National Socialism WAS Socialism | Rethinking WW2 History

what is National Socialism national socialism national communism whoa wait a second what's yeah let me explain according to Marxists modern society is capitalist and communism is the goal socialism is what happens on the way to communism yes I'm being super simple here but you get the basic jist for Hitler socialism was the goal rather than the transition period so yeah Hitler is actually moving towards communism I'm just gonna let that sink in for a second and in reality the Soviets never reached true communism so they were socialists as well so when you look at the history of the Second World War and the axis Soviet front you have to realize that this is two separate socialist States going at each other and this seems to be one of the biggest and most fundamental misunderstandings people have about a second world war they think it's a far right versus far left war but is this really the case well actually no it's actually quite difficult to tell the difference between National Socialism and Soviet socialism because both socialist states with authoritarianism fact a historical debate where these two states the same or not and well this isn't as crazy as it sounds when you realize that Marxist socialism is but one variance of socialism because socialism is a spectrum in itself Hitler was as much a socialist as Marx they both shared the same ultimate goal the socialization of the people into a harmonious community free of exploitation but they differed significantly in the methods required to achieve it the origins of national socialism lie in the pre Hitler German Workers Party people like Rudolf Young Karl Harrer and Anton Drexler defined want National Socialism was Hitler wasn't the guy who invented it he just sold it to the masses the munich version of the german workers he was founded on the 5th of January 1919 by Drexler and Hara even at this point the name of the party was up for debate Drexler argue that the word socialist would show solidarity with the working class and keep ties with the other German national socialist parties in other states on the other hand Jara argued that the word socialist shouldn't be part of the title because by not having it in the title this would reduce middle class hostility towards the party and without the word socialist in the title they could present the case that they were advocating social welfare rather than social equality but the reality was they were doing the latter once Hitler became the leader on the 24th of February 1920 the German Workers Party was renamed he became the National Socialist German Workers Party yes the word socialist was added back into the title by Hitler himself the new Nazi flag the black swastika in the white circle inside a red field was created by him as well and in essence this was a red Socialist flag with a white nationalist flag and a pro Aryan anti-semitic flag inside it as well but this was both socialist nationalist and racist we National Socialists regard our flag as being the embodiment of our party program that will read express the social thought underlying the movement white the national thought and the swastika signified the mission allotted sewers the stroll for the victory of Aryan mankind and at the same time the triumph of the ideal of creative work which is in itself and always will be anti-semitic also on the same night that the party was refounded came the 25 points the only published National Socialist German Workers Party manifesto points one two three demand national unity for all Germans points four to eight were directed against the Jews and recent immigrants and points 9 to 21 almost half of the points were socialist in content these aim to bring about social welfare nationalization of the industry and land reforms and so on Hitler had his hand in all of these points when Hitler came to power the government got rid of trade unions but replaced them with the German labor front a state-owned body which promoted cleaner working environments better canteen food factory renovations and social security for the unemployed this was socialism similarly the party's strength through joy or KDF policy saw state subsidized holidays for all social classes cruises activities and excursions all were popular with the people and this is the point when you hear people say that the Nazis did good things prior to the war they're talking about these socialist policies why because this was a redistribution of wealth which benefits the working-class Hitler wants in an economy that could control without owning thereby removing the need to annihilate the entrepreneurial classes within a civil war as the Bolsheviks had done he regarded Marx and Lenin as having the right outcomes in mind by had gone about the projects in the wrong way when the Munich pooch failed in November of 1923 the National Socialist German Workers Party basically disappeared Hitler then wrote mine camp inside Landsberg prison and did you know that mine camp is a best-seller in the United States on the Kindle she wanted to point that out but it's also available online for free so everyone can get a copy of this book and take a look assuming you haven't got a copy already but my question to all of you who have a copy of this book have you actually read it and did these guys actually read it as well the answer is probably no why because it's terrible and I'm not just talking about the racism and whatnot is just awful I'm talking about the writing itself it rambles on and on going over the same point several times and it's probably one of the worst written books of all time it's like a cross between Shakespeare Dickens and Tolkien the gibberish just goes on and on talking about the same stuff over and over that's not important and leaves the reader wondering why they bothered reading in the first place but I'll come back to the rambling later the point I want to bring up now is the definition of National Socialism by Hitler himself which he defines throughout the book so Danya monocles and prepare to read from zeph Yura the readiness to sacrifice one's personal work and if necessary even one's life for