NATIONAL SOCIALISM | w/ Michael Thurlow

hello and welcome back to propaganda TV I'm Ronnie Cameron and joining me tonight is the leader of the National Socialist Canadian Labour Party of Canada Michael thurlow Michael thank you for coming on the show how you doing this evening I'm doing I'm doing fantastic it's really great to be here I've watched a lot of your a lot of your lives live streams I've watched a lot of your shows it's a it's an honor to be on one of the more popular channels on YouTube so thank you for having me on it's cream on thank you man it's my pleasure I'd like to start off first just with a series of true or false questions pertaining to national socialism just to gain a bit better understanding of what national socialism is all about in general and for those in the audience who are unfamiliar he's not good – it sounds fantastic all right all right let's jump into it all right so national socialism ideology holds entrepreneurialship in high regard and private property is considered a precondition to developing the creativity of members of the people true or false that's overall very very true as far as small businesses go and private businesses like that it's absolutely true in that regard national socialism concerns itself economically as far as as far as corporations go as far as big business as far as huge conglomerates those things those organizations they're they're discouraged or else the state sort of intervenes a little bit the state manages the big corporations but as far as entrepreneurialship as far as people creating businesses and creating jobs absolutely 100% true our national socialist all fascist Michael I'd say that national socialism is a form of fascism so I yeah I would say that it is true that all national socialists have to be by definition fascists I appreciate the honesty there National Socialists believe that private property provides important incentives to achieve greater cost consciousness efficiency gains and technical process progress true or false I'd say that that's more or less true as well one of the most important things and this is one of the most important things to me is creating new legislation which will help private land like private landowners farmers and people in the rural countryside maintain and pass their properties down more easily without inheritance taxes without red tape without without any really creating almost the nobility I would have almost an aristocracy out of what was called you know you could call it the aristocracy of the peasantry private property in that regard is very very very important I believe that all culture or the most important forms of culture come out of the rural countryside the farmlands the the focus communities so the ability for people to maintain their properties not just themselves but generationally this is absolutely a hundred percent true I think that would surprise a lot of people I think a lot of people just assume that socialists are against private property in any form would you say that national socialism is somewhat of a of a fusion between capitalist principles and socialist policy I would say that it I'd say that that's on the face true it's it's more nuanced than that because at the same time as it's more it's more or less an amalgam of certain political or economic points or social points but at the same time National Socialism is a rejection of both capitalism and Marxism which you know as by an extension red socialism it's a completely a complete rejection of both of those things as well then it does take certain elements from from those those ideologies Michael true-or-false National Socialists are violent in national socialism is a violent ideology absolutely false there are there are elements within every on every side of the political spectrum there are elements that are undesirable that are absolutely reprehensible degenerates but among at least among my movement my party the NSC lrp not a single one of our members is is violent in any capacity National Socialism itself I struggled to say that you know self-defense is very important but I don't really I think that the the question is more or less along the lines of pandemonium chaos anarchy the sort of things we saw it charlottesville right that kind of violence and to that I'd say it's absolutely false National Socialism has nothing to do with that kind of behavior so you're telling me that National Socialists aren't all skinheads in KKK members absolutely not we do I don't allow them membership to the NRC LRP if I find out that that that's what they're involved in they're not welcome we need we need the support but I I don't want that category of person to represent this part of the movement right is National Socialism a left-leaning ideology that's a really really tough one to answer because its third position there are elements which could be considered left-leaning it does take elements of Marxism for example and this is something that might trigger some of some of your listeners I'm not sure but I I sometimes will call national socialism Marxism practically applied it takes away all of the it takes away all of the inconsistencies with human nature the illogical the irrational ideas the utopic ideas and distill some of the economic and social principles down to working idea you could say that there are elements of left-wing ideology to national socialism but there are also elements the right of right-wing ideology and National Socialism its third position are there any aspects on to national socialism that would be considered on socially liberal yeah I think that there would be some things that you could call socially liberal for example we I believe very strongly and a lot of social programs specifically ones that will help with our birth rates for example those are very important things that we we have to incentivize tried-and-true method marriage loans that's a social program I'd bury firm on my belief in universal health care I mean it's it's in the interest of the state it's in the interest of the government to ensure the highest quality citizens to do ensure that they have the they have attic they have more than adequate access to health care to various programs that will facilitate health in every in every respect mentally spiritually physically it's in the interest of the state to insure these things so true or false National Socialists are extremely hostile to the ideal of Social Welfare and in principle I'd say that that's false I think you'll find that all of the a lot of the programs that were introduced in we could call it the first wave of national socialism or we could call it the first wave of European fascism I think you'll find that a lot of the programs were social in nature but again this is this kind of a difficult question to talk about in contemporary terms because of the way that the economic and financial system operates it's it's very difficult to sell this idea of well where's the money going to come from there are a lot of things we want to do specifically regarding like say the central bank right once this is once once the central bank is dealt with and we can actually have real money again it's a lot easier to talk about those sorts of ideas because right now how do you know they the typical American mindset on it right you know where's the money going to come from though you can't tax me well I and I'll recommend a book later on we'll talk a lot about this but I believe that we can achieve these sorts of things with very very minimal taxation if not over maybe five to ten years eliminate a lot of forms of taxation and still maintain these benefits so it's very difficult to talk about that in in the modern sense with what people are accustomed to today interesting well from my understanding you know it's unfortunate but the only reference that I can really work with is the Nazi Party right and that's always going to come with negative connotations regardless for my understanding they actually Germans had they were taxed less than Americans were they were times less than Canadians where during the late 30s during the 40s is this true absolutely true and it goes back to what I was talking about with the banks what they did was they they tore down the private central bank and we reconstituted the state's power over the the printing of distribution of and of currency and the ability for the state to set the lending terms of currency they eliminated and I'm not sure what is it what's that cartoon called I can't remember but the American Dream that cartoon has anybody I'm sure a lot of your viewers have seen it but that same principle with the American Federal Reserve Bank and how each dollar printed is worth less than the one before it's not backed by anything it has no real intrinsic value it's the exact same principle there that National Socialist Germany managed to to overcome that and and create a currency that that wasn't depreciable that that wasn't subject to inflation or deflation so they were able to tax less because the amount of money being flooded out you know they printed money as was needed to maintain or grow the economy and it was backed by something real great responses that great replies to all those true or false questions there we're gonna we're gonna move into some more meaty questions now I know you've stated in the past that you're not a white nationalist organization now you're a legitimate nationalist socialist party so are you opposed to certain aspects of white nationalist ideology or you simply just stating that your party is more than just an activist group or LARPers well first of all the NSEL rp4 is first and foremost an activist group but we I we're very proactive in our activism we're not we're not running around handing out flyers about Donald Trump or Europe we're we're specifically dealing with Canada we've got several fundraisers and and programs for four Canadians this is what I term is activism doing something to increase or raise the standards of living or raise the human condition in any capacity that's what I call activism but when it comes down to the white nationalist umbrella even today you know what thirty years post white nationalism 1.0 you still have people who believe in things which are contrary to the point of being diametrically opposite to nationalist sentiments I had a very long argument with David Duke and Patrick little six months ago on this subject of pan-european ISM I don't think that the idea of pan-european ism is congruent with nationalist sentiments and this is something that is not necessarily Universal among white nationalists but you know we I'm not going to name a whole lot of names here but there are a lot of white nationalists who self-described white nationalists here in Canada the the the nationalists front here in Ontario described themselves as white nationalists and their Payoneer pianist they don't really draw a clear division between tribal or blood boundaries or border boundaries they think European is European is European white nationalism is something that I think has really manifested out of the American pathos this this feeling of not really belonging somewhere not really having a bloodline of your own the I don't I don't like memes very very much but the America the American team right they they're they're mixed Europeans to the point where they don't really have a common origin so this is where this this white idea came from and it gets applied to everybody else who does have a common origin who has a a tribal place within within there within their ethnos you know Germans Germany for the Germans France for the French Britain for the English Canada for the Canadians right this is this is what I would say is a superior worldview to pan-european ism or white nationalism did you say the the race is our nation but it's not biologically it's not congruent with the biological reality of what a race really is we're built up of subgroups under an umbrella of several other subgroups Dinaric east Baltic Mediterranean Slavic Nordic etc and then when you get to the very tippy top of all of that then you could say okay well all of these people are white but they're all distinct and they all have you know clustered genetic variations they all have their own cultures their own way of doing things their own their own value sets that they base their moral judgments on their own cultures and and to say that that all belongs to one umbrella I think is irresponsible it's it's essentially the goyim version of Zionism or globalism you know good guys right well I I have to say Mike I I disagree with you on this one I think you you provided an excellent base for your argument there I do believe that in in the modern world we have kind of gone beyond our nationalist cultural identity what makes a Canadian Canadian apart from a Swede or a German it's it's very hard to tell asides from like the language of course but we we tend to listen to the same music we tend to watch the same shows we eat the same food and we we quite enjoy each other's culture like whether it's you know Italian food or whatnot and I personally find that when I speak to say for instance a white person from Germany or white person from America I have more in common with them than I do with say a brown Canadian or an Asian Canadian or black Canadian and this is in general terms of course so identify first and foremost with my race and secondly I identify with my nation so I do subscribe to the pan white European nationalist type of alright that's fair but I'll I'll take it a step further and this is one of the questions I always ask whatever I whenever I encounter somebody who feels this way it lets say Beethoven was taken out of Germany and Rachmaninoff was taken out of Russia do you think that Beethoven could have composed Russian music for Russians do you think that Rachmaninoff could have produced German music for Germans I think that when you get down to it even if there's a zero point zero zero zero one percent difference between different European haplogroups that still accounts for the variations in culture I'm I am a biological determinist I think that a lot of if not all of our behaviors are determined by our biology by our genetics our predispositions the way children will react to something you know the comments saying you take a hundred children and expose all of them do the same thing most of them are you know not all of them are going to react the same way I think that comes down to genetics i I don't really subscribe to the to the nurse your theory I believe that most if not all of what makes us us is is by biology manifesting itself through our actions and interactions with the world around us this is why I think people in in certain nations if with our globalism without global trade without global access to information people would revert very quickly back to what is natural to them and what comes natural to them you know Debussy played French music DaVinci painted Italian paintings and I think that I think that this is this this this breakdown in the division between people is due mostly to to our ability to to move globally or to access information globally it's important to be able to have those unique things that make us belong that signify we belong to a certain people I understand but I'm too it to address your first point there with you know whether Bach could have composed the music he composed in Germany I'd forget that was a specific reference um I I think my argument only applies to the modern age absolutely correct if we do go back there was more distinct cultural barriers and because we didn't necessarily have to contend with the third world and other nations that have now basically immersed themselves onto the political scene and our inner backyards we now can identify with our whiteness in a way that we never did before and I I do feel that our the way that we identify any way through biology I believe that is at the top of the priority hierarchy in terms of how we identify I don't think we should dismiss our nationhood I still believe that American identity is a thing I believe that you know German and identity is a thing but it's less than our whiteness and I do believe that at some level we must come together and collective eyes as whites otherwise we will eternally be at the whim of globalists I would I couldn't agree more with you there and what I'll say is is this just because we recognize that there are certain biological difference between us as Europeans that doesn't mean that we have to surrender solidarity absolutely not we can be a united front and still maintain those differences and still appreciate our differences from one another that the Germans can be German the French the French can be French and but they can still appreciate that while still being United as much as it's possible against the common enemy against these common threads okay so what aspects of national socialism do you think enables us to combat the globalists more effectively than say an white European nationalism because National Socialism was formulated with the sole purpose of slamming every door enclosing every avenue that a certain cleek okay use to infest and infiltrate our national institutions our banks our media our schools our courts our legislation our governments it closes each and every door it slams it shut and that's that's that was one of the reasons the National Socialism was developed in the first place to ensure that only people of the nation can can govern themselves only the people of the nation can benefit from the rights and privileges and and and liberties that the nation provides without National Socialism I people can adopt national socialist views and call it something different but at the end of the day it's a rose by any other name National Socialism is really the only sure answer to those questions okay well we're gonna shift gears just slightly there we'll probably get back return to that in a little bit we got a $5 super Chad from Canadian peasant very much appreciated I want to shift over to some aspects of national socialism some I guess myths or stereotypes that are associated with it like we all know that the the Nazis they came for the guns and gun control is always going to be associated with National Socialism I feel so even if we could kind of you know remove the negative connotations in the mainstream if we could detach that kind of label from National Socialism do you think it'sit's reasonable at all for us to be able to convince conservatives conservatives of today to jump on board the National Socialist train or do you think that they're always going to be like nope they're coming for our guns we got to keep that number one priority thank you Alex thank you Alex Jones Mao took the guns Hitler took the guns it's actually it's a complete fabrication Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist Party of Germany actually repealed a lot of legislation that made it more difficult for Germans to own firearms in really but Nazi but with the Nazi Party I don't even like that word it's a it's a wartime slur invented by a Jewish journalist in Austria the National Socialist Party made it much easier for the common German man to purchase a firearm he repealed a lot of the laws from the Republic that man did not know that yeah so it's really fabrication that you know gun control wasn't an issue it's pretty difficult to create a national militia or holding defense you know the defense of the nation the last line of defense for a nation is its people it's very difficult to accomplish that while not allowing your people access to firearms well yeah and I'm very surprised I'm gonna have to look into that more I totally take your word for it but yeah it's I think it's just embedded into people's brain so that's what happened that's what the Nazis were all about and unless you do your own research you're kind of in the dark so I'm still learning a lot about the you know the historical aspects of Europe and whatnot especially during the 1940s so that's that's a really interesting one right there what's a what is your position in general on gun control like here in Canada like we kind of have a different situation than America right do you feel that it's oppressing issue is it kind of like something we don't really need to talk about or I think it is something that should be talked about probably not the most pressing issue in the world but it still it is still an issue in in our manifest that we've got a 30-point program it's sort of the foundation of everything else we do we're going to be writing I'm in the process of writing an expanded version a full detailed manifesto for all of our party platforms but one of our 30 points is that we want to see a lot of the firearm regulations reformed we want to see say single-shot rifles ID I have no problem with those and no should nor should anybody really they're single-shot rifles you're not you know you're not going to do a whole lot of damage with a single-shot rifle you're I'm not worried about that at all I think that they should be first of all the right you shouldn't have to register a single-shot rifle you shouldn't have to be you shouldn't have to be in possession of any more than your sanity and a clean criminal record to go and purchase say a single-shot Ruger 22 or any caliber really I know it doesn't really bother me a single-action bolt operated single-shot sporting rifle should be available to anybody who really wants to own one the only thing I have a problem with is is high grade and I'm not you know not in the way Hillary Clinton meant it but legitimately high grade military weapons should be in the hands of the military but I believe very strongly that everybody should be serving their nation for at least two years and I believe that every soldier should retain his firearm after his service so that kind of solves that problem doesn't that yeah and and I would say by and large the the gun crime that we're experiencing here in Toronto and Canada by and large it's it's being committed by thugs it's being committed by gangsters that are using handguns the most part rate went on it's not like we're seeing um you know middle-aged white guys walking around the street with their hunting rifle or anything exactly exactly happening down on gun control in that way is just ridiculous I think the only thing we should be concerned about is getting guns illegal guns out of the hands of criminals cracking down on the thugs and the gangs that are actually responsible for the crime oh yeah it's it's just insane that the conversation boils down to just simply gun control and making it harder for law-abiding citizens to get a gun and I'm not even big on guns you know I don't and on owning a gun anytime soon but I'm empathetic towards that community and I think that it is something especially within like for America it's more like deeply woven into the cultural fabric we're here in Canada you know we're more of a peaceful past passive nation so I feel more for the Americans in that regard but still here in Canada I think it is something that we Alicia does should talk about absolutely and I I really I don't want to get anybody's hopes up we might be listening and thinking wow he's gonna second Amendment for Canada I I really don't want Canada to turn into you know American America jr. I I don't want that so the the NSEL rps position on guns is a lot more lenient than what we had today but by no means would we be pushing for the level of freedom that the Americans enjoy I don't think it's necessary for us I think that they have a lot of very specific problems which are uniquely American ie 16 percent of their population Oh 8 percent of their population let's be honest here and they they have legitimate cause to to to want to defend themselves I don't think that Canadians have the same need to defend themselves I don't think that I don't think that the average person should be going in to a sporting goods store picking up an Armalite an arm like model 15 and and 100-round drum magazine I don't think we need that in Canada I don't have any problem with pistols I don't have any problem with hunting rifles shotgun sports shooting I don't and on top of which the NSC lrp our position on self-defense is that if you're acting to protect your own life another person's life or your property or somebody else's property and somebody's in the in the middle of committing a felony crime you can use any amount of force this is our position you could you should be able to use any amount of force to stop that eating sorry yeah no I think um in general I would like to own a gun um here in Canada the problem is the way that the laws are right now yeah I feel that it's useless yeah yeah period I have to keep you know that the bullets in one end of the house and the gun concealed and you know a little box or something like that so realistically I just feel that I'm I would ever need it so yeah you know if the process was just boom boom bop and somebody