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This week on Moyers & Company astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson on science, God and the
If God is the mystery of the universe, these mysteries, which we’re tackling these mysteries
one by one. If you’re going to stay religious at the end of the conversation, God has to
mean more to you than just where science has yet to tread. ANNOUNCER:
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Welcome. Look at this glorious photograph. It was taken by a NASA space telescope and
shows the remains of a supernova, an exploded star, 17,000 light years away from us, back
when here on planet Earth we were still in the Stone Age. Now hold your hand up to the screen and see
how the photo resembles the X-ray of some large celestial hand. That’s why astronomers
have called this image the “Hand of God.” Not literally, of course. But the picture
does provide us with an elegant entry into the next part of my conversation with Neil
deGrasse Tyson. He’s the director of the Hayden Planetarium at New York’s American Museum
of Natural History. He’s also the narrator of a mesmerizing new
show at the planetarium called Dark Universe, and this spring he’ll appear as the host of
a remake of the classic PBS series Cosmos. You can see it on the National Geographic
Channel and FOX TV… In our first episode, Neil deGrasse Tyson
talked about the phenomenon of dark energy, the accelerating expansion of our universe. NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON from Moyers & Company
Show 301: We expected gravity to be slowing down the
expanding universe. The opposite is happening. We don’t know what’s causing it. BILL MOYERS:
Nor do Tyson and his colleagues yet fully comprehend another cosmic enigma known as
dark matter. NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON from Moyers & Company
Show 301: There is no known objects accounting for most
of the effective gravity in the universe. Something is making stuff move that is not
anything we have ever touched. BILL MOYERS:
On that mysterious note, we begin the next part of my talk with Neil deGrasse Tyson.
Thank you. BILL MOYERS:
There were two strange sequences in your planetarium show. And I managed to go online and look
You’ve become a dark matter junky here. You’re going online, you need more. BILL MOYERS:
You need more. BILL MOYERS:
So let’s talk about the scene of dark matter from your show at the planetarium. NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON:
So what’s going on here is you’re viewing the structure of the large-scale universe.
And what we’ve represented here are dark areas that themselves have more gravitational attraction
than the light areas. So the light areas are drawing themselves to the dark areas. And
so you, what happens is, as this happens over the eons, structure begins to manifest in
the universe. And you see this web work, and it looks almost
organic, or it looks like some kind of neurosynaptic map. The formation and collection of matter
in the universe follows the laws of physics. And when you add in the dark matter, this
extra gravity, it turns the universe into the universe that we see. That’s why we know that dark matter is real.
We don’t know what it is. But we know it’s there because we can’t make the universe as
we see it unless we put this extra gravity into our simulations to match the gravity
that we see. BILL MOYERS:
So you know it’s something. NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON:
It’s something. And there’s some exotic ideas for it, by the way. Particle physicists are
convinced that it might be an exotic particle that doesn’t interact with us. Doesn’t interact
with our light, with our telescopes, but that it has gravity. So these particles are doing
their own thing, invisible to us, but otherwise attracting our matter into their, nucleating
us among them. So, but of course, a particle physicist would
think that the solution is a particle. If you’re a hammer, all your problems look like
nails. One of the more intriguing accounts I’ve heard is if you have multiple universes,
it turns out gravity can spill out of one universe and be felt by another. And if we have another universe adjacent to
ours, it could be that these sites where we see extra gravity is ordinary gravity in a
parallel universe. And here we are, looking at it mysteriously like, “What is this?” It’s
like the blind man touching the elephant. “I don’t know what this whole thing is, but
here I can describe this part of it. And it’s kind of textured, and it’s, no, no, no, no,
no, this got, it’s smooth and hard.” And, you know, you can’t see the whole elephant.
Maybe the elephant is ordinary gravity in another universe and we’re feeling it and
we’re making stuff up just to account for it. BILL MOYERS:
You think there could be another universe? NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON:
I don’t see why not. Because back when we thought Earth was alone in the universe, we
knew that there were other planets, that the Earth is just a planet, one of many. “Well,
the sun is surely special.” No, the sun is one of a hundred billion other suns. So, the
galaxy, the Milky Way. No, the galaxy is one of hundred billion galaxies. How about the
universe? We have philosophical precedent to suggest
that why should nature make anything in ones? Okay? Everything else we ever thought was
unique or special, well, we found more of them. So philosophically, it’s not unsettling
to imagine more than one universe. We also have good theoretical grounds for
suggesting the existence of a multiverse. Where our universe is just one of some countless
number of other universes coming in and out of existence, with slightly different laws
of physics within them. That makes it a little dangerous. Because we are held together, involved
in a universe where we work. Where we work physically. If you want to visit another universe,
I would, like, you know, send something else ahead of you. BILL MOYERS:
So explain this to me, why is it I felt more satisfied watching the planetarium show, and
as I’m sure we will watching the new “Cosmos,” than I do personally from science fiction?
I mean, I came away with a sense of really having experienced something authentic at
the planetarium. NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON:
That’s a great question. By the way, there are many science-fiction fans who also embrace
the science reality. And people who are fans of fantasy and super heroes and science fiction
and all the storytelling that goes on on the frontier, essentially, everyone there knows
the difference between that frontier and the real science that comes out. And they will judge the storytelling based
on how much science it got right before starts inventing what the frontier of imagination
would bring. If you violate a known law of physics, that’s lesser science fiction than
the one where you get all your physics right, now take me, now give me the warp drive. Now
give me the transporter. Take me beyond what we know. So, but to your
point I think maybe it’s the same effect as if you tour the Air and Space Museum in Washington,
which has the history of flight, including space flight, that we could’ve made an exact,
we museum people, could’ve made an exact replica of the Apollo 11 command module that went
to the moon. And then we’d say, “Here’s an exact replica.”
So that’s okay. But if I now say, “This actual thing went to the moon,” intellectually, that
means something different to you. Your eyes see exactly the same, you could make a replica,
a perfect, that looks exact, with all the blemishes and all the heat shield damage.
You could do that. But if you know it’s the real thing, the meaning is magnified. And
so yes, you go to our space show, it is the real science. And it is captivating you the
way we’d only perhaps had thought science fiction could. BILL MOYERS:
Science fiction came first in a way, in terms of popular entertainment. NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON:
In some cases. But I’m a fan of JBS Haldane once said, I’m paraphrasing, he said, the
universe is not only stranger than we have imagined, it’s perhaps stranger than we can
imagine. And when you realize that I, you understand why some people don’t need to read
the science fiction. Because black holes flaying stars in orbit around them and planets that
have life forms undreamt of on Earth, this is, we’re speaking real stuff here. Maybe
that’s as seductive as the imagination of someone standing on the frontier. BILL MOYERS:
One thing I took away from your planetarium show is that dark energy, is the increasing
rate at which the universe is pulling itself apart, so how does it happen that we don’t
experience this expanding of universe as we walk down the street, or sit here in this
Yeah, because you live 80 years instead of billions. If you lived billions of years,
oh yeah. This would be, “Hey, check that out. Look what I noticed.” Yeah, I think about
things you miss because of how short our time on Earth is. I’ll, the best example I can
give is when you walk around, say, “Oh, there’s a nice, puffy cloud.” You don’t stare at it
for an hour, you just notice it. BILL MOYERS:
If you do a time-lapse of the cloud, especially cumulus clouds, they are roiling, gurgling,
boiling, places of condensed water vapor. They’re alive. Yet, when you walk down the
street, you think it’s just sitting there peaceful and calm if it’s just a simple cloud.
So even something that does change in your lifetime, you don’t think of as an actively
roiling place, a cloud. So imagine longer, imagine mountain building on Earth. Imagine
watching the Hawaiian islands pop up, or come, imagine watching ice ages come and go. Imagine
watching species of life rise up, the dinosaurs, and then an asteroid comes, they go extinct
essentially overnight on the, in the fossil record. That’s a whole other way to see the
world. And it’s the task of the geologist, the astrophysicist
to think about how that works. Fortunately, we have computers that can speed up time.
I’ll give you a great example. We used to have catalogues of galaxies. We say, “That’s
a really messed-up looking galaxy there. Let’s make a catalogue of irregular galaxies.” So we have a catalogue of beautiful galaxies
and irregular galaxies. And then people came up with theories, “How does a galaxy become
irregular?” No one knew until we realized, galaxies collide. Galaxies feel each other’s
local gravity, collide, and it’s a train wreck. And half the irregular galaxies are train-wrecked
galaxies. There’s a famous astronomer, Gérard de Vaucouleurs
who said, a wrecked Lexus is still a Lexus. It just happened to be in a car accident.
So we would learn. Now, how do you get to know that galaxies collide? You put in the
forces of gravity on a computer, run the simulation, and watch it unfold. And there you can recreate
the havoc that you see in the universe on a 100-million-year time scale. BILL MOYERS:
So when a child sings, or used to sing, I don’t think they do anymore, “Twinkle, twinkle
little star, how I wonder what you are,” it’s not twinkling. Something powerful, dramatic,
and dynamic is happening to it. Right? NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON:
