News and Community Spotlight | October 24, 2019 | Unreal Engine

>>Amanda: Hey, all, welcome
to this week’s Unreal Engine News
and Community Spotlight. Witnessing the success
of 3Lateral and Cubic Motion motivated
Korea-based creative studio, Giantstep, to create
a digital human of their own. In our write-up,
discover how Giantstep used real-time rendering,
machine learning, and Unreal Engine to introduce
to the world to their new, photorealistic
digital human, Vincent. Meet him for yourself
on our blog. On the heels of Samurai
Shodown’s successful launch
to PS4 and Xbox, and with even more platforms
on the way, we spoke with art
and game director Nobuyuki Kuroki to see how SNK
crafted a fighting game that not only appeals
to hardcore enthusiasts, but also feels modern
and accessible to newcomers. In our discussion,
Kuroki reflects on the pressures of making a new addition to the long-running
Samurai Shodown franchise, how they leverage
deep learning for their AI, and the process of translating
their classic 2D characters for a beautiful,
stylized 3D world. It’s time for the next
Twinmotion Community challenge. Twinmotion is looking for
your best autumn-related video created in Twinmotion.
With $500 up for grabs, head over to our blog
to get full details on how to submit
your entry by November 13th, based on the best
modern building in fall. Good luck! To see how the fledgling
studio Artplay was able to create
a critical success with Bloodstained: Ritual
of the Night, we interviewed prominent
Castlevania producer, Koji Igarashi, who talks about
what it has been like developing a new IP as an indie studio,
with more finite resources. Igarashi also elaborates
on design elements, how they balanced fair
gameplay with challenge, and how community feedback
impacted their visual design leading up to launch. Jumping over to our top
weekly Karma earners, many, many thanks
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others out on AnswerHub. Answer questions there, and you, too,
could see your name up here. First up for our Spotlights
this week is the short film, Sentinel, created by
a small team of students from DigiPen
Institute of Technology. In it, a lone warrior faces off
against a mechanical alien ring, which threatens her world. Here we have Project Haven, a tactical turn-based RPG
in development by a team of two, based in Portugal.
As commander of the Steel Dragons,
control squadrons of mercenaries to combat your enemies and take down the corrupt
government of Haven City. And last up is Interactivity:
The Interactive Experience. In their own words,
“Interactivity is a short, kind of creepy,
meta-narrative walking sim.” It started as a UE4 Jam game
back in January 2015, and is now available on Steam. Thanks for joining us.
We’ll see you all next week!

  1. Hi Amanda, do you know if Epic has plans to create an Unreal Engine "Artificial Intelligence" Division or something like that ?

    Maybe it's already in development and they want to keep it as a secret ๐Ÿ˜œ

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