New Medical Diagnosis Outlines Symptoms Caused by Capitalism: "Burnout"

I found a story that really demonstrates how detrimental capitalism is to our well-being it's literally now a medical issue a medical diagnosis according to the World Health Organization to experience burnout burnout specifically with your job we're being overworked and underpaid and it's affecting our health physically and mentally so for more on this we go to jenna amma Tooley of the HuffPost who writes the stress depression and lack of feeling and control that comes with burnout are finally being formally recognized by the medical community burnout is now an official workplace syndrome the International classification of diseases are the icd-11 the World Health Organization's handbook that helps medical providers diagnose diseases classifies burnout as a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed symptoms include feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion increased mental distance from one's job or feelings of negativity or cynicism related to one's job and reduced professional efficacy the icd-11 notes that burnout is a specific occupation and should not be applied to describe experiences in other areas of life research on burnout dates back to a 1974 study on the state of burnout by psychologist herbert Freudenberg according to CNN since then while burnout has been widely discussed as a problem in society it hasn't been taken seriously or viewed as a legitimate medical condition most recently burnout has been closely associated with the millennial generation in January and Helen Petersen penned a viral BuzzFeed article titled how Millennials became the burnout generation so as I read this I kept thinking it doesn't have to be this way it does not have to be this way but it is specifically because we designed an economic system capitalism where we essentially become slaves to the system and our survivability hinges on as participating in capitalism and having burnout like experiencing that it makes sense especially for Millennials I mean everyone can experience burnout right but think about Millennials and why this especially affects them we are working longer hours for lower wages were worse off than our parents and we are really facing the reality that we may not ever be able to retire so if you're working at some shitty job that you hate you may have to work until the day you die because we may not be able to retire there are efforts to privatize Social Security which would essentially ruin it pensions have essentially been abandoned in favor of 401ks that don't pay out as much I mean the prospect of enjoying life and not just living to work and serve capitalism its diminishing so of course people are experiencing burnout of course there's also no federal guarantee for vacations no sick leave so if you're sick well you need money so you got to come into work if you have a baby there's no you know mandatory maternity and paternity leave and additionally to make matters worse we're not even really benefiting from the fruits of our labor you work five days out of the week in many instances and you don't even get to spend the money that you get it goes to student loans it goes to rent it goes to bills so if you worked but there was like this light at the end of the tunnel where you can go and purchase anything that makes you happy you know some consumers thing if you can participate in capitalism and buy an Xbox for example maybe that make matters a little bit better but it's like you're working just to get by it's a grind and it doesn't have to be this way and I think it's really unnecessarily cruel think about just stop for a min and think about how crazy this is we have as human beings very short lives if we're lucky we live to be 80 years old right but we spend most of that time working five out of the seven days each week is spent going to a job that we hate doing something we don't like and not getting paid enough it's such a dis a grim thing to think about when you really kind of dwell on this and think about what capitalism has done we are slaves to capitalism and we have no choice if we don't participate then we can't survive and to be fair it's not just Millennials because I worked at Walmart and I absolutely hated life like I felt strong depression but I remember thinking you know there was these 80 or 70 year old probably co-workers old ladies that I worked with and I just thought why are you here these are supposed to be your golden years you should be retired by now you shouldn't have to be dealing with these asshole customers who treat you like a servant to them you shouldn't be having to pick up you know all the toys that the kids throw on the floor in the toy section like you should be enjoying the golden years of your life and then when you think about that and think man this is gonna be what it's like for Millennials we have to do this possible we have to work until we're that old because we don't have enough money to retire it's so sad it's such a devastating thought so this is why the more that I think about this the more that I explore my own political ideology I'm gravitating away from social democracy and closer towards democratic socialism because capitalism is such a virus that even if you get social democracy capitalistic forces will try to destroy the progress that you made because that incentive to generate profit is so powerful but it is antithetical to what human beings need to live fulfilling lives I mean you shouldn't have to get up every single day or most days and work at a job you hate we should be able to pursue things that we feel passionate about art if you want to paint pictures you wanna play video games we should be able to enjoy lives more but the fact that most of the time most of our waking hours most days were forced to do something we don't like just to survive that's really sad we could do better we can design an economic system that isn't like this and it's not like we're all going to be lucky enough to land jobs that we love but we shouldn't be spending the majority of our days at these jobs that we hate because even if you have a job you love you're bound to hate it if you're forced to spend all your time there so this is why you know I read stories like this and I move a little bit closer towards democratic socialism because I think we could do better we can give human beings more to make their lives more fulfilling we can give them more security when it comes to just getting them the basic necessities so that way they don't have to feel as if they are slaves to the state and slaves to capitalism in big business so that way they can actually I don't know try something crazy and maybe enjoy life travel explore the planet run you know uh play with dogs that's lovely just do something that you enjoy because life is too short to spend most of the time doing something you don't like I mean how cruel is that capitalism only benefits the rich it only benefits the people who are exploiting us for our labor so I don't know what else to say about this it's not surprising but it's still it's sad because it really puts things into perspective to see that it's now officially a medical diagnosis that people are getting burned out with their jobs yeah

  1. A term I found in the medical literature that can measure burnout is called allostatic load. It measures chronic stress in the body and is linked to occupational stress. So yes, your toxic thankless job that you hate is physically harming you. Now we just have to have to allow there to be workers compensation claims for it.