and I could get a gun for like 200 bucks or something like that no problem but the way the laws are set up I feel that one is limited with how they could actually defend themselves and I feel that I would be much more vulnerable out on the streets than I ever would be in my own home so maybe I don't know it'd be interesting to look more for me myself to look more into how different states are with respect to crime like it states where people are actually allowed to open carry versus states that aren't and I I know Crowder and some other more mainstream conservatives that have gotten into that by I myself actually haven't you are you aware of any statistics regarding states that have open carry laws versus states that don't and the growing levels I I know for a certain fact I'm not a hundred percent certain on open carry states but I know for a certain fact that there are areas in Georgia counties in Georgia where it's mandatory for the head of the household to own a firearm and they do have the lowest crime rates but you know the data might be slanted one way or the other and I don't want to say that it's because of the guns it could be because it's an all-white area it could be because of a lot of different reasons right it could be because a low population density low race cohabitation it could be a fairly homogeneous community and and that could be the explanation as well it is George after all so but as far as it goes one of the safest counties to live in is I don't know the name of the county but it is in Georgia and it's man it's mandated that the head of the household needs to own a firearm and ones of the safest copies I'm seeing a couple people here in the chat Dan and Andrew saying that Vermont has great gun laws obviously Vermont is a very white state and it has extremely low crime very low crime so that's that's interesting it's there's definitely an argument that could be made there and if here in Canada it was situated differently and there were open carry laws I would be much more interested in owning a gun and at the very least at least if I could keep my gun loaded in my home that would be I think that more people would be interested in that and as far as it goes the NSC lrp has absolutely nothing against people having their guns loaded in their homes I trust Canadians to be slightly more responsible than our neighbors to the south I I would trust that there would be a lot less accidental shootings here I mean do they say and Americans are crazy I'm saying that Americans are a little jumpy I lived down in Florida for a few years in Mike when I was a teenager my parents bought a business down there and we all moved down there and I'll say my experience with Americans they're a little more jumpy than the average Canadian well you know they do have a fairly large black and Hispanic population compared to Canada so I'm sure that changes things a little bit too I mean I would hate to be living in Detroit Baltimore Chicago or God know even New York or LA it's crazy somebody Schank Weger was debating Carl Tucker s'en and he was talking about how the native population of America produces more crime leeches off the welfare system and he'd always refer to it as the native population of America well that includes a huge percentage of blacks a huge percent of Nate are Hispanics and huge percentage of the they're basically like white Hispanics or non-white Hispanics they tend to group those together so yeah for anybody who watched that debate don't be fooled by a shank we Gers shitty little point there so I move it moving along here I know you I know you've stated in the past now this is a totally different subject I know you've stated in the past that overwhelmingly Native Americans are the beneficiaries and not the victims of society built by Europeans in what ways would you say that the natives have benefited from the construction of European based societies in North America well the context of that statement was a and information and poster campaign that we ran on the University campus of Fredericton the University of New Brunswick campus and the Native students there threw a tantrum they literally held hands and sing Kumbaya I have the video of it it's fantastic but that statement was made in that context they were they're condemning Canadian identity they're condemning the Canadian racial identity on a campus that was built by English loyalists people who were loyal to the crown of the King at the time that you know that campus wouldn't exist for them to complain and and encourage our genocide encourage this decolonization movement encourage us as Europeans or as European descended people to basically pack up our bags and leave and get out and make room for them they wouldn't be being educated by cultural Marxist professors on these campuses not just the New Brunswick not just on that campus but across the country those campuses weren't built by aboriginals those campuses were built by Canadians they're mostly most 99.99% of the country was built by Canadians and this was in reference to the residential schools we were making there was some conference about these residential school systems that let's face it were intended to civilize what were at the time a savage group of people they were and I don't think anybody with access to a history book who can read about the atrocities they committed to each other not just against us but to each other could say that they were civilized at the time so these residential schools were brought in to try and acclimate them to what was going to become Canadian society and we made reference to a an Aboriginal who went through this residential school system a man by the name of Thompson Highway there's now an internationally recognized musical composer who said that his life would not have turned out the way that it had if it hadn't been for the residential school system that he saw no signs of abuse no indications of neglect none of these things which are the common talking points that the the Aboriginal apologists and Aboriginal agitators like to throw at the quote unquote colonialist population so this this was the context of that statement they have benefited greatly Canada wouldn't exist in the state that it does today if it hadn't been for quote unquote colonization so you're saying that the the left has basically put forth propaganda Makeda that the natives were mistreated in these residential schools absolutely it's the Canadian Holocaust every nation has to have one every nation has to have that paradigm flipping event in their past whether real imagined or manufactured which can turn the the the true or natural population against themselves to make them submissive and apologetic to people over perceived imagined or manufactured wrongs great it's absolutely propaganda who knows what happened in those institutions because you know a lot of them were two hundred you know two hundred years ago and we know that the standard of discipline for children has improved greatly from that time I mean for goodness sake my father's only in his 60s but he was hit with a with a what do they call it the Board of Education when he was an elementary school and that was only sixty years ago and he's not native so you know the standard for discipline and and the way children are dealt with today is much different you can't really turn the modern-day lens back towards the past and say well we don't do it that way and they were totally evil well that was the norm then and plenty of Englishmen and and Frenchmen were probably disciplined in a very similar fashion and they're in their schools so yes I think that a pure propaganda to turn us against ourselves to have us kowtow to to the aboriginals and I think the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and their list of demands a lot of which have been met already it contributes greatly to the low morale of Canadians a lot of them hate themselves a lot of them would do anything in order to make amends for things which probably didn't happen or if they did happen were isolated incidents or not out of the norm for what anybody else would have experienced as discipline as a child see I've been in several debates with people who argue you know how Canadians stole the land of the natives we were immigrants in our own country and often they'll bring up how the natives were mistreated and I guess the main theme there is the residential schools and I would concede that ground because I know in debates if you if you spend too much time bogged down on a point that you're not necessarily well-equipped to defend or you don't necessarily know if you can win it's best to move on to the points that you can so I would tend to concede that point and say well you know history is filled with evil events so to say and they weren't necessarily dealing with the same type of mentality the same type of morality that we now we've evolved right things are clearly better now in the West in terms of our moral state and consciousness in my opinion we've gone too far to the left don't get me wrong like we are totally the pendulum is swung to the to the side of the left to the point many are questioning can we even return from this but by and large I do feel that our conscious and moral evolution has progressed so III think there's there's something to be said for the mistreatment of minorities but what I feel is there needs to be defended is the fact that when it comes to the mistreatment of minorities we were the least of the offenders oh you were the most empathetic and we treated whether is the natives or the black slaves better than any other group the way that the Spanish treated you know the natives in Mexico the Aztecs the Mayans or whatever horrible absolutely horrible like I've stated before the muslims castrated on the black slaves that's why we don't see very many blacks in asian Muslim countries and obviously there's tons of blacks in America because they weren't that cruel so yeah I feel that we can kind of concede that ground but then at the same point at the same time if there's an argument that can be made I'm against those points like residential schools I'd like to look into that a little bit further for sure but again I take your word for it now in Canada we're gonna shift gears again because there's a lot of questions that I have for you and want to make sure that we get through them all all right unless there's something that you really had to add on to that oh no I was just you mentioned the stealing of land and I would just like to point out the fact that there have been numerous treaties signed between the the new Canadian government and the the bands or tribes at the time which transferred ownership of the land over to the Canadian bowl to the British government really in exchange partially for protection from the Americans during manifest destiny the there are treaties you can look them up that that gives sovereign sovereignty over the land to the crown of England they signed them willingly I see no reason why these treaties should be thrown away or ignored so I don't I wouldn't say we stole anything right and I would never I would never word it that way anyways we are caught we are conquers we were travelers we're adventurers and we did not necessarily ask for any permission in my opinion that's the way I look at it we history is not is not a bunch of roses right and I think a lot of people just can't understand they have no appreciation for different time references oh yeah now again moving along with some more Canadian issues here I know in Canada many people both on the left and the rights are fed up with the current health care system right you got the the long lines the the service is poor and nothing really seems to be improving south of the border they're struggling as well right they're struggling to figure out an efficient and affordable health care system what is the national socialist labour party of Cannes position on universal health care well we're for universal health care like I said earlier it's the primary rule of the state to ensure that every member of every member of the state every citizen of the nation is taken care of to the highest possible degree it doesn't serve it doesn't serve the government it doesn't serve the state it doesn't serve anybody's interest to have a bunch of sick people who can't get adequate medical care that's counterproductive to what we want to accomplish we want a healthy country we want a healthy nation we want a healthy people that's not possible when people have to take out second mortgages to reproduce there were a couple of stories down in the United States and the newspaper of just that people going into labor and going into debt that's absolutely counterproductive to our aims we want to raise the birth rate we want to raise our population so we're for universal health care as to how it can be fixed at this specific time I can only only have general ideas I'm not an expert at that but what can be done first and foremost more registered nurses registered nurses to be taken care of they need to be given adequate salaries they need to be in people need to be encouraged to become registered nurses there I can't remember when it was but one of my aunts is a registered nurse and I heard all about this from her that there was some debacle some governmental debacle in involving the the registered nurses they're no longer able to do what they used to be able to do it just seems like we're cutting away a lot of funding to our medical the medical side or the healthcare we're cutting away a lot of the funding that would go to healthcare and one of the things that will obviously help this is again right back to the central bank we need to get rid of the internationalist currency we need to develop a Canadian currency one that is truly Canadian backed by either Canadian we don't have gold thanks to Justin Trudeau in 2016 sold all of our gold but it needs to be backed by something tangible we need a real currency and it needs to be overseen by the government it needs to be printed and distributed by the Treasury this will solve a lot of the problems and involving debt but we also in the interim could do a lot of good by not sending 80 89 billion dollars overseas or frittering away billions of dollars on failed on failed industrial projects where we're sacrificing our people for the for the profits of international finance ears that's absolutely reprehensible as far as I'm concerned the primary role of the state is to ensure the well-being of the people not the well-being of boardrooms not the well-being of corporate entities it's not the well-being of individual plutocrats that's one of the things that could go a long way to revitalizing our health care industry I agree with you 100% the most valuable resources state can have is its people and the most important form of state apparatus is one that serves to protect the people and I think health care it's underneath that I think that we do need to look at our leaders well we should come in in an ideal Society we should look at our leaders as as those who nurture and and protect this is there is a type of father-son relationship or parent-child relationship as much as the right hates that because they oppose the nanny state as they should we should oppose the welfare state nonetheless don't don't you want the leaders of your nation to view you as part of the family and they are the Alpha that's that's how we are looking at Donald Trump in many ways that's not Donald Trump I feel kind of galvanized a lot of Americans in you know even the black community that you listen to Kanye West speak about why he is captivated by Donald Trump it's that father figure it's that role model figure it's that guy who's going to get the job done and and step forward so I do think that it's it's in our best interest to have our government that does look at its population like a family and I believe that national socialism is the way to achieve that now we do disagree on some aspects of nationalism or pan weight European nationalism and how that can fit in with national socialism but I think for the most parts we're totally on the same page and I think a lot of people they get a little too bogged down on some of the differences and we see the similarities right so they could be like oh he's against pan weight European national and he's totally out to lunch well there's some points that could be made there right so we'll probably get into that a little bit more as we head down but one of the questions I got ask you is you know what do we do about the the demographic transformation how does National Socialism address the situation that we're experiencing like here in Canada the major cities we have white populations that are now well below the 50% mark as I've stated dozens and dozens of times we have a city like a Scarborough here which has a population almost the size of Alaska and there's a white population of about like five to ten percent it's it's absolutely saddening it's enraging and in many cases I think people are sitting here you know taking that black pill if it's irreversible so in many ways that's why I advocate for an ethnos state I do advocate from weights kind of detaching their failed states or abandoning their failed states and forming something new so I'm interested how how do you feel that we can solve that as a nation how do you feel we can convince you know the masses to really preserve white majority in Canada or do you feel that's necessary do you feel that it sits at the that the highest state of priority to preserve our racial and ethnic identity well that is of course the the absolute highest priority without without Canadians there isn't a Canada if every Canadian were replaced tomorrow with Pakistani East Indian or whatever doesn't matter what Canada would cease to exist in the blink of an eye without us there is no homeland there is no nation a nation is the sum total of a shared cultural history a collective memory a shared language a shared set of values culture art everything that we as as individuals within a group as a as a race everything that we manifest through our behavior through our actions and our reactions and interactions with the world around us create what a nation is a nation isn't lines on a map so it is it is of the utmost importance that we ensure a future for our people how that's going to be accomplished there are a lot of ways that could be accomplished some of them are less palatable but it's really going to come down to what happens in the near future that we could win democratic elections possibly if enough people feel the pressure and the right circumstances are in place the the right everything comes together then a democratic victory is possible it's unlikely and we need to be prepared for alternatives but if Democratic victory is achieved by a nationalist party or by the NSC lrp one of the things that we would do immediately what if let's say I'm sitting let's say I'm sitting as I have taken power tomorrow what I would do within the first hour is I would push through legislation that would make it impossible for people who are not Canadians to benefit in any way shape or form through social programs or anything they would be completely cut off what do you mean by by non Canadians not anybody who's not a Canadian by blood and how would you define a Canadian by blood people who were you're of European descent primarily from the Germanic anglo-saxon Norman France the the founding Canadians now when people have to provide some sort of DNA test to prove their their country of origin because I mean there are a lot of people from Asian countries who have white skin in a lot of cases they have blue eyes like I mean Assad so we desaad would he benefit from these policies if he was in Canada or no no he wouldn't benefit from these policies but the primary concern of a Canadian government is to take care of the Canadian people right you know this is where civic nationalism fails because they believe that membership to a nation can be conferred via social contract if we all agree that this person is what they are or what you know we say that there are Canadian than there are Canadian absolutely false they can't reproduce or create Canadian culture they can't create Canadian identity they can exist in it they can walk through it they can be within it but they can't create it themselves that's the problem right and as unfortunate as it might be as upsetting as it might be to some people we have to take care of our own house before we can take care of anybody else unemployment is through the roof we can't keep importing third-world work to do jobs the Canadians are being deprived of housing costs are through the roof because Chinese Chinese property speculators are buying tons and tons of investment properties because there is a very weird loophole in our real estate law that allows non-nationals to do that and leave them vacant you know the neck the coming generations are going to be completely destitute if the pattern continues and that's unacceptable well I think but the problem is is you would have to enforce policy that essentially creates second-class citizens this is unfortunate reality but I think it makes far more sense to detach from the broken system that like we we're responsible for our own situation right like if I live in a building right if the owner of the building lets in a bunch of criminals and a bunch of refugees Who am I to take it up with the refugees and the criminals I should be taking it up with management and if that's the way the management wants things to go which Canada and America Bob viously decided many years ago that that's the way they want things to be I think it's unfortunate to say a minority you know someone who is of a minority who's born in Canada to now be treated as a second-rate citizen I think that's the kind of thing that we want to get away from absolutely and that's why I advocate for the white ethnos state because within that white ethno state we would not have to oppress anybody there would be nobody to to be oppressed there would be no second-rate citizen there but if we do that in America or Canada first of all I think it's unrealistic you're never gonna get the minorities to back it up and now you're dealing with the 65% white population that you're expecting to back up policies that are gonna favor whites in my opinion that's never gonna happen you're much better than trying to convince maybe a hundred to two hundred thousand white people to leave and migrate towards an area that they can call their home here's the thing with national socialism we appeal to more than just our own people right now we have and this is going to probably trigger a lot of people we have a lot of arid Muslims Shiite Muslims not Sunnis we have a lot of Shiite Muslims who support what we are doing because they don't want to be here but the conditions where they are right now are too extreme and too volatile for them to return home Canada the the NSE LRP supports Assad we support Palestine we support Lebanon we support Iraq we support these places that were once before Western involvement functional States we support those places and because of our stance on safe Israel and on the Jewish Question these people can see that with us there is a potential future for them to return home to their own nations interesting we do a lot of Arab support you would be surprised we might not have black support I don't really want it we might not have Somali support I don't really want it but we do have the support of a key demographic who is just as aware as any alt right or libertarian or racially aware person we have got a demographic of people who are who have been aware since forever they understand the the issue at hand I could see how there could be some common ground there considering the super chat for Mustapha Sheba and $5 I am shia muslim and i support this so basically mustafa Shaban he's been following me for a while he's in support of white nationalism he's in support of balkanization on a macro scale that's that's what I'm gathering a lot from him there so I think ideally people who truly love their people and respect white nationalism they want to see their people thrive they want to see Indians be great in India as opposed to the brain drain that we're experiencing here and you know the it's basically a shithole over there right so if you're a proud Indian man why would you want to be here in Canada being a drain on our system in large numbers maybe not as an individual but you get what I mean well your own home country suffers at home so I have no problem you know welcoming the support of minorities as long as they understand that my message will not be cooked out I advocate for a white hat State and that is never going to change so if people are in support of that and they want their own at they'll say hey that's great and now our position it grows so as long as you're aligning with minority groups for the right reasons and