Muslim American Society Investigates Video Of Children Reciting Violent Poem

the muslim-american society says it is investigating a video that shows children reciting a violent poem in Arabic last month at a Philadelphia Islamic Center we are blurring the children's faces according to a translation they say quoting we will defend Palestine with our bodies we will chop off their heads and quote Eyewitness News has not independently verified that translation but the Muslim American Society said in a statement it rejects what happened calling it an unintended mistake and on oversight which the center and students are remorseful about the Philadelphia anti-defamation league responded saying if the translation is accurate it is extremely disturbing children should not be indoctrinated to hate

  1. Investigating? LOL, more like making their typical inspections to see if the kiddies are prepared for battle.

  2. Where is CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES??? If this was a any other
    "religious group" or organization in the USA teaching their kids to cut
    the heads off people….The children would be removed. Are muslim
    americans above the law???

  3. Where is CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES??? If this was a any other
    "religious group" or organization in the USA teaching their kids to cut
    the heads off people….The children would be removed. Are muslim
    americans above the law???

  4. Oh there remorseful they got caught , a growm up has to be held accountable for these little misfits, pull there teeth out

  5. The Beast has risen and the False Prophet is upon you ! The devil is a deceiver and makes himself look like a Holy Angel . They own your media and shower you with darkness The man of sin shall in a little time be revealed to the world

  6. I dont know why they are distorting their faces. It's already on video with all their faces clearly visible. Plus, they are not sorry…just sorry it was taped.

  7. 1400 years of history. PLEASE watch, share and GET noisyπŸ“£πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ!!! 'Resolving the Reality of Political Islam'
    'The Islamic Doctrine of Migration'

  8. Wake up 🚨🚨🚨 people this is what is going on across ALL MUSLIM SCHOOLS!!
    Minneapolis MN, Dearborn MI… Look up how many committees in the USA are Muslim. Yet we give them money??????????,🚨🚨🚨

  9. A universal methodology for "hate indoctrination to children" followed everywhere in the world as shown in the Netflix documentary SA uncovered. They are the greatest enemy to their own children and butchered those innocent heads in the name of religion and God.First, they butcher their own child then they send them to butcher others in the name of religion and God.

    Had these beautiful brains of Mother Nature not taught such things at such an infant age then they would have blossomed like flowers with time like us? Mother Nature would have conspired and tricked them at the right age by switching the hormones to fall for, multiply and then fall in love with life, progeny and their heads would have always been in "constructive mode " and nobody could have radicalised them with lies and they would have loved life, nature and their progeny so much that they could never have blown themselves up because they would have the seen the reflection of theirs love of life, emotional attachment to the progeny as Mother Nature wants for every species in the lives of non,- believers.

  10. "investigated by the Islamic American society."
    Are you kidding me? This is an issue for law enforcement, not more Muslims who will just cover for them and sweep this incident under the rug!

  11. Islam is not compatible with the west . We should not interfere in their lands and they should not have this kind of opportunity here.

  12. ATROCITIES BY MUSLIMS Every month, on average:
    345 Christians are killed for faith-related reasons
    105 Churches and Christian buildings are burned or attacked
    219 Christians are detained without trial, arrested, sentenced and imprisoned
    (Africa and Middle East; Christian women are especially targeted; no regard for kids, infants)

  13. Islam is just as misanthropic /inhuman as Judaism. Humanity must free itself from BOTH desert cults.

  14. The news is clearly trying to frame it as if the kids know what they reading despite reading off a paper. If you ever heard a kid sing a inappropriate song they of course don't know what they reading. Israeli propaganda to hide the fact they totally bombed gaza,palestine for 3 days with the claim to get hamas, but collective punishment as usual. Look at any alleged rocket attack film and you would see only the iron dome shooting out and intercept nothing. These defense weapons normally self destruct before falling back to the earth. Use your heads people. IN the end are a few words read off a script worst than the pile of bodies israel has provided with weapon testing,organ harvest, human trafficking, human shields. The jewish faith is peaceful and israel is not.

  15. Oversight my fucking ass! Be careful Philly. See something say something. Don't worry about being labeled Islamaphobic.

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