My journey From Neo-Nazi To Anarcho-Communist

hi my name is Erin and this is my show region and today we're gonna talk about why I became an anarchist yay okay so um a little bit of context here a lot of you that don't know me would be surprised to find out that I was a neo-nazi when I was a kid well okay that's a stretch I wasn't a neo-nazi per se I was neo-nazi adjacent I was what you would call all light I suppose even though that was before alt light even existed now I grew up in a very conservative slightly a little bit more than slightly racist parents in the most conservative redneck right-wing province in my entire country and basically I've been surrounded by fascists and neo-nazis and the right-wing my entire life and that has basically emboldened me to want to become better than that now what was my childhood like being neo-nazi adjacent well when I was in high school I used to run around with a lot of neo-nazi gangs they were idiots morons a bunch of disgusting deplorable human beings who I wouldn't wipe the fucking shit off my boot on if I seen them collapse dead on the floor but at the time they were my friends of course it's hard to say because friends and neo-nazis really don't go hand in hand because you can't really have any friends if your ideology is pure hatred inevitably you just end up hating your friends because well they might believe somebody that you hate isn't quite as hateable as you hate them so now you got to hate each other but I digress I used to have friends in high school that would come in wearing great big swastikas on their t-shirts and shaved heads and tattoos of runes underneath their eyes it was a bad thing and I it's a really tough call because I I I wasn't sure that they were right about things and in those days but I was also an edgy shit Lord and I didn't necessarily think that what they were saying was wrong I thought a lot of it was kind of funny if that makes sense if you've ever been part of the right-wing you understand kind of what I'm talking about or if you have ever ever analyzed like the Fortune messageboards you kind of know what I mean conservatives have this very dark very mean sense of humor that just doesn't relate to people on the left at least not a lot of people on the left that like they they actively call each other chucks and assholes and stuff like that it's no big deal I mean whatever but after getting out of high school I did a whole lot of growing I had to get a job and in my situation I grew up poor or at least lower middle class I grew up in the ghetto so when I got a job I was working with minorities I was working with LGBT people I was working with working with a broad scope of all sorts of individuals from everywhere and it opened my eyes to the idea that all people are equal funny that imagine my surprise so I became a libertarian on most of those fronts where you could kind of just do whatever you want live however you want as long as it doesn't bother me that's no big deal and I have held on to that for the large portion of my time outside of high school where I thought you know what live and let live you guys do whatever you want but I still kept the ideas of conservative tax policy of fiscal conservativism of a lot of very right-wing ideas but my my scope my view of the social situation had been woke a little bit I guess you could say it's it had been relieved from the hatred that had been pent up from my angsty shitlord days so then I moved on to become a little bit more of an adult and a bit more understanding of how the world works and a little bit more empathetic towards people's situations and I really started to become more or less a social democrat to democratic socialists right around that sort of area I didn't really understand what socialism socialism was in that were it means worker control of the means of production I didn't really understand what that was at the time but I did know that I really like social programs and I thought that free healthcare was a good idea because it is and I I liked a lot of the social ideas that social democracy and democratic socialism kind of right on the cusp provided and I thought that it was very interesting and fascinating that these ideas were so obvious and they they linked up to so many of the things that I had been saying in the past and then something happened I started to read a little bit more about history and I found someone called Richard Wolfe who is an economics professor from I believe the new school he's a visiting professor at the new school I believe it is something like that but anyway he is a very smart man who talks about Marxism and at the time I had never even heard of Marxism before unlike Marxism what the hell is that that's probably well if I had heard anything of it at all I knew that it was probably a bad thing probably related to communism and communists were clearly the same as Nazis and Nazis are bad so communists are bad – is my line of thinking and then a change in my mind started to happen as I listened to the things that he was saying he introduced me to the concept of worker cooperatives the workers are able to decide on their own independently what they want to produce when they want to produce it how they want to produce it and what they're going to do with the profits as opposed to a capitalist business situation where the owner of the business chooses what to produce when to produce how to produce what to do with the profits and then hires you to work for him for a small fee you see the workers in a worker cooperative are the bosses and when I heard this I thought that it was absurd because you need to have a boss I mean like without bosses there would be just chaos and then I was sorely mistaken because they explained to me no you can still have a boss he just can't be making a hundred times ten thousand times two hundred thousand times the amount that a basic employee is making now it makes a lot of sense makes me think why wouldn't we all want to be part of a worker cooperative I mean we could all be our own bosses instead of giving away our surplus labor value the extra money that we create by working for someone else instead of giving that money to them we get to keep it for ourselves man what a novel idea that is and there are all kinds of other cool benefits that come along with that because if you create a worker cooperative then the people in that area of the worker cooperative would be the employees that are there so basically the community would own and control that business well what does that mean well that means that things like pollution would be less likely to happen because if a company wanted to pollute their water system there in their rainforests their environment well the workers that were in that environment would be the ones that owned the business so they would probably choose to not kill themselves it's pretty simple it makes a lot of sense there's a lot of if this then that that ends up resulting in a betterment of society and that is a good thing and it's certainly not with capitalism offers capitalism does nothing more than offer competition and when you're constantly competing with other people in your community then you're inevitably not going to be incentivizing the betterment of society or then you're going be incentivizing the accumulation of wealth well that doesn't help anybody except for the person that got the wealth now does it so after doing a little bit more research I realized that this whole idea of a worker cooperative actually functions under a theory known as anarcho-communism which is you only have leadership if they are justified if they're necessary if the people that are in that area deem a leader something that they want to have how strange that would mean that you as a boss would be directly accountable to your employees that's flipped right on its head now isn't it that would mean that only a boss that would be the best at their job that everybody agreed was literally the best of their job could become a boss and if they didn't do good at their job the workers would get rid of them and put someone else in well that's really interesting it would be something of a true meritocracy where you would be based on your deeds and not on your words think of it think of an election more like reading a resume without having the name at the top that would be how you would elect a leader you would look at their platform you would look at what they have accomplished and you look at what they want to accomplish and from there you would move forward I believe that it is an incredibly defendable position to hold so come at me bitches anyway this is being region my name is Erin thanks for watching

