MY TIER LIST for Best to Worst classes in Black Desert Online | Screw your PEN and TET Roulette

so I wanted to do something a little specific and I seen a few streamers and creators make this thing called a tier list and I didn't realize that this is a website but I went ahead and I made a tier list set up I thought it'd be good and kind of funny to go through every single class in black desert online and I will give you my honest opinion on every class no I'm not I'm probably gonna shit on it so if you're really sensitive and if you don't want to get shit on this fuck you there's no other way to do this other than just to freaking do this so I wanted to really just start with my main man up here at the top left hand side the zerk honestly this class is really not it's cool I mean I guess he's like the original oak so that's what I'm just gonna go over and just grab Stryker and he's already like if there's above a I'm just gonna put Stryker right there honestly like Luke you know so now that we've got that out of the way I think that it's just only important to start off on the opposite sex the mistake and you know if if you if you didn't like Stryker it had to roll a mistake then honestly you'll notice that right below this F there's just a big old trash bin I'm just sweet now that we've got like the easy questions out of the way let's go ahead and let's just plan on this random one right here I'm thinking the lolly so the lolly is a great 1v1 class the thing that you guys don't really know is that she's kind of a bitch and you know underneath every single one of her cash shops really short dresses is an even smaller penis so because of that I'm gonna give them like straight up straight up an a I would potentially put them above a because they're honestly some of the best duelists in the game but you know it just it's just I think that's that's a perfect spot for them let's go ahead and grab this funky junky monkey right here the Zurcher since she's like the original oak you got to exploit a few mechanics it seems to really succeed with this class I'm gonna put it down for a because it just sounds like this class like all the woods maybe Opie in the right hands doesn't it sound like it works that fucking properly at least you guys have a banana and you have a grab so I don't know fuck like you know what I'm moving it down to a see there you go I like this game this games a lot of fun okay so let's take a look at the ninja here ninja although not really being some of the best grinders they are you know amazing in 1v1 straight flight classes not really the best in node Wars but like other people I'm sure could prove me wrong so because you can prove me wrong about that I'm actually gonna put you down to an F and since you feel that way I'm gonna move you up to probably a beat if you guys were better grinders honestly maybe yet like I'd throw you up there but you know ninja stuff don't worry about the Kuno the Kuno is just going straight into the cheese just going straight beside the mystic actually no I'm gonna put you ahead on the mystic cuz at least take some skill you know what just cuz it takes some skill I'm gonna put you in the F category so bright you know what now I'm gonna leave you there alright let's see now next I think a really important topic to cover is you know the the Ranger you know everyone and Xbox seems to have chosen this class because they started as the best grinders and you know on PC they're the pretty great duelists are pretty pretty good grinders their stamina is kind of poo-poo doo-doo and you know what I'm just gonna I'm gonna put them right beside the ninja I'm gonna give them like a solid beat fan I'm going to this bitch down here this Valcke and your lack of stamina and your frickin since no one uses you you're like a rare breed whenever I run into you and like go sit beside the striker you need some good friends over here we're gonna grab the Archer here and we're just gonna go straight to the fucking recycling bin because you need some work done to you now let's take a look oh man we've got so many great choices left so many awesome people left and you probably hate me by now so that's good you know let's go to the wizard you know pas are always needed in large-scale small scale there actually can be potentially viable healers especially if they're grouped up which is actually really great I do think we need a little bit more of them the grind is a little bit boring so I'm just gonna put a B for boring but at the same time kind of badass that it'd be good job good job you're above the Zurcher so what are you what are you complaining about with these grab classes now let's just look at this little shit Lord down here the warrior and I mean they they keep getting these buffs for PvP and you know all their transitions and blue I'm a war or I got a block and a grab and look at my spear and everything but like you know the grind doesn't see it seems to be like an acquired taste so I'm just gonna put you down in the the D class because no one's there and since everyone feels a little probably there might be a little bit of shock filling with some people I'm actually gonna move them up to the B alright so now we've got we've got six classes left Wow and some great choices so why don't we just take a look at our recycling bin and we see the mystic in the Archer down there yep definitely right definitely the right decisions okay now let's go back here and yeah we got the Musa here you know the Moose is pretty actually tremendous in in PvE pretty great in PvP not that bad either in large-scale PvP from what I hear and make great flank classes as well and I'm gonna be honest they are overall awesome awesome picks and some people do meme on the the the spin dough in and stuff like that but honestly they're pretty dope so I'm going to give him a deep D for dope so that that's that's in this case that's better than an a but like DS a little cold and D stands for dope so I just now we move to the lawn honestly great flank class is kind of poo-poo doo-doo in everything else in large-scale some of the best duelists in the game and pretty great grinders and a class that I actually want to consider trying out so since I want to try it out I'm just putting them right by the Valcke in the striker cuz this top tier list makes a lot of fucking sense now we go to the may walk you know I think the may wat you know she's pretty great PvP with the right skilled person pretty awesome you know they're I mean they poke and Musa spins like fucking like you're probably really good at cleaning your teeth and you know getting everything so I'm gonna give you an e for everything because this tier list now makes no fucking sense oh wow Dark Knight you know they're great grinders they're they're they're great grinders and they're they're great grinders and they look even better in this recycling bin now let's take a look at witches witches higher bits from what I hear they have a hotter burst year in PvP still okay grinders a little bit boring for my playstyle but not to discredit a support role cuz the support role are seriously truly valued and since they're a little bit boring to play and wizards already there come on up to the top where we're gonna put you in my top tier I didn't even think I was gonna put you up here you know what just move all these assholes down you know what you're gonna come sip a striker because I need I need a good healer on this team I got a team assembled up here that's gonna fuckin take shit out and last but not least is the sorc yeah counter play good grinder really decent in large-scale PvP and under the rights under the right hands can be pretty atrociously hard to fight against like seriously they're they're all counter counter based so in the right hands they're they're they're monsters and and for that reason I I literally have to like go into my art software here I literally have to find the frame that they are and I have to fuck I have to remove them gone I can't even they're just they're too much too much you're over here like fucking nerfing the trash bin players and like take a look at sorc what the fuck is going on with those guys man they're magician so that's pretty much my tier list right there you know everything that I said here is a hundred percent accurate and these are a hundred percent the classes that you should totally play in if you can't pick up by sarcasm now then thanks for watching if you guys enjoyed this video make sure to comment like subscribe and you know give me a nuke in the comment section down below well we'll be your tier list feel free to make a tier list and link that in the comment section below as well maybe we can learn some things together anyways thanks for watching guys you

  1. Since some people wont read the description of the video.

    If you haven't figured it out by now. This video is 100% a joke. I dont give you my honest opinion of best to worst classes and my opinion shouldnt deter you from what you want to play (though it should 100% be an Ook)

  2. Hi DK Main here been bleeding for a while on behalf of the DK players please just put us out of our misery or QUIT NERFING US!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Awesome video very very funny the sorc being deleted out the tier had me rolling this really put a smile on meh…keep it up looool!

  4. Im new to black desert but I'm using for now the lahn, I love the wizard but the grid gets boring from time to time, and the lahn is so much fun to use, and the Musa to

  5. whats worse than a class forget by game ? a class get shit on with nerfs on daily basis, Rip Dark knight

  6. As a sorc main thank you for not hating us hahaha i was waiting for it and expecting that it will to trash bin 😂

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