National Association of Blind Lawyers

Hi this is John Pare reporting from the National
Federation of the Blind, Jernigan Institute. The National Federation of the Blind has 52
state affiliates, one for every state, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. And
I’m here with Scott LaBarre the president of the National Federation of the Blind of
Colorado. Scott is also the president of the National Association of Blind Lawyers. The
NFB also operates numerous divisions, committees and groups. But I want to talk a little bit
about the Blind lawyers division. Scott tell us a little bit about that. Well John the
National Association of Blind lawyers was actually the second division formed within
the National Federation of the Blind. The first one being our student division and a
year later like in 1968 we formed the lawyers division. The National Association of Blind
lawyers and we are the largest organization of Blind lawyers and legal professionals in
the United States and we’ve got several hundred members scattered all throughout the country
and the purpose for the association I would say is two-fold. One we provide information
for each other on the best ways that are the most effective ways to practice law as a person
who is blind or has low vision. To that end we operate an internet listserve what we call
blind law. And all the time on that listserve people are creating practice tips. “Hey how
do you do this? How do you do that? What technology do you use?” So that’s one of our resources.
The other resource or major resource is substantive information on the law. Mostly we talk about
disability rights and how to make the law better or use the law more effectively on
behalf of Blind persons and individuals with disabilities. We run a few meetings every
year. We have our major meeting in connection with the National Federation of the Blind
annual convention. And so every year usually in early July we have our annual meeting.
Lawyers who attend often are able to get CLE credit. Continuing legal education credits
for these meetings because our program is substantive. We provide CLE materials so people
can keep up with their professional accreditation by going to our meetings. We hold several
phone seminars throughout the year on various practice areas and we also conduct meetings
in Washington, D.C. in conjunction with the federations Washington Seminar. So that’s
just a little bit about what the National Association of Blind Lawyers does. Wow that
sounds very helpful and very interesting. How would someone join. A NFB member, an attorney
that wanted to join specifically that division, do they contact you or how do they get involved?
They can contact me. My information is…my phone number is 303-504-5979 or [email protected]
you can go to our website and you can also look us up on our listserve.
If you go to look for blind law and how to sign up to get on blind law. Great,
Scott thank you and we’ll talk to you more later.

  1. I am so happy to see this and this is so inspiring! 

    I think lawyers are great because they defend laws, especially for people who are disavantaged such as the lawyers that may be handicapped.

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