  1. As a random black, lefty atheist with huge issues with capitalism as it stands….. trekking across the YT wasteland….I had stopped by my man Vaush's channel and he told me to come here. I am….intrigued so far. Subbing.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience and your evolution with us. If you can change, there's hope for the world yet! I hope you get a bigger platform to share your story!

  3. It’s interesting how some people tend to go from one extreme to the other. A few things that you say here make make question if you really were on the right. Conservatives don’t call each other cucks. The alt-right call conservatives cucks.

    Btw there is nothing stopping people from creating worker co-operatives in a capitalist system. That’s the beauty of capitalism.

  4. Fake and Gay. There is no such thing as a "Nazi Neighborhood" or whatever. Unless you were in prison, your friends didn't have lightning bolt and swastika tattoos. Also, you seem like a homo. I bet you are working hard at getting aids.

  5. Why am I not surprised that a Nazi is now a lefty. 🙄 Also, Neo-nazis, fascists and the right-wing have nothing to do with each other.

  6. I find it really interesting that some of the most popular leftubers were hardcore conservatives at some point

  7. Im not sold on the workers commune idea but I appreciate your story and im subbed. Good stuff my Canadian Comrade

  8. The first time I heard the term Marxism I was a pre-teen being told by my dad “oh don’t listen to that person, they’re a Marxist” and the way he said it implied it was a bad thing. These days my dad is a Peterson fan boy so.. 😑

  9. worker cooperatives is a good idea for those who likes it but forcing it on to the world goes against the anarchist idea no? How can anarchy mix with communism? I'm very interested in hearing how this works, eager to learn. I my self has gone from an anarchistic position to a libertarian one. Always looking for the best and most free situation for all people. A system that allows people to live like communists or nazis if they so choose without pushing this on to others is what I would like to see. Just a basic minimal regulated system is the most creative for people. A free tax system where you put your money where you want to. High tax societies always feeds into a selfish elite who uses these taxes for oppression and war and so on. I guess communism works on a small scale where people are connected more closely but gets oppressive when it includes millions of people. What do you think? Interesting channel, can't say I agree on all coming from a socialist country that is going faster and faster in to the oppressive phase now.. But like I said I want to learn more..

  10. Neo-Nazi to Anarcho-Communist? Never heard of nazis being leftists, just the other way around. I went from left wing socialist, to a classical liberal, to a white nationalist and then to a nazi. There is a grain of truth to the comment of "nazis not having friends." I have my nazi/nazi sympathizing friends (mostly on the internet) and my real life normie friends which I don't even like that much. I even have black and Jewish friends even though I generally despise blacks and Jews.

  11. How can employees and businesses exist in this system you’re talking about? Wouldn’t that imply that the employees are creating someone else’s things? Or would it be a business where different versions of the same thing are created?

