New Rule: Scary Socialism | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

and finally new role someone has to tell me why all the best voices speaking out against Republicans are Republicans Nicole Wallace Steve Schmidt Rick Wilson George will Bret Stevens Joe Scarborough Richard painter Michael Steele Jennifer Rubin David jolly and a Navarro max boot David Frum they're the ones who are out there with the gloves off landing head punches even Trump's own people tear him down better than any Democrat McMaster called him a dope mad as a fifth grader Steve Mike managed idiot Reince Priebus idiot John Kelly idiot Rex Tillerson moron Gary Cohen dumbest where are our potty mouths the midterms are 52 days away and we know what the Republicans are going to be running on socialism you can't vote for Democrats because they're socialists and socialism is a work camp in Siberia and one thing Republicans are really good at is they get in a room together they come up with a line of and they all repeat it over and over and over until even Tommy Loren can do it this year they even taught it to trump and they want to raid Medicare to pay for socialism he really puts them moron in oxymoron remember remember back in 2009 the teabagger at the town hall who shouted keep your government hands off my Medicare well that dummy is now present but I still don't hear Democrats explaining that Medicare is socialism and so are the other super popular programs like Social Security and the ban on denying coverage for pre-existing conditions Trump just gave farmers a twelve billion dollar bailout to make up for his stupid tariffs we took tax money from some people mostly in New York and California and gave it to farmers I mean farmers that's socialism socialism is the reason you don't have to bring your own highway when you want to drive someone it's why there's a fire department to show up when you're burning Nike spread to the house the US military does more socialism by 9:00 a.m. than Venezuela does all day we build weapons that even the Pentagon says it doesn't want that's a jobs program socialism you're soaking in it even Trump voters like their government goodies so why can't Democrats all get in a room and come out with a single answer to these scary socialism charge this is the attack on us and Democrats response is I would say crickets but crickets make some noise there is a wholly compromised Russian asset in the white house you can't make a little political hay out of that he's not on our side that's so hard he's not on our side like literally when stuff comes up where he has to side with either our FBI and intelligence agencies you know from America or what Russia says he goes with them nothing nothing to make out of that even though he's constantly confessing it Trump's Twitter pages like that scene in every Bond movie where the villain tells Bond his evil plan he's the man with the golden shower here's Steve Schmidt after the summit in Helsinki it's the musings of an imbecile Vladimir Putin looks across to the other podium and what he sees standing there is a fool who's doing blat amir putin spitting trump is what the russians call a useful idiot someone in service to the russian federation either unwitting or wittingly contrast that with Diane Feinstein who said last year look this man is going to be President most likely for the rest of his term I just hope he has the ability to learn and to change and if he does he can be a good president no he can't do any of those things and Democrats rhetoric does not nearly match the level of that crisis the Democrats as usual are making a molehill out of a mountain the FBI the CIA the Department of Justice especially here on 9/11 week let's remember these are the thousands and thousands of America's most dedicated public servants your straight arrows you to the straight arrows who protect us he attacks them he's not on our side how about this for a slogan we're not socialists you're traitors

  1. Bill I think the only side your own is your side and your coperate masters. Sell out your country for a buck.

  2. Social programs are popular cause we pay into it,it would be like making someone ordering a pizza ,making them prepaying for it,not eating anything cause your waiting on a stupid pizza you didn’t fucking want ,then having them threatening to take it away .ask people if they want it before the fact, when they have fillet mignon, fuck no,or maybe!

  3. Maybe because the Republican side isn't about groupthink. Remember BM, when everyone thinks the same, nobody is thinking.


  5. Hey Bill, Why don't you and Leo use his private jet and go actually live in a socialist country for a few months and come back and report? No cheating, you can't live on his jet.

  6. I have a plan to control Republicans, only open the banks once a month at a time they have to show up to with draw & deposit money! Then we can make citizens arrest by the millions! I like it,my idea!

  7. Socialism meaning: Goverment takes over all the economics sourcers to share wealth among the population it includes private and small corporations.
    This means that the goverment takes control of all lives and means of production.
    There is not such socialism that embraces private capital making profits and only ignorant people justify socialism with the success of big private corporation run by private money.

