New Poll Shows Bernie The Most Trusted Candidate On EVERY Major Issue

According to a new poll by IPSAS, a commissioned
by Reuters, Bernie Sanders is the candidate most trusted on the issues by democratic voters. Now, we’re not just talking about a couple
issues. This new poll shows that Bernie Sanders is
the most trusted candidate on every single issue. They asked about every one of them. Across the board. Voters said, we trust Bernie Sanders the most
to handle these issues. Immigration, health care, obviously the environment,
the economy, jobs across the board. Majority of people in these polls said, Bernie
Sanders is the one. He’s the guy He’s got my trust. Now, that’s the good news of this poll. This poll also offered a some pretty bad news,
unfortunately because it said that in spite of the fact that most people trust Bernie
Sanders on every single issue, they also think Biden has the best chance of beating Donald
Trump. He’s the most electable they found in this
poll, and I’m going to say something that I have said a dozen times, and unfortunately
I’m going to have to say it a dozen times more, but can we knock it off with this electability
argument? Do you know who the most electable person
is? The person you want to vote for. That’s it. Look at it that way. Don’t think of this as well. We go to pick somebody who’s going to beat
Trump cause I gotta tell you Biden ain’t it. Joe Biden will not beat Donald Trump. You can Mark it down on your calendars right
now. This time, this day that I said it, it will
never happen. Joe Biden won’t beat Donald Trump. Bernie would, I think Elizabeth Warren would
as well. So this electability argument, people out
there still confused about, well I don’t like Biden, but I think he’ll beat Trump if you
don’t like him, why do you think he’s good enough to beat the other guy you don’t like? Not to mention the fact that’s not what elections
are about folks. Elections are about the issues. Bernie’s running on the issues that people
want to see passed. Medicare for all debt free, college green,
new deal, getting money out of politics, all of these things and so many more. He just released an amazing immigration plan
today and yet people say, dang, I love those policies. I trust this guy so much. Let me go vote for Biden cause I think he’ll
beat Donald Trump. No, just no stop. Don’t think that way. Because if you think his policies are awesome
and believe it or not, a lot of Republicans, most of them think his policies are awesome. Vote for him. That’s what primaries are for. If he doesn’t win and Biden somehow, then
you get your chance to vote for the guy that you thought was more electable and maybe you
can prove me wrong and you can dance and you can comment on it saying fair and you’re an
idiot. I don’t care, I’ll take it. But we’re in a primary. Primaries are about fighting and unfortunately
there are about fighting with other Democrats over who has the best path forward for the
United States. The voters are clear in this new poll, Bernie
Sanders has the best path forward, but unfortunately too many of them say, man, I love that path. That’s what this country needs. This guy is trustworthy, but I’m going to
vote for the handsy guy with a bright smile because for some weird reason, I think he
can beat Donald Trump. That is insane. If you like somebody policies, whether it’s
Bernie or not, vote for that person. That’s why primaries exist.

  1. Why do people think Biden can beat trump he can't and even if he did there would be no chance Biden and trump are the same type of ship people, they fly different flags. You do realize after we get a Dem in the WH he or she is going to be president right? For at least 4 years pick someone who we know will do such a good job that we can again cheer f

  2. Why do people think Biden can beat trump he can't and even if he did there would be no chance Biden and trump are the same type of ship people, they fly different flags. You do realize after we get a Dem in the WH he or she is going to be president right? For at least 4 years pick someone who we know will do such a good job that we can again cheer for our POTUS.

  3. Tell me something new. BERNIE RULES!
    No Abe " Joe" Simpson (Biden) or that know it all kindergarten teacher Warren. Certainly no Buttigieg (corporate hack) None could battle Trump like the burn! He has no defence against content and people who stand their ground. BERNIE will wipe that 🍊 💩 of the stage!
    Only OG Bernie will bring true change! Government by heart and mind!

  4. Fucking hell, the DNC better not hamstring bernie like they did in 2016. Then we're gonna have to deal with more trump.
    Hoping that Democrats take back the Senate and McConnell gets the boot next yr. Then trump will absolutely lose his shit cause there's no one in either house or senate that will cover his ass.

