My Introduction to Communism

the course is very vivid in my mind because during the Revolution I lived in Russia through the revolution people were shot on the street they lay in frozen positions until they were taken away but to a child that is that frightening a child had no experience so doesn't every little girl step over a dead body in the street only when the Communists there were different different governments every other day Bolsheviks measure it's widespread during the Bolshevik regime I was whaling my brother hope you will hear in the moment it is courage he was only a few months old I was seven no I was dying I'm nine years old I stole two years to look younger well two young Communist women in leather jackets approached me when I was really giving front of our house he was just born they picked him up thrust them into my skinny nine-year old arms and said without dodging AIDS we also have babies and took the carriage away I was left with the infant my tears falling and his blanket I went upstairs I was very sure of what happened I said they have babies too that was my introduction to come here you

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