others shows it's most highly developed form in the Aryan race the greatness of the Aryan is not based on his intellectual powers but rather on his willingness to devote all his faculties to the service of the community National Socialism is a community where Aryans help each other the Aryan lives for the state and self-preservation gives way to the community and the greater race their spirit underlying this attitude is expressed by the word work which to him does not at all signify and means of earning one's daily livelihood but rather productive activity which cannot clash with the interests of the community for the work which the individual performs is not the purpose of his existence but only a means his real purpose in life is to better himself and raise himself to a higher level as a human being but this he can only do in and through the community whose cultural life he shares National Socialism allows people to earn a living but they're all working towards a higher cause the race and the community and the race and the state come first therefore national socialism is absolutely not capitalism it's more like a beehive individuals and even businesses are working to produce honey for the leader the race as a whole may survive they don't like foreigners and they can only be one queen bee and if you rebel or if your business doesn't fit the mold leader the state can get rid of you for the good of the greater Arian hive so let's talk about this Arian business Hitler says animals breed with their own species crossbreeding is not allowed in the animal kingdom and when it happens the offspring is sterile because the stronger must dominate the weak there is a natural urge for there not to be any mixing of breeds therefore a superior race should not intermingle with an inferior one and this is when he starts talking about the Jews where the Jewish people the radius has sacrificed does not extend beyond the simple instinct of individual preservation Jews acting Concord only when a common danger threatens them or a common prey attracts them where these two motives no longer exist and the most brutal egotism appears and these people who before had lived together in unity will turn into a swarm of rats that bitterly fight against each other apparently and he just goes on and on about the Jews if the Jews were the only people in the world they would be wallowing in filth and mire and would exploit one another and try to exterminate one another in a bitter struggle yeah any of this statement being now Hitler would later go on to exploit and exterminate the Jews themselves as are the races yeah the whole book is filled with this prejudice so in Hitler's mind the Jews don't work towards the Arian German state because they don't care about the national community in his eyes they are vermin and he goes on to call them parasites therefore they're bad for the Aryan hive and must be eliminated at the beginning of the first world war or even during the war if 12 or 15 thousand of these Jews who were corrupting the nation had been forced to submit to poison gas just as hundreds of thousands of our pest German workers from every social stratum from every trade and calling how two-faced it's in the field then millions of sacrifices made at the front would not have been in vain on the contrary if 12,000 of these mal factors had been eliminated in proper time probably the lives of a million decent man who would be a value to Germany in the future might have been saved Hitler is saying that if he too killed a bunch of Jews in the First World War they would have saved many good honest German lives somehow so you can see the logic going into the Second World War he also says that the Jews invented communism which they didn't but the important point is he thinks they did and this is the point where he tries to separate his socialism from their socialism and he does this by race if you're part of the Aryan race you can be a citizen of the socialist state that he's going to create the people states will classify its population in three groups citizens subjects of the state and aliens the rights of citizenship shall be conferred on every young man whose health and character have been certified as good after having completed his period of military service on the occasion of conferring a diploma of citizenship the new citizen must take a solemn oath of loyalty to the national community and the state the bees get the benefit of having the honey and the protection of the state but only if their bees of this state foreign bees and other parasites are not allowed the racial vultan challenge is fundamentally distinguished from the marxist by reason of the fact that the former recognizes the significance of race and therefore also personal worth and has made these the pillars of its structure this is it Hitler has spelt it out what differentiates national socialism from all the Marx isms is race it is socialism but only for the Aryan if the national socialist movement should fail to understand the fundamental importance of this essential principle if it should merely varnish the external appearance of the present state and adopt the majority principle it would really do nothing more than compete with Marx on its own ground for that reason it would not have the right to call itself a veltrin challenge if the social program of the movement consisted of eliminating personality and putting the multitude in its place then National Socialism will be corrupted with the poison of Marxism just as our national Boswell's parties are the difference between Marxism and Nazism is the race individual Aryan bees working towards the hive not all are equal in this type of bee socialism there are individual bees who are better than others but they do have an equal chance to climb the ladder and individual bees do have rights and businesses but the state can interfere in those rights and dictate what your businesses can and can't do for the benefits of the great Arian bee yeah this really is a socialist state but access to this state is based on race not class that Marxist classless society ideal was redefined as a national community but really these were