Nene Leakes Quits Real Housewives of Atlanta as Greg goes under

no I don't believe it y'all see this I don't believe it job but you know what I gotta tell you guys what's been going on in these streets and what they spend but I don't believe this not one bit okay but that's my belief shun me feel differently so reports are saying nene leakes quits Real Housewives of Atlanta you see it right I didn't make this up you know what I'm saying listen anything y'all can't say I made up nothing cuz I don't and I show y'all where I get information from here and there okay so anywho nene leakes hits and leaving Real Housewives of Atlanta last night NeNe Leakes shared a picture on Instagram kick sticking out her tongue and throwing up the deuces with the hashtag bye forever okay so this is her and it says say what no no happiness over here bye forever well I told you a lot listen I don't know what's going on in these streets but it's been slow everywhere I don't know maybe the industry they they starting to wake up I'm not sure but um I don't understand how they got she's leaving the show because she said bye deuces forever I think come on now I don't know but what do you guys take about it people say please let this be true somebody said not again oh and let me not forget you guys know Gregg is um he's going under his final surgery they got him cancer free hand had no cancer no more but you got to go his final surgery so happy day I'm having my port removed thank you Jesus for watching over me okay so this is great thank you to the world for all your prayers and your will wish it's all right so that's great and um what do y'all make of this I'm not sure I don't know what to think I just don't believe it but I want to know what do y'all feel somebody said this be better get all that problem anyway she can because she told us just recently she wasn't going nowhere ain't nobody gonna force her out and she said and stop acting like that's not her job and she don't need it yes B you need that job to maintain be opening in retail store and this climate is ain't the move okay and this clown leave a real house of Atlanta or Greek both will be a benefit so I guess somebody's taking it like she's saying by the grid I don't think she'd ever say bye to Greek on social media like that but hey take it how y'all want I'm just here telling y'all what I've seen and what I heard all right love y'all bye

  1. Nene u look a fool sculpting your face into animationnnnnn….smh. Please stop!!! Mind u this show shudnt be coming back till HALLOWEEN. Why is it even being talked about weekly. So annoying

  2. Nene will never leave!!! I would show up on set kicking and screaming…Phaedra almost lost it when they let her go

  3. I specifically remember leaving comments on this video and now that I’ve come back to read the replies to said comments, they are gone. Jess I see you. You can dish out the lies and the clickbait but you can’t face reality. You are changing, this channel was good once upon a time but you’re falling into the YouTuber trap so 👏🏾. Disappointed af. & go deleted that disgusting ass video of you throwing up. TASTELESS.

  4. People in the industry are already woke Jessica. They didn't realize how much they put on you until later. So……………..that's how much the industry loves you. To work you to death on end then say fuck you when you're worn out and TIRED. Nene knew of this and thought she was too special for them to do it to her. BLOOP!!! And BYEGIRL!!!!!

  5. She's is still on the show, don't believe the hype. This is going to take Greg ot in the next yr or so. Please don't cum for me, I'm just telling what I see. If you'd like a free 5 min eading add on fb miss _ Claudia _o"costa bio Norine

  6. NeNe don't look happy on the show and she acts like she hates everybody.

  7. No, she doesn't need it. NeNe has a very nice boutique she just opened in the expensive ass MGM Resort in MD. Cute ass fashions inside. And that's in addition to get other ventures she had going on. Y'all hatin' assesssss need to stop it. Yeah, the show made her but she doesn't need Housewives at this point.

  8. Nene better stop doing these surgery on her face before she loose all her face because of surgery.

  9. NeNe don't give up like that baby don't let them b**** stop your bag get your coins baby get your corn don't let them hoes win unless you want to go

  10. I don’t comment to MUCH But she starting to look like her best friend in the white Girlfriend, shit I can’t thinK of her name ( on the tip of tongue ) she’s flowing it time to be real! Need to see pics of her hair no make up? She’s too arrogant for me.

  11. I don't believe it either because NeNe makes Bravo a lot of money. The show is already tired but without NeNe it'll be really boring.

  12. I hope she has cause she's forgotten where she came from. Her attitude is uncalled for, just my opinion.

  13. Nene ant that young oh yes she would leave Greg ..its kool to get a old man when you're young..but when the old man gets sick now you want out..

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