My Story- Health Problems and Christian Healthcare Ministries

hi I just wanted to share with you my story lately with my health challenges and then also how I've been handling that financially a couple weeks ago I ended up having some major health problems and so I went to the ER and they ran tests on me they ran some imaging tests his CT scan and MRI and all sorts of things and then after that they kept me overnight to monitor how I was doing and make sure I was fine to go home this was a big deal in my life of course but I was so thankful the entire time knowing that I had Christian healthcare ministries it might sound kind of weird to be concerned about finances at the time when you're having major health issues but that's the reality and today's day and age and I actually did receive my first bill from the hospital and it was a 31 thousand dollar bill now if I had been on traditional insurance which I have been for the majority of my life and I had a 20% coinsurance that would be six thousand over six thousand dollars but because I didn't have insurance the the hospital had reduced my bill to seventeen thousand at that point I called the hospital and said listen and I'm a part of a of a group of Christians that share each other's medical bills is this the best we can do and so they told me that they could reduce my bill another three thousand dollars so my bill was reduced from thirty one thousand to fourteen thousand dollars at that point I filled out my paperwork and I sent that bill in with some other bills that I had received from doctors and radiologists and all sorts of things all sorts of people and I sent out to Christian healthcare ministries and I went ahead and let them know they have a form for you to fill out how much my bills had been reduced and the way that Christian health care ministries works is that if you are a gold member which is what I am we pay $300 a month for myself and my three kids each month together that's a total of three hundred dollars a month if I can get my bill reduced for five hundred dollars or more which obviously it was then I don't pay anything so I paid absolutely nothing not for the doctor's visit not for the imaging not for any blood work um not for any doctor's visits along with that incident and let me tell you this ministry is amazing when I called in to clarify everything that I needed to send in the first thing that the gentleman at Christian health care ministries said to me is well how are you doing are you okay and that is such a blessing because you know how it is when you call an insurance company you're typically fighting with them to get them to pay the money that they say they will but Christian health care ministries isn't like that it truly is a group of Christians who care about each other and it has been such a blessing to our family so if this is a ministry that you're interested in just click the link below and it will give you all the information that you need you can sign up using that link and I hope this has been a blessing for you thanks bye-bye

  1. what would you guys recommend and why? Liberty health-share or Christian Healthcare Ministries?

  2. Call Medishare at your own risk. Never give them your phone number or they will call you and call you to get you to enroll. If you don't they will give your number to a telescamer and they will call you from a different phone number EVERY day. Tired of their BS.

  3. I was tossed between CHM and Samaritan Ministries, I ended up going with CHM simply due to monthly cost. I pray God provides for all of us, and I am proud to be a part of this organization!

  4. We need Medicare for all. Then nobody would have to go through these kind of issues. Christian Jewish Muslim. Nobody in this country should go without health care and nobody in this country should be saddled with such huge medical bills.

  5. I also have CHM and just sent in my first claim. They are so nice on the phone to answer any questions. It does take about 3 months to receive your money from them and in the meantime of course you go ahead and pay your doctors ect. I will be getting my money next month!

  6. I've been a Christian my whole life (nearly 30 years). I had a surgery done incorrectly 8 years ago and have been in agony ever since. There is one doctor in England that has the answers for my individual problem. Do they cover internationally and does it take a long time to get enrolled? They cannot help me here at home (United States) and making a journey overseas is my only option 😔. Any thoughts?

    Congratulations btw, it's a relief to know that you are doing better. Health is everything.

  7. So now that you are not in the hospital anymore, what about follow up visits? As i understand CHM only covers hospital stays and surgeries? These follow up appointments can be costly.

  8. thanks for sharing hope your doing well I'm in the hospital not feeling well they said I'll be bed bound not sure how I'll use the restroom

  9. I have CHM for over a year but haven't used it yet. It was reassuring to hear your testimony about CHM. I'm thankful to know they will be there if ever I need them. Praise God for your healing.

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