the same thing Hitler's broadest vision was that of the volca mine shaft the national community to be ruled by an elite blood order to him would transcend the need for class barriers which he saw as artificial and which stifled real creative talent Mayan camp goes on to say a lot more than this but the point has been rammed home enough Hitler's creation was a merger of two seductive ideologies international socialism and nationalistic pride fusing both of these two together Hitler didn't need to nationalize the industries why do we need all that socialization of the banks and factories what does it matter once I have the people firmly fitted into a discipline form which they cannot escape we are socializing the people so do not think that the German Nazi state in the 1930s and 40s is capitalism it really isn't capitalism it's a state controlled economy for the Nazis socialism was state intervention in private business rather than state ownership of business employer and employee maned so long as they were part of the Aryan race so yes these guys are communists so basically or at least the more communist than they may have realized you may not have made this connection before now either and I don't blame you National Socialists also don't like communists so it's natural to think that these two ideologies are not similar but they are the reason Hitler hates the communists is because he says communism was created by the Jews his mortal enemy but placing the Jewish element aside for a moment I would argue up the reason Hitler drones on and on about how much he hates communism and how much that his party and their parties are not the same is because he needs to differentiate his socialism from their socialism having read the primary source I get the impression that the rambling as he goes on about for the vast majority of the book are only there to make sure everyone is clear that he isn't a Marxist socialist because there isn't much of a difference between what he's saying and what they are saying so he's trying to come up with a difference in fact his hatred of the Jews and the ideal the Aryan race is actually the main difference between the two ideologies now when you look at the Second World War what you have to realize is that you have two socialist states fighting against each other however this is just their economic policy Hitler's National Socialists are definitely nationalists which is a right-wing idea so really you've got a party or a state which is both left-wing and right-wing at the same time how can this be well this is why the traditional political spectrum doesn't make any sense like in the world war ii context why is Nazism next to fascism that doesn't make any sense either and why is anarchism next to communism again that doesn't make any sense so let's get rid of it instead let's look at each aspect as a separate spectrum economics and politics are basically not the same I guess you could even have left and right within as well but all you need to know is that these two states are economically socialist and politically authoritarian as strong National Reich which recognizes and protects to the largest possible measure the rights of its citizens both within and outside its frontiers can allow freedom to reign at home without trembling for the safety of the state on the other hand a strong national government can intervene to a considerable degree in the liberties of the individual subject as well as the liberties of the constituent states without thereby weakening the ideal of the Reich bees give up their freedom for the greater hive definitely authoritarian to contrast this to the USA at the time of World War two the USA would be right economically and probably mostly left on the political spectrum since she's not a democracy she is a republic the Republic for which she stands Britain in the 1940s will probably be classed as mostly socialist economically due to state intervention in the economy for the war effort and the post-war social welfare states but also where the USA is on the political spectrum due to the parliamentary system and when you think of the Cold War the same applies think of it in terms of democracy versus totalitarian governments rather than capitalism versus socialism since socialist governments also falls on the side of the USA so yes national socialism is actually authoritarian socialism which itself is not that much different to Stalinist socialism in fact is there much of a difference between these two states this is an ongoing historical debate just how similar are these two ideologies and I'm not going to get into that debate here but it's safe to say that in terms of their philosophies their political influences as well as their economic policies government and other aspects national socialism and Stalinism are very similar indeed and in terms of World War two what we need to realize is that this was a war between two giant authoritarian power blocks it is a war between different dictators it is a war of ideologies it is a racial war it is a war of annihilation but it's also a war to see which version of socialism is the better version of socialism and this is a central part of the war so basically to sum up when you think of national socialism think racists communists and you won't be far off thank you to my patrons for your continuing support I required several books in order to make this video and without your support it wouldn't been possible for further reading I'm going to recommend this short book called how socialist was national socialism by brown it's cheap and pretty good he goes off at the end saying that Nazism was on the far left and therefore left-wing politics is bad which is perhaps his agenda in writing the piece in the first place I don't know and also he claims that the Nazi Soviet War was a socialist civil war which isn't true because they have two separate states so this wasn't a civil war at all but before this point it's a very interesting book and that's just like the last two pages so forget that and it certainly gets you thinking at the very least so I'd recommend that anyway thanks for watching thanks for supporting bye for now


