News and Community Spotlight | October 17, 2019 | Unreal Engine

>>Amanda: Hey, folks, as always, we hope you have had
a fantastic week! For Blocktober,
the month-long celebration of level design in games,
solo developer Gwen Frey shows the evolution
of the newly released, 3D puzzler Kine, from core concept
all the way to shipping. In her write-up, she covers four
distinct phases of development, with insights from each phase that may help you
in your own Dev cycles. Check out the blog
and accompanying videos. Between stringent regulations
and months of laborious training, getting expert ground crew
and mechanics up to speed is not easy for
the aviation industry. U.S.-based Inlusion,
along with FL Technics and Baltic Ground Services,
aim to ease the burden with regulation-perfect
VR training that eliminates the danger
of practicing on real aircraft, saving time and money
in the process. On September 25th,
over 300 professionals from the architecture
and engineering and construction industries
convened for the biggest Build: London
for Architecture event yet. The speaker showcased
and discussed innovative ways real-time technology
is being used for AEC projects, including visual twins,
immersive design, urban planning
and data visualization. Get a full recap
on our blog today. And now, for our top
weekly karma earners — MMMarcis, chrudimer,
Clockwork Ocean, Shadowriver, Crisp Clover,
ThompsonN13, LordStuff, pasotee,
T_Sumisaki and Adnoh. These lovelies have been helping
folks out on AnswerHub, and thank you all
so very much! Alright, it is time
for our spotlight. Here we have Flynguin Station, a casual projectile
endless runner. Your goal?
Save the penguins by rediscovering
the secret of flight. Fly as far as possible,
level up, upgrade your penguin and
customize him to your liking. For our second spotlight,
you will see a VR realization of transportation methods
from the past built for Vienna’s public
transit company. The models were created
based on hundreds of pictures of the actual
real-world vehicles, and then worked into
a guided virtual tour. Inspired by popular titles
Risk of Rain and Faster Than Light, One Last Planet
is a 2D action platformer, sprinkled with narrative
decisions and RPG elements, with difficulty that ramps
up as time passes. Fight enemies and monsters
on the ground and in space today on Itch. Thanks for tuning in.
See you all next week!


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