims. targed and is . Mier Kly tk adntag of his posion. a wealthyowerfu fous celeityTo e d . courof law.d sol thein a Misterelly i an accud . Hes notnlyccus in so of the caseg chd -*-. But aon engang in sex affickg of em. defee attorne to ope f Mr Caies aumating psons w are allege to be vtims oMister Key. And starthowing them the reect which is lg overue to them. We lk fward tthe vtims hang the day in cour And Ian asse Misterelly. No amour areill beerm I centsromhey stifyi in this casin a In [indiblaudie] Please Well repsent. Thm arge hav been led ithis se. Wi US torns he brght theaste District of Ne York. I ard. Thieen r all . those threeases tt are n The atease simir in ok county fer . I reprenthreef theane does. Five’m not gng to y whhce of tane w f them. Ye jt soou c here’ questie’saying that t defee imad- atemenboutane eumbe. ve aheth or t s contcted aexuall ansmted disee wtherhat sexuly tnsmiediseaas tranitted t. theefennt Mter Key so I I Ihink tt t edence I’m notoingo be o of th this casnd wha mylientsto.ty lly will ttin . inhis case it m b that the defense seeks to bait me — By viims.atents abo the e prticing fortyhreeears. ne of em can beat . They can try state ia puic filg. What they would le the ess o ste — think it’s inappropriate. To attack victims s of havg himelead- Fre custy –f is e obously. in ctodyinauble]ul becau he’s il ght ere In t fedal bldin- I will – – fedel cas — IfheIthis osecutn hot ful vestiged. There e alletions. An sti the day -houl b chacterid as victi f Ok I m I m misat a Ing.m crges I n sais In reren teach of the Je. Publly filed crimile complat Any h. ank you vy mu. All right so that was Gloria Allred one of the attorneys for the alled victims there and then this is where I got interesting during the day here in New York. As then the defense team steps right up they were waiting. And you’re going to see a little bit later a little altercations ya.y just eede up the for Rit heren newsow. d wee goa ligatell these ses. Ste RG. Hoverhe jud tells uss going rst t at’s uimatelgoingo be u to audge. Weave ia ty’re gon give t disve. Thaid is gngo be a ash dre Know howig thelash dve is g Ilnois I d’t kw how mu ‘s goi to be- To blisrsut ao whith younow th o Ken stod It’sery ffict. reew theiscove with wle therwere dling wh somee. Wh c’t rd so mh of the catead so onocumen he It’soingo be mass arous taskor st l e rcastione th woulde naudle] Ok. u gfirsto ts is so the rms soounow u e firson ord form. fa is ey a stillthe allegations we’t com d al. laying out in the indictment all of t actn if you noted I think there’s one fm twenty fifteen everything else is decades old. Soohat . e answer ur qstio wha m coerneabouis. belingeopl for wt th maye. Is whas press thecome up th a sees o thingtheyall f frotheiinvestatio and thenhey ci p s e government’s burden to ove at. of facts andave a fferen descriion owhat pple ar en I a the peoe grpies I me almte baoingo see e ban e nted tbeith thbandhat is theefin. . r s positi Iakend I thi e fact areonna beaout thathef peo In wting tsee han aroun with a ge annterpreoesno to necearil mn ourar s inlvedn a lotf thes wo buthe role nt tpoinm thfing upsirs we’reonna have to t scovy wl help us eak atown. How dohis that’s le if soms completely are you lik Whathiteie ndowes se ofhe? I wa to pt ofhatd s terpse or at gro a you shldn’t be that other shld bheld lble for thempoed dou and rememb were were. ta this inedibtake we lae te wtaket seruslya ren Afca we advocas for ouclients thmatt we el ia don propriat The ncep of wt I ting to poray a tk pce t plac explast and ithat grp expernce and elain An y knowhil som peoplit’s comn. mayay. at mig not. You’d be surprised everybody saye wh welleg is what tk nody h anying bad to yaceerend w abou it ta t Remeer t groy expernce gus wt tha may bsomeing that wad f you wt ta outt an hereereou look y look o enough to rememberen a wor. wos fst big sg ov the ll. ney forothi in ur crch. sevteen y knowhat mea . So I didn’t have that. twandumbe five e notr corrt owho I thi shenowsd toe m. nuerive sue I kn I am rrec the on T in socl mea on e prs soe have vestatornvesgato gonncallf sobodh h s o . Jane d numr fe hodo w refeingo pele o foubarsnduc an y so wneedo bebleo sa.fe is i Ezabeth Smiet’s safor example and then some of ba . I’ nev donin tnty ve year. fives indative of wor it certnlye k e do numrive is catedn t ster metsTo mdemeanor. Th may notven be edicat aecall filo it’s incati of at weelieve the governn is case itryio tie i tourg artt by ying thesilly aocl fferen thingsapped and because hh wardet’slliedn gether. if was sit dn constrtivehingeto esead this f thirt year andave fn peop come . Li if u anyour jt my persal flinl feelinboutow t evince at we’ seen sfar wch i reallyustg indiment. thenterisetsel i aiwhatt deribe toing musicians lif a t idea thao g e forer ev knony of e o no peopleho we e mber o throu fr I dot en kw tt Is we n’t kn what e name nameare.nd outhat thr Plea soro gon thnext t thre groupies ere’ no way ound When go ta sh whe I’m goo wa to avel wh thband? did itor ks le in colle buoutse ‘ . It iI dot knowhe detai of that. Yoknow Chans. The ca out. ti in e that t Theyidn’act therigd at’s all over coolut. u kn youan’t sayecause becae I l. I ok bk in e a you too toarva Law Schoo oy.on’tanto I lookay o I mad Now buthat dsn’t mn that Read wilng a abl to do evything I did t cause m not tbea h y allyegal tubleontie to mnthereorr l ve before and fox ten Phoenix. Dot com not everyone might pay share alongside large areas with a preview what’s coming up next here on fox t yh picte o of La Vegasevada goveor stele it’going holng a lch witthear. ndy. That a Democratic Party and then a little bit later this afternoon we’re gonna have a live picture of Air Force One taking off for Morristown Tennessee so we will have that a lot of people know Jersey New Jersey New Jersey. Awesome I mean you know I look at the airport in Tennessee that’s interesting but he’s going New Jersey good to know and then I will getome top stories of course. After that refinery fe we had in Baytown Tas. Lawsuitas aeadyeen led whil. Alrighthat in muore ankso much we’llre lking r tohat en if get a wi bri it to y.he onut Right heron newnd b we briingt toou atheausee p ofhe hour onhe I. sevteenorth bourficituan beer cb right now bustill –rigy Havf u heny fends or faly youelfeadi up to Sedona heading up to flagstaff. u mit want o just wait it out a little biore there becaus it esn’t look fun right nows it a slo crawl re Leninghat arush fir pacted some of t roaays Pretty mucof a sndtill.and that. Foa lile b the mor arning that e strchould awhererom sevenight leshen iwasackedp totall there bl sl cra. eighas tours her go one leang te here onews r on fox tenctuall show u one mo time. To look athe stock there in th red is sy and other d ashe stock market contint rried aut this on going. Trad war with China I as presidto new tr u so that goitoh dot for today. re on news now have a great And wwill s you all on nday