you're not cooking out your message in any sort of way there is no problem with that and there are a lot of die-hard alt writers and National Socialists that will just say no absolutely in no way shape or form but to the diehards using you know an example that I'm sure they will understand Hitler did align himself with the Japanese to do what was necessary and he even said you know I aligned myself and paraphrasing with with non-white men to destroy the nations of other white men and he felt a certain level of remorse for this so I wouldn't suggest going as far as that but to understand a situation I think there are certain scenarios that you do kind of have to align with others so if we're talking about balkanization and really kind of finding a friendly way to deport refugees immigrants and what-have-you aligning with Muslims like Shaban there and you know the various individuals that you're working with I see no problem with that but what I do hate is when you know we have like the basic conservatives here in Ontario Muslims are great for Canada they make this culture amazing and you know we would love our diversity like that is just absolutely garbage in my opinion so yeah I think you know again we disagree on how we can actually go about solving the problem like I'm a little bit more black pills on making Canada great again or making America great again but at the end of the day white well being and having a nation that actually takes care of its people we're both fighting for that 100% I just want to make one point on the ethnos State idea and this is something that I've recently become aware of the South African issue what's happening there Russia's decided to take in 60,000 Boer the Boer people they're going to take in 60,000 of them apparently my ultimate problem what I have a problem with is the idea that eventually we're going to run out of places to run eventually there won't be another avenue of escape white flight has a shelf life and I all I don't want to I don't want to sound edgy and I don't want to sound black pilled and I don't want to sound in any way in any way but to my mind with the current trends and the current the the current migration of people globally the way I see it I would I would be willing to risk oblivion if it meant we could secure a legitimate future for our people I'm terrified of the idea that my grandchildren or great-grandchildren will have to run again and then their grandchildren will have to run and it's going to be a constant a constant generational nomadic lifestyle I don't want my grandchildren or great-grandchildren to experience what our generation has had to experience that is something that I I'm in all honesty I don't want to sound edgy I don't want to sound in any way shape or form I and and and everybody in the NSC LRT is willing to give our lives to prevent our grandchildren from having to live through what we've lived through and I fear that the idea of an ethnos state a hundred thousand two hundred thousand people will eventually have to deal with the same circumstances we're dealing with right now at that point will be too small to defend ourselves just like South Africa is too small to defend itself there what is it's seven million people eight million people vs. 30 40 50 million non Negro Africans I am and I thought about that too but I've thought about that exact same thing however when you look at say the Jewish people and Israel what has made them so strong well in my yes yes no I assure asides from the fact that we know America has been at their back asides from you know it's it's tribalism and in group preference which has enabled them to be so financially successful it's not just simply the fact that they have a slightly higher IQ and even that is questionable there are a lot of people who've brought forth arguments that actually suggest that no Jews do not necessarily have a higher IQ on average but let's let's take it for that let's say they do have a slightly higher IQ what is happening in in America what is happening in Canada in my opinion is the refusal to acknowledge over representation and the only explanation for this over representation obviously is what I said before tribalism and group preference and whatnot so that that obviously needs to be addressed first and foremost it my opinion with it with the JQ it's it's all about over representation and and whatnot but what has made the Jewish people so strong in my opinion is that they have gone through so much turmoil which they have regardless you know if you want to argue that it was justified or not they have and I believe this is sharpen the blade of their culture they have shed the fat of a lot of the people who are unfit to survive whether it's financially physically or intellectually and they have bred a people that I feel are small in numbers but they're well concentrated in wealth they're well connected and I don't really see that numbers is the main avenue to victory especially when we look at third world nations I think having a concentrated population that has a high IQ that is beautiful that is loving and true to itself I think that's more empower 'full than anything so I think if we can kind of Nezu Nestle ourselves in to some sort of situation where we're a peaceful nation we don't necessarily have you know a military we're not a powerhouse we're somewhat similar to say like Iceland or a European country that's not really an anybody hair but for the future we will build towards a military we will expand we will have a plan moving forward I think that's that that's my vision for the ethnos State anyway anyways but I don't know it enough about the nature of the game to comment on whether or not this is realistic I don't know how quickly we would just get stamped out by the powers that be but I think from a theoretical standpoint it is possible to create a white ethno state with a bright future yeah if the conditions were right primarily if said ethnos state were receiving hundreds of billions of dollars a year in foreign aid then it would be it would be feasible but we can't forget that if Israel wasn't receiving those hundreds of billions of dollars per year they would have been steamrolled they would have been there wouldn't be in Israel to speak of today if they didn't have very very powerful friends America Israel wouldn't have nuclear weapons if it wasn't for America Israel wouldn't have ordinance equipment armored vehicles etc etc they wouldn't have been able to defend themselves long enough to to achieve what they have you can't argue achieved today a very good point no I can't I can't even argue with that there would probably need to be something along those lines for the white ethnos state to survive there has to be some sort of exterior funding or assistance from a group that um it can benefit from us somehow or at least think that they can benefit from us you know what I mean you're totally right without the states without even different European countries Israel never would've formed so perhaps that's something we could look into I don't know what the leaders in the alter rate would have to say about that just a quick note to the chat's appreciate everybody tuning in we're not shutting down the stream just yet or anytime soon but I just want to say thanks everybody for watching please give it a like please give it a share any Super chats will be read instantly if you have any questions or comments for either Michael or myself please either tag me in it or feel free to throw down a super chat um I just like to say on the topic of ethno States Israel you could argue even despite my feelings of it is really you could argue it's a successful ethno state the antithesis is South Africa that is the example of an ethnos state on its last legs when the world abandons it teresa may ignored it Donald Trump is quote-unquote looking into it meanwhile right that is the end result of an ethnos state with no support well it look at the surroundings though I mean it would we not be surrounded by hostile elements the people who have been colonizing us essentially wouldn't we be surrounded by the same hostile elements I think it's totally different I think right now you have an African population that is far less evolved than we are therefore they're far more hostile and open about their anti whiteness then I think what could ever happen and in North America we're experiencing a political and cultural anti whiteness where in South Africa it's it's government it's basically systemic at this point and they're risking their lives so I think it's a it's on a completely different level and to stay logically consistent I believe whites should be in Western nations I don't agree with the African white nation however it's there and I don't think the people should be treated as second-rate citizens but I think if if we use the argument that okay here in North America it's a white nation so we're going to treat minorities as second-rate citizens then what argument do we have to the Africans who are mistreating the whites I think to stay logically consistent we should be trying to figure a way how to balkanize and create as no states that are suitable for for our races right so I see what you're saying you're like okay well South the South Africa a perfect example of how an ethnos state will fail but I think you first have to look at the surroundings the severity of the situation and then also apply logical consistency if you're advocating for treating minorities poorly not morally but secondary here then you'd have to assume the same for whites in South Africa I I think that the situation is far more comparable to what happened with Canada when you were in regards to South Africa Cecil Rhodes was the one who purchased for you know Rhodesia Cecil Rhodes purchased the land it was it was a fair purchase it was a I I don't see any real difference between what the Africans are doing now after what several dozen wars against settlers and what the aboriginals here in Canada want to do right I don't see any difference we the here's a here's a little tidbit a little fact for for people who might just you know want to bring it up in polite conversation Canada and South Africa joined the Commonwealth on the same day the same year we have a lot in common with with South Africa in terms of our founding in terms of our settlement in terms of the situation without like if if let's say if the aboriginals here took power the way that the Negroes in South Africa have taken power and created a one-sided state that legitimizes the genocide of European descended people it we would be in the exact same situation so it's a very difficult game to play it's a very difficult thing to juggle whether balkanization would be beneficial in the long run or if that would leave us open to being picked off one by one but then of course there's coalition's that could form it's it's really difficult to say it is it is it's interesting it's very interesting and it's these are the type of discussions that we have to have more of and it really upsets me that the majority of the conversations that exist within conservative groups are just circle-jerk echo chamber nonsense about radical Islam is bad we need to get rid of Justin Trudeau it's it's so cringe and it does not it's anything forward what so so we do need to be thinking about realistic ways how to solve the demographic crisis how to improve the the state as a whole and really challenging our beliefs and seeing whether or not having like a preserved nationhood of Canada in fighting against the globalist that road is the correct way to go or trying to nurture and grow an acceleration estai p– of ideology where we want things to kind of break down so that whites will be convinced or at least incentivized to leave I think there's an excellent youtuber out there he just started up not too long ago Europe has fallen and he beautifully articulates the problem that we're seeing and he says he states in my opinion perfectly that throughout history there's never been a situation where it's been convenient for people to form a revolution or where it's been beaten for people to fight against oppression their backs have to be up against the wall the the shekels have to fall out of their pockets the food has to be out of the market they need something radical to push them in that direction and he talks about you know perhaps maybe it's peak oil or people now are saying peak everything and maybe there'll be some sort of financial or economic crisis that in conjunction with the identity politics and the race war kind of thing that we're seeing emerge that may be the the push factor that we need to see White's finally start to identify with their whiteness on a level that can actually combat the globalist it's one thing to be against the anti whites it's another to be Pro white exactly a lot of people think it's oh you know they're being real edgy to say it's okay to be white there's nothing edgy about that there's nothing edgy about going after the radical left but there is something at least powerful was saying I am proud to be white and I'm not gonna take this shit anymore exactly no you're absolutely right and you know that is ultimately I think what it's going to take because 99% of people let's be generous 98 percent of people are comfortable content quiet they don't care about anything beyond their three TVs two cars they're toys they go to work 40 hours a week they come home they have food in the fridge everything's very comfortable and convenient there's absolutely no reason for them to want to do anything so it is ultimately going to come down to the same conditions which led to the rise of the NSDAP Adolf Hitler in National Socialist Germany 60,000 suicides a year mother's selling their children into prostitution so that nobody is starving almost universal unemployment that is what it's going to take it's going to take a huge crisis and with the the new minimum wage we're already seeing and this is like we don't have to accelerate anything we don't have to adopt an acceleration 'us position the the problem is going to accelerate itself on its own now with the $15 an hour minimum wage where we've already seen how what was it at 250,000 jobs in Ontario have dried up and granted their service position jobs and those aren't the types of jobs people want to have in the first place but without replacing those jobs with something meaningful that's two hundred and fifty thousand people who aren't working and because like I mentioned before what would the American Dream and the Federal Reserve Bank every dollar printed is worth less than the one before now they have to pay $15 an hour to minimum wage employees that's going to create inflation like nobody's business and next thing you know it's going to be $20 an hour then 30 then 50 then 100 yeah yeah it's going to it's going to get out of control very quickly and there will be an economic crisis possibly worse than the Great Depression and it is coming I don't want to sound look at doomsday prepper because I'm not I don't I'm not prepping I'm not a I'm not a doomsday sort of a prophecy kind of guy your buddies listed yeah it's realistic common-sense pragmatism you see the pattern you see the trend it's picking up steam a house used to cost people you know five six seven eight years of their life to pay off now a house is $750,000 and it will in West Vancouver two million dollars for a house with 2200 square feet a tiny little apartment is 1.2 million dollars you're never going to pay it off most people aren't even going to be in a position to qualify for a mortgage and these are all issues that we want to address as well we have you know if the NSC lrp were to take power tomorrow you know 5 years is what we're hoping we'll have maybe a seat a seat in five years that's the hope but if we were to take power tomorrow week there would be a lot of things that would transform very quickly housing would be one of them employment would be another labor opportunities all these things need to be put in place but as it stands now a crisis is inevitable and if it's not full-blown collapse it is going to be an economic depression that would make the Great Depression look like you know oh you missed a few hours at work this month you can only you can't really buy the you know it's going to be terrible I think that yeah I think you're right we are looking at some sort of crisis that is going to be needed to push us in the right direction regardless of whether or not it's it's inevitable or not but I do think you're right on that as well we it is an inevitability I think the only question is how severe and what do we do as a response and even if you only apply a 10 or a 20% chance in terms of there being some something drastic in the way of you know an economic collapse or whatever I think it's best to be prepared I'd rather be prepared and have it not happened and not be prepared and have it happen and this is coming from somebody who doesn't have you know extreme survival skills or owns a gun and I can still acknowledge that hey from that perspective I probably should start doing more about that and I and I feel that there are a lot of all traders who have kind of shift the conversation more in that direction as to what are we going to do during this crisis or apocalyptic type scenario that we could be facing there's going to be a lot of Mexicans and a lot of blacks a lot of Muslims that have access to firearms and all that I'm just saying I'm just a not trying to be too extreme or whatever but if that does that we have to collective eyes on some sort level and I'm glad I'm glad that there are those you know white nationalists in America or you know activist group survivalist groups basically white men that have been stockpiling weapons that will be there for us and all you people out there you know call them crazy or whatever they just manned up being the ones that have your back and of course I am painting a picture that's you know could be looked at as extreme or whatever but again I think it's better to be prepared for that and when you look at how many all traders are speaking about you know maybe we should be learning survival instincts more than debating how retarded the Democrats are maybe we should be purchased that you know and I'm not at all suggesting I never suggest for violence I never advocate for anybody to go out there and do anything senseless or stupid but like you said before protecting yourself and being prepared is totally different than going out on the streets and being some idiot targeting minorities or you know targeting even a government official or whatever yeah yeah like we said before there's this misconception that if you're a national socialist if you're an alt writer a white nationalist anybody really in the dissident rights and foreign armies even if you're just a social conservative you're gonna be thrown in there with the with the neo-nazi skinheads who would you know take to the streets and the 90s like wow how many incidences really has there been and and yet that image is embedded into people's minds and so your names yeah yeah the big boogeyman that doesn't actually exist and if they do it's in such small numbers that inhales in comparison in the thing that's so funny sorry to address end this tangent here is when the left argues well you know Muslims still despite the fact that they do commit most of the terrorism in terms of religion it's such a small amount compared to say the crime committed by homegrown Americans or Canadians okay I'm sure maybe there's there's an argument that that could be made for that I understand you know what they're saying but nonetheless that still is a threat that's that's a threat that we have to be unconcerned about because it's it's external it's not a homegrown type of threat you know what I mean mm-hmm and we have to be concerned with the motivations behind that threat as well because it's not just random acts of violence it's people who are radicalized it's and I'm firmly convinced that it's Sunni Muslims Isis is fully Sunni if you try to join Isis as a Christian or a Shiite or or it or whatever deal will execute it's a Sunni organization the Muslim Brotherhood as far as I have been informed is a Sunni organization these are the people who are who are declaring jihad against the West and quite frankly let me tell you this in as far as America goes I can't blame them in the slightest America is the most judea's Western nation that you could you could ever have the misfortune to run across and all of the international decisions all of the international interventions everything in America has done has been to the benefit of the Jewish people and I can totally see why certain people who might have a problem with Jews in the Middle East would want to attack America the problem is not with the EU which is judaized to a certain extent Canada has managed to scrape by because we as a nation I think are a lot more critical of Israel our government sends money to Palestine lesser of two evils I still don't think that we should be sending any money anywhere internationally but still the lesser of two evils that's why we've been more or less able to escape a lot of the other issues which have happened say France the truck attacks in Germany and Britain in England the the terrorism in America we've been able to scrape by because we aren't ardent supporters of Israel but yeah yeah no I just wanted to tie up a point that I mentioned earlier I don't know if I if I correctly wrapped it up but I was comparing the fact that there is such a small amount of hate crime that is being perpetrated by Nazis or skinheads or whatever labels left wants to throw at us so it's it's interesting that the left will talk about how little crime it comes from Muslims yet they want to blow out of proportion something like Charlottesville or these little tiny incidences when you compare the violence committed by white nationalists compared to an tyfa it's a joke when you compare the violence committed by even the radical skinheads compared to islam it's a joke so they got to realize that they're applying these double standards and there's some inconsistency there with their logic if they're going to defend Islam on the realms of overall volume of crime so yeah I just wanted to make that one that one clear oh you're absolutely right I think the mindset is if I go out and do something stupid I'm gonna end up in jail how am I gonna have white children that's the mindset a lot of people and that's why there isn't a lot of violence on our end because a lot of people are like oh if I do that I might end up getting shot by the police I might end up in prison I might whatever whatever the circumstances are and I can't have white children I've failed my race that's the mindset that's why we're not being you know most of us 99.99% of us aren't being you know degenerates acting like subhumans out in the streets committing violent acts against other people because we have a greater goal which which doesn't include those things and the end result of those things would make it very very difficult and inconvenient conjugal visits are what every three or four months right it's very difficult to do ensure the existence of our people that way so I think that's one of the reasons yeah yeah we and that needs to be at the at the front at the front of our minds as well obviously you support the 14 words 1488 all the way right oh yeah absolutely absolutely but unlike a lot of these unlike a lot of these neo-nazis because I do use that term to describe the skinhead the knuckle draggers the boneheads the right you know neo-nazis they you know the the 88 Heil Hitler hh8 now I if you look if anybody owns a copy of Mein Kampf there's chapter eight book – there are 88 words there though that is what the 88 should represent that each and every thought and action needs to be applied with the thought that it's B everything needs to be utilized or discarded based on its utility to the end goal those are the 88 where it's not I quote them exactly I don't have that great of a memory but that's that's what the 88 should stand for it should be an extension of the 14 words we have to do everything in our power and discard anything else that doesn't suit our aims of preserving our people I personally associated with the 88 precepts oh yeah yeah yeah David Lane exactly that's when I whenever I say 1488 it's the 14 words of the 88 precepts and people want to talk about you know the fact that he committed a crime guy spent some time in jail obviously for its you know bad people are capable of producing wonderful thoughts and there are a lot of geniuses out there there are a lot of brilliant men who may not be the nicest of people they may have drug problems they may be abusive at home I mean look at all the athletes for Christ's sakes right so just because Tiger Woods messed up with his home life doesn't mean that he wasn't a great golfer you know what I mean like from that perspective so if