yo what's going on everybody it's your boy iPod King Carter here I want to welcome you guys to a new video today we're gonna be talking about NBA 2k 20 as well as we're gonna be talking about something that nobody on YouTube has talked about and I actually got the idea for this video from Ronnie 2k Ronnie 2k did a recent interview in which you know I'm gonna thank everybody for showing so much love to that video but Ronnie 2k said what can we expect from NBA 2k 20 and they got me thinking it got my wheels turning and I actually decided to say you know what let's talk about jump shooting for next year's game now of course we all know there are many jump shots out there floating around on YouTube floating around on Twitch Facebook Twitter Instagram whatever the case may be everybody claiming to be the best shooter this than the third but I actually want to break down some jump shots that are actually gonna help people become better shooters no matter what build you make now what I want you guys to do is make sure you guys get this video to 3k likes and I'm saying that's that's the goal 3 K likes also if you're new to the channel make sure you guys hit that subscribe button turn or no DS and let's get into the video alright guys so check this out we're gonna happen to the first jump shot which is base jump shot to now what you guys are gonna want to do in NBA 2k 20 when you guys open up your pack when you spin all that VC to get your player up to 85 or whatever their base overall is gonna beat in order to get jump shot creator you want to come in and check out jump shot too and you want to make sure that the base is still the same now 2k is known for switching up a few base names as well as adding in a few numbered base as actual basis for people's jump shots now jump shot to base is a base that is an alternative to a base 24 which we'll talk about a little bit later in the video not many people uses base only a few people uses base because it is adjacent to Kevin Durant's base which is a pretty good base in the game I know a lot of people when they gain first drop people were using jump shot too or coming to rants full jump shot it's not a bad jump shot at all now hopping into jump shot eat this is a shot creator jump shot this is a mid-range jump shot this is a shooting directly from the three-point line straight ahead to the goal and sometimes from the wings I would not recommend this jump shot for corner J's if you're a person that pulls up in the corner because you can't create any offense yourself then this is not the jump shot for you this jump shot is for shot creators and people who love to dribble and be able to hit on the move as well as when you stop on a dime you can flick those feet jump shot eight has been in the game for maybe three years now and people like jump shot eight it hasn't strayed away the only gripe that people have with this jump shot is that you can not hit corner threes and the reason that you can't hit corner things not that it doesn't go in is that when you pull up for your jump shot from the corner it always makes you take a – instead of a three it's really a ganache in the people so most people don't use it let's talk about jump shot 11 for a moment this is a jump shot that literally any guard small forward or power forward or center can use and be effective immediately if they're sharp if you create any bill that has any type of sharp or stretch in it this is the jump shot that you will want to use base jump shot 11 has been in the game for a few years as well as one of those jump shot bases where you say hey if all those fellows go to jump shot 11 for sure and one thing I could say is that this jump shot base does work more on stretches and I'll give you guys a base that works somewhat a little bit better way guards but you can literally slap this on anybody the uppers really don't matter the uppers for this entire video will just be my main uppers that I use from time to time but you can literally mix in any uppers that you want most of the time the jump shot timing doesn't change with the base that you're using now jump shot 24 the most glitched jump shot and I mean to case history this jump shot base can be used by any non-shooting build which means shot creators slashers lock downs run protectors glass cleaners post scores if any person has jump shot 24 on just know maybe 90% of the time is green 93% of the time is gonna go in and 95% of the time as soon as they shoot their first shot and you see that they got base 24 on you are going to be pissed because you won't be guarding them it's hands down man down and they gonna hit that shot I've been using base jump shot 24 since I created my pure lockdown rebirth and like I said it's a glitch jump shot even though I got corner specialist I hit limitless shots with this jump shot I'm just putting that out there this is literally the best jump shot to date for non shooters now base jump shot 49 this is a jump shot that is pretty good for guards whether you're a shot creator a play maker a sharpshooter if you're a guard from 6 3 to 6 5 or even under 63 this base is pretty good for you the only thing that's wrong with this base is it takes a little time to get off the ground so for open shots it's amazing if you're at the wreck and they're l1r wanting it to you or r1l wanting it to you and you pull up for 3 it's going in every time but if you have a defender coming up to you with hands up this might not be the jump shot for you if you don't have the timing down correctly now for all my sharps out there this jump shot for sharp shot creators sharp playmakers like this is a really good base especially for those who love to dribble such as sharp shooting playmakers or playmaking sharp shooters if you can get off the dribble and hit this jump shot this jump shot money be green almost every time you know what I mean so it's a really good base I advise people who are guards only to use this base down let's talk about set shot 13 for a moment this right here is chase money's favorite base I do not know why he loves it but this jump shot base is really good for rent protectors glass cleaners and even some non shooting bills from time to time I don't recommend it just because it's really slow is really wonky and I like to get some lift on my jump shot and as you guys can see with such shot 13 you don't jump that much off the ground so the contest is definitely coming but if you're wide open you would be able to hit your shots now for a chase you his last painter he was hitting a lot of good threes with his jump shot so I can attest to that chase money is not one of the best shooters in the game which means he's not that great with timing not saying that he's not a good shooter at all but said shot 13 did help him with centers and like I said rim protectors some lock downs but most of the time it's anyone over 7 foot is used in set shot 13 if they're not using base 24 now let's talk about LaMarcus Aldridge bass this is literally jump shot 11 but it just gives it a name everybody that uses LaMarcus Aldridge bass and I mean people have been using this bass for years people have always relied on LaMarcus Aldridge bass I even know players still until this day they uses LaMarcus Aldridge jump shot period whether they have is based on or his uppers on LaMarcus Aldridge for some reason just does not falter and LaMarcus Aldridge jump shot gives you so much lift when you're a stretch shooting with LaMarcus Aldridge bass you cannot miss so I'm guaranteeing for NBA 2k 20 this base right here is gonna be one of the bases that a lot of people use besides jumps out 11 just so they could they could say hey man I ain't using jump shot 11 yes you are it's literally the same exact base you're not fooling anybody man now like I said all these jump shots are bases that will work for 2k 20 and the reason why I say that they will work is because 2k will not get away from shooting at all they will never make shooting harder in their game they want people to be able to shoot threes and that's what brings us to Trey Burke Trey Burke is one of those jump shots for some of the people to have wonky timing whether they're playing on a delay monitor whether they have bad internet Trey Burke for some reason is a very good jump shot for leniency so for those people out there to have guards that for whatever reason just can't get the timing down other jumpshots tryout Trabert trade bird may work for you in some situations just because simple fact that it's pretty good on latency issues pretty good on lag and you not I mean it's really good and also the jump shot landing isn't that bad so you will be able to spot up and shoot threes you won't have that trouble with like how you would with jump shot eight where you would take the jump shot and you would actually pull up for a two instead of a three but I hope I could help you guys with all the jump shot woes for NBA 2k 20 I'm gonna make sure that you guys understand when NBA 2k 20 comes out and you create your build if you're gonna create a shooter I need you guys to revert back to the jump shots that I talked about in this video if you're a shooter if you're a non-shooting build like it's locked down slashers stuff like that the first jump shot you were gonna want to try out is base jump shot 24 if that doesn't work go over to set shot 13 if that doesn't work go ahead and just shoot yourself in the foot and try off base 49 I'm just putting that out there but uh this is gonna be the end of the video I want to thank everybody for coming through and talking about NBA 2k 20 with me if you guys have any jump shots that you would like to talk about whether its basis whether its uppers let's get the conversation started inside the comment section I would love to know what everybody has been using for 2k 19 and which we'll be using and rolling over into 2k 20 and I also know if you've been using the jump shot that has been working for years also let me know that in the comments love you guys peace here you can't watch this whole video without subscribing