  1. SO,
    the governor gets to keep the six million dollars HE stole directly off the P/R people.
    They will never get back any disaster recovery funds*, SIMPLY because the governor *stole the money. For a short sentence, if he get sentenced at all ,*( you know the Democrats will get him out of it )*, he will take all that money and RUN.
    *You can bet that he will be laughing his ass off when he talks about it at parties.
    Hm, If it was me, his ass wouldn't leave the island. Ever y

  2. Look at the garbage coming out of Pocahontas's pea brain. She is as dumb as a box of rocks. It'll be very very easy to chop that head off the totem pole. You talk about catering to special interest groups , trying to cram unions down middle classes throats? We're educated now and we know how that money is laundered and stolen to the unions, and the politicians. I got to change this she just spews lie after lie after lie. She don't have any math skills at all even at a first grade level.


  4. The Democrat party is full of corruption, crime, fake history, fake news, hoaxes, staged events, manipulation, etc. The KKK Democrats have most black people mentally enslaved, they have no idea. Democrats are causing major problems for them yet they act like the savior's, they need black people and everyone else to be poor, dependent, naive and uneducated, that's the best way to control them, and it's easier to bribe them, manipulate them with fear, etc.

  5. Other places where the cops left because of these morons are becoming violent and horrible, no one to protect the good people, now they are begging for cops to help them. Such fools.


  7. the washington monument is a ridiculous freemasons phallic symbol or devils schlong. I heard that THEY are building a concrete little boy bootie hole across the street.

  8. Load of Bollocks! Dy REALLY think Americans will have a servile-pedovil for a Prez? They already had 4 of them!!

  9. Post like this on chat makes my heart warm! "Johnny Black​ Hello and happy weekend America from Wales in Britain 🕇

  10. Has anyone noticed every time we have an issue with China North Korea Tests Fires hum weird. We should put the hammer on China every time Kim tests and see how they think that strategy is working. We're not stupid.

  11. Remember multiple witnesses saw 3 or 4 shooters in black however the narrative is about to change and it will just be 1 crazy guy. The gig is up FAKE NEWS FOX10.


  13. 6 videos of the Trump rally, but not one about the Trump-inspired right-wing nutjob shooter captured in El Paso. Fox azz-covering! 🐒

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