  5. Bernie Sanders tells the truth doesn’t change his mind sticks to his believes and works for the people and not the corporations! What more do you want from a president? Bernie Sanders all the way

  6. I will vote for trump over Biden. Atleast trump will do his dirt in the open. Biden will slap on a smile and do everything in secret. I pray they don’t fuck Bernie over.

  7. Biden & Trump have many similarities. People who don't like Trump don't want to vote for a person that reminds them of Trump. I know I wouldn't. NEVER!

  8. Correction: elections SHOULD be about policies, but in America the majority of people don't care and vote personality or perception. They are a woefully inadequate populace for self government. They clamor for freedom but hunger for the benevolent despot. That's why our democracy has dissolved. Revolution is only hope.

  9. Biden has no policies and very little energy. Like Hilary, he inspires very few people and he will do nothing to help the average person. He will "work" with the GOP by compromising over and over. He cannot beat the vile orange monster!

  10. Yes, I'll vote for Sanders, but we still need to wake the GOP senators up from their ignorance and stupidity to make them get Trump removed from office.

  11. I will vote for Bernie Sanders a second time, and I hope Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Hillary Clinton do not get involved with America's voting for Bernie Sanders this time. 🍁🍁

  12. Farrah/Fredo just pulled his basement buddies and crazy Bernie is most trusted on libtard, commie, fascist issues and wears diapers too.

  13. Listened to Bernie, on Thom Hartmann, for years. Thought, he needs to run for President! Then he gets screwed by the DNC.


  15. People who are NOT socialist and communist think he is the most DIStrustful. He's basically just buying votes with all this free stuff BS.

  16. Is it too far of a stretch to state Bernie is the most trusted presidential candidate since Honest Abe? When one gives it some serious thought, only Henry Wallace and Eugene Debs come to mind as other possibilities. Every president since Honest Abe has lied his ass off to the American people. Honesty is one of the main qualities that makes A. Lincoln unique as a politician and later in life a genuine statesman. It is what got him elected in 1860.

  17. What good is it that Bernie is the most trusted. This country is too stupid to make Bernie Sanders our next President. The proof is that they were too stupid back in 2016 and put President Pussy Grabber in the Oval Office.

  18. Of course he is. But corporate America hates good people, especially liberal politicians. Look what happened to Jimmy Carter.

  19. On Massacre Weekend ( El Paso and Dayton), Biden tweeted his "thoughts and prayers" and named the wrong city, Dallas. Now, I'm old too, and my memory slips a bit, but if I was going to make a public statement about such a terrible tragedy, I would write down the city's name on a scrap of paper. Because I give a damn.

  20. When I canvassed for Kucinich in 2004, I heard the same contorted arguments. People would say "I really like Kucinich and his platform, but he can't win."

  21. Americans are stupid voters. Period. We are a stupid, uneducated society as a whole. If Biden is nominated, Trump will win in 2020.

  22. I'm not American, but if I were, I would vote for Bernie Sanders because it is about time America had a President who is honest and forthright. Particularly after that lying waste of space trump.

  23. Lol, Biden? Really? These are psychos who says that. If Bernie is not the nominee, this country deserves to rotten in hell. We have a great chance, I'm voting for Bernie, no one else.

  24. People won't rally around Biden. It's just that simple. Bernie gets people motivated for change. Necessary. Change. If I'm not mistaken, this is the 3rd or maybe even the 4th time Biden has run for president. He's never won and he won't this time, either.

  25. You Americans please take this opportunity to change your lives for the better and join the rest of the world with a better standard of living…. Bernie appears to be the only honest broker. Best of luck.

  26. It is not insane. If all you hear from media you trust that Biden is more electable, over and over, you start believing it. That is how brainwashing/propaganda works. And because of seriously underfunded education, critical thinking is not something a majority of people have learned to do. Basically, all the ingredients are there for a country ruled by the corporations, who brainwash people into voting against their interests, until the point where they won't need to anymore because they hold all the power.

  27. Love this!!! Thank you for posting your opinion for fucktards who need it spelled out for them, and for those of us younger voters who dont really know how to vote or anything about politocs.


  29. The man with the best plans! He is our best way out of this mess and our best foot forward in reshaping our democracy! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🇺🇸🇺🇸

  30. WTF even is electability, and why would you elect a president for it? Once the guy gets into office, he has to actually do the job of being president.
    You don't hire a mailman who can find his way to the front door, but can't put the mail in the slot.