Well, yes, and we call that twinkling. So yeah, there’s starlight coming billions of,
or millions of light years, well it depends on if it’s a galaxy, well, hundreds of thousands
of light years across space, and it’s a perfect point of light as it hits our atmosphere,
turbulence in the atmosphere jiggled the image, and it renders the star twinkling. And by the way, planets are brighter than
stars typically, like Jupiter and Venus. Venus has been in the evening skies lately. And
if you go, “Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are,” and you, I want,
you want to wish upon the star, most people are wishing on planets. That’s why their wishes
don’t come true. Because the planets are the first stars to come out at night. BILL MOYERS:
Don’t you sometimes feel sad about breaking all these myths apart? NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON:
No, no, because I think it’s, some myths are, deserve to be broken apart. The, out of respect
for the human intellect. That, no, when you’re writhing on the ground and froth is coming
out of your mouth, you’re having an epileptic seizure. You have not been invaded by the
devil. We got this one figured out, okay? I mean, discovery moves on. So, I don’t mind
the power of myth and magic. But take it to the next frontier and apply it there. Don’t
apply it in places where we’ve long passed what we already know is going on. BILL MOYERS:
I came out of the planetarium, and that evening, I sat thinking about what you said in the
show about, you acknowledged the Big Bang and you, and I remember that Hubble rewound
the process mathematically. Correct me if I’m wrong, and calculated that everything,
matter, space, energy, even time itself, actually had a beginning. NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON:
So it turns out that was not Hubble, although Hubble had the data that enabled the calculation.
The person who did that was a Belgian priest Georges Lemaître, he was a priest, physicist.
Physicist-priest, okay? What a cool thing to have on your business
card. You got people coming and going with that. But he calculated what the implications
of Einstein’s general relativity, which was the new theory of gravity, would be with Hubble’s
expanding universe. And he says, the whole universe may have begun in a singular point
in the past. And thus Big Bang as a phrase was used pejoratively of this idea, but it
Well, the astronomer Robert Jastrow described it like the explosion of a cosmic hydrogen
bomb. Not the explosion of a cosmic hydrogen bomb, but like the explosion of a cosmic hydrogen
Yeah, so there you’re stuck with the analogy of the biggest explosion you know, using that
to describe something that’s even bigger. Which is hard to do, right? I mean, not to
get morbid on you, but I was four blocks from the collapse of the World Trade Center towers.
I live downtown. And I was trying to describe to others the sound of the collapse of 107-story
building. And it is not like anything else. So I can say, “Well, imagine two trains colliding.”
But how many of us even have heard or seen that? Whatever that is, it’s more than that.
So you’re stuck. If the biggest explosion we’ve made on Earth is the hydrogen bomb,
and then you say it’s a cosmic hydrogen bomb, it is, I think saying it’s a cosmic hydrogen
bomb cheapens the event. Yeah, it’s way bigger than– BILL MOYERS:
I understand. An incredible flash of energy and light, though? NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON:
And matter and, yeah, all of this. All of the above. BILL MOYERS:
Do you give people who make this case, that that was the beginning and that there had
to be something that provoked the beginning, do you give them an A at least for trying
to reconcile faith and reason? NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON:
I don’t think they’re reconcilable. BILL MOYERS:
What do you mean? NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON:
Well, so let me say that differently. All efforts that have been invested by brilliant
people of the past have failed at that exercise. They just fail. And so I don’t, the track
record is so poor that going forward, I have essentially zero confidence, near zero confidence,
that there will be fruitful things to emerge from the effort to reconcile them. So, for
example, if you knew nothing about science, and you read, say, the Bible, the Old Testament,
which in Genesis, is an account of nature, that’s what that is, and I said to you, give
me your description of the natural world based only on this, you would say the world was
created in six days, and that stars are just little points of light much lesser than the
sun. And that in fact, they can fall out of the sky, right, because that’s what happens
during the Revelation. You know, one of the signs that the second
coming, is that the stars will fall out of the sky and land on Earth. To even write that
means you don’t know what those things are. You have no concept of what the actual universe
is. So everybody who tried to make proclamations about the physical universe based on Bible
passages got the wrong answer. So what happened was, when science discovers
things, and you want to stay religious, or you want to continue to believe that the Bible
is unerring, what you would do is you would say, “Well, let me go back to the Bible and
reinterpret it.” Then you’d say things like, “Oh, well they didn’t really mean that literally.
They meant that figuratively.” So, this whole sort of reinterpretation of
the, how figurative the poetic passages of the Bible are came after science showed that
this is not how things unfolded. And so the educated religious people are perfectly fine
with that. It’s the fundamentalists who want to say that the Bible is the literally, literal
truth of God, that and want to see the Bible as a science textbook, who are knocking on
the science doors of the schools, trying to put that content in the science room. Enlightened
religious people are not behaving that way. So saying that science is cool, we’re good
with that, and use the Bible for, to get your spiritual enlightenment and your emotional
fulfillment. BILL MOYERS:
I have known serious religious people, not fundamentalists, who were scared when Carl
Sagan opened his series with the words– CARL SAGAN from Cosmos:
The cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be. BILL MOYERS:
I mean, that scared them, because they interpret that to mean, then if this is it, there’s
nothing else. No God and no life after. NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON:
For religious people, many people say, “Well, God is within you,” or God, the, there are
ways that people have shaped this, rather than, God is an old, grey-bearded man in the
clouds. So if God is within you, what, I’m sure Carl would say, in you in your mind.
In your mind, and we can measure the neurosynaptic firings when you have a religious experience. We can tell you where that’s happening, when
it’s happening, what you’re feeling like at the time. So your mind of course is still
within the cosmos. BILL MOYERS:
But do you have any sympathy for people who seem to feel, only feel safe in the vastness
of the universe you describe in your show if they can infer a personal God who makes
it more hospitable to them, cares for them? NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON:
In this, what we tell ourselves is a free country, which means you should have freedom
of thought, I don’t care what you think. I just don’t. Go think whatever you want. Go
ahead. Think that there’s one God, two Gods, ten Gods, or no Gods. That is what it means
to live in a free country. The problem arises is if you have a religious philosophy that
is not based on objective realities that you then want to put in a science classroom. Then
I’m going to stand there and say, “No, I’m not going to allow you in the science classroom.”
I’m not telling you what to think, I’m just telling you in the science class, “You’re
not doing science. This is not science. Keep it out.” That’s where I, that’s when I stand
up. Otherwise, go ahead. I’m not telling you how to think. BILL MOYERS:
I think you must realize that some people are going to go to your show at the planetarium
and they’re going to say, “Ah-hah! Those scientists have discovered God. Because God,” dark matter,
“is what holds this universe together.” NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON:
So is that a question? BILL MOYERS:
It’s a statement. You know, you know they’re going to say that– NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON:
So the history of discovery, particularly cosmic discovery, but discovery in general,
scientific discovery, is one where at any given moment, there’s a frontier. And there
tends to be an urge for people, especially religious people, to assert that across that
boundary, into the unknown lies the handiwork of God. This shows up a lot. Newton even said
it. He had his laws of gravity and motion and he was explaining the moon and the planets,
he was there. He doesn’t mention God for any of that. And then he gets to the limits of
what his equations can calculate. So, I don’t, can’t quite figure this out. Maybe God steps
in and makes it right every now and then. That’s where he invoked God. And Ptolemy, he bet on the wrong horse, but
he was a brilliant guy. He formulated the geocentric universe, with Earth in the middle.
This is where we got epicycles and all this machinations of the heavens. But it was still
a mystery to him. He looked up and uttered the following words, “when I trace at my pleasure
the windings to and fro of the heavenly bodies,” these are the planets going through retrograde
and back, the mysteries of the Earth, “when I trace at my pleasure the windings to and
fro of the heavenly bodies, I no longer touch Earth with my feet. I stand in the presence
of Zeus himself and take my fill of ambrosia.” What he did was invoke, he didn’t invoke Zeus
to account for the rock that he’s standing on or the air he’s breathing. It was this
point of mystery. And in gets invoked God. This, over time, has been described by philosophers
as the God of the gaps. If that’s how you, if that’s where you’re going to put your God
in this world, then God is an ever-receding pocket of scientific ignorance. If that’s how you’re going to invoke God.
If God is the mystery of the universe, these mysteries, we’re tackling these mysteries
one by one. If you’re going to stay religious at the end of the conversation, God has to
mean more to you than just where science has yet to tread. So to the person who says, “Maybe
dark matter is God,” if the only reason why you’re saying it is because it’s a mystery,
then get ready to have that undone. BILL MOYERS:
In the next and concluding part of my conversation with Neil deGrasse Tyson, we’ll talk about
science and democracy. NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON:
You have not fully expressed your power as a voter until you have a scientific literacy
in topics that matter for future political issues. This requires a level, a base level
of science literacy that I don’t think we have achieved yet. BILL MOYERS:
At our website,, there’s more about and from Neil deGrasse Tyson. I’ll see
you there and I’ll see you here, next time.