people want to demonize what the message is actually about from where it came I think even on that grounds we don't even necessarily have to defend a man even though I personally would what I'm saying to other people is that you don't have to the individual doesn't necessarily need to be defended so yeah I look at it as 1488 is the 14 words in the eighty eight precepts what people do have different varying opinions of that so it's interesting to see the different perceptions of that would you say that in general you do receive a lot of criticism or you're constantly compared to you know that the nationalist socialist party in Germany incredibly surprised we get a lot of middle-aged people say social as in that what Venezuela's their prey we don't the Association isn't made all too often the only time it's ever really made is from blue haired people who I don't think anybody really takes seriously to begin with it's that's like they can make the Association and scream Nazi all they want I think it only only serves us in the end having then how do you know having the the SJW feminist Marxists neo communist malice having them be so vocally opposed to you to you or did you know to my movement to my party it's a it's beneficial in the long run because people are already people have been for the last few years coming to terms with the fact those people are a little nuts and anything they say people are gonna want to do the opposite yeah I think that's a lot of what's happening right now with the the Conservatives and the rights being the true rebels everything is kind of taken a 180 in terms of like who the edgy class of people are right and when I was younger it was the left that seems interested in protecting free speech and now it's total opposite the left wants to suppress free speech in any way possible so in a lot of aspects the rights is the real resistance the right is the the rebellious side and a lot of people need to remove that image of you know that tight tied straight edged boring pale skinned conservative I resemble that remark sir you're a cool dude you know what I mean you're down to earth you can have a conversation you're not like um you know how the stereotypical white guy yeah you know what I mean that's that's what I'm saying it's it's evolved past that even though we do want to preserve that's a bit of sophistication we want to have a refined image I know what you saying but ya know the I think uh what the what the right in general is lacking is well first and foremost unity because we're such a you know we want to be based and true to our beliefs as much as possible and we're so convicted in our belief so it's natural that these types of debates and a little bit of feuds and whatnot are gonna eat H within the the dissident rate and I think it makes us stronger because first of all we get practiced with debate we get practiced with challenging our own ideas and we're always pushing a conversation for it where I feel that the left and the right are just literally stuck in these little circle jerk echo chambers I don't know understand why anyone would tune in to someone like Stephen Crowder or Ben Shapiro or Gavin mcus or any of these people because what are you learning they've said everything they have to say they're just going around in circles in trying to find funny little creative ways to say the same shit that they've already said they're not intellectually curious and they're not interested in making change they're just interested in bashing the left over the head because it sells and yeah they could serve as a gateway a lot of people start off you know with the Ben Shapiro's or what did I say earlier ben shapiro stephen fact stephen whatever his name is and gavin yeah and i said carl tucker since carlson i always get him mixed up always it's just it's like verbal dyslexia or something yeah yeah I think a lot of people do do become introduced to new ideas because of those people whether it's in a youtube comment section where you know you'll have somebody who may be a little bit more further along the line than maybe just like dissident conservative or what do they call them nowadays the alt light somebody who might be a little further along the lines you see it at a youtube comment and then you know slowly but surely people will start to drift closer and closer and closer towards yourself or myself and ultimately I think that's that's they do serve as a gateway to a lot of people not directly but indirectly the conversations they generate and the ideas that people argue about because of them I think introduce people to maybe higher ideals hmm I'm gonna I'm gonna have to think about that one III agree with you for the most part though I do would ya would you argue that your party is concerned with with educating people primarily or are you trying to bring about a legitimate party that can contend in the current environment sorry are you thinking long term and this is kind of like an arms race or are you eager to really get in the ring and Duke it out well I mean we ideally want to run in either the you know federal election and municipal elections in 2023 that would be the ideal that's the goal right now is to gather enough steam and get enough support behind us that it would be a a viable thing to do and I think that once people are exposed to the idea even if we don't have you know 10 percent of the population behind us which we're not going to by 2023 but once you know that platform is built and and there's somebody there to stand on top of it and speak to people I think that will will draw a lot of people over because at the end of the day all we want to do is represent the working class the middle class we want to do everything that the politicians and I you know I used to be called them leaders before and I wanted to chime in then and say say this but the politicians and I wouldn't call them leaders they are politicians we haven't had a leader banging on people need to be introduced to a leader and once they see that there is somebody there who wants to lead not just by their words but by example by their actions who has the well-being and interests of the nation and then at heart I think that once that platform is built a lot more people than what will be able to gather by by 2023 I think that there will be a real chance of winning maybe 2 or 2 seats a seat at least so that's that's the long term or well the midterm goal anyways to get the foot in the door and then go from there and once people see the ideas taking shape they see the results slowly but surely I think history will repeat itself I think you got a good outlook on things there I think that's a realistic approach I think you want to stay hungry but at the same time you can't get ahead of yourself yeah if you set yourself up for failure if you just kind of walk into the jaws of the enemy that can really deflate you it could take the wind out of your sails of what US yeah I like that approach I'm not again I'm not necessarily advocating or promoting for a nationalist Socialist Party in Canada because again I'm preaching the creation of a white ethnos saying I do think we kind of have to let the falling building collapse and let the the former tenants find a new home but at the same time if it can be saved even if civic nationalism does work if it's if it's somehow proven that civic nationalism could work even though I'm ninety-nine point nine million I ensure that it can't I'm not going to be stubborn if for some reason Donald Trump can wave his magic wand and black stop committing as much crime and start scoring better on IQ tests and Jews stop you know displaying such high levels of in-group reference and tribalism if if Muslims begin to D radicalize you know what I'm saying if all of these things can happen like the civic nationalist thing can happen then I'll admit they win and I'll say hey you know race doesn't even really matter that much it's basically just an aesthetic thing it's just a subjective thing it's preferring orange to ping however that reality in my opinion will never come to fruition there will always be racial differences there will always be these tribal natural aspects to us in any evolutionary biologist understands that we are the product of an evolutionary process that places emphasis on in-group attitudes and behaviors so you know we the individual will always be at the whim the collective and individuals who fail to organize and assemble themselves in an efficient way are constantly constantly going to be taken advantage by those who do organize and those who do collective eyes so we we have our various identities we are you know you can define yourself through gender through age through race nationhood whatnot and I think it at the top at least from where standing is nationhood and race and I would say maybe gender could be a third religion what-have-you but I think just to kind of put in a simple terms you put nationhood above race where I put race above nationhood well to be fair here my my stance and this is almost like a soundbite at this point is that the nation is the race the race is the nation the nation can't exist without the race the the nation emerges from the race as almost you could almost put I don't want to put it into metaphysical terms but you could put it into metaphysical terms as sort of a the personification of the racial spirit that forms to the shape of the country because a country and a nation are two different things but what what race is Canada what race is America I think that over I think that we've undergone an ethnogenesis from the from the point we left england and france and spain to a much lesser degree we've undergone an ethnogenesis in the last 300 years I think that we are genetically distinct phenotype for sure as superficial as that is I can tell the difference with some degree of certainty between an American and a Canadian based solely on phenotype and I can definitely do that with Canadians and the English so there there has to have been some ethnogenesis some there deviation of genetic profile new clustered genetic distributions that occurred because of circumstances and and our connection to to the the soil to to the nation to to this land has shaped us in ways the the English and the French are our forefathers they didn't undergo that same transformation so I would say that we're we're f nicly distinct I would say that Canada or Canadian in and of itself could be considered its own ethnicity I think it could it may like you may have some ground for ethnicity but certainly not race it's not like every time we we put borders around an area that creates a race even within like the old stock English or whatever it's still traceable back to something before in two different areas so there are the kind of like the primary colors with race like the negroids Caucasoid and mongoloid and then you do have some kind of like subjective area or mixing that occurs throughout time and then you get like secondary colors right we mix certain colors and they produce other ones so this is how generally describe to people how the different races exist and how there's kind of some gray area like for instance the colored turquoise is it blue is it green scientists are actually interested in discovering the point where colors cease to become their former color and trans you know what I'm saying pinpointing that division so the same thing can be said for race you can look at people's genetic compositions and be like well you could argue this person is white and you could argue that you know that it's I'm not sure if it's Arab or or whatnot but I'm pretty sure that's the the other option there in terms of Eastern Europeans and then again with the sod like Tamiya saw it is white the white people essentially are the product of an Asian tribe marching through Europe and breeding with the the hunter-gatherers so the original Europeans and people don't like to accept this they had fairly dark skin and it was actually the white genes that came in from the Asian horseback-riding tribe which is essentially like people who looked like Assad and their genes flourished in Europe so to even say that white is solely European is incorrect whiteness is something that is actually beyond just Europe if you want to get right down to it so I mean it's very interesting to look at somebody like Assad who totally has white skin who has blue eyes and there are Europeans who are darker they're Italians who are a darker Greeks who are darker and where do you really draw the line so I think you know we are gonna have to talk about these things because there are tons of people on the alt-right who say yes Assad would absolutely be welcome in the ethno State other people would argue differently so I think when we get into the ass into the realm of ethnicity as opposed to race the waters really start to get muddy and we create all these unnecessary divisions and I think that that leads and perpetuates into brother Wars like we seen you know in the past with Europe but if we can come together under our whiteness and understand that our race matters more than the borders that we've put up around ourselves I think that's the only way we can truly come together but if it's if it's Canada battling against other countries trade wise and whatnot I just forever see the same kind of lack of unity and I think it all begins with an ethnos state mm-hmm it's obviously a term goal but I think that's where we begin I I would I'm not I wouldn't disagree with a lot of that but at the same time it's my my position in it's my firm position that in order for us to be of any use to anyone else we have to be able to take care of ourselves first and well I'm not a pan-european Asst I myself when the South African issue became really volatile I volunteered or tried to volunteer with the AWB they wouldn't take me because I don't speak Afrikaans but I was prepared to go to South Africa and fight and die on that those people but the fact of the matter is unless we can take care of our own house we're in no position to try to assimilate other people's houses and I'm not necessarily a huge fan of the idea of say Swede and a German and a Danish Slav of any variety and a Greek all living in the same and assimilating each other's culture into one homogenized white culture I think that it's more important to have those those dividing lines and culture that allow people a sense of pride in where they come from a sense of national unity which which does supersede the the umbrella race the I guess you could say the order you know European or Caucasoid the lis genus you know dynamic East Baltic etc etc etc and and finally the species that's how I would define it taxonomically for each of us for each of the you know the the negroids Mongoloids australoid x' and caucus leads we we can be broken down into sub categories and that doesn't mean we have to surrender solidarity but it does mean that we should make sure that we are on our own two feet before we go running in to to to put out the fire in other people's houses we need to make sure the smoke is cleared from our own home yeah yeah and you can extend it even further to like Richard Spencer's quota saying you know there needs to be a white question before there's a Jewish question or a black question or Hispanic question and I really love that because it we it forces us to look at ourselves in the mirror and address the situations of like say the methadone crisis in America which affects the white community far more than any other group and we only have ourselves to blame people consider well Ronnie it's all controlled by you know who echoes echo echoes nonetheless nonetheless if there's a bully picking on your kid do you just make excuses for your kin Israel well it's the bullies fault no that kid needs to stand up for itself that kid needs you need to make sure that the the weakling in the school year it stands up to the bully just as much as the bully stops picking on the weak link timber for a little analogy there so I don't blame anybody but ourselves for certain things that affect the white community since the low birthrate yes abortion plays into this tremendously if we got rid of abortion or at least reformed it severely we could raise the birthrate nonetheless whites are refusing or just uninterested in reproducing and we have to look at ourselves for that we need to produce more Elfa type of children males and females knowing their roles within their gender the the Muslim world is totally dominating us in that regard we're seeing more high testosterone field youth that are willing to fight for something beyond their immediate sphere in this world we're reproducing these data passive you know skinny little white boys who don't give a fuck about anything then trolling people on the internet or you know what's on Netflix or whatever so we really need to change that first and foremost and that all begins with asking the question of what can weights do to promote well-being for whiteness as well as repelling the globalist agenda as well as repelling the exterior attacks on whites so yeah I think in this this ties into something that I've really been wanting to ask you I know that you have a new program that you guys are working on where you know you actually want to address some of these issues obviously they'd be able to help Canadians I believe it's the EMP program can you can you elaborate a little bit on this program and how you plan on helping Canadians well it's very new it's very new we've only the officers have discussed this recently and it's the the details aren't fully hammered out this is like I said very new but the the aim of it is you know EMP employment marriage purpose we want to be able to help Canadians who may be in ethnically less than optimal conditions they may be living in areas which are 10% or 15 or even less 5% they may be completely cut off and they may be having a difficult time networking to find employment we want to be able to help people find employment we want be able to have you know companies or businesses or people we want to branch out and network with these people who are looking for employees who are looking to hire good decent Canadian workers we want to be able to offer counseling for relationships for marriage or even for single people who might not be able to to to approach the opposite sex or to to deal with relationships people who might be having problems because well I agree with you to a certain extent we do only have ourselves to blame right now we also have to remember that we've undergone three to four generations of ideological subversion and cultural demoralization at the hands of the international click you know who echo echo echo the Jews who have infiltrated our social institutions and and really thrown a monkey wrench in into just the the basic status quo social interaction that people would have normally you know dealt with on a day-to-day basis it's it's completely backwards and that has a lot to do with you know it isn't really our fault it's our grandparents fault and our parents fault and their voting habits so we can place a little bit of blame outside but we do have to take responsibility nobody can force us to be that way and we do have to we do have to readjust the way we behave but it is it is very helpful to have somebody you can point to and say that's my motivation that's the guy who did this and I'm I'm not going to let him do it today but back to the point yeah EMP employment marriage purpose we want to be able to help people find work we want to be able to help people maintain or find their relationship these these are all you know it's the Delta the details aren't fully worked out but I I've already been in contact with a few companies here I won't name names for obvious reasons but I've been in contact with a few companies which have a high turnover rate which would be willing to take resumes and they want a pool of people to hire they can you know anybody can sign the resume to me via email if they're having difficulty finding work and we'll have people do the networking for them and try to find them gainful employment that sounds like a really good program I've actually never heard of you know any political organization really thinking this way this is more of kind of like a grassroots activist type of absolutely yeah I think people will really appreciate that because it's something they can connect to and it really takes you off that that pedestal or whatever that politicians end up finding themselves on and again it speaks to addresses real issues I stated before you know imagine if you're a white person who's suffering from depression or suffering from some sort of mental illness and you you go to a therapist you tell them your problems or whatever and you explain to them you know there's there's been such a demographic change or these radical leftists and their feminist ideology chances are the therapists or the shrink that you see is a leftist himself chances are he's going to think that part of your problem has to do with your politics how could he not I mean just put yourself in that situation if a lefty came to me talking about how they had gender dysphoria issues or you know they were so upset about the oppression of their experience from white people I would roll my eyes because as a conservative I don't believe that their issues are legit in that sense right so how can we possibly expect the liberal equivalent to give us that same you know benefit of the doubt or whatever so if we have therapists or professionals and in whichever way whether it's professional therapeutic or healthcare I think that will be far more benefit benefited from that than having to deal with the current system and one more thing before I pass it back to you we are speaking about health care earlier and the problems that exist within that one of the problems that I see emerging or it's been happening more and more is the way that the elderly are being treated the majority of the nurses have problems with English they cannot relate to you know old Canadian culture they don't have that same connection to the past that we do and there's this disconnect they can't communicate with the elderly the elderly can't communicate with them and they receive worse treatment they feel more alone and more abandoned whereas if they were in the care of other White's they would be able to have much more enriched conversation they would actually be able to connect that the person might remind them of their daughter you know what I mean if you're there with a Filipino lady who can barely speak English she's not gonna remind you of your daughter it takes a lot of those little connections and I've witnessed this I've witnessed it because I have had family members in hospitals and it's not that the immigrants or the minorities are bad evil people it's just they're limited and if I were to be a nurse or a caregiver in India how much can I really relate to an elderly Indian man how much can I really talk to him about the you know the history of his country or whatever there's going to be that disconnect so I really do think that we have to do something for whites that isn't in any sort of way against something else it's not it's not a it's just simply pro-white well-being and I think that can change the image of white nationalism national socialism in general the way that the other minority groups have tried to make it simply about their own group survival and well-being they were successful and they were doing that but when they tried to turn it around and pin it against whites now we're seeing more and more and more white saying fuck this I'm not gonna be told to feel guilty I'm not gonna watch statues of you know historical figures of my of my homeland get torn down this is absolutely ridiculous so we have to press the gas against the left we have to attacked it but we have to do it in such a way that it what weight well-being is ahead of being against other minorities and I have to be against wineries and I have to be honest here I'm sometimes guilty or I think I am guilty of producing too much content that reveals the problem and not enough content as to what we can do to solve the problem and how we can address our own issues so I just want to say again I respect the fact that this program is pushing things in that in that direction where how and where can people get access to these programs I know it's still in like the embryonic stages right so I'm sure you don't have everything mapped out or whatever but give us a general idea of how people could actually access these services well as it's an unfortunate consequence of being in this political position we don't have a website it's been taken down we don't have a Twitter it's been everything's been purged off of the Internet so right now until we can get another website built that I will host myself on my own server until that can get built which it's not going to take too long people can email me their resumes people can email