  31. Well Duh

    We have recipes on Bernie 30+ years old…

    The media is already trying to fuck him over. Now the debate is Warren vs Trump
    That's all you see now

    Sanders is the best thing that could ever happen to America. And its not even close. If your in the 95% of the country… Bernie will fight for you till the day he dies

    (Knock on wood)


  32. The world is sick and tried of Ole white men and women that has ran this Country in the got dam ground.. their should be a age limit and Major Cadential‘s College Educated not under 30 and Not over 50..Black White and all in between. #Cory Booker 2020

  33. Bernie Sanders is trusted because he does what he says or, if unable to, tries his damnedest to get someone who can. His record proves it.

    Possibly one of the best presidential candidates in recent American history

  34. When you realize exactly how stupid stolen amerikkka really is they are dumb and claim they got a high IQ I can't tell at all?🤔 Biden is a loser he wants nothing to change and he will make everything worse he's clueless and he don't even know where he's at half the time or what he's damn saying no he's an undercover dum racist we don't want him we are tired the same s*** different day.

  35. Bernie is the most honest because when hes not bought and paid for I cant believe this man has withstood the pressure noone before him could i love bernie hes truly am american hero and no matter what bernie a already won hes inspired people not only in this country but the world because of bernie people will rise well have a Congress full of representatives and senators that work for the people and not the corporations

  36. Conclusion of this poll: the lies in establishment media are extremely effective, whatever nonsense they repeat all the time, most people are foolish enough to believe it. Tell that the earth is flat and people will believe it. Tell that Biden is more electable than Sanders and most people will believe it.

  37. Thank you Farron Cousins for speaking truth to power the s*** don't make sense vote foe the person who thank you faring cousin speaking truth to power for the s*** don't make sense vote for the person who is smart and have good policy that will help the american people. Joe Biden can't even talk his way out of a damn paper bag he dumb as a box of rocks he's a idiot a old good old boy idiot.

  38. Have they been watching Joe Biden he's like in the stage of memory loss making too many mistakes when he's talking like his lost in a Wilderness he can't beat the orange turd trump and his con artist ways and words. Have people even seen this man what he's been doing on TV he is a train wreck he not going to win against the orange turd trump he will clown him and talk about all the mistakes he's been making. I hope people don't think like that God blessed then they are dumb as a box of rocks.

  39. Bernie Sanders will be the best president in recent memory, but because he doesn't allow himself to be bought is why the Democrats who are most of them bought and paid for won't even mention his name, they rather have Biden a weak wanabe also corrupt who will lose to Trump and anyone else. Open your eyes to the reality of corruption in all branches of our government.

  40. The problem is not who get the most votes, the problem is who. Get enough votes in a swing state like Ohio. Or at least that is what the DNC want you to think.

  41. I agree! I resent whoever the hell has been telling me to vote for Biden! same old same old. (I think it might be the repubs)

  42. The people polled who trust Bernie are NOT the same ones who think Biden is the "most electable". And neither Biden nor Warren are likely to beat Trump, they will be stomped it dust by Trump and their own stumbling and their HORRIBLE RECORDS which show that they are both TRAITORS to "we the people".

  43. For the last 30 years a lot of ppl fell asleep including myself it was Clinton exploded the prison population killed most of the unions sent majority of jobs over seas with NAFTA.BUSH jr. had the fear of the American ppl to pass the patriot act also lied to the American ppl and brought us to wars that we are still in do to a lie. Obama who fought for change and hope lied through his white teeth and then turned his back on Everyone for eight years and now we have Trump and he is a symptom not the problem

  44. Look! Best way to win 2020 is to get a HUGE voter turnout! Best way to get a HUGE turnout is by having policies the PEOPLE WANT like M4A! Maybe most importantly – If you want a HUGE turnout from Millennials Bernie is the ONLY one who will guarantee that!

  45. Any Democratic presidential candidates are more trusted than Greedy Old Pricks EvangeliCUNTS who wants to turn America into another Saudi Arabia,Thailand or Bolsonaro's Brazil.

  46. I trust Bernie Sanders. He's a really good guy and he's intelligent. He would make a great president.💙💙🇺🇸🇺🇸

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