National Socialist Movement holds rally in Toledo

there was shouting and emotion but no violence the National Socialist Movement holding a rally on the steps of one government center roughly 200 members of the community there in protest the courage that it takes to come up here to even witness this and at the same time the control and power that it is to restrain yourself I went to show them up close and personal what I feel true ignorances while many shouted obscenities toward the NSM members some took a much different approach Deonte mas brought a sign that read you hate me I love you they just need to be told or somebody needs to let them know that their love too and that somebody loves them and I think that's the message that I want to promote today a common argument against the National Socialist Movement is its use of the swastika NBC 24s Hubert Wiggins asked NSM commander Jeff scoop about that before the rally but it's also the symbol of one of the greatest episodes of mass murder and the history of humankind I'm not going to entertain that I'm not I'm not here to revise history I don't believe in in the Holocaust myth and it's not something that I'm here to discuss today it has nothing to do with the National Socialist Movement today and what might have happened what they claimed happened in the 1940s has nothing to do with any of us here today but we're not about even listening to this type of rhetoric tpd chief George crawl told me his officers were well prepared for the event which wrapped up without major incident during the rally one of the barricades broke open for a short time though nobody attempted to cross it at least one was escorted out of the enclosed area after throwing something toward the NSM rally he was not arrested after the event crowd dispersal took some maneuvering one was taken away in handcuffs police were eventually able to move the crowds no reports of violence injuries or property damage Jim Nelson NBC 24 News

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  1. Lmao blacks get off their asses to protest these 10 retards but black crime is rampant across the country and not a word. Lol typical

  2. Im a national socialist and im not a racist. I hang out witv arabs and blacks, still im proud of being aryan! National socialism is all about love and not hate. Love to those who deserve it though, and being proud of your race

  3. I am a National Socialist, by that definition I love my own people and our existence above all else, BUT, I do not wish any hardship upon my African, Arab, Asian or South American folk.

    In a realistic world we would all exist separately helping one another in harmony. The fact 2% of our population runs almost all media, banking and education but yet is somehow so (((Chosen))) that that could never have an agenda simply does not make sense. The sooner we all wise up to who really is really controlling the chaos we see, the sooner we can all live in peace.

  4. "I want to show them up close and personal what true ignorance is"

    Never stepped foot into a library or gym.

    But honestly National Socialism has no place in America. It is European in design and can only be instilled there. It is a blood and soil ideology. Whites are not native to America, sorry to admit.

  5. The so called commander of the N.S.M is nothing but an ignorant acolyte of Tom Metzger who is an FBI informant. He is never going to get what he wants by having daft little protests like that. Unless White Nationalists can get a state of their own the National Socialist cause is already lost in the USA. Zionist jews are way over represented in the whole power structure of the USA. You have the anti defamation league, JINSA, AIPAC and they’re just the lobbyists. Then there’s the over representation of Zionist Jews in advisory positions and even in many different political and legal positions. The white mans day in the sun in America is over.

  6. Whatever, people have the right to protest against who or what they disagree with, but go look at a Black Panther rally their chanting hate messages and propaganda against white people.

  7. All these black people need to be educated as to what nazis are. It has nothing to do with hating black people and coloured people, if you actually do your research hitler was friends with black leaders from other countries and he also fought with Africa or for Africa, nazi is national socialist which is like a softer version of communism but from a national standpoint, i.e the people will only be focusing on there country and there countries wealth, it has nothing to do with racism, fuckin stupid people who listen to Jewish media and let themselves get brainwashed instead of educating themselves. Nothing but fuckin simpletons

  8. Brainwashed masses, the NS isn’t about hate, or bigotry. That’s nonsense, the tribe that has always been your enemy has controlled you with. There are all colors and many in Africa. Even in World War Two, people of every nation, faith, and color served the public good, all the public,Jewish Bolsheviks didn’t join, nor did Freemasons and banksters. Misinformed, learn from someone who was there, not fairy tails. The truth will out, all people must strive to be better and pull together, not hate and fight, one group promotes that, same racial and religious supremacists, that kill and have concentration camps in their nation, the real 1% that claims victimhood yet controls banking media governance, wage slavery, and real slavery. Look up its history, stop acting them because they are living differently, that intolerance and they shouldn’t have to see our people at each other’s throats, losing every day.

  9. The swastika NSM Flag, is another all American flag, that should be peacefully used to peacefully unite all of the nationalities in love and friendship in 2017! The swastika is in fact the holy cornerstone symbol of the 1st and 2nd Centuries AD holy Roman Catholic Church in the holy NAME of the Original Christian Trinity (Heavenly Father, Christian Goddesses/Christian Gods/ Lord Jesus)! The thirteen stars in the swastika NSM Flag do honorably represent the Original thirteen Colonies of America, in the holy NAME of the Christian Goddesses/Christian Gods, Blessed Be, Amen !! Everybody in all of the universal nationalities have a nice and peaceful day and life in the holy NAME of the Goddess/God !!

  10. All these black people need to actually research national socialism. It doesn't mean that they hate blacks.

  11. What a load of childish pricks ffs! What are they doing having a reinactment day out with the boys?
    At one time the American world war 2 veterans would have torn these ss actors apart for there brazen disrespect towards there fallen comrades and who at one time were to have died at the hands of the mentally ill Nazis and ss. These dregs should be jailed for treason. Scumbags!

  12. I'm a national socialist,but these shades look absolutely horrible,and completely mismatch their uniforms.

  13. "We're not about this type of rhetoric" well then you sir are a traitor, because your job is to simply guarantee the rights of the people are upheld. A bloody Canadian knows more about the US constitution than an American..Please take your country back my southern friends.

  14. and yet these communist pro islamist loving filth openly support the black panther racist militant groups so in my book utter hypocrites..

  15. if you want to say national socialists are a hate group then you have to say BLM is a hate group, black panthers are a hate group, feminists are a hate group, CAIR is a hate group. but those groups get a pass. that's why i side with national socialists.

  16. jaust fake victims and aggressors, there wille bei soon UN securiti forces on arrival, with axes toot probabli' whether (there') probable' (and' whwrher') (wherher') and' vleh'
    (hm') (on') whwther' (hm') whether' (there'), and' whether' there'
    probable' ofe'

  17. People seem to be forgetting that there was and still are many different "races" of National Socialism, there was "black" SS divisions there was Arabic SS divisions and many many more! You people have been flat out lied to! You've been deceived by the Christ hating talmudic false jews running the media and (satanic) Israel! Your first clue about these people should have been their "star" of David! David never had a "star" he had a shield (God) their star is found in Acts 7:43 and Amos 5:26 these people lying to you are the false jews Rev 3:9 warns you about, also John 8:44 John 7:13 King James Bible…

  18. Those guys does NOT represent national socialism, neonazism isn't national socialism, they don't even share common principles.

  19. Funny how the police state is in full force over a tiny rally of peaceful National Socialists. Gotta love the irony. The establishment shows it's the fascists.

  20. if you ignorant reporters would study history joseph stalin killed millions upon millions of people the red army was ruthless and barbaric rapists open a history book and read if you can read that is


  22. National Socialism is not hatred of races but pride for your own. The jewish msm has done a good job of slandering us but the lies will eventually collapse in on themselves and the truth will prevail.

  23. What can you expect from JEWISH owned/controlled media in JewNitedStatesOfAmerica and JewRopeanUnion as well ,only manipulative propaganda .
    j u i f – m e r d e

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