to party their resumes people can email with their with their concerns and then we can connect back with them and and get them sorted out and I just like to say cause you mentioned that this is like a grassroots type thing and that's exactly correct this is something that's totally lacking in in most if not all of the the contemporary all right the they like you said we want to talk about the problems and the problems and the problems nobody wants to talk about solutions one of the reasons that this is such an important thing to me the CNP program is because it's a precursor to everything that we want to do once we're in a position to actually do this on a large scale we want to we want we want to organize you know a national labor service we don't we don't want people have to eat you know we want to have off you know government offices where people who are unemployed were people who are struggling can go and be put to work instead of the the the shams we have today where they'll send you to a few programs and you have to pay them you know a few hundred dollars and all this and that absolute nonsense we want subsidized marriage counseling because the most important the foundation stone of a nation is its is its families the strong of the strength of a family is reflective of the strength of the nation so these are all things we want to do in the future once we're in a position to do them but why why wait why not why not do it on a smaller scale what we're capable of accomplishing right now and then expand on it once once we are able to expand on it right so you know grass roots and so we don't have to be grass roots anymore we just we have to do what we have to do and if the government the current administration's not prepared to do it then we're going to do it and then hopefully maybe it's ten years maybe it's fifteen years but if we're ever in that position then we can put these these programs that we really want to put into effect we can put them into effect then well well we'll do we'll start small scale yeah yeah you gotta cross the bridges when you get there you got to be realistic and constantly be pressing forward and keeping the morale up you know and we can get into this maybe now faith Goldie I feel that you know like she she basically failed here here in Toronto her entire campaign was a waste in my opinion because she didn't push for the conversation she didn't win ten percent of the vote she spent an enormous amount of people's shekels and I don't see how anybody could chalk this up to a successful campaign it does nothing to give her more credibility moving forward in the future I mean she's out there with her hoodie on getting in the face of the left like an activist not like a politician and I truly believe that's where faith Goldie would shine anyways she's better off being a commentator and an influencer then she is a politician in my in my opinion but it's I'm interested what's what's your opinion on faith and the whole situation I'm sure you've probably caught a couple my videos your lives James what do you think about that whole situation well I'm not surprised in the slightest faith Goldie rubbed elbows with the wrong sort of people the Jewish Defense League and another the ADL I think she she took pictures she rubbed shoulders with them you know faith goal do I what was that video she shot with that negroid fellow Michael Arana that's the one and you know it's faith gold he ever been unkind to the blacks no well you know very disingenuous yes yes can you can you promise to God right here right now that you are not a white supremacist and he gives you this look you know like it's so cringy just yes it's terrible it's terrible but this is this is something that I've never understood well I do understand I just I it's a little degenerate to say I understand why she's popular you know she's a she but I've never understood why she man how she managed to pull the wool over people's eyes it was only two years ago that Ezra revel media described faith Goldie as the most pro-israel contributor at the rebel that she want her Israel trip she she and she continues to advocate advocate for a single state solution favoring Israel she is pro-israel she's she's pro pro Jewish influence I don't think she's ever mentioned dual citizenship if she has I'm wrong and I apologize but I don't think she's ever mentioned those issues she's very very cozy with the with the Jews and I think that it's been if you want my honest assessment of faith will be she's a very very good actress who can play any part which is beneficial to her bank accounts when she lost the rebel and it seemed like that sort of neoconservative all like Milo you know all those people were going out of fashion well you know she's kind of burned her bridges to the left she can't go back so she has to go forward and she found a lot of people a lot of orbiters willing to donate to her patreon and then she pulled this I'm running for mayor stunt I I think that there was some issue I watched that livestream of yours and you made mention of legal troubles a lawyer money fundraisers etc she's very good at making money for herself yeah there's not one part of me that feels that faith Goldie has suffered in any sort of way as a result for her run free Toronto mayor they everybody wants to go off well you know face she's so courageous she's so brave yeah just gained in popularity she's gained in shekels she's gained in networking and resources and she basically made a calculated choice to say who do I care more about the alt-right which are the truth holders or do I care about the masses that can give me shekels vote me into power or whatever and she chose to go that route and maybe it is the intelligent choice maybe it is I can't necessarily say because who knows how things are gonna play out but I know that it's the disloyal choice I know it's dishonest I know it's not the intellectually or sorry that the morally correct choice she she totally is going to regret this in my opinion because I I'm a pretty fairly good judge of character I've strong intuitive intelligence and when I see faith gold he's speaking about altar right points I see her eyes light up and in the picture that are the thumbnail that I made faith quality before and after and the right picture is a fake smile is fake faith and the picture on the left that is true faith that is faith when she's hanging out with people that she feels comfortable with that feel that she feels is on her level intellectually and the video had to be made I had to show people that in her heart she truly is a white nationalist but she has been so manipulated or she just at the end of the day doesn't have that the biggest of heart because she has chosen the popularity and the shekels over the truth and you know just to finish that up again or finish this point up with her she had an opportunity to stay neutral on these points she had an opportunity to not even associate with the Jewish Defense League what is she doing do making videos with Laura Loomer for Christ's sake Laura the daxing Loomer Jesus and somebody said in that in the comments earlier you know faith had about six percent of the votes in the polls and then once she associated with Laura Loomer it went down to three point five so she was actually predicted by the polls to get more votes than what she ended up getting yes people say oh there's some conspiracy against faith gold you know the twenty and thirty thousand votes that she received that's real world and the three hundred and seventy five or four hundred thousand votes that Tory received that's real world too she never stood a chance and her circle around her should have told her she never stood a chance and the people who gave her thousands of dollars should have realized she didn't have a chance but they're too busy drooling over her or waving their Canadian flag saying it's it's a joke speaking of waving Canadian Canadian flags in faith goalie one of her platforms was obviously oh we need to increase work in Toronto we need to do this Canadian workers blah-blah-blah-blah-blah I happen to know for a fact that her video editor was the former video editor for red ice TV is an American she's not even paying a Canadian to do her video editing she's full of it because she told me before that she was thinking about starting up a podcast in America with one of her American friends and this is before she decided to enter into the race for mayor so yeah that's totally seems legit to me no I I don't know his name but I know I know him I've talked with him many times he used to be a friend of mine but so I just totally disingenuous I think you know the the things Azra said about her totally accurate she's just she's good at playing whichever part is most beneficial to her Oh Mike Mike in the chat says I just have to address this you don't like Americans you don't like America no we we love our American brothers what we're saying is that you put up the front that it's Canada first faith for Toronto you're running for mayor but you have an American Societas doing it there is that little bit of a disingenuous aspect to it and that's again you know if you promote Pan white European nationalism then you are staying consistent with what you're doing but faith Goldie has flipped and flopped and you know she's constantly swerving with where she actually said so now we don't even know where she stands we exactly you know that's that's the thing about so I'm glad that you seem to agree with all this but I'm on the top of on the topic of Americans let me let me try and read kill a few people Canadians on on the American question now I'm not going to talk about McDonald's relegating Harvey's burgers a Canadian company to whom do you I'm not going to talk about Walmart's putting our Canadian department stores out of business I'm not going to talk about any of that what I am going to talk about is the American multinational rest restaurant brand international who has taken Tim Hortons coffee this is the biggest red pill of them all for the Canadians Tim Hortons coffees no longer Tim Hortons coffee because of an American Jew behind the wheel of a multinational brand organization you know where you go to get Canadian coffee now you have to go to McDonald's an American company there's good reason to be leery of or in opposition to the back and forth between Canada and America we don't have Tim Hortons coffee anymore McDonald's has Tim Hortons coffee and you can learn all about that you just need to look up the contract dispute after Tim Hortons sold into the same parent company that owns Burger King Popeyes and Domino's Pizza and and a few others there was a contract dispute between Tim Hortons the new management this Daniel Schwartz with the bean growers and the distributors of the bean the only people who can use that be were the people in that contract which was Tim Hortons Daniel Schwartz wanted to pay less money they the bean growers essentially said go after yourself and McDonald's picked up the contract that's what happens when you get too friendly on international lines a Canadian icon look everybody nobody knows anything about Canada except for Tim Hortons and maple syrup and now we don't have that so think about it think about it this is one thing if there's one thing that could read kill all the Canadians on the Jewish Question it's the fact that we can we no longer have Tim Hortons coffee and that's kind of a sad commentary when you think about it Canadians care more about that than anything else but beer beer coffee and their hockey yeah that matters a lot more to me but you know what I do got to say ever since Donald Trump a lot of people have been waking up and really tuning into politics in general and there's different levels of red pilling if the first thing that can get them thinking is something like what you're describing there with Tim Hortons absolutely sometimes it has to hit home sometimes you have to be hit with something that you care about it could be a consume is something very frivolous or simple but it's true and yeah I think that's too many people just refuse to talk about the JQ more than anything when I make Facebook posts anything on social media that is discussing say Islamic extremism or even black crime it will be met mostly with positive reception the minute the minute I talk about Jewish power and control the alt light Civic nationalists start berating me you're a liberal you're worse than Justin Trudeau don't you want to fight against Islam Israel is the only true democracy and it's just all the same talking points and it's like I'll have the same rolodex of points against me damn joke yeah it gets pretty tiresome after a while but yeah what are you gonna do conversations have to be had yeah and I think we really do have to push that one as a collective because we you know we stand alone on the JQ and just rip you apart because that's to them the final nail in the coffin that you're a Nazi right you speak about Islam your Nazi but it's still kind of like bubblegum tongue and cheek as soon as you and that's what I was saying about faith Goldie not truly being courageous because you know mentioning Islamic fundamentalism or Justin Trudeau or taxes or gun control you're never going to see receive the same backlash as you receive when you say you're a national socialist or a white nationalist or an all-right member it's nowhere near comparable yeah but you know I thanks to the internet the the Jewish Question is one that you know is making real strides it doesn't take a whole lot to show people a lot of things here in Canada associate professor Cynthia Levin rawski dual citizenship with Israel wrote a book called whiteness fractured you can't find very many books written against white people trying to tear down destroy demoralize Canadian identity or European identity or white identity you can't find these books written by anybody else besides Jewish people they are the ones writing these books they are the ones talking about you know Barbara Spectre you know you can keep naming names and names and names and because of the internet because of this you know this globe connection to information you can really really easily demonstrate it at a certain point it stops being quote-unquote Nazi propaganda you know one or two names one or two instances oh you're just you know cherry-picking you can go on and on and on and on for hours oh yes afternoon whether it's the media whether it's Hollywood the porn industry the international banking system they are hook over represented it's is such an extreme that even someone like Jordan Peterson cannot deny it and he starts to question can it really be this five point IQ difference it's less than one standard deviation point away even if you concede to the high Jewish IQ argument it cannot it cannot explain the over-representation and I annihilated this one guy's argument about Jews living in urban areas so that's why they happen to be so successful when you actually look at where the Jews where the individual Jews are born or raised compared to where they work there's no relation there's no relation to the proximity of their workplace it's not like oh Jesus just happened to live beside these media outlets and they find them end up finding these jobs they're no they're they're traveling across the country they may be born in one city they get educated another and then they find a job working for ABC there's something like that I'm just working for founding the founding of Hollywood was done by a handful of Jews who quote-unquote didn't know each other from different parts of Europe hundreds of miles apart who just surreptitiously managed to land in America and decide all together you know some sort of like what was it that what was his name the the author of night about Treblinka ouch what did he say about how the the the National Socialists gave their orders for the Holocaust it was an unspoken unconscious connection they didn't need to say it it was just a psychic thing they all knew like that's how they found it Hollywood apparently because none of them knew each other but they all landed at that same spot to do it you know it's it's everywhere oh yeah just pure coincidence pure coincidence into it anymore III really you know that's that's got to be the most frustrating one because it's such a it's such a big issue and people refused to see it it's kind of like you know the bigger the lie the easier it is to hide yeah that's kind of what I see here and it's just once you're once you take that pill and you realize that it is controlled opposition if you're on the right the Zionists conservatives take over the whole show you have a whole show whether it's been you know if you want to go mainstream and big influencers you got Ben Shapiro Jordan Peterson Gavin McInnes all of these people there's tons more and even though like somebody like what's-his-name stefan molyneux and black engine speaks do they ever do they ever mention jewish power and control I think stefan molyneux as I don't really I don't really watch a whole lot of those sorts of very popular but like those guys that the big names yeah turns out yeah the last while but even still I haven't I know that he did make mention of the Jewish Question once I don't know if it was or maybe once or twice but it's not something that I think he's been real explicit on I don't he's talked about it I think he's broached the subject but that's as close as anybody within the mainstream light I guess that's as close as anybody's gotten great right I'm before I know it's getting late we're past the two-minute mark so I don't want to keep you too long but I do want to ask some take some questions from the chat down earlier and again a reminder to everybody who's watching super chats will be read instantly and if you want to get your comments or questions tag me in the comments so move into to some questions here and some comments red pill Bulgaria he's moderator he says one doesn't have to exclude the other pannier Europeanism is fine as long as we all preserve our individual cultures so I think he's trying to find some middle ground there between the two different methods there we should preserve our unique statehood ideology like kin they are sorry identity Canadians separate from Americans but at the same time we do kind of come together under that umbrella with somebody in ok yeah we have one guy at the very beginning who said you look like a cop no you look more like a national socialist than a cop in my opinion I appreciate that I appreciate both comments really yeah no I no concern there with me but I thought that was that was pretty funny um red pill Bulgaria also says just call it social nationalism get away from the stigma right little steps though baby steps yeah babies that's for sure I know really quick though yeah reason we have not the reason one of the reasons the biggest reason we've chosen to maintain the the name National Socialists is because in this world in the world we live in today it is suicide to say that but unlike a lot of the other people we back it up with action we back up everything we say everything we believe our actions prove that we mean it and it's a matter of time it is a matter of time people will see that they'll say that person is is is is saying something that is so critically panned everybody oh it's so dough you know we don't know they they will eventually see that we had the courage to stand on conviction we stood against the world everybody loves a hero story right and eventually that will come through when when when words meet action again and again and again and again and there's consistency people will come to understand the truth I agree I agree well said well said another question here captain Q wants to know Michael Thurlow opinion on Paul Nealon and Patrick little specifically the tactics they used for elections are you familiar with both of those individual yeah I argued with Patrick little on a podcast called the brave party podcast unfortunately they the recordings don't exist anymore the channels been taken down by YouTube and backups were never uploaded but I am very skeptical of of Patrick little I think that he's I think he's painted himself in his mind is the reincarnation of George Lincoln Rockwell and unfortunately he doesn't have the charisma hey George Lincoln Rockwell had I there are a lot of things about Patrick little that I find suspicious I mean I called the the Marine base he claimed to have been stationed on I talked to him about his service and he fed me lines of gibberish and I knew from that moment onward that there's a high probability that and I called the Marine base and asked about him my name and they couldn't really find a record of him ever being there so he's he seems really disingenuous his tactics are very shifty he got caught at the border with thousands of names of of all right individuals contacts this and that basically handed over ducks to the authorities and I don't know how anybody could ever make that mistake he just he doesn't strike I've never trusted him and I've never liked it I don't know enough about him to really comment I like what he's doing in terms of getting the message out there being pulled but I couldn't I couldn't comment on that but that is interesting I'll have to look into that one thing I'll say again in this you know what do I have against Americans what I don't really like and this applies more to Europe than it does the Canada but it applies to us too I don't like how the American alt-right is importing their American ideologies which are not congruent with with Canady in the Canadian Way of life the Canadian morality or our values be it all right or National Socialist that you know they are a different people with a different collective history and a different destiny than Canada has and because these people are very popular and this has to do a lot with their free speech laws but we are being I almost call it intellectual colonization where you know Germans are spouting the same rhetoric that Richard Spencer spouts for America but to a German audience you know one of the reasons why early German socialism didn't work this was prior to World War one was because they tried to take the French doctrine and apply it to the German people the the same circumstances didn't exist in Germany that existed in France that that doctrine was written to deal with they tried to apply the same thing and I see that happening here in Canada to a an extent with people like faith Goldie with people like Lawrence Southern I see it happening here and I see it in Europe as well I don't particularly like that people like Patrick little Richard Spencer Andrew England Daley stormer I don't like that their American ideas are being incorporated into a Canadian movement or a Canadian or into Canadian politics I understand your concern I I disagree I'm not sure how to what extent I will get back to that one second we do have a $20 super chat from Mike hail victory fascist Way pride worldwide Michael thoughts on crisis their thoughts on what crisis will wake up our people in Canada or the u.s. or the West broadly it's going to be economic it's people you like I brought brought up South Africa several times now but you can look at South Africa and you can look at what's happening there with legitimate race war and it hasn't there there is no real resistance there's a lot of flight there's a lot of people leaving there's a lot of exile but there's not a lot of fight it's going to be economic it's going to be when people are not in a position to run they don't have the money to run they don't have the food to run they don't have anything it's going to be an economic collapse that's what's really really going to open people's minds to alternative ideas when they're desperate and unfortunately we live in a we live in an age where people are very very consumerist and materialistic they are very self-centered not not in a not in a malignant sort of way but it's just the way we've been conditioned to be we are hyper individualistic right now which needs to be resolved and when individual paychecks and bank accounts start to dwindle and people are become desperate that's what's going to really wake people up to alternatives yeah as much as I'd like to say that it's going to be facts it's going to be you know passionate speeches that really convince the masses unfortunately that's just not the way things go people really do need to have something immediate whether you know it's a gun in their face or no more money in their bank account so I think we're we're pretty much on the same page in that regard it's probably going to be an economic collapse yeah and to be fair those those those crisis's will allow passionate speeches and and orations and and and movements to to to utilize those tools to to inspire people to give them hope people need to be without hope they have a lot of hope and a lot of faith in in very vulnerable systems and when those systems collapse