  12. Ok so you went from a narzi to a comunist so what that means is you went from autisum to retarded lmao

  13. All people are equal, but that does NOT mean you should destroy your own race/phenotype through mass migration, specifically because East-Asians, South Asians, Africans and Middle-Eastern Muslims do NOT follow your "broad-minded" example. I appreciate the fact that you oppose the authoritarian left, BUT always be pro-YOUR PEOPLE first, because no one else will. Economic policies of communism/socialism can be implemented within cultural conservatism also.

  14. lol the dick wolf!! haha he radicalized me too, or at least facilitated the initial curiosity that led to my eventual radicalization. i'm anarcho-syndicalist now, but i love the ideas of ancom too! solidarity, brother!

  15. Beau from the Fifth Column led me here, Fantastic message,superbly done sir 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  16. A very naive guy! People smoke, take drugs, become alcoholics although they know that's not good for them. The most polluted countries are socialist and communist countries. Free healthcare in a socialist/communist country? You have to bribe the doctors in order too get treated. Otherwise, they discharge you and you die like a dog. I experienced it because I lived in such a social system. You are just living in an utopia state of mind, and it sounds attractive but, oh, man! it is far from reality!

  17. Well, we had opposite journeys..
    although i still don't believe you were right wing.

    EDIT:"your ideology is pure hatred"…. i don't know what you have heard or read but it wasn't national socialism

  18. 10:00 OR… Assholes, Fascists, Tyrants, Sociopaths good at manipulating mass group psychology would rise to the top, as leader; and they would stay there through terror, Fear and pitting groups and people against each other.

  19. “I thought they were kind of… funny?” DeadHead talking about his opinions on his friends being Nazis and their edgy style.

    This is relatable if you’re a leftist and ever found tankie memes funny, or even shared a pro-IRA meme. I’m a fan of ironically liking terrible dictators as a joke because I know it’s incredibly offensive to many people, especially really privileged and bourgeois people. They see me making a Mao killing the landlords joke, or a dead cops joke they aren’t feeling so good because they’re a landlord and they know the cops are a force that primarily protects them from exactly that. It can be fun to revel in these edgy memes, but I often find myself feeling like those kinds of jokes are numbing me to the fact that Stalin, Mao, terrorist actions of the IRA and stuff, it’s not good and I don’t actually approve of any of that. I just like making some people angry. But I do know people who unironically support the dictatorship in North Korea, or support Assad in Syria. It can be a struggle to find away to oppose one idea without looking like you support another.

  20. I went from ancom to me N.S. because I seen the radical lefts internationalism was one sided and made them pawns of the Kalergi Plan. What's your understanding of the Kalergi Plan an how do you justify its genocide towards Europeans?

  21. That's a great story, I love how you're so open about it 🙂
    You're such a breath of fresh air. Definitely one of the people who help restore my faith in humanity.

  22. I'm a far leftist and I have a very dark sense of humor, I also haven't been on 4chan in over a decade and I've never been on 8chan

  23. Sorry but going from one extreme to another makes you look dumber. You could just as easily swing back to other side if you keep things like this

  24. I think folks should look at the institute for the radical imagination, Richard wolff is fantastic, worker co ops are good but it wont be enough, IRI is run by folks who are friends of wolff, go beyond wolff and even criticize his ideas. THey have seminars on youtube, non profit radical intellectuals who are trying to transform society through new thinking.

  25. Ok there are the loser shitty nationalists that just want to punk out and beat people up and call blacks Ni**ers and act like a disgrace and theres Upstanding nationalists that dont hate other races but recognize that we are indeed different due to biological changes due to evolution in different environments of the world, therefore we are different, something that a punk skinhead like the ones that you describe in your video could not ever contemplate. And the REAL nationalists are smart and can be upstanding people but loser nationalists are a blight upon our movement "Bad optics" you could say and who could never accomplish much.

  26. All this proves is that you're emotionally volatile, reactive and attracted to pornographic levels of ideology. I could probably glean more insight from a fat fucking slob beer drinking boomer than I could about a modernist retard whose one-dimensional brain literally gives the horseshoe theory prediction power. Youtube quit recommending me this stupid shit

  27. Not surprised at all, my dude. I been involved in ARA/AFA and general anti bigot direct action campaigns, activism and organizing from NY to Florida (and in the joints of a few places unfortunately) over the years and A LOT of our best, most active and effective operators are former Nazi's and rightists. Couple of my good homies are former Nazi punks who are now Council Communists/Libertarian Marxists lol Solid dudes.

    Glad to have ya ✊ New Sub! 👊 Until Victory 🌐

  28. And what's stopping you from creating these "workers' cooperatives" today, in capitalist country? It's not like they are banned, or something.
    These things don't exist for a reason.

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