  1. "Why did I feel more satisfied watching the planetarium show than I do watching science fiction?"
    Because Neil is a damn good storyteller.

  2. Anatole France the famous French writer once said “ Man is born. He lived and he died. This is the history of mankind.”
This gives a truer picture than most books written on man’s history. However, there is a deeper Truth of the history of the so called ‘man.’
    A mass of energy manifests in a womb. After seventy seven days another form of energy gets linked to what remained formerly as pure physical energy. From then onwards, a combined mass of energy develops inside the womb. Organs like the eye, the ear, nose are gradually formed in the fetus. It gets nourishment from the mother and after nine or ten months an entity is born. ( For convenience of expression we call this combined mass of energy ‘The entity’)
    Whereas the organs were sealed inside the womb, after birth the tiny organs are exposed to the external world. For the first three months,the eyes see forms, the ear hears sounds etc. But it does not discriminate between forms or sounds. After three months, the entity starts reacting to external forms and sounds as the pabhassara citta (pure luminous mind) starts fading away. He sees a particular ‘pattern of form’ moving around him and also hears a pattern of sound called ‘Ma’ . At one stage he links up the ‘form pattern’ to the sound pattern and calls it “ Ma”. The second energy called the ‘mind’ has by now got activated.
    From then on, the entity starts acquiring more and more impressions from the external world he sees. The society around it attributes ‘words’ to describe such impressions. He takes these words as real and holds on to them through its lifetime.
    Around this time another landmark event takes place in the moving history of the entity. While the child plays with brothers or sisters, when one of them tries to grab a toy, he says it is ‘My toy’ “ Ego” is born. ‘Me’ is born. My mother is born. ‘ ‘My world’ and ‘your world’ is born. While he gets on with ‘his world’, Nature provides air in the form of inward breath followed by outward breath for him to sustain life because he is a part of Nature.