  1. Shot Creators and Sharps are the only builds that should get a 3pt that is 75+ any other type of builds should get 60 maxed… I’m tired of the fucking Locks shooting like a pure sharp; then on top of that… they are the fastest in the game too…. unfair

  2. I hope so cuz this shit is fucking broken u got locks hitting 3s glass cleaners pure rims like c'mon this shit is Corny u can barely strip locks they need to fix some much shit on this game every year it's always fucking something… They got arks doing everything but what they supposed to do it's fucking annoying ASF

  3. I use base 24 R1 Larry bird R2 Kevin Durant 30/70 on my shot creator and I green alot but it's a lil slow I'm looking for something faster and more consistent 4 20

  4. How TF is he making a best jumpshot video for a damn game that isn’t even out?! 2K community is ass. Which is why we keep getting the same trash game

  5. Man bro you always come through with the jumpshots. The jumpshot that's been working for me consistently was the jumpshot you did for Chase Money on the pure sharp video you did (jumpshot 11 base w/ Steph/Ray Allen upper)

  6. Listen. I have a pure playmaker. 6”5
    I use base 30 and set shot 7. These bases are slower but for non shooting archetypes it’s MONEY. the reason is because the timing is really easy and the visible cues are super easy to look for. Where as other shots may be more popular around the 2k community, my pure playmaker which has no shooting badges and very low shooting attributes, hits considerably consistent without boost.
    Imagine that?

    Anyways, boost should be out the game
    So should stretch bigs being able to run as fast and shoot as fast as guards. Also, I’m not buying 2k20 if it’s not PERFECT. 🌘

  7. I figured out that the Steph curry base with James Harden and Curry upper mix works for me and I have been using it since 2K17

  8. if you are a CENTER and in 2k20 for centers and forwards and if you're only limited to set shots i Highly recommend Set shot 4 it's go be hella cheesy and easy to time

  9. people sleeping on the Russell Westbrook base it's worked so well for me it's an underrated jumpshot base

  10. my only gripe about the jump shot creator is the fact that everyone uses the same jumper and then the devs break it so there's no creativity to explore other jump shots.

  11. You big cappin base 11 is broken Beyond repair who you know jump 10 ft in the air before they release the ball? There is no I repeat nobody in the NBA big or guard who shoots like this and you know and I know 2K found a way to make money off of this they need to get rid of that shit

  12. I been messing 24 since it stopped being used for Rus Westbrook jumper all these niggas hopping on da wave 🌊 I mess wit it tho

  13. I was a monster with curry's pure shot until I played NBA live for a few and went back to 2k to only brick bout every damn shot, felt like someone 2k space jammed my shit until I went to Kemba Walker shot and lets say a brotha got the groove back

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