My Cathay Pacific Premium Economy and Economy Flights

oh c'mon we got high on a some lingo but who Singapore today's a very special V lock I'm naturally talking in my mother tongue and my native language in Cantonese to take you to Singapore on the cafe Pacific a 350 premium economy class I love this wooden piece of table this furniture here I wish I have one at home I guess Oh like a creamy orange juice I'm going to show you something very special this is something I always like very hard to found overseas this thing here in Chinese is copied on but in English is translated to century egg but other people get put off with the name of this egg that it's a real Chinese delicacy down when you have a one-world status you can come to the first-class lounge to eat and dine and relax before your flight I'm let me flying Premium Economy today I can have first-class food apart from fine dining there's also a pantry for quick bites it is my turn now for a complimentary 15 minute spa you can have either food or back massage very strong I've done so much walking last few days shooting videos and now it's hard yeah you know I'm paying economy class about getting a foot massage in first class lounge unreal house my foot condition actually yes actually not very bad not very bad let's continue the tour next stop is my favorite place in the first-class lounge you have your private cabin and lay down here and look out to the window and you can do amazing plane spotting from here I love the light of this Art Deco kitty boy here to use a so this is a GU only brand very very nice let's do some cleaning before my flight to Singapore first class classic appliance to wash my face so guys how's my face after cleaning let's continue to the Knicks lounge [Applause] pilgrim ethical Mina by yelling well huh don't lie down on me very nice this is like a sesame very flavorful you know I like about cafes they still have all this theme sums and this one here is the beef show mind if you peek further you will see this is the pork show my so you have two different types of show ma make sure next time you come here dig through everything because they all different here I was told this is a very special sauce this is the siege hot chili oil this is good for being something I feel numb inside you know you feel like this hot sesame chili inside everything is inside this is crazy stuff what is this team actually hold onto white kill me my gate that's really far away from the lounge you can just literally take the buggy all the way have a big Airport or and then get to your cape $9.00 u.s. 70 Hong Kong dollars Carr taught me ask a sixth thing I have to walk a little bit down to the end of the gate you thank you I was assigned seat 30 a which is the first rowing premium economy it's also a bulkhead seat the premium economy has its own dividers and feel much more private as there are a lot less passengers to share with come on okay come on premium economy holes in chalk i got yui god i'm so happy i filmed the three fifty one doubts and i took the plane from to lutz to hong kong on delivery flight it's actually my first time flying 900 well you know there's a lot of people saying sam you only fight first class business class that's not true you know i fly economy as well i'm their review premium economy and on my way back from singapore i'm going to review economy classes web light was about one hour and 20 minutes late on takeoff I think they eat bound was late the winner was been funny Hong Kong today he's got a low Trump system coming in there was a lot of buzz turbulence when we climb out there's a bit of limited restricted Lake Herman about kissing I wouldn't recommend you if you're really tall I would go she sits right behind there is Wi-Fi with a very reasonable cost food was served within the first hour of takeoff this bill actually same as the economy the freedom accompany must do it's the same thing okay the bills the economy and premium account is the same the prize is not the same though this is pretty ordinary this is just say a normal stir-fried chicken we rise and lots of gravy one of the flavors I can't I'm really happy now because there's ice cream for dessert while I really enjoyed flying's because I could totally disconnect enjoy good movie and look out the window on my flight to Singapore I enjoyed a pretty spectacular sunset it was those spectacular magic mobile flying that counts I slept pretty much for the last one half-hour before landing to Singapore just so happy to be back in Singapore lovely Airport here and my cafe Premium me calling fly is not bad a loss of privacy could come for good rest I'm gonna fly back on cafe in the economy in a few days time let's see how that fare and I'll give you my final verdict so I'm back in Changi Airport that was my first time to Terminal four they looks so Morden and passenger can check themselves in using automated chaos everywhere in the terminal I was a bit lazy and went to the menu calendar for a traditional check-in hoping to get a better seat I'm enjoying this London fat dump the gross stuff rice the terminal 4 is beautiful just like outer terminals at Changi which is easily my favourite Airport why I never felt crowded the colorful carpets Deckert makes me feel like I was in a shopping mall or amusement park the cafe lounge is very consistently to offering as there are mountains there is a noodle bar there are plenty of food and beverages staff was very nice a great facility overall yeah so you turn now I have an axe of rose sit here it's a two-seater there's a gap here which is a bit heart rich the window I asked for a window seat check-in that they gave me a tile six years I guess it's a bit of IO and a windows that extra legroom so thank you Cafe Sam how you doing big fan of yours thank you nice to meet you what's your name by the way Jack Jack Ma travelling through from San Francisco to Singapore Hong Kong centimeter bro Rocha for three weeks oh my gosh big fan of yours I've been reading a lot and learning more about what's happening in the place okay I'm so happy to meet you know we are lucky here does playing supposed to be a triple seven it changed last minute today to the a350 1000 when I found that on the flight radar the even bound was changed okay so I don't know you ever flown the a350 1000 my first time – are you gonna love it you got extra leg room as well so yeah enjoy it you to him alright I'm gonna say the whip is really good seats there's no floor storage you know I'm holding a blanket here the guys at the end of this video I'm going to show you a relatively affordable way to fly campus Pacific Business Class premium economy and they caught me a last-minute notice you think couple Comstock a new value helping the limo tomorrow on walls for the a1 all of us always leaned over my neighborhood while I like about cafe economy is this new personal device holder some passenger really know how to use it service was quick and gorgeous on a shorter interracial fight the crew worked really hard to get everything done in time we have a full flights that crew still smiles everyone good team we're at cafe so dinner served I have a fried fish here which is really good actually there's no starter on cafe they're just and fruits a later I precip reside ice cream as well just like the outbound flights the 351 thousands a beautiful airplane to fly it's got lots of power definitely a lot more powered and followership and Vegas is a bit noisy on the 350 a tobacco in economy is extremely quiet of pronto the downside to exit rows lots of people waiting for bathroom setting in front and you got no floor storage I fell asleep again the last one a half hour – for landing I have a good flight because I could rest for a few hours I'm going to show you a good way to book cavity Pacific flights using British Airways AVL's you can book five days in advance and only 10,000 miles from Hong Kong to Singapore one way in coach 50,000 in premium economy and 20,000 in business they're usually good availabilities thanks for watching guys I'm going to show you the real Hong Kong Hong Kong has a very efficient transportation building to building welcome to Hong Kong into 1960 this is the restaurants own 4/7 gallery and this is the best fiendish spot or spotting what a beautiful sunset the famous temple street flea market favored street food in Hong Kong this is my secondary school in Hong Kong this is the place where my lover Aviation has started you