    I’ve replaced my original pinned comments in BOTH videos because people either ignored them completely (pinned comments is where I list my sources, not the description as many of you claimed) or because I wanted to address many of the criticisms that people had about these videos. Since comments can only be so long, I’ve had to split this into sections. So please make sure you check out the comments below this one. Sources will be listed in the following post, as are links to a couple of videos etc.

    First of all, the National Socialist economy and society in Germany was absolutely not capitalist (no matter how much people scream at me that it is). After crushing imports and exports in 1933-1934 in order to promote Autarky and rearmament, party officials were basically in every shop and business, providing them with goods or foreign currency, and dictating policy etc. On top of this, Autarky crushed imports and exports, causing the end of trade, helping to isolate Germany from the globalized economy. All this caused a massive economic crisis in 1934, but to quote Tooze's Wages of Destruction –

    "…in practice the Reichsbank and the Reich Ministry of Economic Affairs had no intention of allowing the radical activists of the SA, the shopfloor militants of the Nazi party or Gauleiter commissioners to dictate the course of events. Under the slogan of the 'strong state', the ministerial bureaucracy fashioned a new national structure of economic regulation." – P112

    "It would be absurd to deny the reality of this shift. The crisis of corporate capitalism in the course of the Great Depression did permanently alter the balance of power. Never again was big business to influence the course of government in German as directly as it did between the outbreak of World War I in 1914 and the onset of the Depression in 1929. The Reich's economic administration, for its part, accumulated unprecedented powers of national economic control." – P113

    And this was 1934. So this was absolutely not capitalism. And if it's heavy state intervention, with a planned centralized economy, without being capitalism, what could it be?

    A commenter critical of what I was saying (Adrian Mahon) said that my definition of socialism was wrong, and that – "It's about power relationships and shifting these to the workers"

    Ok, I absolutely agree with what he’s saying there. From an ideological perspective of what was defined by Marx, that's a fair assessment. And I don't disagree – I never have done. But, there's an issue with this definition historically. And people have given other definitions (revolutionary vs non-revolutionary, “seizing the means of production” etc). In fact, socialism doesn’t have “one” definition because as Evans wrote –

    “When an intellectual historian reads Hobbes’s Leviathan or Marx’s Das Kapital, it is not in order to use their writings to reconstruct something outside them, but in order to construct an interpretation of what they mean or meant. There are indeed many interpretations of these thinkers’ ideas, not least because the systems of thought Hobbes and Marx established were so wide-ranging that they never became completely closed.” – Evans, R. “In Defence of History.” Granta Books, Kindle.

    So, let’s not pretend that socialism is a fixed definition. Now, some of you also have this concern –

    "We are seeing a rise of fascism; to 'revise' the meaning of socialism plays to a particular audience that (I'm hoping) you don't want." – Adrian Mahon.

    I agree, and I absolutely don't want to see a rise in fascism or National Socialism. I cannot stress this enough. I've already said a couple videos back that I'm doing a Holocaust documentary because I'm sick to death of people preaching Holocaust (and Holodomor) denial. It's sickening. So, do not think I'm at all promoting either ideology. Several people claimed I was ‘redefining socialism’ so I could deny the Holocaust. No idea where that came from. And actually, by saying that National Socialism wasn't socialism – this actually plays into the National Socialist and denialist hands. Now, at first you might think – why? Well, let me explain with a bit of history –

    Hitler genuinely believed in his version of 'socialism', and thought it was a form of 'socialism'. It doesn't matter if you think that it's socialism or not at this point, just run with it. So, when Hitler comes to power in 1933, he 'socialized' the German economy by removing the Jewish influence from government etc and imposes his version of 'socialism'. And this actually caused an economic crisis by 1934 as a result. This was due to Autarky and armaments spending (see the previous quotes in my above comment which are linked to this).

    With the 'socialization' of the people, he removed Jews from society, and heavily restricted trade, ending capitalism. And he geared up for war. Military spending was less than 1% of the budget in 1933, and was 10% in 1935. This was “- a bigger and quicker increase than ever seen before in peacetime in a capitalist state.” from Rees, L. “The Holocaust: A New History.” Penguin Books, 2017. Page 92.

    Now, why would he do this? Is it just for military conquest? Or is there some sort of underlying motive?