  8. He just named all leftist plans, all about power, nothing new here, what about the Obama bailouts and that's public works and the military, we don't practice Democracy we preserve it, dumb ass, o God how I hate this POS!!!

  9. The military and future wars budget is the government aka socialism. Let's simply move those dollars to infrastructure and healthcare.

  10. Why I became a independent because the dems are weak. No backbone. Even when obama was in office they couldnt stand up with obama instead stand with the GOP

  11. I don't get it. Bill Maher's a socialist, but he's very rich. Another hypocrite that doesn't live by his own rhetoric.

  12. We need whoever beats trump to go across the aisle and ask Richard Painter if he'd come on to purify the Office of Government Ethics. I think he should review every employee in his sphere and strategically switch in/out improvements/trumptypes. I think he should get with Obama WH Ethics Chief and plug that hole. It all starts with ethics, folks!

  13. Here's a new game for people= ask 'How fubared is America?" and provide an answer. (Remember, humour punches up not down.) How fubared is America? America is so fubared a guy who publicly admits to smoking marijuana praises the FBI, the DOJ and the CIA! How fubared is America? America is so fubared the Republicans are the enemies of the FBI, the DOJ and the CIA! How fubared is America? America is so fubared Mexico wants better border security! How fubared is America? America is so fubared Canada is annoyed! How fubared is America? America is so fubared Germany is the leader of the free world! How fubared is America? America is so fubared France is sympathetic!

  14. What a SNOB! – no wonder 'farmers' generally don't relate to leftist media or ideas – you bag them out then say they must come to 'our' side? Get lost.

  15. I think our economy is a blended economy. Social Security was added after the Great Depression. I can't imagine why. After all, capitalism was working well all by itself.

  16. WOW this guy is a fucking morin!!! anyone want to pay me tons of money to be a dumbass on tv/the internet cause ill do it

  17. Answer: Democrats are funded by high income individuals who hate social programs almost as much as Republicans do. That the Democrat funding comes from Hollywood and Silicon Valley makes no difference. They are socially liberal but fiscally conservative. This is why Republican's can stove their heads in politically every election cycle.
    Hell, if Clinton hadn't been derailed by the Lewinsky scandal, he would have made common-cause with Newt Gingrich and taken an axe to social security.
    For Democrats to do what Maher is suggesting, they would have to raise money via Internet, refuse the money of the billionaire class, and push populist programs that address pocketbook issues. Grass-roots republicans are hostile to the establishment ones. But as long as Democrats keep taking that lobbying money they will find biting that hand — even when it needs biting — very difficult if not impossible. In fact, Trump would sign legislation to bring down drug prices and reign-in Big Pharma. They should do what they can with Trump instead of neglecting it for fights that won't help them much long term.

