News and Community Spotlight | October 10, 2019 | Unreal Engine

>>Victor: Hey, everyone. Welcome to the Unreal Engine
News and Community Spotlight. At our inaugural Indie Dev Day
in Seattle this week, we announced
Unreal Indies, a new initiative dedicated
to supporting indie developers. Find relevant resources all
gathered in a single location, or get in touch
with teams at Epic to help guide you
on your development journey via Polish author Paweł Leśniak
founded studio Layopi Games to jump start the development
of Devil’s Hunt, a fantasy title based
on his own narratives describing an ethereal war
between angels and demons. We asked the team what it was
like converting his book, “Equilibrium”
into a game, and discovered
how the newly-formed studio found success with a leap
to Unreal Engine. Very soon, autonomous vehicles
will be driving our streets. Yet, even with this burgeoning
industry’s clear potential to reduce accidents, improve lives
and lower congestion, we are still some ways away
from fully realizing its implementation. CARLA, a free open
source simulator, has been assigned from day one
to support the development, training and validation
of autonomous driving systems, hoping to provide
more confidence in a safer
and more efficient future. Engineering and
architectural design files are going larger
and more complex, and optimizing them
for real-time content can be time-consuming.
In developing 3D visualization and XR experiences
for their clients, VRSQUARE found
that various industries are facing similar challenges. To solve this problem,
VRSQUARE created Meshmatic, a software solution that works
with Datasmith to automate data preparation tasks when importing
complex design files into Unreal. Meshmatic yields
significant time savings, cutting down file preparation
from months to under an hour. You can try Meshmatic now with
a free trial for beta release. Are you interested in showcasing
your game at PAX East 2020? Since 2011, the Indie MegaBooth
has helped showcase independent creators
from around the world, and are now accepting
applications for the space in Boston
through November 1st. Head over to their page
to submit and get more information
on the submission process. Alright, we would like
to extend our thanks to our top karma
earners this week. Adnoh, MMMarcis,
ClockworkOcean, ThompsonN13, Shadowriver, Crisp Clover,
T_Sumisaki, wanja9096, TimCarter and GamerErrant. You, too, could see
your name up here by heading over
to our AnswerHub and helping your fellow devs. Over to our weekly spotlights:
First up is Lumina. In this first-person puzzler,
you, an archaeologist, work to unlock
the secrets tucked away in an ancient pyramid
by solving laser puzzles. We would also like to feature
this series of Unreal Engine tutorials
by user group lead, Ryan Manning. He recently released a four-part
UE4 lighting tutorial, but has a number of quick tip
and other tutorials as well. Check them out. And our final spotlight
this week is Forlorn. Here, we have the first part in a series
of upcoming animated shorts. it’s a stunning short
created by animator and VFX artist Alex Keller.
Keep up the great work! Thanks for tuning in.
See you next week!

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