    And yes, there's an underlying motive. Going back to Mein Kampf, what he see is his version of Nationalism (which is entwined with his 'socialism'). As a brief explanation – he thought that the species shouldn't mix breeds. And that Aryan peoples built nations. However, the reason he thinks nations collapsed in the past had nothing to do with war etc; it was all because the Aryans interbred with the lesser races. In Hitler's mind, the dilution of Aryan blood would weaken the race, and bring down the nation. Yes, complete lunacy, but there's little doubt he thought this.

    And he honestly thought that the Jews were the absolute worse race, and the fact they didn't have a nation of their own (at the time) proved his theory right. In Mein Kampf, Hitler says that the Jews were like parasites who would latch onto Aryan nations and dilute Aryan blood with their own blood by interbreeding. Therefore Hitler thought that the Jews had to be removed from society to prevent the Aryan German blood from being diluted, and thus causing the downfall of the German race.

    However, there's the Marxist problem too. In Hitler's mind, the Jews were championing Marxism. The reason was stated as: if they made everything equal and classless, this would give the Jews the best chance to interbreed with everyone and thus bring about the fall of humanity. Yes, it's ridiculous, but that's where he went with it.

    So, you can see why he hated Bolshevism so much. He thought that international communism would allow the Jews to destroy the Aryan races. He therefore decided to take action and beat the Jews before they beat the Aryans. This is why he wanted to go East. He viewed the Slavs as slaves owned by the Jews. But if they conquered the Soviet Union, rid the Jews from society, the Slavs would serve the master German Aryans for a 1,000 years.

    Now, Adrian Mahon said "Can we agree agree on what 'socialist' means (hint: it's not state intervention). It's about power relationships and shifting these to the workers" Ok, but let's look at what Hitler thought for a moment.

    Hitler thought that 'socialism' was about power relationships too. The difference was that he thought the way to solve the issue wasn't by having the workers rise up. But actually by removing the Jews. (I know this isn't socialism as Marx defined it, but stick with me for a bit longer) If he removed the Jews, then the power relationships wouldn't happen. The Aryan race would all work together as a collective to better the German nation – the elites would help their fellow men, and the workers could rise to the top. Hitler does say that the ladder still exists because individuals should be able to climb up if they're better than others. That would actually help the race because supposedly the better elements of the race would rise upwards. (And you do have quite a bit of social movement in the National Socialist era of Germany, so it's not completely correct to say he was just saying this stuff.)

    Now, this Hitler-version of 'socialism' is actually mixed with his Nationalism. Hitler redefined this to mean that the state was the absolute embodiment of the race (his 'Nationalism'). However, the two are intermixed. You can't have one without the other. The state/people need to remove the Jews, and the state/people need to work together. Now, if you keep this idea in mind – that the Nationalism and the Socialism element are equal and the same – look what happens when we consider the history of the time:

    When you think of the trains taking people to the forced labour camps, the concentration camps, the death camps etc, what you have to remember is that, this absolutely wasn't free-market forces doing this. This was a systematic industrial mass-killing, controlled by the state (hence my "intervention in economy and society" bit), and I would absolutely argue that this could not have happened to this extent in a free-market capitalist economy. How would a business market "Murder of Racial Minorities on a Mass Scale" in any capitalist society? It just wouldn't happen to this extent. Yeah, you have persecutions and murder during wartime etc, but not mass-industrial-scale-murder.

  2. TIK I need your help. I understand your definition of Nazism based on the meanings that you attribute to words

    But Fascism is defined as “right wing”

    It is defined as right wing because of its appeal to nationality

    Nazism is defined as fascism, because people see nationality and race as interchangeable

    So therefore nazism is right wing, and not socialism which is left wing.

    Please I just don’t understand anymore (;-;)

  3. this is the most idiotic explanation of political spectrums ever!!! this guy intentionally misinterprets ideologies on purpose to manipulate!!! national socialism is no way near communism nor towards communism! let's not forget that communism killed 66 million people and destroyed the russian ethnic cohesion! It will take at least a century from now for them to recover and become an actual functional state!!! the soviet union didn't collapse, it evolved, it has gone global! think about it… Gorbachev collapsed the soviet union in 1991 intentionally, not by itself and in 1992 the UN voted Agenda 21! coincidence? Bolshevism has corrupted every spectrum of politics to the extent that we sometimes ask ourselves "why do these guys fight each other since they have the same political goals?" he's right about the political ideology now, but back then it was completely different! let's not forget that the communists killed every opponent, but not Trosky! he was SENT to the US! ask yourselves that! and it was not race that made the difference between national socialism and communism, it was national ethnic sovereignty (these are 2 complete different things!)