  18. I love Craig Corson's borrowed Socialist Utopia below. Dreamy stuff. What Craig and the others fail to tell you is that it has never worked. In any of the 20+ countries who have tried it "their way, which is different." Anywhere. Ever. That includes the Nordic countries, which are not socialist. AH, but then this is Democratic Socialism; it's WAY different. And even in their perfect world, just as it is described below, it would last about seven months because there would be no money for all the things going on behind the scenes to allow Joe to start his perfect day with his $14.00 cup of instant coffee and $22.00 eggs, if he can find either of them. Because everything costs money unless your initials are AOC. This is the Big Socialist Lie. This and The Lie that somehow only The Left and Only Liberals fight for clean air and water and health care, etc.
    There are no more liberals to keep the government in check, just as there are no more conservatives to keep the government in check, only the Elite who serve themselves to stay in power under the guise of a two party system, where people supposedly have a choice. The Elite will always be in charge, even with Anarchy. Someone is always directing traffic, and humans always organize themselves into hierarchies. This is how the human race works at the biological level. You can't change biology; you can only lie about it by saying that you can.
    At least under Capitalism you have a chance to benefit from your work and shape your own life. Then you get to choose who to help with your money and what is important. So I guess the lesson is, if you really want to help people, if you really want to make a difference, go get a job and earn your own money that you can then give away as you please. Don't steal mine to give away because it makes you feel better and you don't want to work in order to help other people.
    It amazes me how many millennials out there — with no job, and no money — want to ell everyone else how to spend THEIR money. Because all the people who have money stole it or lied and cheated someone else to get it…. Hmmmm, or maybe they have worked 65 hours a week for the past fifteen years like I do because I enjoy what I do and my 25 employees love the fact that I work as hard as they do and they depend on me work as I do. Millennials want open borders because everyone has the right to go anywhere, but they lock their own cars and their own doors. What hypocrites.
    Under Socialism, you get only what they give you. How that working out in Venezuela? I'm sure they were passing Joe's story around a few years back as well. Wait — when was the last time CNN reported ANYTHING on Venezuela? Socialism is the ultimate "everyone gets a trophy" except that everybody is equally miserable and there are no trophies. But it's equal, because you took all of the money from the people who make the stuff and employ other people, and now they have no money to make the stuff, so there is no stuff, and the people who were making the stuff now how no money either. And you know who then DOES have the money? Hollywood, politicians, sports figures — you know, the people who keep telling you how awesome socialism is and how horrible President Trump is for getting everybody jobs.
    Socialism doesn't work because the Elite — Hollywood, politicians, sports figures — not "the people", will always be in charge no matter what you call the political system. Look at what they are doing right now.
    You either have order (for conservatives, fascism at the highest extreme) or chaos (for liberals, anarchy at the highest extreme) unless there is dialog and compromise. We sit around glued to YouTube, hurling insults at each other and repeating things we don't fact because it sounds good and supports our opinion. Instead of having an honest dialog without all the hysteria, we will never keep them in check, and they will do whatever they want, no matter what you call the political system. The way you fix it is when everyone has a job and can make their own choices with their own money and government is as small as possible, to keep the Elite wannabes in check. THAT is when the people have the power.

  19. It's still alarming how many people can't distinguish socialism from communism, though it is a useful indicator of when someone is not worth my time.

  20. Am I the only one here that thinks it's just a little bit suspicious and questionable when Republicans start bashing their own leader from their party? I think most Liberals put country before party, but Republicans as a general rule, have shown this not to be the case for them. And I don't think it's a case where common sense has finally arisen like Phoenix, from the ashes because if they had any common sense to begin with, they would have seen Trump for the toxic anomaly that he is and wouldn't have voted for him in the first place. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they bash his ass, but there has to be some self-serving ulterior motive for them to actually be in agreement with Liberals on Trump's douchebaggery syndrome.

  21. I consider myself to be a Democratic Socialist, and I agree that programs like Social Security and Medicare are Socialistic in nature, but I don't consider either of those to be "handouts" by any stretch of the imagination. We paid in to those programs and they are basically government run Insurance policies. We paid the premiums; therefore, we earned the benefits.

  22. Medicare is not socialism…
    And this Russian Delusion you poor brainwashed lemmings keep desperately clinging to has become embarrassing.

  23. Bill Mayer you and your audience are hateful human beings. Your all are an embarrassment to the human race. Your vocabulary is vile. You are an example of what's wrong with this country. I don't care what party you support, for that has nothing to do with the way you behave and speak. Lowest of the low life.

  24. So Bill Maher is promoting the coup of Venezuela calling it "spreading democracy"? Can we really let him get away with this type of propaganda? No way. I know our oil companies can't wait to get their hands on all that oil, but these coups have got to stop.

  25. Did MSNBC Idiot confused Russia with Israel?The Zionists control US foreign policy,while Russia and US don't even have political and economical cooporation that US has with lot of other countries.If this fake news were true,US and Russia would have become allies and partners or that ''Russian asset' and his administration have no influence over policies?So why are you talking about him?Now that's an oxymoron.

  26. Bill, You criticize Democrats for not standing up to Trump,
    but what about those wimpy Republicans who verbally
    criticize him and still vote in favor of his bills?

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