    In the meantime, parents attribute a ‘name’ say John or Smith and this consolidates the illusion of ‘my world’. He grows up and goes about with the newly acquired impressions and words. By this time he has built up ‘ my family’ ‘my town’, ‘my country’ ‘my race’, ’my religion’. He fights fiercely for these non existent phenomena.
    He plays varied roles in the drama of life, what the society calls doctors, accountants, technicians, artisans etc. He could be a king, a beggar but still goes through the same process, caught up in the incessant flow of time, living and dying every moment.
    He is by now a complete slave of the five senses which hides the Truth of flowing energy and portray a totally false picture of solidity to keep him bound hand and foot to the illusory world. He runs after the mirage of fame , glory and happiness, not realizing for a moment that he is chasing shadows. He goes about with the mantle that “ I am so and so”. When the mantle is pricked, his pride and the ego raises its ugly head. For a moment he forgets that he is not even an entity, but a non entity!
    He is caught up in duality and sees the good bad, ugly and beautiful in the external world, whereas there is neither good nor bad or beauty or ugly, as the world is what it is. He gets attracted to the beauty and gets repelled by the ugly. He goes through the routine cycle of ‘awake state’ light sleep and deep sleep, totally oblivious to its significance. He never turns the searchlights inwards, always focusing on the ‘non existent’ outside world, which is a projection of his own mind, without a moment of reflection on the process itself. He gathers nourishment for the continuum as he is drifted helplessly by the violent current.
    There comes a point called conventional ‘death’. All that the entity had acquired through a lifetime, ‘my wealth’ ‘my fame’ ‘my name’ all comes to zero and the mass of energy moves on to manifest elsewhere in a different ‘case’ of a man or animal. The entity goes through this cycle until such time it understands the process he is caught up in. The tragi- comic denouement of the drama is that the clergy comes to the funeral and sings an eulogy of a man who never ‘lived’.
    This is not only the history of man, but also the future of man. ..”
    “………We see a wide gap between birth and death which we see as two independent events on account of the intervening Time between the two events. But we are told that ‘Time’ is a creation of the mind and therefore it is illusory and non existent. If we go beyond the mind and let go of it, we also let go of the intervening time. Then there is no gap between birth and death. Birth and death