  4. Funny how people all say this is wrong, but can't come up with any other argument than "You should stick to history"

  5. Amazing that the NSDAP swastika can't be shown where the 'hammer and sickle' can yet Marxism murdered twice more people over the years than died in fighting on both sides in WW2 AND the Nazi extermination camps. Wish you had contrasted Italian Fascists and Nazis. Very much the same but also different in significant ways. Nonetheless, an excellent presentation.

  6. "They were both socialist states with authoritarean leaders". If you substitute 'socialist' with 'totalitarean', then we're 100% on the same page. In Spain, Gil-Robles wrote of this ideal: ""When the time comes, either parliament submits or we will eliminate it". The latter is exactly what both Hitler and Stalin did. The elimination of all opposition is the tell-tale sign of totalitareanism; whereas the world has seen and still sees both nationalist and socialist governments that did or does not seek to eliminate all opposition. You seem hell-bent on equating socialism with totalitareanism, which perhaps suggests more about your own views of socialism. What you fail to recognize is that once totalitareanism is introduced, all other -isms don't matter. There is only complete surrender to the supreme leader or treason; all nuances are obliterated and all ideological goals are in fact suspect, because any idea must take second place to loyalty to the authoritarean figure. Stalin shot thousands of devoted socialist and communists; not because they weren't socialist enough, but because they weren't absolutely loyal to him and his rule.

  7. 3/4 of the communist party that slaughtered 60 million Russians were from the (((tribe))) and were financed by ((( wall street banksters )))

  8. The reason that Hitler believed that Jews had created Communism following the Bolshevik Revolution, stems directly to the Rothschild's aka Khazarian Mafia circa 740 AD and their centuries of deceit, causing the world to believe that they were Jews.
    The Rothschild's set up their puppet Lenin and held power with an iron fist, over the masses of Russia from the background.
    The cause of the Bolshevik Revolution, goes back to circa 1000 AD, after Russia invaded and destroyed the Khazarian Empire, due in part because of the evil Empires human blood sacrificial rituals as well as murder of Russian travelers and merchants.
    For this destruction, the remnants of Empire vowed absolute retribution and revenge against Russia one day. Approximately 900 years later, did their decendents enact their revenge.
    That is certainly bitter determination.

  9. It seems that all these dictators had their moment of enlightenment in prison. I guess when someone says that they are in "college" that's just a euphemism for jail. That's what this guy I know used to say. But it's here where their pseudo intellectual ramblings run rampant. But, but…there is something to be made from it if you're a deranged lunatic. Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Castro, Nasser, Saddam, Idi Amin, Hitler and many others always have these ideals they want to put into place but it NEVER goes according to plan. It starts out to some degree and falls flat leaving bodies in their wake to achieve it. I was listening to a book called the 'Infernal Library' and it goes through just as many leaders and pokes fun at their literary works, but it gives a good deal of info on how these men came about, the lives they lived and their desire to change things. And when they came to power it was hell to pay to those that a) wronged them, b) wronged the people around them 3) and anyone who doesn't believe in what they believe. It's like watching someone who is "bullied" BECOME the bully. The arguments made for communism and fascism to me seem like two terms to separate "a group" (like separating one from the other) they aren't really as cut and dry as you think. It's more complex in the historical sense but in a way they are similar just in different ways. Both employ the same tactics of violence, commit the same tactics to silence dissenting opinions, push for some progressive change that's for some greater good by trying to remove the elites at the top. But what happens is the person who gets to the top to incite change ends up being no better than the people he's trying to control. I've watched quite a bit of documentaries and it seem no matter what the ideology it's the same game played. I'll admit I find world history more interesting than Western history. But when you observe global history you see that same patterns. It never changes.

