New World Order: Communism by the back door - part 3

  1. Fake Jews Talmud toilet paper
    Believe when a lie n messiah turns up they will have us as their slaves
    I saw on you tube

  2. True Jews are against fake Zionist Jews media silence this
    True Jews follow Torah not Talmud
    Talmud toilet paper

  3. If these people who run the world worship Satan then that means Jesus is not a figment of Christians imagination, these elites know Jesus is coming back to rule and reign and they insanely think they can stop him lol. Imagine a created being thinks he can stop the creator ha ha. Pride is what caused Satan to be kicked out of heaven and pride makes him think he’ll beat God at the battle of Armageddon. No chance. God is all mighty all powerful… he knows what Satan thinks before he thinks it, he knows his every move. People, the world doesn’t have long to go, once the peace treaty between the Jews and Palestinians is signed there is only seven years before Christ returns so repent and be ready… don’t ignore it, don’t laugh it off and don’t be to proud to accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour because you will be the fool that suffers. He would that none should perish..he died in the cross to pay the penalty for our sins and to give us eternal life. God Bless

  4. Kabbalah, in the dark occult pointing upward is regarded as a reference to the "white moon" of the chesed tree of life,while pointing down refers to the black one of Geburah. We see many Hollywood muppets doing it as well as the one eye. The magician(like the joker in a deck of cards)pointing up and down is also like the two headed demon bephomet one head pointing up and one head down. A common belief in the devil left hand path is that both good and evil merge into the same result and they can achieve salvation through sin. Sick fucks reducing themselves to automon animals nothing more.

  5. Because the election was rigged again. Morrison will not change anything. I believe he is paid for as well. What is the pin they wear these days. Personally I think it's a corporate globalist pin.

  6. So many souls to gather, so little time. So many greedy people wanting fame and fortune. It's ok, they seek eternal light, and they will find it in the eternal flames of the abyss.

  7. Well done well done well done. Keep em comin bro. Love ya work, fully awake here with you. The greatest story never told, when i came across it 3 years ago blew my mind… this is on a similar level. Well done

  8. Dam waking up has ruined my love of WW2 movies
    After seeing Europa and the greatest story never told I just can't stomach Hollywood war movies

  9. The GREAT White Race is divided: one side, you have SHERMON BURGESS; FRANK FRANZ; UDO PASTORS; KARL RICHTER AND UDO VOIGT (NPD DEUTSCHLAND), who want to stand up for White wellbeing, and on the other hand: u have Ally Pinnock,White Anglo Australian woman, who wants to promote race mixing: when two human beings, of two different races, authentically, fall deeply in love with each other is a very beautiful and priceless thing; HOWEVER, FORCED, race mixing is misogyny: ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING: promoted by cultural marxism; feminism, etc, are divided, then the chances of the GREAT White Race surviving are EXTREMELY slim: GUYS, U NEED TO SORT OUT UR SHIT TOGETHER: SORT URSELVES OUT, OR THE WESTERN WORLD WILL BE LOST FOREVER: UK AND SWEDEN ARE GONE; THE DEMOGRAPHICS OF WHITE AMERICA ARE IRREVERSIBLE, ACCORDING CONCRETE FACTS, ETC!!!!!!ITS UR RESPONSIBILITY AND DUTY TO UR FUTURE GENERATIONS, THAT IS KEY!!!U CAN TAKE OR LEAVE MY ADVICE: UR CALL!!!

  10. Across the ditch in CKC they have gone full NWO and 99% of the population haven't realised it.
    WTF is the crime minister Comrade Jihadi Jacinda doing hobnobbing with top communists, Taliban and Evangelical cult of Christ idiots? Watch your Eastern border my Aussie mates.

  11. The sad part is that they’ve indoctrinated so many drones that they dont need to use the back door stealth tactics anymore but can use the front door now with mass immigration and will have little to none resistance.

    So, what must be done? I think we need to now select a place for a future ethno state and move there, then get organized.

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