they will need to be able to put their hope and faith in something else that we'll be able to solve those problems yes that's what it's going to take great right um going back to what you were saying before with the the altar 8 movements in America not necessarily being congruent with the the Canadian environment or our history I think you you're right like Canada doesn't have the same history we're not the same country but in terms of like what a white nationalist hopes to achieve in Canada or what a white nationalist hopes to achieve in America I think we're basically dealing with the same thing you could essentially swap out our Asian demographic with the American Hispanic demographic problem in terms of how they affect the voting pattern and affect the economy obviously Asians more on the upper end of the economic scale taking up the the high-skilled jobs the high IQ jobs hitting the the students at a disadvantage where the Hispanic immigrants really you know kind of put a strain on the welfare system contribute to low wages and whatnot so we're dealing with the same demographic problems and even our population is similar 65 percent way to around 70 percent whites and and you could say that blacks have a bigger issue with regards to the high black crime rate compared to Canada and large but when you isolate the major cities like say for instance Toronto and Montreal you see that the same parallels there with the the disproportionate crime rates respect to race so I see my concerns as virtually the same as Richard Spencer's I see my concerns the same as Marco let's it just takes a little bit different of a flavor there's a different spice thrown on to the meal but it's the same meal well and to be fair if the issue was solely race I would be in complete agreement but it's it's more along the lines of the American all rights view of the social and economic I find that the American out right is a lot more in favor of corporatization I don't see a lot of opposition to the corporate I'd say that if you wanted to put it into terms America would be like fascist Italy sort of state corporatism whereas I think that National Socialism is let's be frank here I think Canada had National Socialism until 1974 we didn't call it that and we still have democracy but were more or less we had national socialist values until 1974 well so I think we're a little bit more opposed to state corporatism I think we're a little bit more opposed to libertarianism as a general rule here I think we're more inclined towards collectivism than the Americans are so it's not the racist that I think is is the the separating factor if it was just the race issue then we would be in complete agreement but it's that's the broader spectrum of issues right right I think yeah for sure I'm much more focused on the demographics I'm much more focused on the social issues and when it comes to economics I'm really not that well-versed so yeah I'm definitely looking at it through that lens and I'm saying well you know it's basically all the same parallels but yeah economically and the way that we're structured it is it is totally different I have to say and the way that the population factors into that – I can see how you know America is just a much bigger beast but again in terms of solving the demographic crisis and and leading to detach from a broken state I'm totally on board with the all trade on that level I think there's a different flavor in Europe like I believe mark Collett and millennial woes and and people like that are still very much fighting for the survival of England for the survival of European countries because because they only really have an Islamic problem they only really have the or or North African migrants or whatever African migrants but they don't have embedded into their countries a history of natives a history of blacks and a Giants Mexico to the south of them that has been flooding in for years and years so if they can solve the Islamic problem if they can solve the refugee crisis they can restore their demographics they actually have a fighting chance to make your upgrade again where I believe Canada and America we accepted a multicultural society so far long ago that now you have generations of blacks generations of Asians afraid for instance one of my former comrade he was a 65 year old brown guy who was born in Canada and it's very hard to look him in the eye and say I am more Canadian than you like he was there watching the Maple Leafs he was there camping he speaks English perfectly like I can say I'm more white than you and I can say you'll never be white like I am but as far as as Canadian I think the definition of what a Canadian changed or changed so far long ago that we cannot change it back you cannot tell a black person in America you're not American but you could tell them you're not a white American and that is different than a black American but I think from a technical standpoint how can you tell a black guy in America whose grandfather fought in Vietnam and great-grandfather fought World War two how can you say he's not he's not just as much as an American as a white guy but again you can make the argument he's not as white he's not yours he's not white sorry he's not European so we can legitimately fly under that banner and maintain 100% logical consistency but I think as soon as we start saying that like you know a white Canadian is a true Canadian and the minorities deserve second-rate kind of second-rate citizen status is something to me just it feels inherently wrong I would rather go the the job to Japan route where you have an ethnos state and you don't even have to worry about the tiny amount of immigrants coming in because they're going to assimilate into your country racially biologically you know what I mean like there eventually are going to mate with the Japanese person just statistics and alone and culturally the heck they're gonna have to learn the language they're gonna have to truly embrace the culture so if we can get to that point we won't even have to worry about immigrants or treating them as second-rate citizen or anything like that because it will just be a non-issue but as long as we have you know the a Canada that resembles the way it does right now I just don't see how we're gonna convince the masses to give White's priority in a form of policy well like we've been talking about this this whole time it's it's really going to come down to a crisis and when that crisis hits you know people will be a lot more open to things that they're not open to right now some people might be open to those solutions simply because of the other solutions the solutions to their problems and they'll say oh well you take the rough with the smooth I don't really like that but they're also gonna solve you know I'm not going to starve to death there are going to be they're there bridges that have to be crossed and I I can appreciate where you come from or where you're coming from but at the same time I really struggle to to accept any form of civic nationalism because I don't think that culture is a social construct I don't think that really I think that there are social constructs that exist but I think that the more social constructs that are created the more artificial things that are created the the quicker an empire or nation or city or state deteriorates the closer we are to the natural order of life the more successful we're going to be and I don't think that a multiracial society can create a unified culture and without a unified culture there isn't a unified people without a unified people you know oh yeah that's the point I in no way shape or form advocate for Pacific national I know I know I know but that's that's another reason why I don't I I said earlier I I would be fearful of a small ethno state because everything outside of the ethnos state isn't bound by the rules of the ethnos state it's gonna yeah yeah over generations it's going to become a problem I think that the task that the the ethno state advocates are forced with that you're not necessarily faced with is how do you assume power how do you assume some sort of control and influence over the world at large and and even protection safety when you're just this fresh new nation that essentially everybody hates I mean howhow embraced are we gonna be by the international community being in wait away death no stay right so that's a very strong point for those who argue no we need to still fight for Canada we need is still fight for America because we're giving up so much power money and in history so I'll give you that one but I think on your side you have the hard time of dealing with how on earth do we correct this situation when we're dealing with demographics that have changed so much how do we convince people to either deport immigrants deport minorities advocate for policies that are gonna favor whites I don't think I think that's your challenge that is you know you don't have the answer for and we don't have the answer for that so that's why I love these conversations because at the end of the day you want to kind of better understand your weak this is and what you need to improve on and as well understand okay where you're strong at what kind of you know you can you can hammer down and say this is this is correct this needs some work on so I really really really enjoyed this conversation tonight man it was fantastic I I had a blast it was great to be on excellent um there are some people in the chat accusing you of being Jewish who I don't know that a bunch of names we're flying by they're putting you know the echos around your name or saying Ronnie you need to wake up and realize he's he's one of them and I'm sitting there thinking like are you listening to what Michael is saying are you part of this dream here with me so I didn't bother to bring it up earlier that's alright it's totally understandable I mean we it's an unfortunate circumstance that we have to deal with a movement that is not only right now a huge homogenous Asian of different political ideologies libertarians you got fascist third position Asst dissident conservatives alright National Socialists and we're all trying to work together it's very very very common to have people get a little paranoid when people hold opinions which maybe you would feel are more extreme or what you wouldn't prefer and and to just dismiss it that way but I'm not a Jew thank you we got that one clear now figured I'd give you the chance to set the record straight for anybody out there because some people feel that if a comment doesn't get answered if a comment is ignore that that somehow means you're afraid to answer it but there are hundreds of comments going by and you know not everyone could be addressed but that was a funny one excited I wasn't thinking for one second you look like a typical like white German you look like what an white nationalist would look like or a National Socialist would look like I appreciate that and for anybody interested in Danish if you go back fifteen hundred years my ancestors ate like far back ancestor where the the Danes who went with the rest of the Scandinavians down into Normandy so I mean in I guess recent history in the last thousand years you could say that it was I was in Norman but then we were else my family my bloodline was also part of the the invasion of England so I guess you could say I was English I'm not sure but ethnically DNA was mostly Danish if not mostly Danish and probably French as well great English general we got to do the the 23andme test oh I don't want I don't want I don't want a huge multinational corporation to have my genetic profile I'm not paranoid but yeah there's always the chance you know oh we're gonna develop a super virus that's going to target the lads I don't know I don't want to be a part of it it's it's messed up because right now 23andme has so much access to genetic information that they're ahead of everyone in terms of the tests that they can conduct and whatnot and I believe they actually identified the quote-unquote gay gene it's not a gene that makes you gay it's a gene that when it's in women makes them want to have sex with men more they crave essentially penis and when it's expressed in men it's the same thing they crave penis and this gene is also responsible for having the tendency to be well-groomed and to be attractive and jf who is a neuroscientist biologist he commented on this and he thinks that it totally satisfies the nature versus nurture because you can have the predisposition to having an affinity towards something and then there's something within the society that can promote it or support it and allow it to thrive so like within the Spartan community and the samurai they promoted it it was fine to be home bisexual and communities that don't promote it it doesn't tend to manifest itself in the same way and if it does it more so leads to bisexual closeted gays than it does to this modern edition of ultra feminized really like faggy type of homeless sexuals and I don't have a problem with somebody you know it I disagree with it but I don't judge a person's entire character based on it sorry I just don't know why I go off on these little tangents sometimes but I guess that before we wrap up what's your opinion on the LGBTQ question or same-sex marriage well I don't think that same-sex marriage should be legitimate because marriage is a I don't I don't really it's not really a religious institution anymore although it can be in a way it's it's a state institution that allows two people to join their property and endowed them with certain benefits on the assumption that they're going to produce a family it's sort of an incentive for people to get together and raise children and raise them in a healthy environment a nuclear family and that's what marriages is really all about it's about giving people those benefits that incentivize them to do that and and homosexuals can't naturally produce children it's it's not something that should be acceptable they shouldn't be entitled to the same benefits that heterosexual couples are entitled to without without holding up their end of the bargain ah yeah that's pretty simple yeah no I just that's that's hard to argue with I do have somewhat of a libertarian stance when it comes to the LGBTQ question in gay marriage I think it's something that we shouldn't promote as a society and we should talk about and speak about it in a similar way that we do smoking it's it's bad for you but it's not the end of the world if you meet a smoker you're not gonna be like oh my god you're you're the spawn of Satan you smoke but at the same time we never promote it we acknowledge that it's not a good thing so I think people should be free to do something stupid because hey yeah I just don't want to live in a society that is that heavily controlled but at the same time I totally disagree with it I I think that it can only produce negative things for society in large numbers so yeah I do have some conflicting views with my more fascist type of beliefs and in my more libertarian beliefs and I guess maybe we all want to live in that perfect society that that suits ourselves be fascist when it suits you be libertarian when it suits you and we're gonna have to have probably about 200 more of these conversations before we get every everything ironed out but that's what I love about the alt-right is we're willing to have conversations and not just the outright the entire dissident right and third position as you're saying earlier mm-hmm we're gonna wrap it up now but before we do I just have a couple quick questions for you first of all can you name any books documentaries or YouTube videos that you would suggest people look up to learn more about National Socialism or the the things that we talked about today in general yeah the Gottfried phaidor's manifesto on our manifesto for the abolition of interest slavery is throb it should be on your top three books to pick up it goes over a great deal of well the NSC LR Pease economic positions and really explains the the the economic science behind a lot of the the modern trends and you know consumerism materialism Mammon ISM it really goes in-depth with that and explains how we can rid ourselves of of interest interest rates taxation these sorts of things that's it's a good book other than that I mean I'm sure I I don't really know what people are would be interested in the passing of the Great Race and and the other books that Grant wrote mine Kampf obviously should be on your list of things to read surprisingly enough though and this might turn a few heads I advocate very strongly that people who want to become active politically or who want to have a good understanding read Karl Marx's books and I I know that that's going to maybe blow a few minds that's all right Karl Marx is on the Jewish Question I think it is an important thing to read the Communist Manifesto I think it's an important thing to read Das Kapital because Marx isn't a hundred percent wrong he's 95 percent wrong 90 percent whatever whatever but there are elements within those books that should be understood the idea of alienation in the workforce needs to be understood we need to understand that that people are alienated from their jobs they don't feel valuable they don't feel useful they're not productive it's a problem we need to understand the way that the the plutocratic over or a corporate or capitalistic society is structured those are you know National Socialism as as opposed to capitalism pure capitalism as it is opposed to Marxism or communism I think that the Communists communists in general understand the low IQ problem better than the right does ever it is is more willing to talk about it in these controversial ways but the left I feel these intellectual Marxists the honest ones or you know again whatever I think they're aware of the fact that you do have this kind of like almost useless part of the population and the more we head towards a technological type of workforce there's a big problem there where the the right says well the free market will just take care of it all the free market will find jobs and things for everybody I think we run to a point where that's not necessarily the case and I think we're already there right now where you're gonna have this a significant percentage of the population that's the low IQ and do we just send them out on the streets with nothing to do or do we create a some sort of nanny state to take care of them that's basically the two questions there's do we just let not a natural evolution do its thing with in an artificial society because we have to acknowledge that all of our societies are artificial so it's kind of sad or mean to allow this just raw nature to take its its place like the survival of the fittest in nature it's perfectly fine but when you're born into a society where there are systemic aspects to it it's it's unfortunate and I think the the Communists do a much better job at understanding that when you're born with the silver spoon you tend to be more successful in life there's just no denying it like all the evidence backs it up that the rich tend to stay rich and the poorest tend to stay poor and then shapiro offers this most the most ridiculous argument against it he goes well I mean there's fluctuation sometimes you're in the top 1% and then other people could make more money and you don't make so much and then you're out of the top 1% so you think everyone's acting like the top 1% is fixed but there's flexibility ok ben shapiro but if we look at it from a more broad spectrum we allow a little bit more flexibility than just whether or not you're 1% or not 1% you understand that people tend to follow their economic patterns so this does present a problem what do we do about it do we just allow the poor people to continue to be poor without taking care of them and and the reason why I have my heart goes out to the low IQ and to the poor's because within animal packs the low IQ low skill animal still gets taken care of by the pack as long as it fill it fills its role the pack will take care of it the LFO will allow it to have food that it basically caught so the eye I want humans to align themselves with nature as much as possible because that's what the 88 precepts is all about and I do feel that there are some communists aspects that we need to implement and so to me National Socialism is the hybrid between communism and capitalism it is you're kind of shedding away the the negative aspects of both ideologies to produce a hybrid ideology and I don't mean to be boasting too much about old Hitler there but when he speaks about the issues of communism and capitalism it's quite clear I don't want to get in trouble with my youtube overlords but from a pure economic standpoint there is an argument to be made that national socialism is the answer to extreme capitalism and communism yeah I couldn't put it better myself as as for any other books I mean the young Hitler I knew a lot of philosophy as well the German idealists Nietzsche counter and light yeah thinkers those are the types of books you should be reading I don't know if you've got a primarily libertarian audience or all right but I know a lot of people are probably probably want me to say oh yeah read John Locke but I'm not gonna say that I know about your John Locke now that's good that's good got a good crowd here they're not gonna pull this out I'd say we finally breached the 50% mark in terms of my supporters being all right it's it's it's probably clean down the middle between civic nationalists or alt light Lauren southern types and then you know where we are Richard Spencer whoever else so it's good because it gives me an opportunity to read pill those that still need more red filling and I can also provide content for those who kind of already are there and now want to push the conversation forward so yeah I like being in this position before you go again can you just let the people know how they can contact you how they can follow you on the Internet where they can subscribe to what's the best way to get in contact with Michael Thurlow and the nationalist socialist Canadian labor revolution party hahaha the National Socialist Canadian labor revival party story there are so many words if I'm not reading it and looking at it I watch it every single time right NSC lrp for short really the only place we have not been taken off of the Internet has is an affiliated page call is on Facebook National Socialist News Canada we don't need to talk about our party there very much but you could always contact me through there or through email at M Thurlow NS c lr p at I don't want to show too much but we you you know that's that's my paypal as well we're doing a Christmas Drive so if you want to you know contribute to that put Christmas or whatever in the note if you want to throw a little bit of support behind that were Canadian children who are disadvantaged they need Christmas gifts as much as anybody else christmas is just around the corner that's what we're doing this December so right on are not very very respectable and but instead guys you know if you want to toss faith gold do some shekels I hear she's running for premier better use your money than helping out kids on Christmas I know that's what I would do if I weren't still can't get over that the people at our center two thousand dollars as an independent donation way too much but Michael this has been an excellent conversation fantastic you came on to talk about this interested and hearing more about you in the future I'm gonna keep my my eyes on the youtubes and the social media see what's happening and I'm really interested and this program the EMP program that you have that really tackles a lot of the white well-being issues that we sometimes overlook so yeah let me know on how that's going I'll be sure to promote that and let people know what's happening absolutely we're definitely you know for now like I said for now you can contact me if you want if you need help with employment if you need help with anything we'll we'll get you in contact with people until we get the website put up on my own server so they can't take it down which should be happening try to get it done as you know as soon as possible but ya know it you know keep an eye keep your eyes open and keep your eyes peeled right on right on and thank you to everybody in the chat you guys have been awesome tonight this channel has been doing very well in terms of the live stream lately when I first started doing them rarely did I ever get over 50 viewers and I can't remember the last live stream where we didn't at least breach 70 viewers on the other day the other nights speaking of both faiths Goldie in the election loss we had over 250 people tuning in so the channel is definitely picking up I greatly appreciate all the support all the likes all the the shares and the subscriptions and um yeah good job guys so until the next time everybody have a good one

