News and Community Spotlight | November 21, 2019 | Unreal Engine

>>Amanda: Hey, all. I hope
you’ve had a fantastic week. With its second installment
in the series, The Coalition made
Gears 5 their own, with refined graphics,
new open-world sections, revamped AI, and more. In our lengthy interview,
the Vancouver, Canada, based studio shares how they
delivered best-in-class effects and achieved some of the highest-fidelity
character models seen in game, all while achieving 4K
60 fps on the Xbox One X. In addition to the interview,
we have included their Visual Technology
of Gears 5 presentation
from Unreal Dev Days. Recently, Microsoft held its
biggest Inside Xbox event yet, and many
Unreal Engine-powered games were featured center stage
at the annual show. There were newly announced games
from Microsoft Studios, Obsidian Entertainment,
and Rare, along with release-date reveals
for highly anticipated titles that include Ninja Theory’s
Bleeding Edge and Mojang’s
Minecraft Dungeons. To celebrate, we have compiled
a list of fantastic titles that took center stage coupled
with their official trailers and descriptions.
See them all! Unreal Engine 4.24 Preview 3
is now available. Download it today
to get the latest fixes and try out new features, including Landscape tools,
hair and fur features, updated Material Layers,
and many more. Visit the 4.24 Preview
forum thread for a full list of updates, and share your feedback on this
and subsequent releases. Remember that preview builds
are not production ready, so I encourage you to make
a copy of your project for testing. Now over to our
community rock stars who are jumping
in AnswerHub and problem solving with
other developers. Thanks to Everynon, LordStuff,
DDemon, BlueMind Studio, ClockworkOcean, Tuerer,
ThompsonN13, Koraemon, SubDevs,
and Cassio Pantoja. Thank you, all,
so very much. And on over
to our community spotlights, jump into the ultimate
toy sandbox and build the train set
of your dreams with Tracks: The Family Friendly Open
World Train Set Game! Create colorful railway systems,
decorate beautiful towns, transport communicating
passengers, and even ride your own train
in first-person. Check out the game on Steam. Fight for the high ground
in Gun & Buckler, a multiplayer action game
where you, a frog, either fight for rewards
or cooperate to escape the clutches
of the frog-fighting industry. The game features laser guns
and reflective laser shields. Follow their progress on
Hamar Game Collective’s website. With aesthetics inspired
by older generations of comics and flash games, Starglades
is a 2.5D platformer that you can demo now. Download their game
from our forums and give Zenrok Studios
your feedback. Thanks for tuning in
for this week’s news and community spotlight.

  1. [Question]
    After the official 4.24 release, do i have to download it all over from the beginning, or it will be just updated to the release version ?

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