    becomes one event. “ Anicca vata sankhara – uppada vaya dhammino – all conditioned things are not lasting. Death is inherent in birth”. It is the illusion of a static moment ( Uppada Tithi Bhanga)between birth and death which gives us the false impression of solidity and continuity…”.
    “……..The Vision and ‘thoughts’ are the opposites. So long as our mind is cluttered with thoughts, there is no prospect of reaching the goal of Enlightened Vision. When thoughts are completely stilled and the right environment is created for Enlightened Vision, Buddha Nature within us will surface in all it’s splendor…….”.

  3. science and the Catholic Church believed Earth was flat and the center, that's about it, show me what old text states a flat Earth

  4. Came here just for 21:42 I think he saved it. His instincts were saying:"GET THE FUCK OUTTA HEERE!" but chose a polite response

  5. Have you ever thought of praying and asking God to reveal himself to you? There is evidence for intelligent design
    everywhere. The DNA code – from which all living matter is composed –
    is really a language of how the body should be put together. This never
    could have evolved. It has just as much or more organized information as
    the Library of Congress in Washington. God had to put it all together.
    If you do not believe in the existence of God, try this one. And if you still
    do not believe, I dare you to try and prove otherwise. All the letters
    of the Hebrew alphabet have numerical equivalents. When all the letters
    are taken into consideration of this statement you can find sevens: "In
    the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." From this can
    extract 30 multiples of sevens. The whole Bible is based on a hepatic
    (7's) structure from Genesis to Revelation.
    If you do not believe in the Bible take note. In the book of Genesis,
    the Hebrew word for God "Elohim" is encoded in the text 147 times at
    intervals of 50 letters. So the signature of God is stamped on the book
    of Genesis. What other book on mythology has these kinds of codes?
    If you are an atheist read and study Christian apologetics, which
    would give you a factual basis for the existence of a God. You obviously
    cannot think of Christianity in terms mythology because Jesus Christ
    walked the earth and the Greek and Roman historians wrote about him.
    There is a document composed by Pontius Pilate giving a physical
    description of Jesus and telling of his miracles. The original document
    is found in the Library of Rome and a copy in The Library of Congress
    in Washington. What factual do you have for Horus, Hercules or Dionysius.
    None whatsoever. 393,146

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  10. god and religion was simply created by humans to control OTHER HUMANS! It's really as simple as that. There is absolutely no need for a god in the universe. NONE! The universe is eternal. It always existed. NOT MYTHS! Myths are originated from fools!

  11. A glib bullshitter !! All part of the concealment of truth to our own personal ignorance!! He chuckles in such a false manner which reveals his deceit !! Please Neil , in a scientific way what gravity is & how magnets work ?

  12. de Grass has made some statements that do not ring true. One is that the integration of science and faith had failed and that he has no hope for it to succeed. I would suggest that he has looked at a subset which does not represent a significant portion of the scientific community. A present day example is Hugh Ross PHd Astrophysics who has a non-profit organization called Reasons to Believe. Ross came to faith through reading the Bible and assessing how accurate it was describing the unfolding of the universe. He found that Scripture had described the creation of the universe with what he says is 100% accuracy. He became a Christian 10 years before he met another Christian. He is one example of many scientists who believe in a Creator.

  13. I see videos like this and listen to Dr. Tyson speak and explain. I see the pictures that our Hubble space telescope send back for us to see. I look up at the stars and wonder what's out there. The clouds. The moon. The stars. The universe. Our planet. Water. Trees. Mountains. Humans and animals. I come to think about the one question that is always up for debate. Is there a god? When I think about that question I come to one realization. If there is one…I don't need one.

  14. Greatest scientists of all time such as Galileo, Newton, Kepler, Copernicus were all Christians… In fact Mr Tyson the greatest scientist in your field i.e. astronomer and polymath Nicolaus Copernicus was priest and one of the greatest polymaths of all time..

  15. Neil's a kind of simple answer go-to-guy when it comes to non-believers looking to disparage Christianity. His understanding of Christian teaching, history and philosophy is woefully inadequate. How does he feel when Christians, with inadequate understanding, denigrate various branches of science? There are plenty of Christian men and women scientists who would be happy to address Tyson in debate.