  1. Thank you so much watching my new Cathay Vlog. The upcoming HK vlog this Friday is a reflection of my childhood years and my best production up-to-date with a professional videographer filming/editing. I will show you the old Kai Tak Airport and spotting at the current HKIA plus much more content! Stay tuned for the best vlog ever!

  2. Thanks for this video Sam. Your video has persuaded me to fly with Cathay Pacific for when I visit Hong Kong within the next year. I have always wanted to visit Hong Kong but wasn't able to but it is a travel goal that I am going to achieve. I like the seats in economy plus, so I may pay extra for the extra space as I am quite tall. I shall be watching your Hong Kong video next so that I learn more about the place and what to expect. I am looking forward to trying out the buses and the trains around Hong Kong. I have subscribed and keep up the great videos my friend.

    All the best

  3. Flying HKG-MAD on the A350-1000 in a couple of months. We booked Premium but looking into switch to Business. Would you say Premium is enough, if the thing you are after is comfort and really dont mind about the food and drinks served? Or is Business on their A350 so much better and gives more value for the money?

  4. I have to laugh when you said that people say "you only fly first class or business class'. Well if i could would fly in those seats to, but i have seen plenty of reviews when you are not in those seats. Even though I cant afford it, i aspire to being in business class one day and love to watch the reviews you do on what its like. I loved this review as my wife and i are flying from Hong Kong to Auckland on an A350 900 later in the year. If we can we will upgrade to premium economy.

  5. I think no matter what class you fly, you always get more than anyone else flying the same class… why? Because you are a celebrity, Sam Chui…

  6. Looks like the -1000 on the way back was LXC. I was on the delivery team for it. Beaut aircraft!

  7. Sam – Just came across your video…I really enjoyed it! My family and I are flying from Chicago to Doha on Qatar Airlines in August. We are flying a 777-300ER on that leg. We are going to take advantage of Qatar's liberal stay over policy and spend 3 nights in Doha before traveling onto Cape Town, South Africa. We will be flying the 350-900 for the first time on that leg; and now after watching your video I am really looking forward to it. Thanks again for the great vlog and I am now subscribed to keep up with your travels!

  8. If you’re flying with the premium class do you have access to the same lounge free of charge or there’s an extra fee

  9. Flew Cathay Pacific economy last week from Bangkok to Hong Kong, amazed with the service! Really a five star airline indeed. Loved it. Top quality all the way. Awsome airplane, good food, nice entertainment system, but mostly the service onboard impressed me.

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