  10. I like to thank you for enlightening people to the mechanism of National Socialism (True Socialism). Of course I dont proclaim myself a Socialist because I am a Neo Classicalist and believe strongly in a Controlled Aristocracy who rules with limitation and is subservient to their Senatorial superiors. I.e I dont approve of any kind of liberal socialism regardless of whether it has a national ethnic policy embedded in it or otherwise. But something you Paleo Liberals need to be corrected on. Im positive Ben Jewpiro zionistically brainwashed you. But I like to state that Hitler was not truly anti semitic. If he wanted his doctor dead he would have killed him himself, but Hitler didnt do that. Hitler simply wanted the Judens out of Germany. You know where they belong*ehem* Israel.

    National Socialism from a Darwinistic standpoint is not in anyway contempt for other species. It's just species realism and recognizing that integrating indifferent peoples in one national state will only increase the difference more so between them. It's that simple. Everyone biologically survives better than others in their regions of origin (Enoch Powell).

    Now allow me to elaborate further…anyone literally anyone can be a National Socialist. Just as long as they serve as auxiliaries (Waffen SS) or do it in their own country.

    On the other hand, the only thing national socialistic about me is my religion which is of course Gottglaubig

    But yes I can agree in Mein Kampf Hitler does ramble excessively and ends up concluding to the same thesis and rhetoric. The reason hat is is because the book is actually just a written recording of Hitler rambling on but International Marxism and Jewry and so on and so forth because Rudolf Hess was simply writing down everything Hitler was chanting during the course of his sentence. But is still a good read and simplification of still very relevant social issues in the west.

    That's all 👱‍♂️

  11. A very important vedio I also reffer anyone that thinks National-Socialsim is not Socialism, to one of the greatest economistst of the 20th century, Ludwig Van Mizes he says and proves that National-Socialism is socialism

  12. National Socialism was a political Ideology to fight Socialism. It's the opposite of Socialism!!!! Are Anti-Communists Communists? This is bullshit.

    The Anti-Communist Winston Churchill was aware of this when he declared his admiration for Mussolini and his fascism, visiting Italy in 1927, : “If I had been an Italian, I am sure I should have been wholeheartedly with you from the start to finish in your triumphant struggle against the bestial appetites and passions of Leninism.” He also wrote of his “intimate and easy” relations with Mussolini, adding that “in the conflict between Fascism and Bolshevism, there was no doubt where my sympathies and convictions lay.”
    In Hitlers "Mein Kampf" you find various quotes on how the concept of Nationals Socialism was concidered as a weapon against what the nazis called "Jüdischer Bolschewismus" (jewish bolshevism). The majority of german non-jewish entrepreneurs, industrials, the aristorcrats, and the military leaders in Germany after WWI fear socialism the most, that's why they supported the nazi ideology from the beginning on. Nazi-Germany was not a socialist country. In May 1933 just a few months after the nazis won the elections in January 1933 they declared the unions as illegal. Socialist, Communists, Union leaders, Social Democrats where the first to put in Jail and Concentration-Camps. Hundreds of Thousends Socialists had been tortured an executed by the nazis. The fight against communism was a important goal in the nazi war propaganda when they attacked the Sowjetunion.The german economy under "national socialism" was not more or less "socialist" as the economy of the US, UK or any other western country that time. The market was as free as outside Germany, in fact, if you where not a jew, Germany was a capitalist paradise. Allot of foreign companies produced in Germany so did coca cola, ford etc. and a lot of german companies had their buisiness outside too. The public sector share during the nazis was in fact lower than it was in the US during the 1930s. Nazis are not Socialists as Satanists are not christians.

  13. the new deal is right wing? bro i love the historical videos but you come off as briandead here. stay away from topics you obviously donr understand please

  14. Sorry,you didn't understood anything to communism generous ideal,Bolshevic revolution and Soviet Regime, Soviet Regime was INTERNATIONALIST,lot of Bolshevics Leaders were no-Russians (Polish,Latvians,Jewishs,Hungarians,Austrians,Georrgians,Armenians…) (Sverdlov,(first president of soviet Russia),Trotsky (Founder of Red Army) were jewish, Felix Dzerzhinsky (founder of Tcheka,ancestor of NKVD and KGB) was Polish,Stalin and Beria were Georgians, Khroutchev was Ukrainian,Mikoian was Armenian….
    Nazi ideology is a socialism for ''Aryan'' German ONLY, and zooligical racism and antisemitism, death and Slavary for all others peoples

  15. Beware, soon saying this can be criminal offense. At least there are those who want to make it criminal offence in Germany for a start.