  1. The pillar of civilization was Africa. Us whites are actually albinos and our genetic ties are not from Europe, but Central Asia. Slavs , Germanics and Turks are where our "white" genetic ties originate.

    Slavic countries – Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Albania, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.
    Italy – mixed Slav/Germanic
    Greece – Mixed, mostly Slav 
    Armenia – mixed Slav/Turk 
    Algeria – mixed Berber/Germanic
    Tunisia – mixed Germanic/Berber

    The last remaining Whites in Asia, the Turks (before admixture with indigenous Black Anatolians, they were originally Albinos too), were chased out of Asia by the yellow Mongols. Little is known about the origins of the Turkic peoples, and much of their history even up to the time of the Mongol conquests in the 10th–13th A.D. is shrouded in obscurity. Chinese documents of the 6th century A.D. refer to the empire of the T'u-chüeh as consisting of two parts, the northern and western Turks. This empire submitted to the nominal suzerainty of the Chinese T'ang dynasty in the 7th century, but the northern Turks regained their independence in 682 and retained it until 744 A.D. The Orhon inscriptions, the oldest known Turkic records (8th century A.D.), refer to this empire and particularly to the confederation of Turkic tribes known as the Oguz; to the Uighur, who lived along the Selenga River (in present-day Mongolia); and to the Kyrgyz, who lived along the Yenisey River (in north-central Russia).