  16. "Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they're presented with evidence that conflicts with that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore, and even deny anything that doesn't fit in with the core belief." – Frantz Fanon

  17. Scientist believe all there facts are true but what really proof do they have. How can you say how old the universe is when no one can truly prove when it begin. We as humans were not there and they can't prove how far the universe goes. Let's face it scientist who are so smart they can pretend to know how old the universe is can't even cure cancer. They sprouts all matter of facts about planets they have never step foot but yet he says God doesn't exist. Where is his really proof oh yeah we should just take there word for it.

  18. As an outspoken Atheist, I view religion as the most divisive, immoral, deluded, absurd concept ever invented by ignorant men. All this without one shred of verifiable, concrete data or evidence of a single supernatural event, god claim or assertion Bullshit wrapped up in myth, bathed in superstition in vein attempts to understand the natural world and to gain control over women and the masses.

  19. Excellent interview considering his basic knowledge of science and his age he was so switched on eloquently asking questions from the perspective of an ‘average person with some grasp of the universe and it’s laws’

  20. 19:50 and there is the only fundamental difference between religious and non religious people. When the religious are presented with something new it scares them.

  21. Science is not the enemy of religion cause there is one thing that scientist and Christian's can agree on there is no room for arrogance there's no room for obedience without question and the simple fact that you can't do buisness with enemys and nothing gets done from hating one another an love conquers all excuse me that's five like I said I have been known to be wrong before lmao

  22. I feel lack of empathy for those who are not as academically gifted, smart, willing to learn and such… He speaks from such a high place he cannot expect for those who feel their intelligence is far below his can relate to him and his belief in science and facts. The greatest thing about God, believing and having faith is knowing LOVE… Learning submission, learning to not want, not needy, to not yearn and worship the one who did all this creating. For deGrasse he rather worship famous philosophers, scientists for their historic view points but not recognising if they were GOOD WHOLESOME PEOPLE, righteous… that word can be with God and those who follow God's commands. For otherwise the world would not be in complete chaos, he says science is a mystery? could it be the devil has whispered into some people in their most darkest moments in their life that they stumble upon a worldly wisdom thesis that revolutionalises science and history but still does not create equality among the poor and rich, save lives from perishing… He speaks great as though his knowledge grants him the wisdom to achieve godly resutls yet he cannot prove any. He believs the universe is more important than caring for someone in need, this is why in the bible it says to give up your sword and bare your cross…. For Jesus is more truer than anything in history, Jesus is the rock that fell from the sky and destroyed the stature of nebekenza dream and conquered over all empires from past and will forever reign over all for eternity. Jesus in the Bible has no fault, bares no false testimony, can never be questioned… Jesus is Son of Man and the story of his crucifiction does not match anything in history or science as to someone laying down their life with confidence to know they're fulfilling Prophecy from the beginning.

    DeGrasse is brilliant scientist and physistist but let's be honest he's never struggled so he'll never be willing to run to god in times of true despair for the lord favours those who recognize their sin.

    If someone continues to sin and ruin themselves in Gods eyes but has all knowledge of the world…
    And someone recognizes they're a sinner and confesss and prays for forgiveness and follows the life of Jesus but is poor, dying or worst is not recognized by society that person is who I would be encouraged to be like, for wisdom can trap you in world of ideas both good & bad, in loss of prevension keeping you up and down, life does that but with Faith the lord reminds you of the power no man can endure or hold, only Jesus himself can tough and that is the holy spirit who is in those who truly live their life for God as Jesus comands. DeGrasse says well we know this about how old the earth is, yet he can't explain why war will never stop, why humans continue to destroy the earth isn't it obvious we are missing our creator, our fearless one who strikes fear in the hearts of our enemies, brings us hope and joy at the same time fulfills our heart for the contemptment that can never be found with no man or woman but God.

  23. Where are the collective videos of Carl Sagan?, if there is and I will like to purchase the set of his cosmology works and lectures.

  24. Did I just hear the initial announcer say "and the Park foundation, commited to 'hiding' important information to the public"??

  25. Why is that Scientist's don't go door to door to convert people like Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses do? Hmmmmmmmmm🤔

  26. Is de Grasse Tyson an intelligent man? Is all he purports it is a fact is indeed true? On the contrary! How can one who is founded in excluding, in negation, be assertive and intelligent? If he just separates and does not includes, embraces, he is certainly making the first steps – there isn't now way to be deceived. You've got to be affirmative to come to the thresold of perception of the real – THAT is true science, not this. Let Tyson in his ring, punching as he pleases. That's called grovelling in the dark (of pretension).

  27. 1 second ago
    The universe exists to give life at all levels to rise up for self-realization. Vedic literature specifically gives instructions on how to prepare for and actually achieve self-realization. It happens over many incarnations, rising up thru purity of mind, absolute truth in heart , meditating in specific details and breathing in specified patterns. Altruism is practised.
    Unfortunately, science has given us great devices to ease the burden of life and business. That has prompted greed and conditioning of the human mind by Time, Money and Mathematics over the years. We don't know how this will affect us. But talking to millennials, the prospects don't look good. Mentally we are going down. Talk to teenagers.
    For more pl. go to:

    1. For Brain-Mind Complex
    2. For Mind Sciences

    It took many years of research to prepare the material.. Your comments will be helpful as feedback.. They are forward thinking.

