NCERT Sociology 03MOOCs Introduction

Hello friends and welcome to this course
on Sociology .Now what is the subject of Sociology,simply stating we see that
sociology is the study of society but you will be puzzled to understand what
is the there in this society to study the subject of sociology is very
interesting as it helps us to understand the very society in which we live
without sometimes realizing that it is so interesting to explore and understand.
Now understand it like this with an example the society in which we live is
made above number of institutions institutions like religion ,family, can
ship,group,political institutions economic institutions etc. what do
sociologist do, sociologist try to understand the nature and composition of
these various social institutions in which we operate in everyday life. Now what does this mean, sociologists
attempt to understand that what is the structure or family so for example if
you’re talking about family as an institution how many family types are there, what are
the functions of the family so these are the various aspects that sociologists
tried to understand .So now understanding what a sociology we can say that
sociology is an academic or a systematic study of society which emerge in Europe
during seventeenth and eighteenth century. It is also very important for
the students of sociology to understand that how did the discipline of sociology
emerge and develop you will be exploring about the social conditions in
which the Academic study of society began and how various socialists later on from
Europe and later on from India contributed towards understanding of
social system. Myself Dr. Sheetal sharma along with Professor Manju bhatt will be
taking you through the interesting journey of making sense of social
systems in which we operate in everyday life. We will be taking examples from
everyday life to make our understanding interesting and enjoyable sociology is a
very interesting discipline. I hope you will enjoy this journey of understanding
the society that you are part of thank you very much.

  1. Mam I have taken sociology as a core subject in my graduation which book I should go through so that I can do well in sociology in my academic as well as in my upsc exam which I will give when I will pass my graduation thanks….

  2. Mam.. Class 11 ncert ke sare chapters ke video ni bnae ho ky…?? Mam can u make videos on class 11 ncert part 1&2 chapter wise..

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