NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars Program, Fall 2018

[Music]>>To be an aerospace engineer, you have to be
confident, you have to have courage, being smart is given, but it’s your determination,
it’s your passion, and it’s your creativity which binds you together and makes you suitable
for NASA. [Music] [Background noise]>>Even when applying, I felt kind of nervous,
because NASA seems like this huge entity that’s like untouchable and almost like scary. But when I came here I noticed that a lot
of the employees were easy to talk to and they just wanted to engage the minds of future
engineers and scientists.>>We basically had to put ourselves into these
roles that were very much similar to what NASA does for their projects. We had a game plan of what kind of rover we
wanted to build, and then we had an assembly team build the rover, then we had a software
engineer go ahead and program that rover and then we just started testing it, and we had
missions that we did. [Background noise]>>We did two tasks, one was for the rover to
identity two different objects, and say what those things were, and the other task was
for the rover to recover a broken buggy on the Mars surface.>>It is exponentially harder than I thought
it was going to be. Working as a team was very difficult because
we are all strangers, we had no prior communication with each other and we have all different
personalities, so coinciding together, it was a process, but in the end we were able
to work as a team and get the job done. [Background noise] [Music]>>This is an opportunity that community college
students don’t normally get. Because of this program, a lot of us have
more confidence, we have more knowledge, and we can pursue further and farther in our careers
then ever imagined.>>I feel like this was a really great experience. It taught me a lot and I would definitely
recommend it to anybody, even, STEM or not, there’s very many different opportunities
at NASA.


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