  16. Hey TIK, I think the worsted written book I ever read is The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. The parts written by Bill Wilson.

  17. One other comment. You say that the Nazi flag was "a red socialist flag, a white nationalist flag, and a pro-Aryan anti-Semitic flag". But this is not why the flag was chosen in those colours. Those colours were chosen because they were the colours of Imperial Germany. Red, white and black.

  18. The following is from Paul Roland's "The Nazis".

    Page 128: ….."In the following year, a further million people found work and the reduction increased year-on-year until, by 1939, only 302,000 able-bodied Germans were officially unemployed. For this reason, few grumbled at the loss of the trade unions, although workers were now banned from demanding higher wages, shorter hours or improved conditions. Strike action could not be taken under any circumstances. Workers were even prohibited from changing their job without permission. Performance-related pay was introduced, which benefitted younger employees but proved detrimental to the working lives of older, less able-bodied men and women. Enforced longer hours led to a marked increase in absenteeism."

    Page 96-97 "Hitler was also disturbed to learn that his financial backers shared the army's concerns. Gustav Krupp, who had personally pledged three million Reichsmarks to party funds, confirmed the Fuhrer's fears that the SA were now seen as Roehm's private army and therefore a threat to the state. As the owner of the largest iron and steel works, Krupp was crucial to Germany's rearmament programme.

    So you have:
    – Complete bans on trade unions, collective bargaining and strike action
    – Performance related pay (an explicitly non-socialist policy as in a socialist state in theory, everyone is equal)
    – Workers banned from changing jobs
    – Hitler taking money from owners of private monopolies (the existence of private monopolies is surely enough proof they were not truly "socialist") and murdering figures like Roehm who they suspected were a threat to their interests

    I'm no expert on Nazi economics but even from a cursory knowledge of the material it's obvious they weren't socialist, much less "left-wing" or "far-left".

  19. Hitler wasn’t a Marxist socialist Marxism is Jewish. Also how was communism “not created by Jews” Karl Marx was Jewish.

  20. >National Socialism
    >National Socialists purged all socialists, detested socialism and communism and still hate them to this day
    >National Socialism is actual Socialism

    You can see from the start that the video that it's not well made nor researched. Hell, you didn't even had to research it, if you had a minimum political knowledge, you wouldn't confuse National Socialism with actual Socialism.

  21. TIK, you misspelled a title:National sotialsm wasn't socialism. Or you dont know what socialism is

  22. Once you understand that Hitler's National Socialism, was just another twist on socialism, then it all makes sense. Identity politics, collectivism, fear tactics, Leftism, these are all tactics that Nazis would have employed.

  23. Please mate, I love your work but and your Crusader and now starting Courland Pocket is well researched and the and one of the best WW2 Documentaries of all time, this whole talk about Hitler being a Socialist is not true and what you are saying is attracting Alt right Crazies and Nazies. If you want to get rid of these people and Improve your work please Research this topic better. Anyway Keep up the good work but get rid of this Alt-right Propergander. Also here is a video that Investigates this idea and debunks it, please just take a look.

  24. TIK keep it up. Don't let these soft headed Nazi groupies stop you. They want to pretend they don't belong to an idealogy that at it's core dehumanizes and subjugates humans making them nothing more than cattle. No greater loss of life in human history can compare with what the socialists committed in the 20th century. Socialism is misery, death and destruction. Whether it fascism, communism, or any of the other ism's is irrelevant. It's akin to asking what flavor you want your arsenic to be.

  25. what a fantastic video. really spot on. more people should understand this. it puts corbyn and co in a clearer light.

  26. In 2019, people use "socialism" as a stand-in for social justice. We need to understand that modern day socialism has two parts, economic Justice and social justice for people of all Races and backgrounds.

    The Nazi party certainly tried to extend economic Justice to Aryan German people, so in that sense it adopted economic policies similar to those in socialism.

    But the social policies adopted by the Nazi party, namely the Holocaust of Jews, Gypsies, gay people, and disabled people, were the absolute opposite of what socialism is about today in developed countries. So, it's a little misleading to say that the Nazis were socialists, because people today equate socialism with social justice Warriors.

    Good video overall and you explain in more detail near the end. But I know some people will just grab the title and claim that 2019 SJWs are Nazis. That's not what you meant, but it's easy to draw that conclusion from the title.

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