  28. The INVISIBLE "God" is the leading character in Hebrew MYTHOLOGY and that's why religions are the greatest money making scams in history.

  29. Neil says nature never made only just one of anything, but yet he thinks humans are the only sentient, intelligent life in the universe, which seems to be a contradiction.

  30. Ha, ha, he doesn't have faith in God, but he has faith in another universe — with absolutely no evidence for it. Isn't there just a bit of a contradiction here?

  31. I love that he makes those couple of points alot.

    #1: The Universe, (or Reality, more broadly,) has much more interesting objects and processes than anything us humans can think up or imagine. (Like, an epileptic seizure isn't demon possession.)

    #2: The Universe is under absolutely NO obligation to, "make sense," to anyone.



  34. Because of false teachings ( also biblical) most people don’t realize that there is no contradiction, the dark ages are the very reason for most misinterpreted Bible. Tell Mr. Tyson dark matter/ dark energy is (Gods programming) Tyson use the King James original , with the Doc strong concordance, and Bollingers companion bible. Their are definitely other universes. God built them, in the original universe. If we are headed to our being capable, of being capable of putting all the information, into A computer generated environment in our future. Where people can because of nanotechnology coupled , with the nano bots, the mapping of the human genome project, coupled with computing power doubling every year, with nano bots . capable at first to clean arteries without invasive operations, because the Nono bots can be programmed , and injected into the bloodstream. Then to kill disease like cancer. Then to augment the human brain, in order to map the individuals brain so at first it gives them capability ,of control over the artificial limbs. Then it’s not to much of A jump to imagine the economically charged gaming industry, and other entertainment industry like movies. People can be augmented to be more intellectual, but eventually to map the personal brain for gaming. To make the experience . Of the five senses of , our, feel, smell, taste, sounds,sees it in the perfect point to augment into the universe of our computer generated environment.

    Newton was deeply religious he even used the Bible codes to predict the end of time.

    Each scientific disciplines are plucked out singularly. True wisdoms comes from the combination of All the scientific disciplines. Religion being one of them. 85% of the universe movement is dark matter you seem to play that down.

    So the singularity is electromagnetic energy in A vacuum that has all of space ,time ,matter, and the great expansion of the universe. Within seconds. Now with string theory, the holographic universe, Black holes, super massive black holes, the new unexplained black hole that is so different it can’t be explained

    No offense to you mr Tyson however I had A heart attack without loosing consequences. As I wanted fresh air, after the first time my heart stopped . The thing I wanted was fresh air when my heart started again. So I went out to my back deck for fresh air. I could here the ambulance. Let me say as A believer I was not scared simply surprise ( wow today is the day I die) my two granddaughters just wanted poppy to play. They had the same color bathing suits , with the same sun both equally in the same light. My one granddaughter was never healthy with three heart operations at the time, they would try to sew her up ,but swelling would mean that they would have to open her up with what I would describe as her chest being covered with a thin plastic. I have seen her heart beating.

    Now let me be clear as I sat on the top step as my heart stopped the second time, again taking in deep breath but no oxygen to the brain, I like to call it being in the basket. The only problem is I saw both my granddaughters Ora’s, which by the way had you said Ora’s to me prior to my heart attack I would have laughed at this ! Yet their Ora’s where what, I would describe as fuzzy rainbows that surrounded my granddaughters in the same light with the same color bathing suits for they had been in the kiddie pool. The horse 20 yards behind them inside a fence. Didn’t have A Ora. Yet I’m fading out I could see their Ora’s my granddaughter who just got A heart transplant two months ago ( still on the intensive care unit) she is now 16. Please pray for her, and the family of the person who had to die for her to get her transplant. Hayleigh Smith in north Georgia.

    When I was having my heart attack I saw her Ora it like a fuzzy rainbow but she standing right next to my healthy granddaughter who’s fuzzy rainbow was brighter yellow red blue pink, now aside from where their Ora’s came together where they stood close at the foot of the stairs saying poppy come play. My granddaughter who just got her heart transplant had A completely different Ora it was bluish fish’s purple,

    Now keep in mind I never lost conciseness I now have A pacemaker ( the ambulance arrived on time) I feel extremely blessed to be here. I feel blessed at seeing nothing that science can explain in my experience that science can not explain. I am we’ll studied in the Bible let me say there is nothing the Bible doesn’t explain. Naturally people ,with less knowledge of the scientific frontier . You ate wrong about newton he hid his belief in God because of people like you !
    Also back then to contradict the order of the day was dangerous.

  35. Honestly, I don’t know?? I mean if God exists our human finite minds can’t even comprehend him or it. Gods nature has to be completely foreign to our nature. How can we even come to a consensus? Our minds are so limited and the self is so easily deceived that it’s hard to arrive at a conclusion.

