has this ever happened to you then hey by the way I'm a communist your best friend is a communist and you just don't know how to accept it well this is the guide for you but fuck I'm sorry hey what's up guys my name is Ohashi and welcome to our brand-new episode of life according to the internet a show in which I take the most absurd how-to guides on the Internet I follow the directions and see if I can learn something new stop today we have a guy called how to be ok with having a communist friend I'm a communist I'm kind of friends with this guy but we have a lot of differences when it comes to political views so today we're here to solve those let's start going over to guys shall we step 1 agree to disagree the best part about making friends is understanding each other if your friend is communist and you upload a different ideology you can still get along very well understand that you don't have to agree with your friend in order to get along go home bro yeah I think we're just gonna realize that we're finishing each other's sentences step 2 show respect if someone doesn't share the same beliefs as you do they don't deserve to be criticized or scrutinized set aside their beliefs and treat them based on the respect you feel they deserve ah step 3 focus on the better aspects in your friendship and find common ground people offer other interests aside from politics figure out what drew you to that person in the first place such as school sports or work you know I love me some Netflix and chill step 4 support your friend if other people will pick on them in commie conform to the capitalism that is around you stop it man that's not nice you know even if he's a communist it's totally fine we all have different ideologies and guess what friendship is magic you watched my little 22 dude oh yeah my pony my little pony oh this is why we get along so well cuz we can sing and harmonize fuckin communist on what are you in this situation you're not a communist but what are you the good guy so a capitalist what's a capitalist so they just focus on capital letters instead of lower instead of typing in regular regular being the first letters capitalized in the rest or lowercase every single letter in a capitalist society is capitalized this video stopping funny five minutes ago did so that was method one of three we're gonna go to method two of three which is learning about your friends views step one asked your friend about her or his beliefs well I'm a communist yeah what what the fuck that's the entire point of this guy literally says how to deal with the communists well we get along so well Mike I don't high-five capitalists come step to learn about communism step three separate communism from tyranny in dictatorships stupidest kid I've ever done step four consider the Marxist theory we considered it nice step 5 research the core beliefs of communism those method 2 of 3 I think we learned a lot about communism to be honest I still don't know anything about communism but what was that whole bit where we were like you know in the bed what was that about huh method 3 of 3 having healthy discussions step 1 try to debunk a political theory state wall say the next word after state step 1 step 2 understand your own beliefs so personally I actually believe in capitalism step 3 listen with interest and reply without sarcasm where can I even start with communism communism isn't an idea it's a way of being everything about step 4 leave out your harsh judgments god what a dumb cunt step 5 realize you cannot impose your beliefs on others no fuck you I can impose all my beliefs on anyone any minute wait a minute stop no that's not okay that's not nice that is the opposite of what the wikiHow tells you to do the entirety of this show is you following wiki housing you just didn't follow it step 6 listen to each other sounds hollow in here oh thank you yes that's the communist you fucking communist you're so hot right now I this is so I hate this I hate every second of this I hate this stop soon admit when you are wrong so that was the end of the article it was a lot of steps and nobody think we learned a lot today did you learn a lot I learned that I hate capitalist scum this week he out did nothing for me all right so now that we've followed all the directions for the guide this is what your friendship should look a little bit like My Little Pony My Little Pony Friendship is Magic so that was that was Tom Tommy learning how to accept your communist friends anyways thank you so much for watching this video thank you so much more my friend time oh so for being in the video you can check his channel out in the description below we also made a video together on his channel so I'll put that in the description below it's the worst thing that you ever watch don't click it if you enjoyed this episode of life onto the internet please leave a like and don't forget to subscribe more excuse me and yeah that's pretty much it for today thank you so much for watching once again and I'll see you in the next episode of whatever I decide to make so usually when I inch when I out show I just do a bunch of dads I know I know you dad at the end I'm not gonna be a part of it came down to it you arrived on gang downs over your lap down

  1. The editing in this video is superb and you guys play off each other so well. Subscribed!

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