New Class: Influencing Political Systems for Social Change (Fall 2013)

I feel that coming to educating students is actually very inspiring so it’s been fun to do a lot of the reading of books and articles that I’m working through as I put my first course together influencing political systems for social change and to see in these readings a lot of the ideas that I’ve had a chance to live and to think about what would be helpful for graduate students whether in social work or other disciplines as well who want to think about how do we impact the political systems that are going to affect how programs and policies operate in our country and in our state’s and in our communities it’s great to have a role in the education end of this so I think it’s important for Social Work students but other policies students public health students who are going to work in communities and organizations where they will deal with individuals but they want to also have an impact in the programs and policies that affect those individuals I think it’s important for students to know how do I do that how how did how do i improve policies how do i improve and see that laws get moved along introduced hopefully past and then programs implemented how does that work and I think it’s very important for all of us to have that knowledge and have those skills if we’re truly going to enhance opportunities for vulnerable populations and for all folks in our communities to have this university right here in a state capital the class can really be a laboratory where in action where students can go to and we will do this we will spend time reading and visiting with leaders in government in public policy at the state government level but also we have a very vibrant and active city government here in this part of the state and a very active and vibrant County government and so and very rich nonprofits in terms of really smart dedicated people leading them because it’s the state capital there are a lot of advocacy groups here that work hard that really fight passionately and strategically for their goals so I feel like the course in addition to giving students an opportunity to really do a lot of terrific reading because there been a lot of great thinkers who’ve been writing so in addition to the reading that will do real life experiences because of where the university is positioned where I will be bringing to class very prominent leaders from government from policy from advocacy and we’ll be able to have a real exchange of ideas will be drawing on the readings also from research think tanks and from philanthropic groups which put out publications because they want to see improvements in quality of life for the various populations that that they’re dedicated to you

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