    When able to escape the domination of the T'ang dynasty, these northern Turkic groups fought each other for control of Mongolia from the 8th to the 11th century, when the Oguz migrated westward into Persia and Afghanistan. In Persia the family of Oguz tribes known as Seljuqs created an empire that by the late 11th century stretched from the Amu Darya south to the Persian Gulf and from the Indus River west to the Mediterranean Sea.

    Turkic peoples – Göktürks, Seljuks, Khazars (Jews), Mughals, Azerbaijani, Bashkir, Chuvash, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tatar, Uighur, Uzbek, and Sakha, Hephthalites.

    Turkic Countries – Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Northern Cyprus (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus).
    Countries with large populations of ethnic Turks and Turkic culture:
    Egypt, Iran, Libya, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Bahrain.

     Note: Just as modern Christian culture is far removed from ancient Hebrew culture – it is now European culture. So too is modern Arab culture far removed from original Arab culture – it is now Turkish culture. During the time of the Turkish Ottoman Empire (1299 – 1922), Islam was not known as the Arab religion, it was known as the Turkish religion).

    The Thawb (Arab Robes) Emblematic of Arab culture, is not Arab at all. The original Arabs, like the Egyptians, Berbers, Mesopotamian's, Elamites/Persians: had Black skin, they did not need the Head to Toe protection from the Sun, that the Thawb affords. It is not known who invented the Thawb, but it is known that even though the Turks once ruled from Baghdad, they hated to go there because of the hot climate and burning Sunshine. Being that the original Turks were a very pale skinned people who needed protection from the Sun, it is likely that they invented the Thawb.

    Copied from

  2. You don't owe a gun bc you don't think you would ever need? But why the appeal to utility rather than principle or person?
    You should owe a gun not bc you need it or don't need it but bc you're an American

  3. we are in a culture war ..


  5. Stolen Land ??? DNA and Archeologists have proven Europeans were here 5 to 10,000 years before the Asian Indians came over the land bridge. Asian Indians are an invasive species to North America. Go back to Asia ….

  6. This was an interesting talk. I would be interested in interviewing Michael Thurlow on my channel.
    Overall I agree with many things he said. However, here are my issues:
    – I'm not a white nationalist though I don't want see Canada lose its identity which comes from the British/French people who founded the country
    – I agree that culture is biological in its nature. So this means that some groups can never adapt/assimilate to our culture.
    – I hate socialism because it is fundamentally corrupt and wasteful
    – on the JQ I see nothing wrong with what they doing. I understand their motivations. They seek to maintain their culture and they don't really care if that comes at the expense of other cultures. They culture promotes success amongst themselves.
    – Universal healthcare is such a bad idea. It saddens me we have have it in Canada.
    – I like the idea of nationalism and I'm a strong nationalist. My issue is Canadians and Americans are actually different. I'm a hybrid of the two. Canadians are the descendants of the British and French who didn't take risk and overthrow their imperial overlords from England. In the US they took up arms. These two cultures are different. I identify with both. So even as a white Canadian (with American white mom) I see myself as having a slightly incompatible cultural identity. I'm a polite rebel I guess. So maybe I agree more with Propergander that Canada has a cultural crisis as more groups white and non-white have brought their cultures here. How can we tell those who have lived here for many generations that they are not as Canadian as we are?

  7. Right now…….my only concern is HUMAN RIGHTS. No matter color, race, gender, disability, etc………Doug Ford is forcing us disabled deeper into poverty with social assistance cuts, scrapping worker rights bill 148, cutting the basic income project that helped so many people…….reducing the minimum wage back to $11.60.

    It is not my fault that other white people keep kissing Jew ass, blame minorities for being exploited by the Joos but rather take it out on the minorities and instill a ruthless bureaucracy that punishes the poor. How about SOLUTIONS to the social housing crisis? How about slowing down immigration since it is costing Canada too much money to compensate them? It is doable without being a bully…………..

    Denmark was once the happiest country in the world until the Joos shipped the migrants there. They paid much higher taxes, but had access to the services they NEEDED. They had access to education, health care, transportation, and the working class wasn't abused by greedy ass cooperations.

    America is a fucking cesspool of Christian Evangelical idiots who have no compassion for people with disabilities, women, other men, or the working class. If us whiteys are so superior, why haven't we grasped the concept of human rights yet? If we are so intelligent, how come we don't have the balls to FIGHT the criminals? Sure…..the Chinese can be cruel to those with disabilities and have harsh aspects of their culture……….but they seem to have their shit together a lot more than we do.

    Same with other East Asian countries and even South Asia. People from India seem to be more welcoming than other whites……maybe because they are grateful to have the opportunity to better their lives in a different country.

    Conservatives are pretty fucking stupid, if you ask me……………they divide more than the liberals………..they punish the poor, exploit people with disabilities, treat women like shit and expect people to give a fuck about what they have to say.


  8. Cdns are gunnies Ronny.. esp the rural Cdns.. you're a city kid but believe me .. they are armed to the teeth bro. Good interview. thanks for giving Michael a solid platform.. he has a lot of ideas and he is very well researched and reasonable.. I just don't support natsoc.. I'm anti-communitarian.

  9. Great and this was the kind of extensively thorough interview people need to hear and understand about NSCLRP .. full disclosure is good.. well done Ronny.. thanks Michael.

  10. How about this… relax some of your left and right aspects, and align with, and moderate yourself with the Canadian United Conservative Party, and the USA Republicans. Give and take and bend for the good of the people you serve. Lead by truly serving. Thoughts please.

  11. Large corporations managed by the government?! Wow, there's an economy crushing black hole in the making. Watch out for that event horizon.

  12. Don't focus on ((ethnostates))), yet. Just name the jew and shut down immigration. We have a common enemy. Power in numbers. #GDL

  13. It doesn't matter how reasonable you sound or the arguments you make, you are a dummy if you think you can and/or should rehabilitate the words "National Socialism"

  14. A white ethnostate is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. If the Jews won't let us keep our nation states, why would they let us have ethnostates?

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