  36. Got Class? Got Belfagor?; A White Knight Concedes to Black
    "When Adam dug and Eve span, Who was then the gentleman?"
    Hey, happy knight extermination. This knight extermination system is bigger than a ten-ton atomic bomb of churches, military, information, bad food, drug wars, sexuality, disease, work conditions, but mostly information…then they hit the hospital, woo hoo…that's tradition! It's not my system, we've just been building it since ancient Egypt. Who wants wolves? Also, that female is on trial of the nature of her true character and the vagaries of the goodness of her gifts…for I believe it is opposed to natural selection and in line with more a death sentence as seen in the evidence of nature. I want her resolved and proven. Dawkins and Darwin would run in addition to the church as a guillotine and I want the evidence. CSL. Hey, many an Eli Whitney or a Wright Brother take over a system. And I would speak their name for I know their true place in it. But me a lowly scribe and jewelry maker could not possibly fit in this vast aristocracy so I concede to reveal it its true form. L O L. And, by knight I mean the lowly dirty male of Erasmus, and the military, bully, and villain that the white one destroys in his battle in a system he doesn't understand. Would I be that knight after such scribes and truth? F U. A female would understand her own agenda and sexuality as it destroys a chosen male and a male would understand his death through it…a man suffers a death of sorts that may be linked to physical disorder in his future when he gives birth and gets locked in a battle that weakens him, and he becomes like a worker with no living salts, and, also, I doubt the nature of her true intentions in general as they may be buried psychologically and chemically and even in her soul if there is one. There are a couple of good Romans, sure, but I'll concede to the Greeks even as their expendable die in battle, and I'll take of my own sciences and maths and make them mere hobbies. And of the vampires in the revenge, who dies and is weaker but those locke din coitus and love? These trolls think there is an evil on high in spite of their obvious extermination, yet the books are set at good natures beyond that of God himself and a sure hand to destroy them. God cannot be proven or disproven on purpose because it is of the nature of destroying an enemy through their temptations and idiocy. The occult is really white magic, as before, but of a similar and lesser nature…

  37. Their is no evidence of dark energy or dark matter, just because man expects the universe to do something and it doesn`t , religion states god, Modern science replace god with dark matter and dark energy.
    Absolute rubbish, the data i have seen is inconclusive on both dark matter and dark energy.
    I say the universe is still spewing hydrogen into the cosmos.
    Even if its not , if the cosmos give`s no resistance to our universe expanding , dark energy and dark matter are not needed , just like fucking god is not needed for anything other than grooming children for sexual assault.
    Sorry but TIME is not apart of our universe,TIME is apart of the cosmos of which our universe is embedded.
    To demand that time began with our universe is as ignorant as the god claims.

  38. The Universe isn't Real, it's all in God's imagination…

    Or the universe is Real, and "God" is IMAGINARY .

    Take your pick.

  39. After the POTTY ARSED TRUMP, deGrasse must be this World’s biggest and most hilarious BS Artist that one could imagine.

    Well done, Fat Arse, I mean deGrasse, you are famous for something!

    (I think Homer Simpson is jealous of him!)

  40. I'd love to hear Neil pick apart the story of Noah. I always wonder how did the kangaroos get to the arc and back home to Australia

  41. Look at. This joker.


    Half pagan half asura. ROFLMAO

    Imagine that. ROFLMAO

    And he's myth Buster. How? By killing of actual Saints and learnt people from actual country of saints. ROFLMAO

  42. Did the religious guy just call his god dark matter is not darkness supposed to be the domain of the devil according to religion.

  43. The religious guy seems to be using the god of the gaps theory to justify the existence of god by calling dark matter as god loll .

  44. Neil Tyson mocks and belittles people that claim to have seen ufos.He says that they are suffering from brain failure,thus labeling them as mentally ill.How many people have been damaged by his influence?This is malicious and harmful to tens of thousands of people throughout the world.He is an arrogant pompous buffoon,by this kind of ugly assertion.How many have been instititutionalized by his influence?He represents the worst of science.

  45. If anyone says there's no God , he's without doubt the stupidest person who ever walked on earth, no matter what degree in science he's holding, or otherwise, he's just another devil in person .

  46. Mr Tyson is a great ambassador for science. He’s funny, enthusiastic and explains possible scenarios in ways that get us thinking.6

  47. I absolutely agree with Neil's statement regarding religious fundamentalism. Their agenda is to undermine the First Amendment, thus, poisoning education, prevent scientific discovery, and inevitably halt the progress of humanity. They have become desperate in their tactics; deception, fear-mongering, and hatred – all to demonize science in some pathetic attempt to paint themselves as martyrs. The most prominent Creationists are all guilty of this. Yes, even the cherished frauds like Dennis Prager, Kent Hovind, and Ray Comfort. Evidence is not obligated to orientate itself based on your willful ignorance of it. The scientific and academic communities are not obligated to lower their standards based on your archaic beliefs and lack of evidence.

  48. "Our universe should be slowing down but it's not. We don't know what is going on." "Our universe follows the laws of physics"
    Anybody see the GRAVITY of statements like these in reference to what people believe about God. Basically "we don't know what is happening but I am sure it has nothing to do with any kind of God". The fact is everybody is religious and everybody has faith in something. There are no answers without more questions and after all this time and all these bold statements "We don't know what is going on" – Neil is right too many fools think out loud while too many of the wise keep silent

  49. Neil is just an arrogant pompous pseudo intellectual constrained by the lack of the scientific process in disputing the existence of God. God is not the God of Gaps but is the God arrived at by rational thought. Neil never attempts to discredit Thomas Aquinas's theories which establish that God is the most plausible scientific rational for explaining the evidence for intelligent design exhibited in our universe. Neil is soooo full of himself that he always tailors his arguments to the most basic soundbites to which his adoring audience eagerly trumpets as sheer brilliance when in actuality his bold assertions offer no intellectual discourse to explain away the evidence for a creator creating creation.

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