  2. Seriously where are all these people I keep hearing about that work crazy hours and are being taken advantage of? I want to hire them, I just can’t find them through any of my recruiting sources. I own a small business and I can’t get people to stay a week because they feel so taken advantage of. It’s a housecleaning business, I pay $12 per hour starting which isn’t bad for where I live. I could pay $18-$20 per hour and I very much want to, but it’s nearly impossible when I have to constantly lose employees because they think their victims of some something. They aren’t victims of anything, it’s just life. Yeah shit happens, God knows I’ve had my fair share of tragedy, but you can’t let it define you. And who the hell said you can’t work and have a personal life? I work 80 hours a week on a light week and (Since I have to do much of the labor myself with employees quitting to work off the books privately without paying ANY taxes) and I still find a few hours a week to write my stories. I agree that elderly people shouldn’t have to be working if they don’t want to, but that’s a social security issue and not the same thing as what is happening with younger people. Younger folks have unrealistic expectations, they’ve been told they could be anything they want in life but weren’t ever told that they have to work hard to get there. I wish I could make another point or two but I have to go now to a job site and clean since employees have no ethical issues no call no showing.

  3. I'm a boomer who plans to work at least till my mid-70's so that I can move to a place where I'm not harassed by thug landlords and drug addicts. Many of the people I know are being pushed out of the places they've lived all their lives and have to keep working. Death is the new retirement.

  4. Born 1962. Started working bullshit jobs since 1980. Went into debt for college. Had to try and pay it back with same bullshit jobs. Rents going up. Hours going down. Unions not doing much in the 80's to improve conditions or hours but actually negotiating for 2 tier wage systems in Union jobs. Starting own business around the time the internet started. Compete with internet for 18 of the 20 years in business. Realize I can never afford a house. Go out of business at 55 due to rents and other factors. Unemployable due to age and or other discrimination. Must work past normal retirement age. Take job as Airbnb cleaner at 57. What will happen next? And gee I'm not a Millenial. In fact some call me a baby boomer. It's NOT just the Millenials who have experienced burnout and the depressing realization that they will live less well than their parents . Nor are they the only ones who suffer.

  5. Socialism is the type of system which allows people to work for extravagance and happiness; capitalism is the system which forces people to work for shitty food and falling-apart homes.

  6. This is really sad. My advice is to DOWNSIZE. Move away from big cities and live a simple cheap life. That's what I did.

  7. The ultra wealthy are the leisure class. A lot of them live about 3 miles from me. I can go to a park near their mansions at 2pm on a Wednesday, and loads of them will be on the lakes in their yachts and speed boats. The golf courses are full of rich a-holes at 3pm. While we work 60-80 hours a week, they never even have do their own dishes or laundry, let alone work a 9-5 job. It’s all inherited investment income.

  8. people keep talking about retirement but honestly younger generations are probably going to die before that. my grandparents died in there 70s, my parents are getting sick and most likely are going to die in there 60s, the world looks pretty bleak to me. our jobs are making us sick.

  9. I work as an adjunct professor for a high profile graduate school. They pay me $245 per week per class, and recently asked me to do a complete re-write of the online course material, which they anticipate will take me three months to complete. For this they offer me $1560 dollars for three months of work. Meanwhile, each of my students are charged $2,900 apiece to take one of my classes. So I get paid $3675 per semester for a class that brings in over $53,000 per semester for the university. It’s insane.

  10. It’s not capitalism that’s the problem, capitalism has lifted millions/billions out of poverty. The problem is these massive multinational fortune 100 companies that have taken over our democracy. Trade deals destroyed our middle class. Capitalism needs to be properly regulated the same way any board/video game has rules to keep it competitive and working properly. The government should be regulating the economy so that people can become wealthy, sure, but it doesn’t need to be the extreme winner take all sh*tshow that it has become.

  11. Democratic Socialism is not real Socialism, (It's still Capitalism). The Scandinavian Countries are based on Capitalism, and that is why the U.S. does not see those countries as threatening. It's basically Capitalism with a few bread crumbs thrown in. Jason Unruhe did a great video on this: "The DSA is NOT Helping the Cause."

  12. I've been a Dem. Socialist for a while now. I just confirmed it with Bernie's recent Dem. Soc proposals

  13. I made certain my millennial son's education was paid for debt free although I was working with late stage cancer. Between that and my medical bills I will almost certainly work until I die. Fortunately I enjoy my work but at least my children don't have school debt and will almost certainly get to retire before they are too old to enjoy it. I do what I can to get Democratic Socialists elected because they will benefit the young. Bernie is my candidate of choice for 2020 and is doing the same thing for the same reason. We must plant trees we will not sit in the shade of.

  14. This is why I'm a socialist man…a lot of us are going that way. Fully automated luxury gay space communism isnt just a tongue in cheek joke, it's a hope we all have that one day we will have enough automation that most people wont even HAVE to toil, that robotics can be used to make a world where we can simply BE, can create or explore, make art, to have a truly free life. We can get there together.

