My Flying Adventure in Nepal. Worst Economy Ever?

ever since my first trip to Nepal have flew into lukla the world's most dangerous air for a few years back I was fascinating about Nepal more so the aviation seized there I flew a new airline called Himalaya Airlines from Dubai to Kathmandu in economy this time okay I'm time yes thank you Wow got lovely humidity here there's a new airline is going to the Paladin dude only about to burn through today we took up at 4 a.m. routine an hour we saw this Rising Sun as we continue to fly east female airline is a full-service carrier there is a veg or non-veg meanwhile offer just about 30 minutes now landed in Kathmandu the Lighting's seems into Kathmandu was so spectacular we flew in between two mountains and everywhere is so green and looking peaceful underneath the plane enjoyed a beautiful landing [Applause] it can be a daunting experience when you first arrived at Kathmandu the pollution traffic dirtiness and over wildering pressure the first thing I wanted to do is visit in the power airline office to buy some domestic flight tickets she's actually booking a ticket for me to fly on the mh-60 and a wide 12 very special planes and power airlines and tomorrow I can fly them so the next day at 6 a.m. I arrived at a domestic terminal which is all very simple I booked myself and return flights from Kathmandu to Viera Nagar on the Chinese bill ma 60 be aware Nepal has two tier prizing system in their tickets foreign air pay a lot more than the Napoli's a one-way domestic ticket is around 100 to 150 dollars so it is not cheap to boarding the bus take us to the remote to voting for the plane the Powe Airlines on 2m a 60 these were gifts from the Chinese company ad I see now the Emily 60 is a more than version of y7 which derived from the Antonov 24 to operate in erupted condition with limited ground support and short takeoff and landing capability from Wikipedia of 57 ma 60 exported by January 2016 at least 26 weary storage after safety concerns maintenance problem or performance issues 6 outer were damaged beyond repair pilot were extremely friendly and accommodating they allow me to visit a flight deck and man a GoPro potato cotton anyone for a year we're going to it was a clear morning we can see Mount Everest and other Peaks from a distance below after 40 minutes we'd reached Brinegar which shared land border to India since I have a turn around flight back to Kathmandu I just stayed around the plane the locals were really friendly a mistake I am all for the Nepal Airlines ma 60 this is a Chinese go aircraft I mean really really keep chasing this airplanes very difficult fly and I'm so happy to be ill for finally okay hello professor and life of the power lines there is ever 60 regular road so we'll be playing from Katmandu at an altitude of 1500 the speed will be around 200 or so that's our cruising speed work domestic flight in the power mostly turboprops such as a TR j 41 lat 410 Donaire 228 tween daughter it isn't heaven for athletes who love flying turboprops after landing my next flight is just right next to the ma 60 it is another Chinese built airplane the Harbin y12 which has two pratt whitney engine and on many base is similar to a twin otter Wow this is the y-12 this is a very very unique airplane a short stove airplane and first time flying it very excited hi I'm Kevin Murray Sherpa welcome onboard and our destination is Vera with the flag at around 8,000 powder feet and it takes about 42 minutes here tied what's it like on this y12 do you do you like this airplane do you like to fly this airplane is it difficult was is there any challenging if I were to speak truth I don't want to fly this aircraft oh you really don't like the Tetra Oh a lot of things powerful like it depends on the purpose of the aircraft actually for normal pilots I don't think it's good M okay what is like if it is a new pilot or maybe he does need some experience for this one he doesn't have a good experience in this particular aircraft mmm I don't he saw okay I see candies coffins of a year I bought a round-trip ticket from Kathmandu to buy rawa a place I have no idea about before to travel in the POW in Kathmandu there's a really bad air traffic control congestion here so there's a lot of land in traffic and waiting for the Slavs from the air traffic the cabin was unpressurized on the y-12 it was so hot inside before take that you can always look into the cockpit on light everything like this by sitting directly behind [Applause] very incredibly large windows on the white wad which offer great sightseeing along the route the Lansky is incredibly beautiful after 40 minutes we're approaching by rawa a new runway in the airforce currently under construction by Chinese companies [Applause] so this is actually what I just found now it's the birthplace of Buddha this is the gateway to be me which where this the Buddhist born here so there's a lot of tourists here and they're building an International Airport at the moment my return flight we had just six passengers I chose to see at the back at this time I hope you liked the video flying the Pao is incredibly exciting for a fleet likely aviation is not a luxury but necessity for many in this landlocked country stay tuned for episode 2 next week thank you thank you very much please I don't know what happens if you press the button here you can reply the airplane seat oh dear please become the puppy there is no baggage carrousel a simple manual receiving system is in place at Kathmandu after landing I saw a brand-new free 3200 of Nepal Airlines and visit the aviation museum which has an a330 inside for a Turkish airline a330 fresh landed in Kathmandu a few years ago and they couldn't get them out of in the Kathmandu so they converted into a museum this is really cool this is actually the cargo hold of that Turkish airline a330 look at what if you can't so it became a meeting room I've got wings there's a serious deeper structure shortage here percent my situation I bought a ticket I felt a business class ticket just to fly to seven five seven unfortunately seven five seven has an engine problem and it's not gonna take us to Bangkok now is shocking we're going back to the planned sign with about twenty off low passenger after Bangkok she realized I was a zookeeper

  1. I love Nepal and its kind nepalese people. I will be back soon in October to Pokhara, Mt Everest Flight and more!

  2. nepals airport is worst in the world..its dirty..bathroom is stinky..people are not so bad..roads are very bad…

  3. Maybe you didn’t get money from nepal airlines
    For this you are giving bad review
    We get some some reviews from you which was not upto expectations bt you said good

  4. Dude those pilots are….. He fucking kept his hand of the throttle for most of the time on final! His hand should be glued. What is this???

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