News and Community Spotlight | September 19, 2019 | Unreal Engine

>>Amanda: Hey, all!
Welcome to this week’s news and community spotlight. From Turtle Rock Studios, the creators of the original
Left 4 Dead, comes Legend
of Zelda-inspired VR title, Journey of the Gods. With the beautiful and
wondrous World to explore, Journey of the Gods
released earlier this year to rave reviews. With the game held
in such high regard, we found out
how they handle worlds of varying size and scale,
where the player takes on the roles
of both human and God in VR. Find out more about
how Turtle Rock optimized Journey of the Gods
for Oculus Quest and why Blueprints
was integral in capturing their unique vision. Created in Unreal Engine,
ZipView simplifies real estate by offering
a high-quality virtual look into residential
and commercial buildings. Olim Planet’s Director
of Team Platform, Mark Kim, talks about
how the product is shaking up Korea’s real estate industry
by providing businesses and clients a fully immersive
3D VR environment. Just to add a couple
quick reminders, our teams will be out in Seattle and New York
for our annual Dev Days and the first ever
Unreal Indie Dev Day. You’ll be able to hear
about the Unreal Engine roadmap, preview our
upcoming open World features, or get need to know info about the Unreal ecosystem
and best practices. Sign up today
if you haven’t already. Lastly, don’t forget
about our Unreal Film Jam. We want to see
your short films and animations based on,
“Oh, the places you’ll go.” Submit by October 19th
for your chance at incredible prize packages,
including five grand, personalized project reviews
with Blur Studio, the creators of Love, Death &
Robots, and Epic Games, and more. Working on your submission?
We’d love to see your progress, so share with us
on social using #UE4. Next up is our top weekly
Karma earners: Adnoh, ClockworkOcean,
Ham1ton, KristofMorva, Shadowriver, Livada,
DanielOrchard, Ikav, Mattxm and still making
the list is Everynone. Thank you all so much
for your contributions. Y’all are phenomenal. And now for my favorite,
our community spotlights! This outstanding short
is called Duty. It was created to test out
Unreal’s ray tracing capabilities. This piece leverage Assets
from Infiltrator and the Open World Demo and was built using
NVIDIA GTX 1080. We’re floored
by the fidelity of this and hope you enjoy it too. If you’ve been looking to
implement water elements into your scene,
Hristo has done a simple breakdown
in a Twitter tutorial. With only 49 instructions
and one Texture sample, this cheap caustics solution
can add a lot of life to the water in your project.
Check out his full breakdown. Last up this week is
this gorgeous 16th century French Baroque bedroom, depicting the abduction
of Persephone, an ancient story
from Greek mythology. Sangers went in depth
about storytelling, Material creation, and touched
on lighting and time management in an interview
with Experience Points. So, we do recommend you
seeing the full breakdown. All right, thanks for tuning in.
Have a great week everyone.

  1. "And was using Nvidia GTX 1080", so RTX (might be) faster but not necessary.
    You can save at least one of your kidney from give it to Nvidia.

  2. This is beautiful like watching a demo of an art gallery with various forms of art and technology, this seems to be the direction where things are going.

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