  15. Almost totally agree but I think that in any society people have to do things they don’t wanna do to survive. Like hunter gathers, hippy communes, old communist societies still relied on work that was normally labor intensive etc. I think it’s that we have to do this work SO MUCH, on top of feeing like we have no say in the process of our own work.

  16. This is why I'm an anarcho-communist. Anarchy because we don't need bosses. Authority that cannot prove its necessity should be abolished. Communism because that's changing the focus of society away from profits for the top 1% and making it so that our productivity is primarily aimed at the general welfare, not greed. It's so that we all can enjoy the progress that we as a species have made. Read the Conquest of Bread, it's a short book and available free online, if you want to learn more. Thought Slime, Non-Compete and a few other youtubers have also made videos on these subjects.

  17. 1 It's not capitalism. It FIAT money. Every second of every day your dollar becomes more worthless.
    That's why "We" have to work more and more while saving less and less. Or going deeper into debt.
    2 EVEN….if you had the resources. Guess what. You still have to work till the day you die.
    Work is just a part of life. It takes work just to live. Unless you just want to be a blob. A nothing.
    3 Most people hate their jobs. Because they are not fond of the people they interact with on a daily basis.
    4 Playing video games? Quit wasting your time. Get outside and live. Interact/learn/help/grow.
    5 Economic success is typically not equal to being happy. They don't give you that money. They exchange a chunk of your life for it. More money//More of YOU!


  18. Start reading Theory Mike, you'll start seeing even more seriously awful shit in the world and radicalize even more. I'm glad to see you moving to the left more.

  19. The sad truth is that we're exactly where the elites want us. It's only gonna get worse with time.

  20. Wait…so after going to school, pulling yourself up by your boot straps, working 3 shitty, low-wage jobs, driving for Uber and GrubHub on the side, and building your credit to qualify for a decent-paying job, people are getting burned out????? Nah, that’s just lazy people being unpatriotic. Everyone wants to work, even if that means working damn near all 168 hours of the week. Ivanka said so. #BurnOutHasAlwaysBeenReal

  21. My highschool gave me an early case of burnout with overwhelming amounts of homework that got in the way of life and even though I graduated, I don't want to go to college because I just hate paperwork now thanks to that. Good thing is I'm living life debt free with decent savings on a part time job and have time to watch YouTube, maybe I did something right after all.

  22. 'I've looked at life from both sides, now…' — Joni Mitchell
    I count myself very, very, very fortunate. I was able to retire (real pension) at a relatively early age. So, for years now, I wake up to a day that belongs to me. But, before that I spent decades living the life you described – the life of a 'wage slave'.
    I remember J M Keynes (by no means a socialist) predicted that by the time of his 'grandchildren' the workweek would be reduced to 15 hours (without reduction in pay). He based it on the trajectory of technology (automation etc.). Today, economists find that prediction laughable. But, the failure was not in Keynes, it was in us. We left the decision of what to do with all that tech in the hands of the oligarchs. Imagine a shop with 5 workers producing X widgets in 200 hrs/week. New technology comes online to produce X Plus widgets in 75 hrs. The choice: reduce the workweek (5 workers: 15hrs/wk), or the work force (1 full time: 40hr/wk, 1 part time 35 hr/wk, and 3 thrown out into the streets). Well, we know what what the oligarchs chose.

    It's time to take that decision away from them; to democratize the economy and liberate ourselves from 'wage slavery'.

  23. Thanks for talking about this, I have known this for years, this what the profit system is, also called the surplus of labor. Marx talks about this in Capital. Your job should be for you live and survive not to make other people rich by making profits for them while you waste your life away. We need to overthrow capitalism by a revolution of thinking.

  24. Pretty much why I’m going to take a month of unemployment once Shopko closes for good. Burnout, and the sheer realization that the older generations care more about “good deals” than the economy and American workers in general.

  25. But miiike your just complaining you need to pull yourself by your bootstraps and do what you can to make money your from a generation of complainers so stop complaining your just being lazy. …..

    Ps. Plz dont take post seriously lol

  26. This is why I don’t understand why companies treat their employees so poorly and why the rich step on the poor. Companies love profit and the rich love all of the fancy things they buy. Who makes the profit and fancy things?


    The workers become poor to the point they can’t work anymore and the source of the such beloved profit and fancy nicknacks disappears.

  27. Video games? You reduce the struggle to just video games and other meaningless "pursuits"? When we have a whole solar system, galaxy, universe/multiverse to explore and conquer? The left is losing because it lacks a big collective project/mission. It is also failing because it has bought into this weird mix of Statism and Individualism/Liberalism, which are rooted in the philosophies of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke.

    Video games, social media, are the new opium of the masses along with the old ones(religion, drugs etc)

  28. How many times do you have to lose the argument before you understand that capitalism isn’t going anywhere?

  29. I’m still parsing it out, but I lean more towards ancom. Having said that, I’ll gladly take socialism over this garbage. Good on you!

  30. Viva la revolucion! Communism is our only path forward, we must take up the banner of Marx and Lenin!

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