NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh names his party critics

  1. According to Singh…Christians should not be allowed to run for political office. That doesn't seem to be a very inclusive stand

  2. Jagmeet Singh Thinks Canadians are too rich by World Standards .
    Listern to his Pronouns and How he will preface what he says. People not cdns. Wake up YOUPEOPLE in Charge Geeez

  3. ? I've named myself Critic for Indigionous?
    Being Brown doesn't make you CDN BRO!

    This is the New World Order SAVE the CABINET that was FAUX pas'd in the debates by Elizabeth MAYBE. Modern day Robin HOOD in a diaper. SRY couldn't help myself. Taking From RICH fat CDN's and giving to his home Country India and the World by extension.

    But for sure cdn's are going to suffer to SAVE the PLANET much much more than THEPEOPLE!
    All UNder the guise of the UN_accountable United Nations ClimateChange Million Year Exaggeration Narrative.
    Water planets go from Ice/Water relatively with desertification in between wether frozen or baked.
    People aren't going to take much more of this.

    On Aug 30 2018, your government took away the status of 10,500 First Nations Newfoundland Mi’kmaq. This act of cruelty has destroyed so many Mi’kmaq families. Brothers and Sisters of the same family separated by status , their identity taken from them, many just because they moved away in search of work. Even a set of twins were separated, it does not get more Cruel than this , WHY DID YOU NOT STOP IT.

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